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Some people are fortunate enough to find love again from an old love. To hit restart, and maybe try again when the timing is right. I just can’t find love in the same person twice, just as I can’t find the same love twice.

-Trust me, I’ve tried…


Been thinking about a sidgeno Lost Childhood Love AU on my way to work that reads like a sappy romantic dramedy novel-soon-to-be-turned-movie that starts off like:

No one knows who gave Sidney the ring, or why they did, and no know wanted to ask. All they know is that Sidney keeps it on a chain and wears it on his neck, pressing it against his lips before every game and closing his eyes briefly as he did so. They see him fiddle around with it whenever he’s nervous, feeling the metal through his shirt as he gives reporters the same answers to the same questions. One time, he’d accidentally misplaced it, and he had panicked so badly that both Jake and Conor were afraid he’d start twitching if Flower hadn’t found it at the bottom of a pile of unwashed jerseys.

It’s a Sidney thing, and Sidney is nothing but extraordinary, and extraordinarily peculiar.

(scattered-ish notes below cut)

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└ Damn heartless OTP: all black, all sleek, all smiles… all shippers’ demise. 

Cr: “未完” MV making of from「Untitled」album

i need someone to stay for once. i need someone to make me feel a little less disposable, a little easier to love, a little easier to want. i don’t want to be dependent on someone, but i want someone who makes life a little more enjoyable when i’m by their side. i want someone who i know will be beside me in struggle. i need someone i can count on, and i know i can count on myself so i hold people to the standards i hold myself to. i constantly find myself being let down and i just want things to be different for once. my heart is so full of love for all of the wrong people and i need someone to show me the silver lining to all of this.

the nerves of some people who says that all they did was use a bug lmao

you actively went through the code and modified it to your advantage. the market worked very well without you having to modify the rules of it. it’s not a bug from beemoov’s part. it’s a hack and the responsibility is yours and yours only

is it wrong from beemoov to make the code so easily accessible/alterable ? yes

does that give you the right to modify it ? no

ok guys so like what if Amy’s big monologue in Episode 99 is her wedding speech??? like some shit is going down (bc they weren’t in wedding clothes during filming) and they’re like screw it we’re going to be married anyway and they decide to just get hitched out in the middle of nowhere??? and holt is there and they ask him to be officiant?? and the whole squad is there because they are the only family they need in that moment???

For some reason I want Lotor to see Allura shape-shifting and then go: “What? How’d you do that?” And Allura’s all: “Whut? I’m Altean it’s an Altean thing you twit.” And Lotor explains that he’s half-Altean and he doesn’t know how to do it and uses his powers of persuasion to ask (read: beg) her to teach him.

Fast-forward to Allura snidely explaining what to do as Lotor struggles ridiculously.

Fast forward again to Allura rolling her eyes at Lotor turning his hair blueish-white like hers only for it to go immediately back to it’s natural state.

Do you ever think about the point of a sneeze where it’s building and building, quickly or slowly, but it’s so strong and there’s the chest tingling with need and anticipation, the desperate gasps, the tickle that’s so fierce that the sneeze won’t come fast enough because there just isn’t enough momentum for it yet.

Then when it finally happens, there’s a big gasp and then a pause, as if it needs more breath but there’s no space for more.

Finally, the sneeze itself is so forceful it causes a full body reaction - bending at the waist, shoulders jerking, a shuddering that says the sneeze alone isn’t enough to get rid of the feeling that brought it about - before a hazy, teary recovery.

why are white people like this

probably one of the most difficult transitions im dealing with now that im not as heartbroken about josh is just being so utterly alone. like i try to spend time with my friends as often as possible and pour everything i have into them cause they are he best people and i love them all so much but its like. they all have other people in their lives that are more important than me. which i mean they should and im happy for them if theyve got significant others or someone theyre closer with but i just. feel so utterly alone. im nobody’s first priority. nobody sets up plans with me first. nobody is genuinely interested in the mundane things ive been doing throughout the day. and keeping to myself like this is fine for a while but then i just feel forgotten and expendable. everyone has got other places they wanna be. and im just here