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I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe

Having a sibling is super weird because you’re constantly torn between “wow I can’t believe this is real oh man you’re a great sibling I really love and appreciate you” and “oh my fucking god I’m going to throw an axe at your face and commit homicide real soon if you don’t stop being so annoying I swear to god”


I don’t get why people keep calling Camilla a “flat character”

can’t they see

she’s very


it gets easier in the telling

summary: “tell us!” killua’s sisters demand. and it’s hard, at first. but eventually, it gets easier for him answer.

notes: hello I am a terrible student who spent an hour wordbarfing feelings about killua and emotions and how his sisters are the best and persistent in what they want, rather than working on my paper due on friday. do not follow my example, fellow kids. do your work, don’t fic. gen, alluka and nanika and killua, with a side of killugon, rated F for Feelings and Fluff. 1750 words. not edited in the slightest.


“Tell me!” Alluka demands.

“Tell you what?” Killua ruffles his sister’s hair with a grin. It sticks up in odd directions, beads she’s woven in the strands next to her cheeks preventing it from becoming a total mess.

She scowls up at him, eyes flashing with annoyance, and sticks her tongue out at him. “Tell me what you’re feeling!”

Killua laughs and messes her hair up even more. “I love you,” he says.

Alluka wriggles out from under his noogie, only to boop him in the nose. “Love you,” she says back.

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Ryder Appreciation Week Meme

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1. Does your Ryder like their father?
2. How does your Ryder feel about their sibling?
3. If given the chance, do you think your Ryder would be a good Nexus Director?
4. What’s your Ryder’s favorite weapon?
5. What’s your Ryder’s fighting style/class? (biotic sniper can be a thing now!)
6. Does your Ryder get along well with Tann, Addison, Kandros or Kesh?
7. Is your Ryder good at driving the Nomad?
8. What is the one Pathfinder task that your Ryder hates?
9. What does your Ryder enjoy about being a Pathfinder?
10. How does your Ryder feel about the memories they unlocked?
11. Does your Ryder consider SAM a friend/sibling/…?
12. What’s your Ryder’s favorite location in Andromeda?
13. If your Ryder could give one gift to their LI (if there is one!), what would they give?
14. How does your Ryder feel about the fight between Kallo and Gil?
15. What does your Ryder think about Shepard?
16. Does your Ryder like the other Pathfinders?
17. What is the one lesson your Ryder learned in Andromeda?
18. What is the hardest thing your Ryder had to do in their life?
19. Does your Ryder like memes?
20. Which song would represent your Ryder well?

Okay so you know how Asmodeus is supposed to have a lot of children (most of which are already dead?) But what about the ones that aren’t? That would mean Magnus probably has quite a few siblings still, so imagine:

Simon Lewis is an eighteen year old who may or may not have powers. He just knows that ever since he was little, sometimes weird things have happened​ by accident. Afraid of someone finding out, he does everything he can to repress his powers and keep them a secret. Until someone named Magnus Bane shows up at his door unexpectedly and claims to be his brother, showing Simon that he has powers too, and they’re nothing to be afraid of, telling Simon that he is in fact a warlock.

Taking Simon under his wing, Magnus uses his spare time to teach Simon how to harness his magic, for both normal day life and in battle, and how to make wards and potions, and open portals, sometimes letting him tag along to meet clients.

Simon spending time with his new brother also introduces him to some new friends. Shadowhunter girlfriends Clary and Isabelle. Werewolves Maia and Luke - a man who Simon starts to easily look up to as a father figure. Alec, another Shadowhunter and Magnus’s boyfriend.

And of course Jace, Alec’s and Izzy’s cute brother who, whenever he smiles, Simon sometimes loses control of his powers - and no he did not mean for that candle to melt down into the shape of a heart…

Balancing his home life with his mother and sister, and his new life that he never imagined could have existed, is something else he’ll have to learn to control, but Magnus promises to be there every step of the way.

Headcanon: Grif is really good at painting fingernails and toenails, all neat and shiny and staying in the lines, because it was something that made Kai happy when they were kids, something he could do twenty times for, like, 99 cents.  He could pick up change on the ground and make his kid sister happy for weeks at a time, and that was the kind of big brother he was.

(Adult Grif is just the result of someone who had to care way too much for way too long as a child, and he’s done caring at all about anything anymore.)

