Some Chanbaek in Exordium in seoul

We got some chanbaek ya’ll~ 

(gifs are not mine)

During Unfair Chanyeol kinda walked over to Baekhyun, reached out his hand slightly as if trying to say something, he pulled away at the last second and kinda walked away from Baekhyun, but then Baekhyun looks over as the beat drops and as if they’ve been planning this their entire life they do a little dance and then they shoulder bump, not too hard, and LOOK AT CHANYEOL’S SMILE. ISH SO CUTE, then perfectly synchronized they turn towards the back as if nothing happened. MY FAV MOMENT

Baekhyun was already on top of the stairs but the Chanyeol ever so subtly goes by his side and then they walk down the stairs together (like a newly wed) side by side but alas, at the end they had split into their separate ways because no matter how close they are, you can’t stay with them forever. (LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEIR COSTUMES ARE AHHHHHH)

Then, here they are looking all beautiful, sitting side by side ;-; so beautiful 

And that’s all I could salvage from the concert (WHY MUST I LIVE IN AMERICA) I hope it satisfies your Chanbaek needs~

(but why does it seem like the moments are lessening, I know I shouldn’t complain but in the beginning it was like a haven of Chanbaek moments were being thrown at us, but recently it’s been feeling like just pinches… NO NO I WILL NOT MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT I’M JUST BEING OVERDRAMATIC I GOTTA BE POSITIVE THEY JUST DID AN ADORABLE DANCE TUTORIAL FEW DAYS AGO I WILL NOT MAKE BIG DEAL OUT OF IT NOPE)

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY CHANBAEK :DD My source of happiness~

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

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sounds like laaazy training to me!

Listen my dude. There was a time. When I was one of those people. You know. Those people who was like, “look my dog can clean up his own shit and mop the floor and do my taxes.”

But then one day I got real. And I realized. I just. Don’t. Care. And, more importantly, my dog just. Doesn’t. Care.

We train for fun. We train because it’s important she doesn’t run into traffic and because it’s important that she knows to stop on command and come back when I call her. We train because puzzle games are part of her enrichment.

But we do not train so that people on the Internet will pat me on the back for how ambitious I am and how awesome I am. We don’t train so that I can look at other dogs and say, “oh? You mean your dog CAN’T drive a car and clean your toilets?”

Call it lazy. Call it trash training. Call it what you will. You train your dog and I’ll train mine, deal?

I went to see my mom today. I’ve been feeling really, really anxious the last two weeks. I only now see to what extent. I can’t really sleep and I can’t focus on much anything. It’s because I’m going to go see Richard at the Garrick Theatre on the 6th of August, and I’m worried about his injury. I know that I still have 14 days (yes, I’ve counted, I keep counting again and again), and I do have every reason to hope he’ll be there then. But alas, I have issues with anxiety already as it is, so I worry. Constantly. Anyway, I went to see my mom, and I had been a little afraid to tell her because, well, I didn’t want to hear anything negative about the matter, and I didn’t want to seem like a silly girl for worrying about this so much. But I told her. I think she understood right away the extent of what this means to me, and how worried I am. Because all through the conversation (honestly, all through each conversation for the past few weeks), I was trying to be myself, I was trying to talk and be happy and normal, but I just found myself sitting there, feeling as anxious as ever. But the way my mom reacted made me feel better. She is not usually someone who is particularly affectionate to this extent, but every now and then through the conversation, she kept saying that it would be okay. That he would be there when I go. And it helped. It helped because… I don’t know why. Maybe because she didn’t try to call my worries out as something meaningless. Because she didn’t try to say that he wouldn’t be there (please no one tell me that, even though there is that possibility, I can’t hear it). She was just there for me, and it really helped. And what helped even more was that my little sister, who is 12 years old, kept hugging me and telling me the same. She also said that she’d be texting me every now and then telling me that it will be okay, that he has enough time to recover. I’m just so grateful for it, and for the small amount of ease they gave me at that moment. I was able to breathe again, and it felt really good. 

  • Bro:*watching me play as Hanzo while attacking Genji* hey your shots are getting more accurate
  • Me:Yeah, Hanzo still misses Genji
  • Bro:oh no
  • Me:*shoots and kills Genji* buT HIS AIM IS GETTING BETTER >:D
Undertaker eyes

I like how in the first episode UT showed up in, his eyes were glowing neon green orbs Under his hair

Like, the exact color green as shinigami eyes. His eyes literally were screaming “YO MY EYES ARE YELLOW GREEN AND GLOWING HMM WHAT OTHER CREATURE HAS GLOWING YELLOW GREEN EYES”

It was like the biggest giveaway ever

yet we never suspected a thing