The Kids of Binondo

It was only this year or late December 2013 (I think) that the rehabilitation of Plaza Lorenzo in Binondo was finished. And one of the highlights in this plaza was the fountain. And you probably guessed it right…street kids flock on this area and take a plunge to beat the heat. It was fun seeing these kids play even though it’s against the law to swim at a public fountain like this. 

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Scenes at the Manila Bay

Was able to walk with my AJ Orgmates last January around Manila, and the bay area was our last stop. We were able to capture great sunset shots and the people who were enjoying this as well…and some were swimming at the bay. 

Anyways, if you’ve been following my blog, I have a lot of sunset shots of the Manila Bay and other places around the Metro and provinces. Just click here: http://litratonijuan.com/tagged/sunset

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