feelings about stars and constellations now i have them

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Hi! I was wondering if you could write a fic about Kaecilius meeting Adam Raki? It's a pretty rare pair that I wish there was more of. Maybe something with stars and magic? Ok, I'm gonna stop now. Bye~ :3

I am so sorry this took so long! God I hope you like this. ^runs and hides*


Since he was very young, Adam Raki always loved the stars.

Every night he’d go on the balcony to look at them feeling comforted by their shine.

He had his favorites, picking out certain constellations to trace their shape over and over again.

Adam would have gone through his life this way, tracing the stars, if not for the event that changed his life: his father’s death.

He struggled with the dramatic change in his life, the solitude, and hid from the stars for nearly a month until a package arrived on his birthday from his father.

It was a telescope, very expensive but exactly what he’d wanted.

The card inside read: Happy Birthday Son, I hope this will help you see them shine brighter.

Adam went on the balcony for the first time since his father’s death and saw a new star in the sky.

It shined brighter than the others, almost too bright, and for the remainder of the month he watched it every night. There was nothing that warmed him like the strange star.

That was why when he went out one night, eyeing the sky and making sure to look at his strange star, Adam was surprised to see it fall.

Stars that fell were not stars at all, which is why it surprised him as he followed the streak that landed behind his apartment building.

Adam rushed down the stairs, following the smoke and rushing out to see that that no his strange star was not a star at all.

It was a man.

His strange star was named Kaecilius, the man said, and the name seemed familiar though Kaecilius didn’t seem to know anything else.

There was something strange about him, his eyes were soft but Adam could feel something special behind them, like they could crack apart at the first opportunity.

He invited Kaecilius to stay until he could remember more than his name, which was odd because Adam never liked having people around much. What was ever more surprising was that Kaecilius accepted his offer.

Days turned to weeks, the muddle of Kaecilius’s mind never clearing though it became obvious right away that he was different.

Adam walked in on Kaecilius making a book hover in mid air before the month was out, the loud bang of it dropping the only sound in the room.


A frown was the only expression he’d ever seen on the strange man’s face.

“It seems so.”

Magic was not something Adam had ever considered, though he’d seen the superheroes on television they were mostly strong men and women. Though some of them could fly.

“Can you fly?”

Kaecilius smirked, his first smile. “Not yet.”

Adam handed him the book, mirroring his smile. “I’d like to fly with you, when you do.”

That’s exactly where they shared their first kiss, hovering up in the sky, the stars shining above them.

But that was much later.