feelings are not allowed in this household

Lemme tell u something abt Nesta.

• oldest sister of two other girls
• hated bc of her temper and personality
• lost her mother
• father ignores her
• doesn’t know how to help broken family
• watches younger sister risk her life to do the one thing she can’t
• probably feels hells useless and insecure
• builds huge and unbreakable walls around self
• no one understands why she is the way she is
• just trying to shield herself from more pain
• feels tired of not knowing how to deal w/ her problems
• hates that she didn’t help Feyre
• hates that she didn’t help Elain
• swallowed up by grief/pain/ doubt
• its v possible that she has depression
• and anxiety
• and still
• allows those faeries into her household
• bc its Feyre
• also, those horrible queens
• is used by a bunch of assholes and turned into fae
• definitely still struggling
• 23 y/o struggling w/ huge problems
• like an upcoming war
• the fact that she is fae now
• that both her sisters are fae now
• the fact that she couldn’t protect neither of them or herself
• and also her remaining parent is a dick
• knows so much more than lets on
• so smart
• so pretty
• so pure
• and so broken

But sure
Nesta is just a fucking bitch bc she let Feyre hunt on her own and like fuck you Nesta

I feel like in the Future of Fantastic Beasts, when Porpentina and Newt are married there is a rule in the household that Newt and Jacob are not allowed to go anywhere alone, because everytime they go out they would bring back with a puppy, or a new Bowtruckle or a dragon that has imprinted on Jacob and they have to take every beast in and some how Porpentina would find herself sharing her bed with Newt, a baby dragon, a family of Bowtruckles, a niffler and their own children. 

Colors in Witchcraft

Witchcraft draws from many components around the world, from elements to scents.  Part of the reason I was drawn to witchcraft was because it’s so open.  It allows people to be able create a practice that reflects you and what you care about.  Even for people who can’t openly practice, witchcraft allows people to use common household items in their craft.  Colors themselves are very important within witchcraft and are perhaps the easiest thing to use.  Each color represents certain concepts within magic.  These can be used in candle magic, knot magic, and pretty much anything else you can think of that has multiple colors.  Below I’ve listed the most common colors used, so feel free to get creative.

Pink: Love, passion, romance, peace, family, Imbolc/Candlemas

Red: Root chakra, fire, lust, passion, health, sex, energy, blood, life, courage, strength, Yule, Imbolc

Orange: Solar plexus chakra, good luck, attraction, energy, personal strength, Samhain, Maboon

Yellow: Stomach chakra, air, spirit, communication, intelligence, creativity, confidence, Maboon

Green: Heart chakra, earth, luck, money, health, nature, succes, fertility, Yule, Beltaine

Blue: Throat chakra, water, healing, job spells, weather, truth, inspiration, loyalty, protection, patience, calming, Litha

Purple: Third eye chakra, psychic abilities, magic, meditation, power, sleep, healing

Black: Banishment, removing negativity, protection, elimination, binding, cleansing, Samhain

White: Purity, imagination, new beginnings, blessing, unity, can be used a substitute for other colors, Yule

Gold: Success, wealth, persuasion, fast luck, charm, the Sun

Silver: Stability, removing negativity, remove influences, psychic abilities, the Moon


I Did It (Washington x reader)

TRIGGER WARNING: Shooting, character death

‘Take me to see my husband!’ you exclaimed, shoving yourself into the carriage along with your small suitcase.

The driver nodded and began to drive.  You collapsed into the cushioned seat and thought about all the effort it had taken to get into this carriage heading towards the battlefield.

First, you had asked politely.  In a letter to George, you had written you were lonely and wished to visit.  He would not allow it.

Then you had demanded to visit.  Unfortunately, George had written to the household to make sure you would not be allowed.

Finally, you had snuck out.  You’d been planning this months in advance–packing a suitcase (what would you need out on the battlefield?), hiring a driver–and today was the day you would finally see your husband again.

As you drew closer to the front, you began to hear gunshots.  A cold, icy feeling spread throughout your veins.  A few tents came into view.

‘Stop here,’ you told the driver, who graciously obliged.

