feelings of role

{Wonderland AU} - W i i s h u I n W o n d e r l a n d

Signe is just getting settled after a lengthy move-in with her boyfriend, Sean, when a mysterious dream creeps up on her–and refuses to let go. Becoming more of a waking nightmare and less of a dream, she finds herself stranded in Wonderland, a war-torn country ruled by the ruthless King of Hearts, a man who beheads all those who oppose him.

While there, Signe encounters plenty of movie-trope oddities–from potions that make her small, to tea parties full of what may or may not be lunatics. This is where she meets the charming yet insane Jack, the Mad Hatter who shares a striking resemblance to her boyfriend and Ethan, the lovable door mouse who never seems to stop laughing, and a mysterious voice with a sickening smile, reminding her to keep her name secret if she wants to survive.

But before long, Signe is forced to confront the King of Hearts himself, Mark. He seems to be all fun and games, accepting her into his court with an elegant grace, until he stumbles upon a white rose in his gardens. In a pure moment of horror, King Mark murders the gardener right before her eyes, splattering the rose with his blood. This isn’t the first time, and the flowers aren’t the only thing he’s determined to see in red.

With all the odds stacked against her, will Signe ever be able to get home?

“I feel like I’ve lost my mind.”

“So has everyone else. After all, you won’t need it when you meet the king.”


I genuinely don’t feel ‘I must play this role’ or ‘I must take this much at the box office’ in order to fulfil my happiness quotient. As long as I am given the opportunity to keep performing and keep exploring in whatever medium, I’ll be happy. As long as I get to spend time with my family, I’ll be happy. As long as I can write in some form, I’ll be happy. It is the essential things like that I equate with happiness.

honestly, it just irks me that we’re literally supposed to ignore what transgendered people say about why they’re trans because if you actually think about it, it’s literally sexism.

like read the asks or blogs or articles or whatever and it’s almost always about not feeling comfortable with the sex roles assigned to their sex and therefore they must not really be that sex, but if you point this out, it’s IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER ROLES!! and it’s like do you think i don’t know how to read? do you think that we don’t live in an age where information is readily accessible at our fingertips?

I feel like the role of a hypnotist, and a dom, is to empower the person you work with. Make them feel amazing. Allow them to better themselves, allow them to live a better, happier life. 

I’ll never understand people whose goal is to bring others down. By raising others up, they in turn raise you up. 

my fave examples of the Dice Gods interfering w or contributing 2 the narrative feel free 2 add shit

  • when Keyleth was trying to haggle with Sherri since Vex wasn’t there and rolling a nat1
  • Vax rolling two 1s in a row while trying to stealth out of Keyleth’s room
  • Vex rolling a nat20 on her assistance with Percy’s resurrection that shit was tight af
  • Percy rolling a nat20 on his concentration save for Hex on Ripley (i believe) out of sheer fucking spite
things i love about taliesin jaffe
  • his full name is taliesin axelrod jaffe
  • the thing where he drags his hands over his face when he’s nervous or thinking esp hard about something
  • when he goes full Nobility Percy and tilts his head up and looks down his nose at Matt
  • the fact that his professional public fucking twitter handle is executivegoth like. first of all who did he kill to get that.
  • he blushes like a motherfucker whenever he’s complimented
  • the ever-changing hair
  • the golden snitch
  • easily the quickest to catch on to matt’s plans and almost always finds a way to work around them
  • *describes a tinkering idea to matt* *sees the look on matt’s face* “just a simple-”
  • clarota costume. tHE FUCKING CLAROTA COSTUME!!!
  • his roleplaying during the entire briarwood arc was so fucking hot leave my goth ass alone i was so into it
  • his music taste is gothic as fuck, he is goth as fuck, i love goth men so much
  • love him
  • support him
  • protect taliesin jaffe at all costs

Pinescone Yuri on Ice AU, some redraws from ep.7, I don’t want to pick between who is who, so I’m gonna go with Dipper as Yuuri, so Mabel can make him all of the costumes <3