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I know I say it everytime but this is another must see Jonsa video.

It’s so beautiful, the editing and the music fit really well and it’s not just Jon and Sansa story… there are references to a lot of other characters (Cersei, Danielle, the Mad King, Stannis, the Tarlys, Septa Mordane ) so it’s like an amazing 4 minutes recap of most of the Jonsa forshadowing.

I’m so happy I found it

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It doesn’t matter what season it is, I always keep my room freezing so I can sleep under the biggest, softest blanket possible.

I make a point of steering the fuck clear of my non-ship tags, but seeing a certain scene get blatantly misread drives me up a wall and makes me want to scream. 

So. 3x01 “Seed” and infamous ‘Carol flirts with Daryl’ scene. Please keep in mind that while I am not a Caryler-er that I am; A massive Daryl fan and a massive Carol fan. I am not making this argument in an attempt to bolster a different ship or attack Caryl shippers. What I’m doing is correcting a misconception about a scene that is so backwards that it makes the angels cry.

For those who want to avoid my on-coming word vomit, I’ll simplify the entire thing right here: This scene was classic one-sided flirting. Key phrasing here being one-sided.

For those who haven’t seen that episode in awhile, I’ll remind them that this was the season 3 premiere. We’re coming into it knowing that about 6-7 months have taken place off screen, and the changes in relationships and interpersonal dynamics are being established in this episode.

Fun fact: I left season 2 convinced that something romantic was going to build between Carol ad Daryl. This episode? This exact scene? This was what made me go “Whoops. Nope. That is not going to be a thing.”

And it all boils down to the fact that Daryl is blatantly uncomfortable for this entire exchange.

Read that again. Absorb it. Blatantly uncomfortable. If you watch this and see him as flirting, I’m genuinely worried about your understanding of human interaction and by proxy, your understanding of consent. (Which is an admittedly big jump, but still relevant.)

Let it be said that I love both sides of this interaction. Carol has finally shed that meek little bird shell she was stuck in after well over a decade in an abusive relationship, and recovering from losing her child. She’s more open and relaxed and playful than we’ve ever seen her. There’s a subtle suggestion in this interaction that this probably isn’t the first time she’s made a pass at Daryl. And hell, who can blame her? She respects and admires him, he’s attractive, and she’s a woman who is reclaiming her personal agency for the first time in years. She’s at a point in her life where she can look at and admire a man without fear of repercussion from her abuser. She’s allowing herself to be selfish and pursue something (or in this case, someone) she wants and do so freely. So during that missing winter, I get the impression she’s made suggestions and flirtations in Daryl’s direction. To the point where it’s almost an in-joke between them, but with that open invitation for him to reciprocate.

But in this scene we see very clearly that Daryl isn’t going to.

When their eyes meet during the shoulder-rub, there’s two kinds of tension. One from Carol that is suggestive, and one from Daryl that is uncomfortable. He immediately drops his hands and backs away. He tries to diffuse the situation before it can head in a direction he’s not looking for. But then Carol makes that totally-joking-unless-you-want-to proposition and you can pretty much see that moment he goes ‘Ah fuck, I was trying to avoid this.’ Still though, he laughs it off and she laughs with him. She’s ready to tease him but not push.

And she does tease him. He gets exasperated but not angry. Hell, if it had been daylight I’m sure he would have been blushing scarlet. Once again it’s been reduced to a joke. Making it into a joke makes it easier for Daryl to handle than having to outright tell her that he isn’t interested. And Carol, who I have no doubt was very interested at the time, was willing to concede to that.

Note that after that scene? She doesn’t flirt with him anymore. She teases him and is affectionate and every wonderful thing, but she stops directly flirting with him. That scene was a taste of the relationship we didn’t see during the missing winter and it was a closure to it. They were wrapping that part of the relationship up and leaving it behind. Basically Carol gave it one last go, probably because they had genuine safety for the first time, and it was the last attempt to see if he’d reciprocate her interest. And he didn’t.

Honestly I think that’s why we later saw Axel’s crush on her. Whether or not Carol had any interest in reciprocating we will never know, but it was obvious she enjoyed the attention. It was a direct contrast to her relationship with Daryl, where we got to see the flip side. Carol got to feel sexy and interesting and desirable from a man who genuinely was interested in her even if she might not have felt anything more than friendship towards him.

So yeah. Please don’t disservice the scene by trying to claim it was mutually flirtatious. It wasn’t. Even as an at the time wanna-be shipper I recognized that immediately, and if you do think it is, I really think you need to re-watch it without shipper goggles on. Sexualizing and using a character’s discomfort as ship-fodder is just gross.

The first time Vilde mentions her mother’s “wine tasting night” to Isak, his heart sinks. He thinks he might not have even needed to hear Sara’s gossip to realise it’s a lie. He thinks he recognises the pain in her eyes, the forced smile, the tilt of her voice. Like looking in a mirror.

He doesn’t say anything, however. At that moment, he’s not ready to carry his own issues, let alone those of Vilde.

They may share similar issues, but that doesn’t mean he has to like her.


After Vilde and Magnus start to date, Isak starts to notice things again. How Magnus will sometimes be texting Vilde, concentrated frown on his face. He thinks it might be a mirror image to when Magnus texted Isak about Even.

