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Why I’m feeling good about Swan Queen endgame right now:

1) Emma literally made every possible excuse she could think of in that icky scene to get out of being “stabbed” by H00k’s “sword”. That was NOT the behavior of a woman in love driven mad by passion! She is still uncomfortable about sex with him, and I suspect the reasons will unfold later this season.

2) Emma blatantly lied to H00k when they were drinking at Granny’s. She didn’t just tell him a little white lie that she was okay. She lied big time and told him she went to see Archie (um…seems rather late and sudden to be having an appointment with the therapist, no?) and that everything was okay. Granted, you can tell that H00k is not totally buying it, but nonetheless, this shows that Emma is still holding back from being completely open with him. Their relationship does NOT have a solid foundation of trust.

3) Regina’s monologue, man. I made a much shorter post about it earlier tonight in my haste and excitement, but watching it again just really makes it all so much clearer! When Regina says that some see her as a hero, it’s no coincidence that they show Emma. And when she says, “I see my strength,” they show Emma staring at her trembling hand - showing her weakness. They are deliberately setting Emma and Regina up to be foils of one another. While Emma has been Regina’s savior, now it’s looking like it’s time for Regina to finally save Emma. And the cherry on top? The True Love Theme played over that whole sequence! But as soon as the scene shifted away from Emma and back to Regina and Snow on the bench, the music changes back to normal again. Lastly, Regina vows to start a new story - one that has a better ending than her last. Can we say SWAN QUEEN?!?!

i feel like guan shan is the type of person who pretends to not get scared during horror movies when he actually does but despite that he still enjoys them immensely, while he tian is the type of person who doesn’t get the appeal of horror movies because they’re ridiculous and the characters acts like idiots most of the time

this of course until they watch a horror movie together and guan shan spends the entire time making jokes about the stupid things the characters do and clinging tightly to him during scary scene. he tian teases him to no end about it, but when they go to bed later that night, guan shan snuggles closer to him and he tian thinks that horror movies are not so bad after all

Me going into Season 6 thinking there’s going to be less angst than last season:

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menchicutlets replied to your post: “I will not start liveblogging classic X-Men, I will not start…”:

I would just be amused to see your response to the constant Ho-yay between Logan and his constant searching for Morph. :P

A different X-Men, I’m afraid! Morph was created purely for the 90s X-Men cartoon. And while the cartoon did borrow  heavily from the comic, all the Morph stuff was original. Which may explain why he was the only one in the generic yellow “Xavier School” uniform.

FUN FACT: Although entirely different in both looks and personality, Morph did crossover and become a comic character in the Age of Apocalypse storyline.

BONUS FUN FACT: This would happen again years later with X-23, who was an original character created for the X-Men Evolution cartoon.

So I just finished Yoosung's route (spoiler alerts everywhere)

Let me tell you that it was possibily the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my entire life 😭


This slacker of a college kid turned into the most dependable, strong and loving man that you could ever marry

Now at first, like most people who started his route, it was rather annoying to hear him constantly talk about Rika. “Like dude, we get it. You miss her, now shut up about it” or something of that caliber.

But you have to take a step back and really analyze the situation at hand; Yoosung was only 19 when he had found out that his cousin had committed suicide on the day of his graduation. Mind you, Yoosung and Rika were rather close as cousins and he looked up to her as a role model. He even goes as far as to say that she was a magician for him and other people around them, and he was there for her when she had lost Sally (her cute pupper) and swore to become a Veterinarian so that no one else would have to suffer any type of pain

Now following Rika’s death, Yoosung basically went from a hard-working student to a severely damaged and depressed person that would pass his time by playing LOLLOL and pretending that everything was fine. When in fact he was far from “fine”. He just wanted answers, but V wasn’t giving him any. So now he has built up hatred against V.

