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A small insignificant R&L and R&L fandom appreciation post

I was minding my own business last night, when I realized that I’ve been smiling a lot more recently than in the previous weeks. Like smiling all by myself with no obvious reason to. I started tracking down the source of my random smiles, and I had a revelation.

The reason behind my smiles is the fact that nowadays so many little things in everyday life remind me of something Rhett and Link have said or done on their show. And when I think about them, or the silly things they do, I can’t help but smile out of pure delight.

Other times, when I feel sad, depressed or anxious, when ever I come here and see the funny gifs and read your amazing texts, it makes me feel better. The fact that there are so many people in this world who share the love for these two guys and the fact that they chose to share their amazing friendship with us, makes me feel better about myself and humanity. There is still so much good in this world, and it is making me very happy.

So, @rhettandlink , and all you amazing Mythical Beasts, thank you for being you, because, what you are, is wonderful!

I got tagged by @elianlovescats to do this playlist ask thing?? Still kinda shocked a cool human wishes to interact slightly with me. Hello!

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims!

1. Superheroes by The Script

2. Undertale by Toby Fox

3. Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtack

4. Memory by Toby Fox

5. Reluctant Heroes by Natewantstobattle

6. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy

7. The Future Freaks Me Out by Motion City Soundtrack

8. Dead Girl Walking from the Heathers Musical 

9. Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira

10. Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance

So that’s the hodgepodge of music that I listen to. Honestly turned out as random as I expected. Kind of a wreck, which I think accurately represents who I am as a person. Sooo there’s that. Don’t usually do these and I really should be studying and this seemed like fun!! Also good for procrastination. yay!!! 

Also I tag @skeptical-but-interested, @bloomingbabe, @shitsenseofhumor, @daydreambeliever29, @laureniswrite, @peony-babe, @smalldogshenanigans, @spaecdout, @gabatme, @snapdragonmcfisticuffs

You guys don’t have to do this if ya don’t want to!!! Choice is yours!! Have a blast!!

I still keep thinking about a Teen Wolf THE ONE WHERE THEY ALL FIND OUT episode.  It’s one of those thought processes that accidentally makes you laugh in public when you’re like, definitely alone and there’s no obvious source of stimuli and everyone around you edges away carefully because you look crazy.  

But check it, Stiles tells Scott.  He and Derek agree–it’d be breaking DOUBLE codes not to.  Scott deserves to know as Stiles’s best friend and Derek’s alpha.  

“But listen,” Stiles says urgently.  "You can’t tell anyone else.“

"What?” Scott says.  "Why not?  You’re obviously past the fuckbuddy stage.“

Stiles darts a glance at Derek, because they’ve talked around that point, and Stiles certainly isn’t seeing anyone else but–

"Yeah,” Derek says, quiet.  "We’re long past that.“

Stiles looks away to hide his grin, says, "We’ll tell them, just–we want a little time first.”

“Fine,” Scott says, groaning.

Isaac’s totally still living with him, and Scott WANTS to keep the secret but he’s a TERRIBLE liar so when Isaac comes home after checking in at the loft, and chokes out “Do you know?” Scott freezes.

“I might know many things,” he says, drumming his fingers nervously.

Isaac narrows his eyes.  "But do you know?

"I can’t tell you everything I know.”

“But if I know, and you know then there’s no harm in knowing together.”

“Oh my god,” Scott says.  "Stiles and Derek are dating!“

"I know!” Isaac yells back.

THEN somehow Allison finds out, and Lydia, and Scott’s like FANTASTIC.  EVERYONE KNOWS.  NO MORE SECRETS.

“Ah,” Lydia says.  "But they don’t know that we know.“

Isaac arches an eyebrow.  "We could have some fun.”


“Scott,” Stiles says dangerously.  "Do they know we know they know?“

Scott buries his face in his hands.  "They know,” he confirms.


“Since you’re single,” Isaac drawls, stepping close.  "Maybe you and I could hang out?“

The whole pack freezes, watching.

"Oh sure,” Stiles says brightly. “Tonight?  My dad’s out.”

“What about right now?” Isaac says, and he’s inches from Stiles’s face.  "We could go upstairs.“

Stiles can feel Derek’s gaze on him, and he’s sweating bullets at this point.  He meets Isaac’s eyes, and on principle he doesn’t want to give in, wants to somehow win this war but when Isaac’s fingers brush his, he gives up.

"No,” he yells.  "I can’t hook up with you.“

"And why not?” Lydia asks, grinning, arms folded.

“Because I’m in love with Derek,” he screeches.  He turns to Derek, bites his lip.  "I’m in love with you,“ he says, quieter. 

Derek moves then, draws him up against his chest, wrapping his hands around Stiles’s jaw, holds him still for a kiss so deep Stiles swears he can feel it in his toes.  

"We knew it!” Isaac crows, holding up a hand for a high five from Allison.

“Yeah,” Stiles says.  "Go sit on wolfsbane.“