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for some reason i’ve always liked being noisy while reading. and whenever i put a pencil down, i have to do it so it makes a satisfying tap or i have to try again.

loud sounds warning for the video

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oh man i feel you on that last post tho! it's game theory, but so many people treat it like matt's theories are always 100% canon that i always get super uppity about debunking them too lol

well I’m glad I’m not alone in that tendency haha… but I honestly should have taken into account the fact that MP himself wasn’t trying to present it as actual canon or anything. thanks for commiserating though :p

I either text back immediately or within 3-5 business days there is no in between

I really am feeling bad for my nephew and was so close to crying for him-

i’ve been thinking a lot about grief lately to be honest bc the grief i’m feeling is hard to explain. i feel like in the last people would have maybe said “grieving for my country” and i would have gone along with that but “my country” is not a concept i really support, like it’s where I live, but i think nearly everything about it needs to change. i don’t feel like the concept of “the united states” is being disrespected by our government because this is kind of th logical conclusion (to me) of so many of our policies.

but i still feel grief and horror that this is what we have and this is what’s being done.

i know most of my grief is for the people being hurt–not on that list yet but it’s early days yet.

but it feels like part of it is more abstract, and somehow related to living in this geographical area that is being ruled by such corrupt and cold and callously cruel people. like to see him make fun of schumer, call him a bad actor, for multiple minutes… there’s some i guess idealistic part of me that is just furiously hurt by the grotesque vulgarity of all this cruelty. it isn’t just bad, it’s fancy bad. it’s extra bad.


The Gorgeous Stranger Pt. 2

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Words: 833

Imagine: It all started at pop’s you met the gorgeous stranger and you quickly became friends, you soon fell head over heals for him but what you didn’t know was that he felt the same way…

You walk with your sister into the high school and you meet up with Betty Cooper, the girl who’s going to show you two around. You listen to Betty and Veronica talk about the school and a few minutes later a boy comes up to Betty and join in on their conversation. You zone out and start thinking about the boy from yesterday at Pop’s, Jughead. You like him, he’s sarcastic and deep and you feel like you can relate to him and his personality in some ways.

You zone back into the real world when you hear the boy, Kevin, ask about your dad, you look away while Veronica answers. When Veronica asks them about the ginger headed boy, Archie, you see your chance to slip away unnoticed tired of their conversation. You walk around the unknown halls and try to memorize the way around. You finally find the classroom you’re looking for and you knock on the door. The teacher opens and smiles at you. ”You must be, Y/N Lodge.” The teacher says and you nod. She beckons you inside and closes the door after. ”Class, this is your new classmate, Y/N Lodge. Would you like to say something about yourself?” The teacher ask and you groan inwardly but nod anyways.

”I’m Y/N Lodge and I like to read and listen to music.” You say keeping it simple and the teacher nods and tells you to take an empty seat, you look around and notice an empty seat next to a boy, when you walk closer you recognize him, Jughead, you smile slightly at your luck and sit down next to him. When he feels movement in the chair next to him, he pulls down his headphones and look to the side and sees you. ”Y/N, hi.” He smiles. ”Hi.” You greet him back. The two of you didn’t say much more and payed attention to the lesson. When the bell finally rings you stand up and gather your new books. Jughead waits for you and you walk out of the classroom together. ”So what do you like so far?” Jughead asks to start up a conversation. You shrug, ”I don’t know, I mean I haven’t been here so long and this school seems to be full of drama, so I’ll guess we’ll find out.” you answer truthfully and Jughead nods in agreement.


School’s finally over and you’re supposed to meet Juggie, the two of you are going to Pop’s. You see Jughead and wait for him to reach you. “So, Pop’s?” Jughead asks for confirmation. “Yup” you answer and the two you walk in sync.

When you arrive at Pop’s you take a seat in the booth you sat in the day before. A waitress came over and left you two menus. You thank the waitress while Jug just nods. You look over the menu but can’t decide. “So, what’s good to eat here?” You ask and Jughead look up at you. “Well, I usually go with a burger, you should too if you like burgers.” Jughead advices. You look down at the menu again and decide on a cheeseburger. When the waitress comes back both of you order a cheeseburger with fries.

“So, Jug, tell me about the people in school, who should I avoid and who should I suck up to?” you ask. “You’re really asking me that out of everyone? I don’t even talk to anyone in school.” “Yeah exactly! Since you don’t really socialize with others, you have the time to sit back and watch which means you probably know everything that happens in this school. So, tell me.” You explain and Jughead sighs. “Fine. Well, there’s the jocks, most of them are douches especially Reggie. You have the cheerleaders, the leader, Cheryl Blossom, is basically a rich bitch, since she’s rich she thinks she can get away with everything and everyone in the cheerleading squad does everything to try and be ‘besties’ with Cheryl. There’s three people who’s actually pretty nice in the football team and cheerleading squad and that’s your sister, Veronica, Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews.”

You listen intensely and when he mention Veronica joining the cheerleading squad you choke on your drink. “Wait, you said my sister joined the cheerleading squad? And I met Betty this morning, she doesn’t seem like the cheerleading type of girl?” You question. “Well, they both tried out today. I thought Veronica told you?” Jug says and you shrug. “I mean I had a feeling she would join the squad eventually, I was just a little surprised she did it so soon.” You explain and Jug nods. The two of you keep talking and you spend another night at pop’s talking and bonding with Jug.


My sister goes into residential treatment tomorrow, finally. Her ED is just too much and it’s only gotten worse after her wedding. I told her after this time I was done. I can’t do it anymore. Either she deals with this or we are done. It’s really hard for her and me. I’m going to see her at the end of March when I have to help my grandparents move. My dad has totally ignored her since her wedding when he didn’t get to say a speech. My mom has checked out. My brother is focused on his pregnant wife. So, it’s just me and her husband. I don’t really have body issues in the same way that she does so it’s hard to relate but it feels like she’s trapped in a prison. She has so many food issues because she has an autoimmune disorder and to add to that her unwillingness to eat it’s amazing she’s made it to 26. She’s always been small but the last time I saw her was one of the worst things I’ve experienced. She’ll be there for a month, the longest she’s ever been alone. I feel mad that she just won’t eat. I feel guilty being mad at her. I feel like I can’t spend my whole life worrying about everyone else. I feel about as small as she wishes she was. 

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to be honest? more platonic stuff. like, canada and germany going fishing, or spain and china eating stuff. idk, i just feel like platonic relations arent as represented in this fandom, its just been ships and solo characters

Those sound really sweet! We don’t usually see those characters together, so it’d be a real treat to see fanwork of them hanging out! 

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I feel like I get crushes too easily especially when it's a nice guy who's just being nice and isn't in to me. I get too attached that I start avoiding the opposite sex because of this or cause part of me thinks that they think I'm being creepy.. How do I stop this feeling?

Ah this is tricky because I relate to this a bit. I have the same problem with immediately admiring someone as soon as they are nice to me, but I don’t form crushes on them, I just really want to be friends with them haha. I’m not sure of a reason to stop what you’re feeling but avoiding all people of the opposite probably only makes it worse. I’d say keep talking to the opposite sex, get used to them. Experience wins in nearly every situation. 

Also, there is no need to suppress your naturally admiring tendencies. It’s a nice tendency to have, considering it seems most people don’t have it. Unless it’s really bothering/hurting you or it’s really apparent that it’s creepy to others (which i’m sure it’s not- I’m sure they actually like it!) I wouldn’t try to get rid of it.

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