So a a year and a half passes by, and then here comes Ryosuke (my name for the MC) and she starts guiding him in the right path through life while helping him get through the last bit of the grieving process. In the game there’s a time that he calls you, but he’s not his usual energetic self; instead he sounds drained. Why? He tells you that he knows that you’re not Rika, but he can’t help but see that you and Rika have so many similarities. Yoosung knows that it’s not fair to keep you in her shadow, but he’s just so confused. So what does he do? Says that he needs to get his shit together because he likes you and doesn’t wanna screw things up with you.

Then as the game progresses, and the situation gets worse, i.e, the bomb and Unknown being a threat, Yoosung willing puts his life on the line, knowing that there could be a possibility that either he could get hurt or die trying to help Luciel. Yoosung knows what he’s doing, and even when you try to talk him out of it, he basically puts his foot down and tells you that he’s tired of not doing anything, and that if he’s gonna do something, it’s going to be helping Luciel out with the hacker and going to his hideout.

Where in the world do you find someone whose willing to put their own life on the line for the person they love with thw fiber of their being? (I know there are people like this in the real world. Don’t worry 😁) But we’re talking about how he hasn’t even seen this girl and yet she’s helped him through the lowest point of his life. So he makes this girl his “pre-girlfriend” and then his wife

Overall, I believe that the lesson for Yoosung’s route is ‘that it’s alright to be depressed in life, but you can’t let your life stop there. Someday you’ll find a person that’ll help you through the toughest time and guide you back on the right track in life. And when you find that person, cherish them and never let them go’

I dunno, maybe this is how I interpreted this route, but hey, it makes me feel so much better about my life. How there’s a possibility of somone being able to love the broken side of me, heal and show me what it’s like to be loved dearly.

anyway….. onto more important things. i held my baby cousin who’s barely a week old and got him nap for a bit bc i hummed “sing” by the carpenters to him while i carried him in my arms and it was so precious i just stood there holding him for like ten minutes and kept saying “you’re beautiful!” and “so precious!” and my personal favorite “look at those sausage link arms/legs!” and oooooohhhmygod does he have the most gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile oh my goodness

Me: Hey, this is a fairly small thing that really bothers me a lot! It would help me out if you could help me avoid it by not doing it when I’m around :)

Friends, acquaintances, coworkers, classmates, etc: Of course! That hardly ever comes up anyway, so it’ll be easy not to do it.

My family: But WHY does it bother you?? We’re going to do it every time we see you until it doesn’t bother you anymore. Stop freaking out, it’s not a big deal, you’re just overreacting, you’re being irrational right now, we’re doing this because we want to help you–

Mass Effect Questionnaire

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Mass Effect Question Challenge.

Favorite character: Kaidan Alenko (obviously….)

Paragon or Renegade: A mix ?? mostly renegade though

Favorite Class: Vanguard

War Hero, Sole Survivor, or Ruthless: Sole Survivor, but i really like Ruthless

Spacer, Colonist, or Earthborn: Colonist

Favorite Alien: Um either the drell or krogan

Favorite Planet/Location: probably the citadel ?? that or the Normandy itself

Favorite DLC: Citadel (i rly like Leviathan tho)

Favorite Weapon: I don’t really play as a soldier or infiltrator very much, but i love using sniper rifles. Also the carnifex and that one gun you get during the citadel dlc 

Favorite Shepard/OC: Maia…..I absolutely adore her and I’ve put so much thought and effort into both her development and her backstory…she’s honestly the only Shepard I have that i can replay over and over again with the exact same choices and not get bored (which is exactly what i do….)

Favorite Mission: Either The Suicide Mission, Zaeed’s loyalty mission or Priority: Citadel II 

Favorite Track: Um I don’t really know their names but that song that plays on the loading screen for Mass Effect 1 always makes me emotional

ME1, ME2, or ME3: Gameplay-wise Mass Effect 3, but I’m going to go with Mass Effect 1 because it has some of my favorite moments (also it’s the only time I get to see Ash alive ;-;)

SR-1 or SR-2: SR-2 in mass effect 3 because i hated the elevators in the first two games (also I love Shepard’s cabin in me3)

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