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Fanfic prompts~
6) things you said under the stars and in the grass
Characters: Mari and Yuuri
Relationship[s]: Family and sibling bonding
Tags: support and sibling love + sibling-advice

Title: Sunshine After Rain

When Yuuri came home from the Grand Prix Finals, he mostly stayed in his room. Either he laid in bed with headphones snugged over his head, or he hunched over a few sheets of paper with a pen in hand, writing down his previous season’s routine and marking the jumps, the techniques, the emotion he could’ve done instead. Time flowed backwards for no one, and Yuuri accepted that long before he came home. However, it was a reoccurring thought, and Yuuri’s mind liked to replay the fumbles and mistakes. Like stop-motion film, suddenly slowing down before a dramatic fall or when Yuuri had to brace himself before a landing.

One night, instead of tucking himself away for the evening, Yuuri went out and laid in the grass near Yuutopia Hot Springs. The evening dew nestling into his clothes and hair as Yuuri gazed up at the splatter of stars in the night sky. The cool breeze tickling his nose, and Yuuri rubbed it before he sneezed. Out here, without a paper and pen, his mind found its peace. There were no distractions, nothing to remind him of the burning sixth place that he took after the GPF. Because out here in the grass, Yuuri was just another Hasetsu born-and-bred citizen. A dreamer amongst others, slowly chipping their names into something recognizable for the future.

Yuuri shifted his head when Mari came out from the inn and laid next to him in the grass. Well, she sat up and crossed her legs casually, arm behind her back to keep her up while she slouched. A toothpick between her teeth and she moved it around, itching for a good smoke but she held herself back so that she could be with Yuuri. The two sat in silence. For how long? Yuuri didn’t keep track, but he occasionally glanced at Mari and wondered why she was here.

“Nice weather we’re having.” Yuuri spoke first.

Mari shrugged. “Been the same weather for weeks. You’ll get used to it.”

Straightforward as always. Yuuri smiled a bit and diverted his attention back to the stars. Mari watched him carefully from the corner of her eye as she gnawed the end of her toothpick.

“Some days, the weather is cooler,” Mari added. “Some days, the weather is warmer. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s sunny, and sometimes it’s both on the same day. In the end, it’s still a nice day.”

“Isn’t rain bad for business?”

“Yeah, but people still come anyway. We can’t do anything about the weather, but Ma and Pa do the best they can with everyone’s support.” Mari pulled out her toothpick. “I think with you around, there’ll be more sunny days.”


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe



okay i want to talk about something

what this show did with the “being a nerd” trope was honestly one of my favorite parts of this season

matt says here that he knows what its like to be the nerd
we all know what he means by that
he was probably bullied and teased just like pidge and empathizes with her situation but tells her that she should keep studying

but she says

“what’s the point?”

good question pidge

as of this point the only thing “being a nerd” means to pidge is the rejection and mockery of her classmates

look at her shes crying okay how many times have yall cried in school and not even like in the bathroom stall in the fucking classroom okay that shit is not fun

heck shes not even sitting at the front of the class or with anyone else shes sitting by the window near the back basically by herself in the classic “main character whos different/disconnected from everyone else” anime spot

shes angry and frustrated and hates that part of herself to the point where she says “what’s the point?” which is a statement of defeat

she was ready to (literally) throw that part of her aside because she was tired of all the pain and angry and sadness that came with “being a nerd” (i mean could you even imagine what would have happened if she actually gave up pidge could have given up loving science and technology and would have never gotten into the garrison or done anything remotely “nerd” related because of how much pain this brought her)

and then this happens

her mood is immediately changed shes overjoyed at her brother getting into the Garrison she probably saw him study like a monster and how nervous he was for the test and how hard he worked and then

she stops

she goes back and picks up that book

and its an immediate 180 in her attitude towards studying and “being a nerd” because now she sees a reason to keep being a nerd

she didn’t stop being a nerd she made that part of who she was

she saw people in her life who were nerds people who were her role models and her and were proud of it

and i think thats really awesome that matt was able to show pidge that there was nothing to be ashamed of in “being a nerd” and helped her embrace that part of her that was smart and curious and intelligent and who wanted to be like her brother and father and go to space and reach her goals and dreams and become the beautiful little nerd we know and love now

and that’s a message to all nerds - to embrace that part of you even if it brings you adversity because that part of you is incredible and capable of doing amazing things 

just like pidge <3

Having a sibling is super weird because you’re constantly torn between “wow I can’t believe this is real oh man you’re a great sibling I really love and appreciate you” and “oh my fucking god I’m going to throw an axe at your face and commit homicide real soon if you don’t stop being so annoying I swear to god”

things we now know about matthew holt (s4 spoilers)

-he can fucking s e e

-his relationship with shiro was more formal on the kerberos mission than we thought


-the entire alias of “pidge gunderson” is based off of matt (hair, glasses, name, actual intent for the alias, etc.)

