Thank you @ashleymalfoy for sending me this gem so I could wake up to it this morning!!

For anyone else wondering, no, that’s not The Hat … but it’s basically the exact same, just with Jensen’s brewing company name under it!!

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tbh the biggest blow to that termite’s ego is gonna be that literally anything he could tell me about the game, my 17yo nephew has already told me. not to mention that brad and i have already had conversations about how fucking gay ignis is and how the noct+iris scene is kinda fucked up.

im so glad i get along with my nephew more than i used to. i’m glad he stuck out me being a closed off totally-anti-child piece of shit

The worst feeling is when you trusted someone and they turned out to be what you least expected. I feel truly embarrassed when I give my time to people who take advantage of my trust. I feel as if I’m mentally naked and exposed. It’s a horrible feeling.
—  Moi

I have this headcanon that Oliver and Marcus don’t adopt their children from birth, and so both were already named when they adopted them. However they later realize that both of their children’s names mean fire. 

Oliver thinks it’s beautiful and poetic, because his last name is Wood, which is something that burns, and Marcus’ is Flint, which is something that starts a fire, and so if you combine a flint and wood, you get fire. 

Marcus thinks it’s hilarious because their kids have Oliver’s last name, so both their names mean fire wood.  

@robott-o submitted: a terrible + quick sketch of bug boy ouma
he also does not have shoes. only leg warmers
he stole the cape so he doesn’t usually have cape :’( srry
he also has buttons on his shorts (smthing to do with bugs idk I might expand on it later but if u want to change anything be my guest heh)
ok that’s beepo out bye hope ya like this sketch