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Hi there! Longtime follower, first time question-asker, here! So I have a question about the power dynamic that comes with being on the pole that you mentioned as part of your "pole dancing classes are cultural appropriation of sex workers" debate. I promise I'm not hating! I'm genuinely curious and would like some clarification so I can understand the argument better. Thanks so much and have a lovely day! :D


so strippers are a hot commodity, right? sex workers too. people–cis women–want to feel cool and sexy, and if you aren’t sure about this check any gym for stripper-robics and look for local pole classes. g-strings have become
main stream, “twerking” is a thing every bitch has tried in and out of the strip club (and again if you didn’t follow me last year, i tried it at home in front of the mirror cuz i got no butt but it’s a very popular stripper move and i wanted to look cool and was rightfully taken to school over that and over why i didn’t get the power dynamics THERE that I was abusing)

people want all the edginess and cool of sex work without any of the risk and they are able to take on this edginess thru things like pole classes, stripper-robics, &c, and their friends are pleasantly scandalised and go to their embarrassing pole recitals which are often held at actual strip clubs on slow shifts and the actual people whose job it is aren’t paid ANYTHING for this displacement (i know this personally and i’m still angry) and then they get to go back to their fucking middle class lives without any of the taint or stigma or risk that dogs our heels. no one follows them home from pole class, pole class won’t interfere with your ability to get or keep a home or a partner or a scholarship or child custody. they aren’t doing it enough to get injured and most of them aren’t even doing it in heels. they get all the lighthearted cachet and none of the misogyny–they’re paying to look stupid, sure, but they aren’t paying stage fees and tipouts, they aren’t at risk of leaving in debt to the house–it’s a HOBBY and it’s one that they took from a very marginalised group and then tried to sanitise with their stories about mallakhamb (can’t spell) and #notastripper and how oppressed they are because people think their hobby is weird.

i have to get to class but i have a very lengthy tag “#the gr8 pole deb8” if you want to see hobbyists in action.