Temari teaching Gaara’s adoptive kids a lesson or three about messing with her. Where did they get the paddling pool and copious amounts of water from I hear you ask? We just don’t know.

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Can't help but think that Percy hit his big growth spurt after the Briarwoods, and the first image of her brother Cassandra sees after five years is this tall billowing smoke specter

(i mean, timeline-wise, Percy would have made it through puberty by then and was already on his way to being a giant, but for argument’s sake and as the sister of a 6′4″ jerkface…)

Cassandra is still only just conscious enough to hear Anders say “Percy” in the sort of disbelieving tone that should be reserved for ghostly apparitions. When she looks, it seems as though that’s what he is - a being not wholly of this world, ushered in like a vengeful spirit with black smoke curling from his sleeves and about his feet, taller and darker than Cassandra remembers, even with the shock of snow-white hair. It only serves to emphasize the darkness wreathing him as Percival takes the room. 
For a moment, Cassandra is certain he is only a spirit. It’s impossible to think this imposing figure - taller than their father once was, pale as a ghost, alight with deadly fire and trailing ashy smoke in his wake - could be her brother. But then he takes a shot, or tries to, and the gun jams. His familiar blue eyes (possibly the only truly recognisable part of him) go wide and his brows furrow in frustration. The inarticulate cry he lets out is echoing and strange, but the underlying sound of it is all Percy. Cassandra remembers that helplessly annoyed shout from when his contraptions broke or failed and Percy couldn’t do a damn thing but start over.
The relief of familiarity is short-lived, as Cassandra is yanked around a few seconds later by a suddenly-appearing vine to be met with an awkward redhead (and tall, why are they all so tall?) stuttering out a hello. Percy fixes the gun after that, ducking around the enchanted armor and stupidly pushing his hand into its face, and yes, that is indeed her idiot older brother who overthinks and doesn’t think, but nothing in between. A few extra inches and an unsettling habit of leaking smoke from his clothing won’t change that. It won’t change the fact that he’s both alive and five years late.


I just love them so much!!!! Ahhh I wanna know everything about them!!!!

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Okay, but Eliza neglected Alex. Did she mean to? No. Was she trying to hurt her? No. Is that still child abuse? God yes. Alex could never be good enough, could never do anything right. Alex flat out said that Eliza blamed her for Kara not dating enough. What kind of bullshit is that?? I'm not saying that Eliza is a bad person, but she put way too much on Alex's shoulders at way too young an age. She neglected her and emotionally abused her, whether or not she meant to.

wait i dont even remember, when did eliza say something to alex about kara dating? and like. for all intents and purposes, kara was v much a special needs child and eliza is a single parent, and alex is her older sister–and i think this post describes it p well. This isn’t katherine grant, who’s just straight out mean to cat and won’t even give her a hug. this is a woman dealing with a kid who, if not handled correctly, could very easily kill them if she loses control of her powers–and we all know how cruel children and teenagers can be. Eliza can’t be everywhere, and she’s doing it all on her own–so yeah, she over relies on Alex because it’s not even just ‘your sister needs you to function’ it’s ‘your sister needs you to make sure she doesnt accidentally kill anyone.’ There’s been a lot of talk about kara having SPD, if u want it i can try and dig it up–that was from last season.

and i’m not a sibling to someone with special needs, i can’t talk about that experience but i’ve definitely heard stories from people i know about being given a lot more responsibilities and dedicating a lot more of their time to helping their siblings than maybe joining that extracurricular or going abroad or going to a school even 10 minutes further away

and yeah, eliza talks about being less harsh on kara, because really kara just lost everyone, and then was dumped on the danvers really by her only remaining relative. eliza says it like she’s a girl from another planet who just lost everything–who can also very easily leave and never come back if she wanted, or felt like she was trapped.

and instantly when finding out that this is how alex feels she apologizes, adjusting her behavior once she found out how alex was feeling, and we see that not just in the thanksgiving episode but when alex and j’onn visit midvale and in the next thanksgiving episode. and alex not doing anything right part–alex could do something right. eliza told winn how proud she was of alex for working in the same field as her

and also like. we all know just how much alex bottles up her feelings. the fact that eliza doesnt question alex’s feelings or make her second guess anything and yes changes both her behavior towards both alex and kara makes me think that this is a pretty new conversation topic, at least since jeremiah died. because anyone who’s an older sibling will say, it’s an adjustment to having a younger sibling, especially one who’s an alien refugee. And Clark literally just dropped kara off on their doorstep, it’s not like they had much time to prepare.

