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I read your dyslexic Lance post and do u think that maybe hunk said "good one Lance" when Lance had the bad come backs even tho it wasn't a good one because he knows and wants to make Lance fell better about himself ?👀

uhm absolutely?? Hunk is the bestest friend ever, he does his best to give Lance validation. he totally knows how Lance feels about people calling him stupid, so he is just. the most supportive friend ever. i love Hunk so much…

Notice Me [Chapter 11]

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Final Chapter of Notice Me

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Series Genre: AU/Fluff/Smut/Slight Angst at times

Your eyes shot open as you saw Jackson hovered over the two of you, eyes wide and nostrils flared in anger.

“Shit!” you muttered, moving out of Mark’s grasp to sit up and look your brother in the eye.

“I knew something was going on with you two!” he shouted, pacing back and forth.

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romantic relationships
are not the only relationships
that can hurt you

friends can break your heart
friends can be toxic
friends can be abusive
friends can be cruel
friends can treat you wrong
friends can break you

but they shouldn’t
they never should.

Anonymous said: Write something for a ex best friend who treated you wrong and didn’t care about your feelings

Anonymous said: Can you write a poem about an ex best friend who was toxic?

(cc, 2017)

mchanzo hc:

there comes a point in their friendship, before they get together, when they both realise that a) they really really like their best friend and b) their best friend feels the same way. except, due to hanzo’s trust problems and mccree’s abandonment issues, neither are exactly ready to take the step into a formal relationship yet. they’re getting there but a proper, formal relationship would be a bit of a disaster if they tried it at this point.

so, like the anachronistic disasters they are, they start courting each other instead.

they flirt with each other pretty happily, but it never goes anywhere beyond making both of them smile. they’ll hold hands during a quiet moment, or doze off next to each other, but never in a private space. when they hang out together it really is just like hanging out, not going on a date, but they’ll lace their fingers together and buy each other drinks. they give each other small, unimportant but thoughtful gifts every so often. mccree kissed hanzo on the cheek exactly once to say goodnight and they were both completely embarrassed (but also very very happy). sometimes they’ll even go so far as to be RIDICULOUSLY FORMAL when addressing each other like they’re in a period novel or something (like they call each other “lord shimada” and “mister mccree” and things like that). they share umbrellas, always, only one of them ever has an umbrella at any given time because they share.

and the rest of overwatch are SO CONFUSED. at first they think that mccree and hanzo are dating, but then they realise that no, they’re actually not. no one can quite believe they’re doing this - except for genji, who takes one look at what they’re doing and figures it out. because he can see exactly why this is happening, and why this is preferable to them actually dating. (doesn’t mean he’s not going to sigh in exasperation at the whole thing, but c’mon, he’s a little brother, it’s what they DO.)

when they do finally take that step, this turns into them being really casually affectionate with each other. it surprises everyone because… hanzo shimada and public displays of affection?? REALLY?? neither of them can say when their first date actually was. it’s not uncommon to go into a spare room at one of the watchpoints or safehouses and find them snuggled up and just talking. (okay sometimes you’ll catch them making out, because of course. genji made the mistake of trying to surprise them in this situation once and hanzo took it as his revenge for all the times he had to deal with genji’s romantic shenanigans.)

“Why? Can’t you just tell me why?” I tried to shout, but it came out as more of a hollow whisper.


“Seriously, Shawn, you’re fucking leaving -for who knows how long, with no warning, just packing up and getting gone- and all I get is ‘because’?!” There it was, there was the tone I was looking for.

“Look, y/n. I’ve had a cru-uuunchy feeling. Umm. Crunchy. Crunchy feeling. In my stomach. Yeah. Since I met you.” He fumbled.

“What the hell.”

“Yeah. Yeah, you know. A crunchy feeling. Like you’re my best friend. Like a nice cookie crunch, like, mm. That’s good friend material right there. That sounds good, right? I’m going with it. Yes. Ever since I met you, I’ve had this crunchy feeling in my stomach. I knew we’d be best friends. That was in third grade, y/n. We grew up together. You know I’ll come back, I just… I just need some time to think.”

