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That thing you draw with matsuhana... Will you keep it up or was it... A one night thing... Sorry i just woke up my head is still dizzy ^^

Uh, if you mean “is there a story to it?” then nope, I just woke up with that scene in mind so I drew it? It was an out-of-the-blue sort of idea but I rolled with it anyway, I guess haha

When You Take Me There

Genre: fluff af. like actual cotton candy i swear

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: A very in-depth confession of love from Phil to Dan based on and inspired by the song ‘Durban Skies’ by Bastille. (Written in Phil’s POV)

Warnings: tiny mention of alcohol?? slight suggestion of sex? idk it is definitely 100% SFW

a/n: this is the first ever actual good thing i’ve written in my life I hope it’s enjoyable and ik the punctuation is probably horrendous but idk who needs rules of the english language lmao. hope u all enjoy (also if you find any typos or anything pls lmk as it’s currently 4:30am and i’m like half asleep)


You are all that I’ve got to be thankful for.

Well, technically there’s a lot of things I’m thankful for. But nothing as important as you.

You. Dan Howell. The love of my life. My hopes, dreams, aspirations; my everything.

I know I want to be with you forever.

Our love incomparable, our souls inseparable. Nothing could ever break our bond, our hearts perfectly entangled together, like our fingertips on a dreaded, rainy, mid-Sunday taxi drive to the grocery store. Like our legs on a lazy Tuesday as we swear at each other playing Mario Kart. Like our bodies the first time we met, both of us shaking with nervousness and sweating like dogs. I am in love with you.

You outweigh any form of negativity I have ever come across.

You are all I need. One look at you- a glance into your beautiful, dark coffee-stained eyes, and I am at peace with all in my life. All that isn’t you, anyways. I am always at peace with you.

You are my entire life, and always have been.

I fondly remember the beginning. Vivid memories of carelessness and the feeling of newly found love. The long train rides you took to close the gap between us. All the thoughtless walks around Manchester, the cheesy coffee and cinema dates, as well as the angsty nights at my house when I secretly gave you alcohol after promising my parents I wouldn’t- and getting a bit drunk. Sometimes too drunk perhaps, which led to some out of hand things. I don’t even want to know what we did, as all I remember is one time waking up to you asleep naked on my family’s dining room table. They luckily weren’t home that week. You cried over how bad you felt, and I cheered you up by ordering Indian food and wrapping us both up on the couch in a blanket as we watched our favorite childhood cartoons. You are really something else, and I couldn’t ask for any better.

Back then I could only imagine what we would experience together.

I had no idea we, as a duo, would become at all known to the world. I didn’t think about all the lives we would change and all the places we’d go and all the amazing friends we would make. All I knew for sure was that I wanted you in my arms till the day I’d die, and to this day that is still all I live by.

I am so thankful to have you next to me in my life.

Moving to London was a major risk for us. We went through some difficult hardships career-wise, but deep down I knew it would work out. Anything can work out as long as I’m with you. Our love can conquer any and all obstacles.

I understand how you work.

Your thought process, your creative sources, how your mind works. I can tell how you feel at anytime, in any situation. Parties, events, when you’re stressing about what to do for the next scene in a video. I know that the only way you can sleep most nights is if I softly play with your fingers, and if the comforter is tucked in between your knees because you hate when your bare legs are touching under the blanket as it’s too warm and it makes you feel gross. I know you better than anyone else.

You make me feel like I can live forever.

Nothing matters when our bodies are pressed together like the waves and the shore on a humid, sunny day at dusk. You know that feeling you get when you finally fit the last piece into a puzzle you’ve been working on for weeks? That feeling of completion and relief, the satisfaction and pleasure your body experiences fitting that puzzle piece perfectly into it’s place and seeing the whole picture? That’s how I feel laying next to you. When I cover your rosy face in gentle kisses every morning and when our arms embrace every time we see each other after being apart. Maybe not exactly like that, actually. Multiply that feeling by about… infinity. The way you make me feel is simply indescribable.