that’s not saying eliza didn’t make mistakes. but one child needed help with everything and eliza was just one person, and also grieving for her husband and constantly looking over her shoulder to see when the next person in a suit would show up, because the only reason why they left kara alone was because jeremiah was working for them–and he’s not anymore. this isn’t a simple case of ‘oh i have 2 children and one of them i like better’

also there has been some research into what siblings of children with special needs experience that are almost universal, and a documentary filmmaker named Rachel Feighter interviewed a bunch of siblings in a documentary “Not Typical” some common experiences she found were

Feeling like they need to be perfect. Siblings of individuals with special needs know how hard their parents work to ensure all of their sibling’s needs are met, and often see their parents struggle to meet these needs. Many feel like they can’t make mistakes because that would add to their parents’ burden, so they believe they must be perfect at all times. This is an impossible standard to meet, and can lead to stress and feelings of inadequacy. One girl said she felt like she “had to be Ms. Perfect and not have any problems for [her] parents to deal with.” Another said that she felt as though she could never be “enough.”

Feeling like they can’t express their feelings. Most typically developing children love their sibling with special needs. Yet they may also resent how much of their parents’ time is taken up by caring for their sibling or feel embarrassed about their sibling’s behavior. One girl said she “was never allowed to mourn openly or to be mad or sad about [her] brother” and another said her friends thought she was being mean if she said anything bad about her sister, even though friends with typically developing siblings often complain.

Having a different idea of family and home. For most children the concept of family is based in togetherness. But when a sibling has special needs, family quality time may look different. One girl recalled that her mother was “assigned” to her sister with special needs and her father was “assigned” to her. The family often spent time apart, especially when it involved leaving the house.

Feeling as though their problems are minimized. Sometimes a sibling with special needs has complex and even life-threatening problems. An issue faced by a typically developing sibling, whether it is a problem with a friend or an academic struggle, may seem small compared to having limited mobility, learning difficulties or sensory issues that require intensive care or prevent a child from attending the neighborhood school. One girl said her parents rarely dealt with her problems, instead telling her to be “strong.” 

Feeling isolated. Typically developing siblings may be lonely because they don’t have peers who have siblings with special needs. So they feel different when their friends ask “what’s wrong with your sister?” Some children also feel self-conscious about their sibling with special needs, and aren’t sure when or how to tell their friends about him.

Dealing with intolerance early and often. Children learn early that there is not universal acceptance for individuals with special needs, and that their sibling is not welcome everywhere that typically developing children are. This can be deeply disappointing to typically developing children who want to have shared experiences with their sibling. They regularly encounter individuals who refuse to move from seats designated for individuals with disabilities, and those who make unkind comments about other accommodations their sister needs. These early lessons in intolerance, and even hate, can affect their world view and make them cynical or resentful of the limitations placed on their sibling and themselves as a result.

Feeling like they are asked to help too much. Some typically developing children are expected to help care for their sibling with special needs from a young age, even if that sibling is older. One girl said that she felt like the “attention police” at home since her mother was constantly telling her that she had to pay attention to her sibling with special needs. Many are told early on that they will be expected to care for their sibling when their parents are no longer able to do so. This puts enormous pressure on them.

Feeling like they must grow up quickly. Because of the sum of their experiences, from feeling as though they are on their own to handle their problems to feeling pressure to be perfect to being given responsibility for their brother or sister, some siblings of children with special needs feel as though they are forced to grow up too quickly.”

Most typically developing children love their siblings with special needs beyond measure and are close to them. But to better understand and support them, it’s important to acknowledge their struggles. There is a need for more information about the experience of growing up with a sibling with special needs. While there are a few places the stories of these siblings are told, such as the fictional book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, hearing from the siblings themselves in “Not Typical” will help many feel less alone and better understood.

i know that was long, but tell me–does that sound like alex danvers to you? These are not quite universal experiences but apparently pretty damn common. And this is all as a newly single mother, taking care of a deeply traumatized alien. Considering how quickly Eliza changed her behavior once she found out how Alex truly felt, I genuinely think that Eliza didn’t realize how hurt Alex was feeling.