You got out the carriage and began to weave through the tents, trying to find anyone or anything to signal you towards George’s.  An abnormally large tent caught your eye and you gravitated towards it when–

Suddenly, a bullet tore through the fabric of the tent and pierced your side.  A scream tore through your throat as the pain rippled throughout your body.  You felt your knees give out beneath you and you fell onto the dirt.  Your breathing got slower as your vision slipped away.

‘Permission to enter, sir?’


Washington barely looked up at the young, frazzled soldier who had just entered his tent.  He had work to attend to; the aftermath of the most recent battle was bloody, and there were letters to read.

The soldier coughed; the room had gone smoky as fumes seeped out from the barrel of Washington’s still hot gun.

‘Sir, there is something you need to attend to at the medic’s tent; the nurses say it is of the upmost importance.’

‘I understand the men are wounded and dying but perhaps if I finish my work I could–’

‘It is of the upmost importance, sir.’

Resigned, Washington got up from his seat.  If the nurses believed it to be of the upmost importance, perhaps his business could wait.

When Washington reached the medic’s tent, a nurse immediately came bustling over with a worried look on her face.

‘Ah, sir, come right this way,’ she said anxiously.  The nurse quickly maneuvered her way through until she reached a lone bed.  On top of the bed lay a figure completely covered by a blanket.

‘Who is this?’ Washington asked.  The worry of the nurses was beginning to rub off on him.

‘This is a women we found shot, sir, in friendly territory.’

A chill ran down Washington’s spine but he couldn’t place why;  ‘Who is she?’

“Well, sir,’ the nurse began, ‘that’s what we were hoping you’d tell us.’

And then the nurse pulled the blanket back and Washington was not ready to see his wife’s pale face, to see her body lying limp on the bed.

‘Who did this?!’  Washington could feel himself going weak in the knees and he dropped down to his wife’s side.

‘We found her right outside your tent, sir, with a gaping bullet wound on her side… there was nothing we could do.’

The rustle, the rustle of skirts; the gasp, the high-pitched cry; the heavy, cloth-laden crash when the body fell.  Of course it was her.  Of course.  How had he not known?  He could of welcomed her with open arms, kissed her on the cheek and heard her laughter–

‘Leave me,’ Washington commanded.  When the nurses hesitated, he continued: ‘That is an order from your commander!’

He went to hold his wife’s hand but quickly withdrew when he felt the deathly cold of her fingers.  A tear rolled down his cheek, followed by two, then three, but Washington did not notice.

‘Y/N…’ he whispered.

The guilt tore at his heart–tore at his heart like the bullet through her side, like the scream from her throat; like that which haunted him.

‘Y/N…’  The forgive me was left hanging in the air at the last minute–how could he ask his wife to forgive him when what he had done was…


Washington pulled himself up from his knees, wiped his face try.  He turned round on his heel and walked back to his tent.  After all, he had work to do.

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i feel like the word daddy will be strictly not allowed in their household due to the internet (I fucking hate internet sometimes for ruining innocent things.) but I feel like the kid will call phil dad because he's more of a dad out of the two of them, and dan maybe something like "danny" or something.

i feel like phil wouldn’t care about using the term daddy and they’d trial it for a couple of days and then dan would be like “phil i can’t do it i can’t have our baby calling me daddy” and phil would roll his eyes but agree nonetheless

let’s chat about dan and phil!


Elijah x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One

Elijah tried to keep his distance, to allow you the space you needed while you both coexisted in the seemingly small space the compound provided. It hadn’t been long since Klaus had sent Hope away, the compound quickly becoming an awkward prison when the household set about putting on a show to put the city of New Orleans on edge.

The only time you escaped was to feed and even then you knew Elijah was nearby, watching over you protectively but at a distance. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, to have him watching over you, it was safe and familiar something you’d longed for, for many years.


“You’re not as good at stalking as you think you are.” You hummed as you compelled your victim and sent them on their way.

“My apologies (Y/N), I was attempting to be discreet.” Elijah said as he emerged from the shadows, straightening his cuffs as he wondered over to you.


“Elijah, have the years with your brother thought you nothing, you should know better than the follow a Hybrid.” You smiled and began the short walk back home.

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Nothing will convince me that the Potters wouldn’t have pets

I feel like you don’t see this in next gen fics, but it seems very likely that they would have multiple pets, even aside from owls.