“Think about WHAT, Shawn?! What’s there to think about that you need to get away from me for? Why can’t you just tell me? Maybe I can help!” I was practically pleading now.

“No, you can’t help-”

“How do you know that? Is someone dying, Shawn, is there something I should know? Because if it’s something you can’t even talk to your best friend about, then it’s probably big enough to matter to me!” I raised my voice. This was ridiculous.

“It’s about a girl, okay?! Are you happy now?” He raised his voice for the first time since i’d come home to our shared apartment to see him packing.

I had to admit, his words stung just a bit. I’ve had the biggest crush on him since, well, third grade. Last year- junior year -I gave up and said yes to the first guy that asked me out. Gavin, his name is. He was a decent guy. Nothing special. We were together for a while. A long while; eight months. But about a month ago he broke it off. I guess I wasn’t good enough for him. Honestly, I didn’t give a fuck. He just… wasn’t Shawn. Not to mention he was pervy as all hell.

And I know I can’t have Shawn- hell, I wasn’t even sure he liked girls. He hasn’t asked one out since we met.

Then again, he hasn’t asked out anyone else, either.

I don’t think I could bring myself to go out with someone else again, though.

I’m going to die alone.

My voice hollowed again as I raised my arms in defeat. “And you couldn’t just tell me that? There’s a million girls hanging off of you, and you finally picked one so now you have to run off? This explains exactly nothing, Shawn.” He groaned, hands threading through his hair.

Why was he so hot doing that? Fuck, don’t think that, he seems mad!

“I’m the one with people ‘hanging off me’?” He questioned in a mock tone, his hands flailing in emphasis.

Yep. Definitely mad.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, more hurt than before, though I wasn’t sure why.

“You’ve had three people ask you out this WEEK!”

“SO? I’m not leaving my best friend over them!”

“Yeah, because you’re already with the person you love!”

“yeah, tell me about it,” I mumbled, thinking he wouldn’t hear.

“See?! I can’t deal with this!”
He heard.

“Oh, and I’m supposed to deal with this? I don’t think you get it, Shawn. You are ditching me. To be by myself. So you can have some thinky time. Over a crush. How the hell would you feel if I did that to you?!”


“What the actual fuck are you talking about?”

“FUCK! You think I want to sit here all night while you hang out with Gavin? NEWSFLASH, y/n, the internet sucks here. There’s nothing to distract me from picturing what exactly you’re doing with him. You think I asked for that? I thought we had something good, y/n. Don’t judge me too harshly, because I was obviously a fucking idiot, but I thought we had something maybe just a tad more than friendship. So excuse me for wanting to get away from it all for just a little while. I am your best friend. I won’t leave you. But I can’t watch this right now.”

“I’m not- I don’t- I don’t love Gavin, I-”


I apparently took too long to recover from shock for him, because he scoffed and brushed past me to the door.

He got halfway out before I called after him, not turning around. “Shawn.”


“You’re a bloody fucking idiot.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” He turned back to the door with a hint of pain in his voice.



“C'mere you big galoot.” I finally turned around.

Giving me a sideways glance, he questioned again. “What?”

“I said, come here. Give me a hug you monkey brained boy.”

He pulled a wretchedly pained face as he drew me into a hug. With a snivel, he asked, “are you saying goodbye? I get it, I broke the first rule of friendship. Don’t fucking fall in love. But in that case then we’ve never really been friends.“

"Shawn? What are you? What do you mean?”

“I’ll leave now. Already got my stuff packed. I don’t have to come back.” He deflected.

“Would you shut up and kiss me already, you cheeky tree boy?” I interrupted.His nose was buried in my hair, where I could feel his breathing hitch. 

“Don’t tempt me, love. Much as I resent Gavin I’m not gonna kiss m- his girl.”

