The Game (Ethan Dolan)

part three.

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Inspiration: Sorry by Halsey

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I can’t tell you how long I had been crying, I lost track of time hours ago. I just couldn’t believe how stupid I was. I should’ve known this would happen. Ethan seemed like such a good guy. He seemed true and sincere but it was all an act. It was all to win a stupid game, a game I should have never agreed to. We could have been happy. I know that, and it's perhaps the hardest thing to know. my phone had been ringing non-stop since I left. I shouldn’t have but I opened the messages from Ethan reading each one.

Ethan: please let me explain.

Ethan: I didn’t care about her okay, I cared about you.

Ethan: I still do.

Ethan: please just meet me somewhere so we can talk?

Ethan: I’m begging you.

Ethan: I know you hate me but just give me a chance.

Ethan: I don’t want to lose you.

Ethan: you don’t need me, but I need you.

Ethan: I haven’t felt like myself in months, but when I’m with you everything just makes sense.

Ethan: I’m an asshole, I’m a player, I’m probably the biggest douche bag in the world but one thing I’m not is a liar. Nothing I said or did was a lie, please know that.

Ethan: I will do anything for you to please just talk to me.

Ethan: I’ve called 32 times and this is the 9th message I have sent you, I didn’t expect you to answer.

Ethan: just know how sorry I am.

Ethan: I made a mistake, now I’m living with the consequences. I regret it, I really do.

Ethan: I’m so sorry.

I put down my phone not able to read another message. I wiped the tears that fell down my cheeks. I heard a loud knock at my door making me suddenly aware. I walked over opening the door to see Grayson standing there with an angry look on his face. I’m sure at this point he knew all about it. I was sneaking behind his back and betrayed him.

“Grayson I..” I started but was quickly cut off.

“you went behind my back and with my twin brother, how could you do this to me? After everything, how could you?” He said frowning.

Grayson was really hurt, and I felt terrible. I didn’t realize how much my actions would hurt Grayson’s feelings. I was being selfish.  

“Grayson I’m so sorry. I’m such a terrible friend. I shouldn’t have went behind your back like that, friends don’t do that. It was a stupid game, that I never should have agreed too. I knew what I was doing would hurt you, and I did it anyways. I don’t know why I did it but I did and I’m so sorry Grayson. ” I said feeling more tears fall down my face.  

Grayson stood there staring at me. I don’t blame him for being angry. I hated myself for hurting him. 

“If it makes you feel any better, I’m the only one who looks stupid now. I understand if you never want to talk to me again, I wouldn’t. I don’t deserve a friend like you.” I said feeling as if I said everything I needed too.

Grayson and I stood across from each other. The tension in the air between us was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I deserved to lose him.

“Grayson please say something.” I said not being able to take this tension anymore.

I expected Grayson to yell and scream at me but he didn’t instead he hugged me. I was so confused. He hugged me tightly rubbing my back.

“you should be mad at me, you should be screaming at me, cursing me out, I deserve all of it Grayson. I deserved to have everything that’s happened to me.” I said feeling disgusted with myself.

Grayson took my head in his hands making me look at him.

“I’m hurt, I’m not going to lie. I’m hurt you went behind my back. I’m hurt you lied to me. But most of all I’m hurt that you can’t see that I’ve been the one in love with you this entire time.” Grayson said quietly.

Grayson was in love with me?

“Grayson.” I whispered in shock.

I thought about all the time I had spent with Grayson. Us cuddling on the couch while we watched movies. Us spending all night just talking about life. Us laughing about everything and anything. It was never just friendly. I was left contemplating everything. Grayson was right in front of me this entire time but instead I was chasing Ethan. I was so confused. It was as if everything in the past few weeks has crumbled around me.

“Grayson.” I said still in shock.

I couldn’t form sentences as Grayson stared holes in to me.

“Ethan doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone who knows you inside and out, you deserve someone who sees all of your quirks and admires them. You deserve someone who’s seen you on your worst days and is in love with you regardless.” Grayson said stepping closer to me.

“someone like you?” I questioned my voice just above a whisper.

“someone like me.” Grayson said leaning in.

I felt my heart racing. Grayson was about to kiss me.


I deserved it. It still hurts like hell but I deserved it. I hurt her. Me. I picked up my phone dialing her number again. It went straight to voicemail much like the thirty two other times I had called.

“it’s me again. this is voicemail number thirty two. Y/N please talk to me. I want to see you, I need to see you, I need to explain everything. Please just hear me out.” I said hitting send.