Evidence in favor:

  • Harry loved Hedwig, and would want his kids to have that same experience.
  • Ginny grew up in a household that had pets
  • Ginny herself had Arnold the pygmy puff
  • Aunt Petunia didn’t allow pets, which probably made Harry want one as a kid
  • Harry/Ginny would totally live in the kind of house with lots of space for both pets and people
  • Harry wouldn’t be able to resist his kids if they begged him
  • Hagrid would be a bad influence on their children
  • Luna would be an even worse influence on their children

I imagine Harry and Ginny having their own owls, and each of the children would be given one when they started school. They would have two cats, one of which they had purchased in an actual shop, and one that had wandered into their garden a few years later. There would be a handful of other pets over the years, including one or two from Luna.

Day 3 Favorite Roman Reigns Quotes

“For me, the person that helps me out and gives me the most is my wife. That is who pushes me and reassures me. I have a strong foundation. I have a strong support system, and that starts with the woman I love the most (wife Galina). She helps me and allows me to live this crazy life. She captains the ship on our own. She takes care of our household, our daughter and our livelihood that allows me to go out and live this circus life. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.”

“She stuck with me ever since, through thick and thin. All the way from, you know, living off of food stamps, not being able to fathom where rent’s coming from, to doing what I love every single night, traveling the world. And it takes a strong woman to back that and I just wanna say thank you.. thank you, baby. I love you, so much. I can’t wait to get home. I love you.”

“When my career is over I want to be remembered not as the greatest superstar of all time but a great performer, a good man, and even though I wasn’t home every single day a great father.”

“The roughest patch in my life was right around the time she was born so creating life helped my life pretty much it gave me purpose. My purpose is to protect her, to create a future for her, to make sure everythings okay. I like it on the inside because not everybody gets to see that.  If I were to let you in you’d know why I want to be so strong, you’d know why I want to protect what’s going on in here because my little girl is my heart” (about the turtle tattoo representing Jojo)

What a beautiful family!

random Nuxable aus that I haven't written/will probably never write but I still have feelings about

• Dog Shelter AU where capable works at a rescue shelter and Nux brings in a mangy lost dog that he kinda hit with his car and at first capable thinks he’s kinda sketch but then he keeps coming in to check on the dog and he’s just so concerned and cute and eventually they end up falling in love and adopting it together

• Concert AU where capable lives in a fundamentalist Christian household that doesn’t allow her to listen to secular music but she’s like “fuck that” and sneaks off with her sisters to free shows in dive bars and Nux’s band the War Boys just happens to be playing one night and he spots her in the crowd and thinks she’s the most beautiful person he has ever beheld and so obviously he’s distracted and completely screws up his guitar solo like the humongous dork he is but then they meet up later at the bar and super cute romance ensues

• High School AU where capable is the vp of the Feminism Club (Angharad is the president, obvi) and Nux hangs out with total fuckboys so capable doesn’t give him the time of day but then one day she catches him putting a wad of cash in the club’s donation jar and when she confronts him about it turns out he’s not a huge jerk, he’s just misguided so she takes him out for coffee to educate him on the basics of feminism and it turns out they have a really good time so it becomes a weekly thing and then all of a sudden it’s like ~are we dating?~

• Hogwarts AU (because it’s Harry Potter day as well as Capable day) where Capable is a Hufflepuff and Nux is a Gryffindor and they have History of Magic together and Capable is one of the few students who actually enjoys the class so she obviously pulls perfect grades but Nux’s grades are just dismal so she offers to tutor him out of the kindness of her heart but like they have crazy chemistry and one thing leads to another and now they spend every Sunday night cuddling in the astronomy tower (and then of course it turns out Nux has had a thing for her since like the first day of first year)

• Hospital AU where Nux is a cancer patient and Capable is a volunteer and he always amazes her with how funny and positive he always is and they always tell the volunteers not to get too emotionally involved with any of the patients but it is too late because before she knows it capable is staying after hours just to sit and talk to Nux and Nux feels really guilty about it because he knows he might not have much longer to live but she makes him so happy that he just can’t bring himself to cut things off and so he knows he just has to fight this disease like hell for her and the day they find out his cancer is in remission she crawls into his hospital bed and he holds her and they both cry happy tears