“Shawn, you utter dummkopf! (for lack of a better word- stupid head just sounds ridiculous). I’m not ‘his girl’. He left me a month ago, how did you n-” I was cut off by his lips on mine.My shock paired with my complete stupidity prevented me from kissing back, and he pulled away all too soon, dread consuming his eyes.

“Fuck. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You said- I just thou- I don’t know why I did that, fuck.”

Regaining my composure, I cleared my throat. “You si- Shawn. Look at me.”His gaze hesitantly shifted from the empty floor to my feet, rose to my calves, my knees, my waist. He paused there, sighed. Licked his lips and narrowed his eyes. Finally, he met my eyes, his face stern.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you let me beat his sorry ass to a pulp? I mean, I’m still going to, but now it’ll just be awkward,” He strained.

“I didn’t think you cared,”He breathed out a silent chuckle.

“Love, you were wrong on so many levels. Third grade, right? That’s what -fourteen years? Fifteen? Fifteen years I’ve had a 'crush’ on you? But it was easy to play off because I was the damn lucky kid you chose as your best friend. Taking you to movies and lunch and taking you for ice cream or bringing you Take-out when you got sick or- or- or hugging you all the time or getting this stupid apartment with you when we moved out? I could play it off as 'friendship’. Well, 'friendship’ left one crucial little detail out of our agreement; you’re fucking beautiful, and smart, and FUNNy, and every other sensible guy on the planet is keen on you and, oh yeah, not imprisoned in the friend zone of a life time. So when you met Gavin and he started coming over and- and kissing you? With only a wall between us? And joking with you until you were in a fit of giggles? You bet your pretty little ass I cared. I got so selfish- so JEALOUS, I didn’t leave my room when he was around because I was sure I’d attack on sight like a mindless little robot. Because I’M the one who’s supposed to make you laugh like that, I’M the one meant to kiss you like that, and I’M the one who’d never LEAVE you like him. Unless, of course, you’d found someone else. And now we’re here. It’s all you now, y/n. I can leave. Or, I …I can stay. And we can cuddle and watch cheesy movies and hug and I can cook you dinner and you can choke it down and pretend it’s good and I can pull you into my bed when you have a nightmare or it’s cold or maybe if you just want a warm body, all like we used to. Except, you… *sigh* you could be… well, mine. My girl. And I could kiss you and give you back rubs and hold your hand in public and re-introduce you to my friends as my girl. Off limits. Mine. But it’s your choice. No pressure, haha” he rambled.With a small grin, I stepped closer. And closer still, gently pulling him into a hug. His back tensed up, waiting for the 'goodbye’. Instead, I whispered, “d'ya need help unpacking?”

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What do you think of cis people who use pronouns typically used by trans people, like they/them or xe/xem/xyr? This group of cis kids in my school started using them because they think it's cool and my best friend and I (we're both trans) feel uncomfortable because they don't really think nonbinary genders are real.

I don’t really see harm in it. I would try to explain to them about nonbinary genders if you haven’t already, or suggest to them that if they feel more comfortable with alternative pronouns or like them better than ones they used previously they may not be cis!

- Mod Òðinn.

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(1/3) b & v waking up together after a sleepover and veronica feels anxiety coming off her best friend in waves even though betty isn't even facing her and "...you good betts?" and she just gets a hum in response so ronnie starts tickling betty's side and of course b yelps and starts giggling and squirming (and she's super ticklish; a fact only v knows) and "ronnie, oh my god stop!"