You’ve made me view things from a whole new perspective.

I think back to when we first walked through town together and our hair wouldn’t stop going nuts in the wind and I kept complaining and got frustrated. Your hands reached down to mine and held on just tight enough and everything was instantly calm in my mind. You taught me how to be the best person I can be and told me everything I needed to hear and more. I am forever grateful for your impact on my life.

You are the only person I want to spend my life with.

I personally don’t think weddings are the most important part of a relationship, but I know how much you look forward to ours. I often imagine seeing your gravity-defying smile and glistening eyes of endearment as we exchange I do’s and an everlasting kiss to seal everything we’ve shared since way back when. Seeing you happy is what’s most important to me.

It’s a miracle this ever worked out and I am forever grateful.

The slightest of changes in one of our paths could’ve caused everything to be different. It’s insane to think that if I hadn’t bought that exact box of cereal that one day, I would’ve never experimented with the camera I won and started uploading to youtube when I did. Every single specific decision each of us made somehow lead to this and it’s honestly terrifying to think about how easily we could’ve never even acknowledged each other, and none of this would be happening right now. I have no words for how thankful I am that things happened the way they did.

I was always told that it wouldn’t work, but look at where we are now.

I was told not to trust you. That you were just some stranger. That you were too young and naïve, and that it wasn’t really love and that it was all just excitement. I hope they realize how wrong they were whenever they see our faces in magazines and our names in headlines. I hope they’re constantly reminded that we were different and that we made it. We made it together.

All those four am skype call sessions to the four am sunrises we’d watch from outside your family’s house to the four am netflix show binges in bed that became the only normality we know of today.

The countless amount of train rides to see each other, to the countless amount of plane rides to travel the world together. Everything is more beautiful when you’re by my side.

The hundreds of days and nights spent embraced in your arms and the hundreds and hundreds more I look forward to. You are my definition of warmth and my meaning of home and you are everything I could ever want and everything I don’t deserve and everything else that is good in the world.

You are the best person in the world. I love you so much, Dan, and I know I will love you as long as we both shall live. You complete me in every way, and you are all I’ve got to be thankful for. 

Tuned In

“What the hell is your problem Captain!” she spat, she had grabbed him by the arm, man handled him in all sense of the term to the secluded hallway just off the usual tunnel to the clubhouse. Their team mates had reverted their eyes to the ground walking ahead of them, this show-down had been waiting to happen four a good for months.

“What do you think your doing?” he bellowed back, he put space between them snatching his arm back. Looking at her, she was enraged, angry, all tantrums ready to happen.

“What the hell do I think I’m doing?!” she yelled back at him closing the space that he had put between them, mere inches from his face. She was fucking angry, but god all Mike could think about was her incredibly warm temperature radiating straight into his chest and down his abdomen and taking homage in his lower stomach.

“Yeah, you!” He barked back, shaking himself out of his thoughts.

She shoved him, not hard enough to bruise but enough for him to take a step back into the wall.

“Why did you send me off?” She spat harshly, looking at her, beads of sweat were still rolling down the side of her face, moving slowly down her neck. He couldn’t help where his mind had wondered, god her body had tasted too good.

He took a deep breath in, willing himself to get his shit together. “Come here” he murmured as he took her by the bicep and dragged her a few metres down to a nearby office. Throwing her inside.

“Cool off.” He said through gritted teeth, taking off his cap, running his hand through his beard.

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Imagine seeing Woozi get really excited when you two visit a music store.

Interruptions by a Clown

So this is terrible but I like it.

Here is the summary~~

Jon and Damian have been happily dating for a couple months now.

There is only one problem.

The fucking Joker

Tagging @fishfingersandjellybabies cause I’ve tagged her in the other two and I think she might want to know what’s in store for our two dorks next.


Joker escaped.


Honestly Damian is wondering if he should just decapitate the man. He has killed far too many, murdered Todd, and now-

Now he is interrupting Damian’s dates with Jon.

