The worst feeling is when you trusted someone and they turned out to be what you least expected. I feel truly embarrassed when I give my time to people who take advantage of my trust. I feel as if I’m mentally naked and exposed. It’s a horrible feeling.
—  Moi

i went to my (school) counsellor yesterday n she got me to do a couple of screening tests, and now next week we’re gonna look at options 4 getting me more help with depression and anxiety and everything else like seeing a better therapist or getting medication if i can but this is so scary?!? idk whether to be proud of myself for getting help or ashamed bc i need it

If you ever feel stupid just remember the time when the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie came out and I went to go see it in theaters and the scene when the Pevensie siblings return to Narnia and Peter rips his shirt to make a torch and asks if any of them had flint or a lighter, Edmund says no and pulls out an electrical torch (or a handheld lantern) and says “but I’ve got this” and Peter just laughs all “why didn’t you bring it out sooner?”

And my dumbass brain literally goes “…how are they gonna make a fire… with a freaking lantern”
And remains confused for a solid five minutes until they make their way down the cavern and the lantern light flashes in front of them and I have honestly never felt more like a moron in my entire life