I’m the one before the one
In every case there is

I’m not the one you’ll marry , I can’t be your soulmate
I’m just the one who helps you let go of all the weight
I’ll tear down all your walls with me you’ll open up
You’ll see that love is not so bad and in fact you’ll ask for more

But I’m the one before the one
Which I knew before we’d even begun
In me you’ll see the things you want but always at an extreme
Since I don’t know how to be somebody that can do anything in between

I’ll push you and i’ll better you
I’ll ask for way too much
Only because I want you to show the world what you’re capable off
I’ll call you out on bullshit , i’ll nag about your plans
I’ll soon become the one person you love but cannot stand

I’m the one before the one because after me you will find love
With somebody who gives you just the right amount of everything I did too much…

—  Rafelina Michelle

my true winner is UK! this was a very cool and catchy song!

Often we all think the same for someone who comes to our life unexpectedly and the very next second we come to the reality….and understand it’s just impossible. Actually sometimes heart and mind are not running in sync and as a result..our heart creates those risky thoughts..


Part One

“Safe and Sound”

Part 1 | 2

This is a sort of sequel to WISC (Video) (GIF Comic)

Have some feels people. Because I am gonna be posting this project first before AIHB (the Monter Falls AU one). This one will mostly be pencil sketches! No inking!

*Slight difference from previous work: I use two panels in one GIF image this time.

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They send letters, of course, as frequently as the chaos on the warfront allows. Often Eggsy will send him parts of a song, on paper worn thin and ragged with mud and grime and blood.

It’s a new one Eggsy had begun before he left; it’s a wonder he’s still trying to finish. It has Harry balancing between the edge of soft, warm-hearted love and a deep, despairing gulf.

Harry traces each carefully inked note, the melody ringing loud and clear in his mind, but he won’t ever be able to bring himself to play the song on that dusty grand piano.

He has a horribly selfish wish. There may be hundreds and thousands of men out there dying for his country, but all he wants is for Eggsy come home to him: they’ll sit side by side at the piano as Eggsy walks him through the song, adding embellishments left and right while Harry reverently follows each stroke on the staff.

He won’t play this song, not until Eggsy does first.

(But Harry knows the story of this song, intimately, dearly; he doesn’t need to hear it to know how it will end.)


But if mindscape theory/invisible wizard Author is actually true, this reunion is gonna be a billion times funnier.



AU where Dipper is send to mental hospital by his family bc they thought he is too obssesed with the journal and supernatural stuff. He mets Bill there, whos practically the same old Bill but he’s not a demon, though he sometimes think he is.

Maybe its not creative but /shrugs

EDITED !!! name of the AU is now Psych Falls