Damian likes his dates with Jon.

This is is the fifth time in the last two months, and Damian is sick of it.

Damian wants, badly, to simply take his sword and stab him in chest, purposely missing vital organs and watching bleed out because he is so frustrated.

Its like the Joker has some kind of objection of Damian’s relationship.

Damian thinks that Joker should mind his own damn business and leave his love life alone.

Alas, Damian was called out from his lovely movie date with Jon, and while Jon understood-he himself had been called out once and he is a superhero, a fact of which Damian is eternally grateful for because he doesn’t have to explain his actions-Damian is mad as hell .

His Beloved has been looking forward to that movie for months and Damian got them first viewings and Jon was so excited for this, and Damian was too.

(They both share a appreciation for heart warming animals films.)

That, and Damian is so fucking tired of seeing that sad little smile Jon gives him when he must leave.

This is, Damian reflects as he pulls on his boots, a perfect opportunity to show Joker exactly why he should stop interrupting his dates.

(Tim shivers from his position on a rooftop, a sinking feeling in his stomach that says the Demon Brat is Up To Something and Tim is immediately looking around for the little hellion he calls a brother to lunge from the shadows and attack.

Tim may be paranoid and sleep-deprived.)

Damian finds the Joker easily enough, and Lady Luck-Damian has to stop and roll his eyes; clearly he has been spending too much time with Grayson-is on Damian’s side today, as an Father is across the city.


Damian grins darkly from the rafters, a flash of white in the shadows, before he leaps down on Jokers back, green covered feet connecting with a truly horrid shade of purple.

Why is it,” Damian hisses as he hangs Joker from his ankles over Gotham Bay, “That you always break out of prison on the days I have my dates with Superboy, Joker.”

Joker breaks out into giggles, his laughter echoing in the abandoned ship yard. “Oh, Bird Boy, for no reason.”

“Forgive me for not believing you.”

Damian wants to kill this man so badly.

It is not a unwelcome feeling.

Joker breaks into a even wider grin. “You got me there!”

Damian throws a batarang at his head; it lands a mere centimeter from his ear. “ Tell me .”

Joker sighs dramatically, swinging back and forth in his chains. “ Well , you see…”

“Oh for fucks sake.” Damian snaps, pulling the Joker closer, his whited out eyes glaring harshly. “Just tell me so that I can beat the shit out of you so I can go back to my date.”

“It’s because he didn’t ask me permission!”

Damian stops. He closes his eyes, clicks his tongue once, twice, and opens them again.

“You do realize that I kissed him first, don’t you?” Damian says slowly, as though he’s speaking to a toddler.

Joker gasps, as though this news is scandalous. “ What? You? But why didn’t you ask me if you could date?” He sounds bewildered and Damian just wants him to shut up so he could go cuddle with jon.

“That’s it, you’re grounded!”

The sentence draws Damian from his day dreams of curling into Jon’s side with a book and Jon reading aloud the words with silly accents, and he stares at the psychopath hanging in front of him. “… What .”

“You’re grounded! You’re not allowed to date yet!” Joker cries, tears falling to the water below.

“…No. Leave us be.”

Damian drops the Joker into the sea still restrained.

Joker will survive. He’s survived worse.

Still, Damian can’t help but hope that he won’t.

(He ends up missing the rest of the movie and he makes it up by custom ordering Jon a silver necklace that has a shard of a sapphire crystal attached to the end.

Authentic, of course.

“Matches your eyes.” He tells Jon seriously as he slips it over his Beloved’s head. “There’s no other like it.”

Jon simply laughs and gives him a kiss, telling him that he loves it.

Damian is happy because he made Jon happy.)

(Dick is taking pictures, Tim is slightly green, and Jason is complaining about how disgustingly cute they are from behind the corner.

Alfred and Bruce stand off to the side; Alfred is smiling and Bruce is stiff.

Damian is distracted by Jon being Jon and so doesn’t notice then.)

