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Iwakage collage au pls :O

Oooh iwakage. I’m going to keep this somewhat canon and put them on the volleyball team c:

  • Kageyama got in on a full ride scholarship. he got a number of offers from different schools, but this one also promised him first string all four years
  • Iwaizumi had been planning on going to the same school as Oikawa, but didn’t get a scholarship offer for Oikawa’s school and couldn’t afford the tuition, so he picked a school nearby that offered a scholarship
  • Iwaizumi was surprised to see Kageyama in with the new freshman at the start of his third year
  • Iwaizumi knows how abrasive and distancing Kageyama’s personality can be, so he makes a point to try and include him and befriend him, only because the team needs to trust him if they want to win games
  • Iwaizumi realizes how much Kageyama has changed since their year at Kitagawa and finds that he actually enjoys working with him on the court
  • Being the only person Kageyama knows, he latches on to Iwaizumi, approaching him with everything he needs help with, whether it’s on the court or off the court
  • Kageyama is grateful for all of Iwaizumi’s help and friendliness, although he won’t admit it out loud, not to Iwaizumi
  • Iwaizumi grows rather attached to Kageyama, and vice versa, but both of them are too stubborn and pig-headed to admit to themselves what they’re feeling
  • After two years of dancing around each other, Kageyama spends the few weeks before Iwaizumi’s graduation practicing late into the night by himself, trying to distract himself
  • The night before Iwaizumi’s graduation, reaches for the last volleyball in the cart and notices some writing on it. He recognizes Iwaizumi’s messy block handwriting immediately. ‘Dinner tomorrow night?’
  • Kageyama is so flustered and excited he forgets to give Iwaizumi an answer until he remembers while watching Iwaizumi receive his diploma, looking a little too dejected for a man finally graduating

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