(2/3) and veronica uses this chance to straddle b and her laughter is dying down and betty reaches up to softly trace v’s exposed collarbone and veronica’s just staring down at her with pupils blown and she knows betty knows she has feelings for her and she’s leaning down instinctively at this point and betty’s staring at veronica’s lips but muttering “veronica…. i don’t think-” and ronnie’s shaking her head and “don’t think b. turn off the machine for one second and just…feel”

(3/3) and betty’s staring at this girl who she trusts so much and she’s scared but her hand is slipping to the back of ronnie’s neck and she’s pulling her closer and they have their first real kiss and it’s so full of adoration and longing and everything that betty doesn’t know why she was so scared in the first place, like veronica would ever let anything happen to her and why did beronica wake me up this morning i am in DEEP omg


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dude i kind of want to join the movie thing but The Anxieties,,, also i feel embarrassed about the fact that ive never seen the movie before, ive just been kind of lurking around the fandom and finding out what i can

the thing’s almost over anyway, and its only the musical. you should watch the movie first. ill be setting up a heathers movie night (like the moive with winona and christian) sometime soon and you should join us! we’ll be best friends and i promise you wont feel anxious

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You know what makes me immensely happy? Dean being an enthusiastic and overly-interested wingman. Like looking for teachable moments with cas at the diner or trying to get Sam laid in the early days. Or even in baby with the waitress. I'm so on board with dean deriving pleasure from other people getting off.

Dean is honestly just,,,, such an amazing fucking person okay. Like he LEGIT just wants others to be happy. He’s always putting himself last. Always putting the happiness and safety of others first. Especially Sam and Cas ofc. U know that feeling u get when ur best friend is super happy and just generally in a rly good place?? And u just milk that shit bc dAng it’s so good to see them like this and you’re happy bc they’re happy??? Yeah that’s Dean. And he just loooooves seeing his brother and his best friend being happy, no matter what that means for them. Srsly gotdAMN THIS BOI HE IS TOO!!!!!! MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

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I've been struggling with my feelings on a lot of fronts. I am a girl dating a guy who I love but sometimes it's hard to tell how he feels. At the same time I think I am really having a hard time figuring out how I feel about other women while also developing a crush on my male best friend. It's all really confusing. And every time I try to fix things with my boyfriend and communicate that it's hard to tell if he loves me, I convince myself it's fixed and fool myself. I feel like a fool.

If you want to PM me about the situation in more detail I have some relationship advice and I make a pretty good listener!!

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Well, this is kind of embarrassing to share but I have hardcore feelings for my best friend and I just don't know how to tell her and I don't know either if she likes me too. I've given hints (like a lot) but she still hasn't noticed. I caught her staring at me these past few days. She's been exceptionally nice to me which she never does and she asked me if I was into anybody in particular. I'm just super confused and don't know what to do.

To me, that sounds like she’s maybe picked up on the hints? She is maybe trying to figure out if you do like her more than a friend. Things might just fall into place for you both xx

seven lil’ questions tag ・゚✧

A pinch of rules: don’t remove the questions n please keep the source!

This tag was started by the lovely @cheekyist & I was tagged by @cheekyist and @orcheids thank you cuties ♥

✧ what is your favorite disney princess and prince?

The beauty and the beast! ♥

✧ sushi or mac n cheese?

Mac n cheese! 🧀

✧ what is your favorite candle?

I have this wonderful strawberry vanilla candle in my room and it smells so gooood🍓

✧ what was your last dream?

I was in a pink marshmallow kingdom 💐🌈

✧ whose the last person who made you feel special?

My best friend! 🌸

✧ what is something that is repetitive in your life and your tired of hearing about?

Mmm I’m not really sure! 🌼

✧ what is something you want to change about yourself or the world?

The world: Less hate, more love ♥ That everyone has enough food and water!! And no war anymore!

About myself: I shouldn’t be so hard on myself 💐 Also (Not sure if this is really something about myself but) I have to learn to drink more water 💧💧


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I'm so happy for my friend as she's gotten really good news but I feel myself slipping down into one of my lows and it feels like the nasty part of myself is slipping into my thoughts and going "Why her?" "You can't get anything like her" and it's making me feel spiteful, I'm fighting it constantly because this is my best friend, I love her, but I feel like I can't keep fighting it off... I feel like the claws of this depressive episode are really sinking in again...

I know its bittersweet when a friend gets really good news and you dont, but you just have to focus on the positives! put all your jealousy and self-hatred into supporting your friend into being the best they can be, while learning from them and helping yourself possibly get better than them!