It was my fault. I made a scene and now everyone hated me.

As soon as she walked out, I was surrounded by people. One of them being Grayson, and one of them being Allison the girl I was technically dating.

“so you were cheating on me this entire time?” Allison asked her hands on her hips.

I didn’t say anything, there was nothing to say. Of course I did it. Was I sorry about it? Not really. Allison was a distraction, like most girls I date.

“you really are the biggest asshole on this planet Ethan Dolan.” Allison said slapping me across the face.

She walked away with tears streaming down her face but I didn’t care. It sounds kind of heartless but my heart just walked away from me. Her words replaying in my mind "congratulations Ethan, you won the game, but you lost me.“ Grayson came running over to me shoving me roughly to the ground.

“what did you do to her?” He growled.

David, Zane, and Toddy ran over grabbing Grayson and trying to separate him from me.

“no guys it’s fine.” I said waving them off.

David, Zane, and Toddy took their hands off of Grayson but stayed close by. I stood up slowly brushing the dirt off of myself.

“what do think I did Grayson, what I do best, I broke her heart.” I said.

Grayson clenched his jaw before punching me in the nose. It felt good to get what I deserved.

“I made her fall in love with me Grayson and then I broke her heart.” I said.

Grayson punched me in the nose again knocking me on the ground. I clutched my nose feeling the blood trickle out of it.

“she was the only one I had left and you took her away from me too.” Grayson growled.

“yeah well you don’t own her Grayson.” I said clenching my jaw.

Grayson punched me again before being grabbed by the boys again.

“Grayson enough.” Toddy said.

“no guys stop, I deserve it. Come on Grayson is that all you got?” I taunted standing up again.

Grayson broke from their grasp tackling me to the ground. He punched me a couple time before being ripped of me.

“I don’t want to be around you anymore, I don’t want to be your friend anymore, E, I don’t even want to be your brother anymore. You’re right, you deserve everything that happens to you because you don’t care about anyone but yourself.” Grayson said.

Grayson kicked me letting out all his anger. He had a lot of pent up anger and if hurting me helped him, I didn’t care anymore.

“you’re right Grayson, I’m a bad friend and an even worse brother. You’re right that I deserve this. But your wrong about one thing. I don’t just care about myself, not anymore.” I said wiping my bloody nose with the sleeve of my shirt.

“don’t you dare say you care about her.” Grayson said balling his fists again.

“but I do Grayson, I really do.” I said standing up to face my brother again.

“you don’t deserve her.” Grayson said.

He was right, I didn’t.

“I know that but it isn’t going to change the way that I feel.” I said facing Grayson.

“well that’s too bad Ethan, cause I’m not going to let you hurt her, not again.” Grayson said shoving me down once more.

He stormed away leaving me laying there. A couple of my friends came over helping me up.

“not cool dude.” David said to me before going to follow Grayson.

“I’m sorry dude, but you really screwed up this time.” Zane said walking away too.

“you want to tell me I’m an asshole too?” I said turning to Toddy.

“take care of yourself bro.” Toddy said patting my arm.

everyone was still staring at me, no doubt recording what just went down.

“party is over.” I said walking away from the people.

I went to the bathroom examining the bruises that covered my face. I looked like hell, that’s how I felt. last night played in my head like a nightmare and I just wanted to turn it off. But the truth is there is no reset button in life. You can’t take anything back, and you can’t undo anything. All of you actions have consequences, and the things you say and do will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. I hadn’t seen Grayson since last night but it didn’t matter, he wouldn’t be talking to me anytime soon. I walked back out pacing around the room. I looked at the couch, memories of her beautiful lips on mine flooding my head. I heard a knock at the door. I ran over hoping it was her, but it wasn’t it was Cameron.

“ you look like hell.” Cameron said.

just seeing my sister here made me break down.

“Cameron I really screwed up this time.” I said as the tears fell from my eyes.

Cameron walked with me over to the couch sitting down.

“Ethan, look I don’t know the whole story but you’re my brother and I can see you’re hurting. If there’s one piece of advice I could give you it’s this- when there’s something you really want, fight for it, don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems. And when you’ve lost all hope, ask yourself if ten years from now, you’re going to wish you gave it one more shot. Because the best things in life, they don’t come for free.” Cameron said looking at me.

everything she said hit me all at once. Cameron was absolutely right, in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

“go after her.” Cameron said pushing me towards the door.

