Went out on a date with someone I met out in the world instead of on the internet… what?! Weird, right? I mean, it’s also the first date I’ve been on in many months because I gave up on internet/app dating a while back and I don’t go out anywhere where I could potentially be approached for dating usually. 

Anyway, maybe I’ll stop posting about how single and sexless I am for a while. *fingers crossed* I’m sure you’re all over that shenanigans by now. 

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Sorry about all that. But this is a safe space for me to bitch about all manner of things, right? Right?! Thanks.

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Tell me more abt sharon needles and anne boleyn @.@ does your sharon needles thing have anything to do w alaska and as2? Also re: anne i dont know much abt her except she was accused of being a witch and beheaded (i think?)

THAT’S kind of an oversimplification but it’s not your fault; anne’s life and death are so sensationalized it’s difficult to get a straight story just based on pop culture AND I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS SO GET READY FOR AN UNREADABLE HISTORY LESSON FEEL FREE TO KEEP SCROLLING

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