-instead of being super protectice of pidge, he was really proud of everything she’s done with team voltron and was really happy for her

-he’s smitten for allura

-super cool and suave big brother

-he has a close relationship with his dad (who even has a secret code language with their dad c’mon)

-know his way around a pole ;))) (i’m sORrY)

-getting into the garrison was the best thing to ever happen to him (other than pidge being born probably)

-he’s the one who originally called katie “pidge”

-he was respectful enough to stop calling her that when she asked him to

-lance lowkey wants him dead now

-he’s a devout and badass rebel officer that was willing to drop everything to help the coalition

-he is currently the only one who knows about keith almost sacrificing himself

-him, hunk, and pidge are the biggest team of nerds ever

-would probably die for pidge (same honestly)

-such a fucking dork oh my god

-beautiful pre and post kerberos mission

-loved and respected by all

in conclusion matt holt is the best thing to happen to this season (lowkey this show too) and i have so much excitement stowed away to see his future character development and how he interacts with the team and aaAAAA


I don’t get why people keep calling Camilla a “flat character”

can’t they see

she’s very


it gets easier in the telling

summary: “tell us!” killua’s sisters demand. and it’s hard, at first. but eventually, it gets easier for him answer.

notes: hello I am a terrible student who spent an hour wordbarfing feelings about killua and emotions and how his sisters are the best and persistent in what they want, rather than working on my paper due on friday. do not follow my example, fellow kids. do your work, don’t fic. gen, alluka and nanika and killua, with a side of killugon, rated F for Feelings and Fluff. 1750 words. not edited in the slightest.


“Tell me!” Alluka demands.

“Tell you what?” Killua ruffles his sister’s hair with a grin. It sticks up in odd directions, beads she’s woven in the strands next to her cheeks preventing it from becoming a total mess.

She scowls up at him, eyes flashing with annoyance, and sticks her tongue out at him. “Tell me what you’re feeling!”

Killua laughs and messes her hair up even more. “I love you,” he says.

Alluka wriggles out from under his noogie, only to boop him in the nose. “Love you,” she says back.

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Temari teaching Gaara’s adoptive kids a lesson or three about messing with her. Where did they get the paddling pool and copious amounts of water from I hear you ask? We just don’t know.

Original meme (x), Click for more detail.

Okay but honestly if they didn’t mean for Keith and Shiro’s interactions to be read as romantic instead of more brotherly, they really are doing a shitty job of it.

It takes hard work and patience for Justin Finch-Fletchley to be able to explain everything he experiences at Hogwarts and in the Wizarding World to his older brother, but he is true, loyal, and unafraid of the toil of writing out long, detailed letters. It’s harder than one might think to contextualize everything about Hogwarts, to convey the scale of the moving staircases, the history and mentality of the House Elves, Dumbledore’s omniscience, the Transfiguration coursework. 

Understanding it all is hard sometimes even for Justin, who lives it every day, but all the same, it just doesn’t seem fair to keep Aaron, who he’d been so close with growing up, out. 

Ryder Appreciation Week Meme

Can be reblogged and filled or used as answers to asks! :)

1. Does your Ryder like their father?
2. How does your Ryder feel about their sibling?
3. If given the chance, do you think your Ryder would be a good Nexus Director?
4. What’s your Ryder’s favorite weapon?
5. What’s your Ryder’s fighting style/class? (biotic sniper can be a thing now!)
6. Does your Ryder get along well with Tann, Addison, Kandros or Kesh?
7. Is your Ryder good at driving the Nomad?
8. What is the one Pathfinder task that your Ryder hates?
9. What does your Ryder enjoy about being a Pathfinder?
10. How does your Ryder feel about the memories they unlocked?
11. Does your Ryder consider SAM a friend/sibling/…?
12. What’s your Ryder’s favorite location in Andromeda?
13. If your Ryder could give one gift to their LI (if there is one!), what would they give?
14. How does your Ryder feel about the fight between Kallo and Gil?
15. What does your Ryder think about Shepard?
16. Does your Ryder like the other Pathfinders?
17. What is the one lesson your Ryder learned in Andromeda?
18. What is the hardest thing your Ryder had to do in their life?
19. Does your Ryder like memes?
20. Which song would represent your Ryder well?

Okay so you know how Asmodeus is supposed to have a lot of children (most of which are already dead?) But what about the ones that aren’t? That would mean Magnus probably has quite a few siblings still, so imagine:

Simon Lewis is an eighteen year old who may or may not have powers. He just knows that ever since he was little, sometimes weird things have happened​ by accident. Afraid of someone finding out, he does everything he can to repress his powers and keep them a secret. Until someone named Magnus Bane shows up at his door unexpectedly and claims to be his brother, showing Simon that he has powers too, and they’re nothing to be afraid of, telling Simon that he is in fact a warlock.

Taking Simon under his wing, Magnus uses his spare time to teach Simon how to harness his magic, for both normal day life and in battle, and how to make wards and potions, and open portals, sometimes letting him tag along to meet clients.

Simon spending time with his new brother also introduces him to some new friends. Shadowhunter girlfriends Clary and Isabelle. Werewolves Maia and Luke - a man who Simon starts to easily look up to as a father figure. Alec, another Shadowhunter and Magnus’s boyfriend.

And of course Jace, Alec’s and Izzy’s cute brother who, whenever he smiles, Simon sometimes loses control of his powers - and no he did not mean for that candle to melt down into the shape of a heart…

Balancing his home life with his mother and sister, and his new life that he never imagined could have existed, is something else he’ll have to learn to control, but Magnus promises to be there every step of the way.