• Opposites Attract AU where Capable works at a flower shop and Nux works at a tattoo parlor across the street from her and one day he comes into the flower shop on a dare from Slit like “we need to decorate the tattoo shop… Make it more inviting” and capable just raises her eyebrows but she gives him a beautiful arrangement anyways and Nux is like ‘damn… I really like it in here’ so he starts buying a bouquet “for the tattoo parlor” every week and all of capable’s coworkers make fun of her because she blushes every time he walks in the door

• Angsty AU where Capable is a runaway from the foster system and Nux is a drug addict with some questionable connections to a local gang and they meet at a halfway house/youth shelter and they see something in each other worth living for and so Capable holds him when he wakes up covered in sweat and vomit from the withdrawal and he holds her when she wakes up screaming from nightmares about the abuses she endured and when they finally are ready to start new lives, they start one together

(yeah I’ve officially crossed the line into nuxable trash but where I live there’s still five minutes left to post for Capable Day so I’m just gonna leave this here)

While Isobel Miles was a woman sometimes plagued by feelings of envy and even bitterness, she couldn’t deny her relatively privileged place in the hierarchy of a household staff. As food quality was important to any household keen on impressing their guests, she made a decent salary and had certain freedoms many members of the service staff weren’t allowed. There was no denying the joy she very clearly got out of being in control of something, albeit simply the kitchen of a grand estate.

The same could be said about her trips to the market. Responsible for the shopping of the ingredients needed, Isobel had the utmost pleasure to go about the village market and pick whatever was needed. Consequentially, it was also there were people seemed to be open and quite willing to engage in a fair bit of gossip, allowing Isobel indulge in some eavesdropping as well as much-needed small talk. Without much thought, she glanced at the person next to her as if making sure they looked at least somewhat receptive. 

“Do you ever find yourself missing certain foods when they are not in season?” she questioned, inspecting the turnips she had been holding for a moment. 

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What does a typical Crane household Valentine's Day celebration entail?


firstly, i feel like as far as presents, chocolate is the only way to go. they’re both massive sugar fiends, jon especially due to never being allowed to have sweets as a child, and this is the perfect time of year for gorging yourself on as much cheap chocolate as possible. random bonus headcanon, jon is the kind of (WEIRD) person who refrigerates chocolate, so it gets that hard little snap to it, and apotheca will never ever understand it (imho refrigerated chocolate is the devil why do people do it) but at least it provides a good method of telling whose chocolate is whose, so he mostly sticks to his own supply and doesn’t dip into hers

activities are mostly the same as usual, they don’t really go all-out (they’re pretty quiet, reserved people out-of-costume, if you can believe it) but they’ll be a little more romantic, like he’ll cook breakfast (very rare. jon can cook but he doesn’t like to) and when they sit and read together it might be sappy love poems instead of the usual spooky or highbrow (read: pretentious) intellectual stuff. if anyone does propose the silly fluffy romantic activities (tickle fights, counting each other’s freckles, those silly back-and-forth “arguments” over who loves who the most), it’s probably her. he always pretends to begrudgingly go along with it, but they both know that he’s just as into it as she is.

in the evening, though, it’s always horror movie time. it might be a weird valentine’s day tradition, but when one of you is massively turned on by seeing the other afraid, it’s a damn good method of foreplay. the spookier and more atmospheric, the better. after a while, they’ll both just lose all self-control and bang on the couch.

(things get a little tamer once they have the twins, needless to say. they’ll all cook breakfast together, and the two of them will cuddle and kiss a little bit, and the kids will make those exasperated groaning sounds bc ew?? mom and dad kissing is so gross?? in the evenings they’ll usually get a family friend, usually a fellow rogue, to take the kids out somewhere so the happy couple can have their traditional valentine’s horror night alone and end up banging on the couch as usual)

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Hey, I hope you help me out by giving your advice since I just dabbled into Hoodoo. I'm interested in Vigil Candles that are burned for 7/9 days but my household conditions doesn't allow me to bury stuff. Burning is something I can readily do so can I instead of placing my petition under the candle anoint it's corners and burn it and place the ashes around my vigil candle like herbs do when I'm about to fix it?

That is perfectly fine, the thing about Hoodoo is that you can work your roots in the way you feel most comfortable. Expend in your path and dont’t feel the need to be guided exactly by what others do.

