Never Tear Us Apart (12/12)

SYNOPSIS: Killian Jones is the front man for a band who have not yet made the big time. He is also in love with his good friend ( and the girlfriend of their manager)  the unattainable Emma Swan. When their manager turns out not to be the man they thought, his friendship with Emma is threatened.

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A/N: Well here it is…the last chapter. I almost feel like I need some kind of acceptance speech here, so I can thank all the people who have helped me bring this random idea inspired by our beloved Irishman and his love for music to life. As someone whose first writing efforts were 100 word drabbles this feels like quite the achievement! With the added bonus of sharing my love for INXS with the world!

Thank you so much to everyone who has read, liked, reblogged, commented or some combination of the above throughout this story - you will never know the thrill I got from reading tags and having people send me random caps or even shouting at Neal in Spanish.

Without further ado, then… (I’ll save the awards night speech for the end!!)

Word Count: 7300ish (Remember when Ch 1 was 695 LOL)

Rated: M (ish) for mild action taking place

Chapter 12: And they can never tear us apart

Piercing blue eyes stared intently at her as his hand disappeared into her blonde hair and pulled her into a kiss. His lips were on hers, insistent and searching as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. When he pressed her back against the wall, she barely recognised the low and needy moan that escaped her lips. His hand moved along the curves of her body, sending a shiver of anticipation through her as she snaked her hands around his waist and pulled him hard against her…

The shrill beep of her alarm woke Emma with a start. A string of curse words flew out of her mouth.

These particular dreams had become more frequent recently and she would be lying if she said she wasn’t keen to see one through to…completion.

It had been six weeks since Neal had disappeared and her life had been an unsettling mix of disconcerting and comforting ever since. When she thought back to the night he left, sitting in the hallway outside the apartment, the sense of loneliness she had felt was overwhelming. She had steeled herself to accept that she was clearly meant to be alone, to never be enough for anyone.

Until those elevator doors slid open and those long-held fears disappeared at the sight of him.

She was enough in the eyes of Killian Jones - the way he looked at her when he thought she didn’t notice would attest to that. And she was beginning to realise that more than anything, she wanted to agree with him.

Swinging her legs over the side of her bed, she looked around at her now familiar surroundings, thanking her lucky stars yet again for the Nolans and their unflagging hospitality. Without them providing her a home on a moment’s notice, she could only imagine where she would be emotionally at this point. Certainly a hell of a lot more angry, she thought. There had been plenty of abandonment, plenty of loss, in her life before and it had hit with a vengeance. But somehow this time, surrounded by people who genuinely cared for her - love you, even, said a small voice as an image of dark hair and blue eyes flashed in her head - this time it was very different.

There was a quiet knock on the door.

“Emma?” Mary Margaret’s head appeared around the door. “Oh good, I was just coming to make sure you were up. Is it still OK to drop me at school this morning?”

This moment of domesticity was so normal and yet so foreign that Emma had a sudden urge to hug her housemate, which brought a wide grin to her face.

Yep, definitely a different set of feelings, she thought. Take that Cassidy, you moron.

Apparently a little of the old anger remained.

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