This keeps on until Jon is tired of it and he tags along.

(“ Leave us alone for God’s dake. I want to be able to finish reading a book with my boyfriend. ”)

Joker eventually gets the message.

Sure, it had to be done with some laser eyes and swords, and Kryptonian strength, but it was done.

Thankfully, as both Jon and Damian were getting rather irritable.

Nothing good comes from that.


(Bruce and Clark did try to stop the duo from seeing each other as a punishment.


Clark lasted a day of sulking, complaining, and smartass replies before giving in.

Bruce lived with a pouty, huffy, extra aggressive, destroyer of Batman gadgets, and snarky Damian for three days before surrendering.

Neither parents has tried to do such a action again.

It’s just not worth it.)

Somehow, someway, the Jon and Damian manage to be most adorable pair inside and outside of costume.

There are fanfictions about them.

There are offers for interviews just so that shows have the preteen couple so that their ratings will go up.

(The media goes crazy when they saw the new necklace.

Is is promise ring? Is it symbolic?

Is it a show of of love from the youngest Wayne?)

Damian and Jon are both blissfully unaware of these events and continue to be the delightful dating pair they are.

The Joker may not like not, nor Bruce and Tim, and the jealous girls at the two’s schools hate it, but nobody can deny it.

Jon and Damian, Superboy and Robin, make the most darling couple ever.

been drawing a lot of my special boy lately !!!

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Hi, I agree with many things you pointed out in your analysis of what's going on with Soo-won. He believes that a good king cannot be kind because kindness will ruin a nation. However, I cannot say that I agree with that principle(and I don't think Yona does either). If you completely abandon kindness, how can you truly love your people? I'm guessing Yona, who is more balanced(she's willing to kill/use weapons when necessary but is ALSO kind), will prove Soo-won's method of ruling to be wrong.

Hello~! You highlight a point I’ve been thinking about in this arc regarding Soo-Won and Yona both, and their methods of confronting conflict within Kouka. I’ve noticed that both have the potential to wrongly(?) slip into the methods of their parents, and that this arc may be an important crunch time for both in showing how they’ve learnt from past mistakes.

As you mention, Soo-Won seems to be abandoning kindness for individuals in favour of Kouka as a whole. While this can be a great method for avoiding personal bias in leadership, I fear it could lead to Soo-Won breaking himself, making him truly amoral, where any method in ruling is okay if it brings a “greater good”. Imo, this could start to make him appear more like Yu-Hon, who we’ve been told (at least a little) was demanding but successful (in the eyes of the people at least) at what he did. But, we as the audience also know he was cruel and potentially even twisted in the mind, something that would be no good for Soo-Won to become.

On the flipside, Yona is trying to understand and learn from others - she’s far more personal and caring for individuals. She wants to avoid fighting where possible, but she runs the risk imo of becoming too much like Il. She trusted Kouren with her identity without seemingly considering consequences; she didn’t seem to have considered the aftereffects of no war (as Soo-Won had, mentioning uprises later) as if she just trusted that everything would be okay. Il’s rule was one that did maintain a flaky peace, but that kindness also hurt the people because he seemed rooted in always appeasing, never taking even when he should have. Though Yona has learnt more, I think she also needs to start seriously considering that, sometimes, force is necessary and people will not always listen to reason, even if reason seems so right and obvious: you can’t keep giving people chances if it’ll only let them abuse your kindness; you can’t always believe that people will be honest and trustworthy. It’s a sad reality, but also a true one. Yona obviously saw this the night Soo-Won betrayed her, and with her giving up the pin I think we’re starting to see that final step forward for her in coming to understand how to deal with such harsh people and situations. If she can deal with such a large-scale, far more political situation like Xing in a similar manner and really stand up, I think her transformation into a competent leader for Kouka might be finalised. 



Wish mirrors were accurate

A dream that you wish will come true ?

idk, i think it wasn’t obvious what i wanted to convey with the first one… so i made a .. ?? thing.