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Dear Linacheries, I hope you could spare some time to help me find the wonderful wallpaper you used in this preview of yours /post/155938469689 you see, I meant to use it every single household in my game and feel very pleased about it :) plus, allow me to thank you for your wonderful gifts and your lovely taste. It's always a pleasure to visit your site <3

Hi! The wall is by kaputt-geliebt. And thank you <333

I hate it when black people educates everyone about how harsh slavery is and white people be like “Why should I be sorry, I wasn’t apart of the slave owners” or “I will not feel guilty for something I didn’t do that happened hundreds of years ago”
Like do they not understand that not only are they still benefiting off of the system that allowed the devastating shit of slavery to happen, but
What happened in slavery still has an affect on black people? The psychological mentality? The colorism? The misogyny? The self hatred? The toxic masculinity and even homophobia in the black community. The personal lifestyles that happens in households and even in society that got passed down generations from when our ancestors were in slavery? Yeah, we might not actually be in slavery anymore. Instead, we have a bunch of other forms of oppression to keep the black community down.
But the mental, emotional, physiological scarring that we are still experiencing till this day? The fucked up mentality the black community has upon eachother? All of these years it’s taking us to finally uplift eachother and to get out of the enslaved mindset we’ve been carved upon eachother? Slavery was that damn bad, that we are STILL recovering from all of the scarring it caused, all of these years later. And oppression is STILL going on. History gets passed down and repeated in a cycle by using different forms. There will always be something white people are doing that is similar to what was done in the past. There will always be something white people are responsible for. 200 years ago, 75 years ago, 20 years ago, now, till later. So don’t let that “what happened a long time ago have nothing to do with me. Get over it” mentality make you feel that you aren’t part of the problem. Your system still holds the knives and we still carry the scars.

Learn to Swim
  • Saitama feels it's high time the kids learn to swim...which is hard since they all sink like rocks.(- w -;)
  • Saitama: Say, Genos. You think you can ask the Doc to see what he can do about the kids being able to swim?
  • Genos: I believe so. Why?
  • Saitama: Well it's hard for them to play around the beach or lake if they keep sinking the second they reach the deep end.
  • Genos: Do you really believe it a necessity for them?
  • -BACKFLASH to the beach-
  • -Yon reaching for a turtle on a rock near a tide pool. Falls right in to the deeper end.-
  • Saitama: Ah...!
  • -Roku and Ichii trying to compete by diving. Both don't come back up-
  • Saitama: Geh!
  • -Hachi positioning himself from the dock to jump into giant a floatie....it sinks with him just as a monster spots him.-
  • Saitama: Wah!!
  • -BACKFLASH ends-
  • ....
  • Genos: I'll see if I can schedule an appointment for them...;;;

Going to be legally allowed to recreationally carry 4 oz in public, 8 oz at home, grow four plants per person per household of healing herbal medicine from Mother Earth in 3 DAYS! BLESSINGS FROM OREGON!
~Let’s legalize the herb nation wide! We won gay marriage! Why stop now! Lets love who we want. Let’s plant what we want~

There are no “good” abortions and “bad” abortions, because an abortion is just a medical procedure, reproductive healthcare is healthcare, and it is a fact without caveat that a foetus is not a person. I own my body, and I decide what I allow to grow in it. Telling our stories at full volume chips away at stigma, at lies, at the climate of shame that destroys the lives (sometimes literally) of women and girls and anyone anywhere on the gender spectrum who can become pregnant, especially those living in poverty, in rural areas and in hyper-religious and conservative households. (It’s vital to remember, too, that being able to tell my abortion story without feeling unsupported and unsafe – beyond the general unease of knowing my country is full of heavily armed, anti-intellectual GOP wingnuts – is a privilege. I speak out because I can.)

There’s a reason why #ShoutYourAbortion has been getting mountains of positive, mainstream press attention, while the people terrorising us (my feed is clogged with pictures of bloody foetuses and death threats – this is Twitter, after all) are ignored on the fringe. It’s because we are right, and however glacially society evolves, it is evolving in the right direction. Abortion is common. Abortion is happening. Abortion needs to be legal, safe and accessible to everyone. Abortion is a thing you can say out loud.