When Magnus leaves their pre-party to go with Vilde for the second time in a row, Isak worries. He doesn’t tell anyone, not even Even, whose eyebrows raise questioningly at him.

On Monday, after they ate lunch with the entire group (something that has been happening more and more now that both Vilde and Magnus, and Jonas and Eva are dating), Isak turns to Magnus.

“Is, uhm,” he starts, and stops. Magnus tears his eyes away from his girlfriend’s retreating back, to look at Isak. “Is she okay?” Isak asks, chin pointing in Vilde’s direction.

Magnus frowns, “Why?”

Isak shrugs and looks down at his hands, “Nothing, forget it.”

“Dude, what do you know?” Magnus’ eyes are wide as he stares at Isak, “Are there rumours floating around again?”

“No, dude, chill,” Isak tries to calm Magnus down, “I just… I know, okay.”

“What do you know?” Magnus narrows his eyes at him and Isak scoffs, “Never mind.”

Jonas chooses that moment to draw their attention back to the conversation and Isak gratefully accepts the diversion of Magnus’ attention.


The next day, Vilde is waiting for him at his locker. Isak groans when he sees her, and wants to just turn around and disappear. But maybe Even is right, maybe he’s growing soft, as he lets himself be noticed by Vilde who is nervously jumping up and down on her heels.

“Isak,” she says, as she sees him. “Vilde,” he replies, trying to keep his voice as neutral as possible.

“Can we talk?”

“I have to get to class, Vilde,” Isak says, knowing the effort is futile. Vilde has that gleam in her eye that tells him that she’s going to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Isak knows he’s going to do it, although he can’t explain why.

“It will only take a second,” she says and as Isak nods, she grabs him by the wrist to pull him into an empty classroom.

“What the fuck, Vilde?” he pulls his wrist out of her grip as she spins around to face him.

“What do you know and how do you know it?” her voice is lower than normal, and for some reason Isak suspects this voice is closer to her true voice than the perky one she uses all the time. He suspects she uses her cheerfulness like a mask, just like he had used his grumpiness.

He sighs, crosses his arms, “I dated Sara, remember?” Vilde winces and Isak nods, “I just know your home situations isn’t… ideal.”

“Understatement of the century,” Vilde mumbles, and it’s so unlike her, Isak burst out into laughter.

“Sorry,” he manages to say in between laughter.

Vilde chuckles and shrugs. Her smile sincere as she watches Isak.

“Will you tell anyone?” she asks, and Isak immediately sobers up.

“What? No, of course not, Vilde! Not even Even knows.”

Vilde’s smile becomes radiant at that, and she nods, “Okay, thank you.”

She sets out to leave, but before she can, Isak grabs her wrist, “Listen, Vilde,” her big eyes focus on him and Isak isn’t sure what has come over him, maybe it’s seeing this glimpse of Vilde underneath all the pretence, “my home situation wasn’t… ideal either.” They both grin at each other before Isak continues, “If you ever want to talk…” he trails off, unsure what he is offering here.

Vilde’s face grows soft and kind, “Thank you Isak, I don’t know if I’ll need it, considering I have Magnus and Chris. But it’s nice to offer.”

Isak just nods as the bell rings.

They both smile at each other one last time before parting ways.


It’s not like things immediately change drastically after that. It’s just… whenever Vilde is particularly down, Isak will smile at her. When he sees she didn’t bring food, he’ll buy her a cheese toastie, or share whatever lunch Even made him. When the bags under her eyes get too hard to even conceal with makeup, he’ll invite all of them over for a movie night and allows Vilde to fall asleep, mushed between him and Magnus.

Vilde will distract everyone on days when Isak’s mom sends him bible texts, making him gloomy and pessimistic for the future. And although she knows better than to do it in front of him, Isak knows she verbally destroys anyone who speaks ill of either him or Even in front of her.

On his mamma’s birthday Vilde brings him gifts to pass on to her. Isak is not sure how she found out when her birthday is, but he guesses it has something to do with the combined magic of Vilde and Sana.

They form a weirdly tight friendship, without ever really hanging out. Their friends don’t really understand what’s happening when Isak dumps his lunch in front of Vilde, demanding her to try, or when Vilde tells them all to leave Isak alone, but they understand it makes the both calmer and more grounded.

And Isak will still roll his eyes at Vilde and scoff when she asks dumb questions. But he agrees with Sana, Vilde is the first he would take to war with him.

“Kids bounce back.”

“And adults?”

They learn how to live with half a heart.

Me after reading those lines: hahahahah fuck off Nicole! STOP. PLAYING. WITH. MY. EMOTIONS. Why must you be this way! You give and then you take! @littlelooneyluna I am suing you for harassment of the heart!

Even if it means going against the opinions of others,
Even if it means receiving disapproval,
Even if it means going against the crowd,
You must do what feels right to you.
If it makes you smile, feel more comfortable, or beam with rays of genuine happiness;

Then you must do it, regardless of anyone else.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

I just wanted to let you know that you are completely loved and supported by the universe,
during each and every second,
Until the very end of time.

You will never be alone.