I nodded my head quickly walking out of the door. I replayed everything I wanted to stay as I sped towards her apartment. I couldn’t lose her, not now. I quickly pulled in tires squealing. I ran up the stairs to her floor. As I got closer though my heart stopped. Grayson stood outside her door.

“I’m hurt, I’m not going to lie. I’m hurt you went behind my back. I’m hurt you lied to me. But most of all I’m hurt that you can’t see that I’ve been the one in love with you this entire time.” Grayson said just loud enough for me to hear.

“Grayson.” she said shocked.

please don’t say you love him too.

“Grayson.” she said again.

“Ethan doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone who knows you inside and out, you deserve someone who sees all of your quirks and admires them. You deserve someone who’s seen you on your worst days and is in love with you regardless.” Grayson said taking another step in her doorway.

He was right, I didn’t deserve her.

“someone like you?” she said in a low voice.

“someone like me.” Grayson said.

I felt the tears fall from my eyes as I walked away. I blew it and now I was too late to fix it. We could have been happy, I know that. It is perhaps the hardest thing to know.

part four maybe…. xoxoxo

flashing lights in my mind … going back to the time … playing games in the street kicking ball at my FEET there’s a numb in my tOES standing close to the edge there’s a pile of my clOTHES at the end of your bed as i feel myself fall make a joke of it aLLLLL

Aries: We danced against the breaths that kept the dirt under our nails, but the only wish that came true is the need to feel how softly forever falls tirelessly from your lips.

Taurus: Nothing you say will mean as much as watching the stars spell themselves into a smile inside your thoughts.

Gemini: I just want a kiss where the last song never ends.

Cancer: I’m weary of sleeping alone. I miss the pressure of flowers praying on my chest, the color of snow melting in my thoughts, the warmth of your smile kissing my dreams.

Leo: Never not touch me again.

Virgo: I’m sorry my hands are always cold, they’re still getting used to letting you go.

Libra: You laugh like there’s hope in every story, and love like you’ve always been lonely, but darling, the only truth your lips need to hear is the ocean always comes back home.

Scorpio: The thing about you and me is there’s no question of where we would rather be, but we’re always found somewhere else.

Sagittarius: Every time the wind is here, I can hear your laughter moving through time.

Capricorn: I couldn’t hold you without ruining you, so I’m sorry I never touched you at all.

Aquarius: Some nights are darker than his heart, yet the colors of tomorrow still sing him to sleep like I love you isn’t a bullet with no exit wound.

Pisces: I’m sorry I miss you. I’m sorry, I miss you.

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could you explore the aftermath of a really intense scene for Roman? like...he was just being humiliated and now he's being showered with praise and told how good he did?

Ah man yeah I’d love to 

- It hits him hard sometimes. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s NEVER that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s just…intense. Very intense. And sometimes afterward, he feels that. 

- He’s lying on his back right now, still panting. He’s flat on the bed, and his hands and feet are tied, and he’s spread-eagle and bare. His skin is reddened in places where the others’ hands slapped his flesh, and his cock is deep red and purple at the tip, still throbbing in the aftermath of hours of prolonged edging followed by overstimulation and forced multiple orgasms. 

- ANd it was amazing, it really was, and he’d loved every second of it. And now it’s done. He’s a sweat-soaked mess, and his limbs ache, and the others have been humiliating him for the last four hours and suddenly it all just…lands. 

- He feels it in his eyes first. The tell-tale sting. Then his breath gets a little faster, and a little shallower. His vision blurs. And then he’s weeping, silently, wishing with all his heart that he could curl up on his side and hide, because something is settling hollow in his chest and he is way too exposed right now. 

- The change that overcomes the others is instantaneous. Within seconds, hands are gently untying the silk cords that bound him, easing his ankles and wrists out of their hold. He feels a hand bracing his foot and gently rotating his ankle, then his leg is carefully bent at the knee and stretched, making his hip rotate gently in its socket as well. The other leg is being given the same treatment by someone else, while above him, just over him, someone is bringing his hands together, lowering them from where they’d been suspended above his head, rotating his shoulders and easing muscles that have been tensed for long painful hours. 

- He opens his eyes, blinking away the tears that continue to fill them, and sees the figure above him is Virgil. Virgil is gazing down at him and the moment he meets his eyes, Virgil’s face breaks into the softest, gentlest smile Roman has ever seen. Virgil takes both of Roman’s hands into one of his own, cradling them to his chest, and reaches out with his free hand to cup Roman’s cheek, stroking the delicate skin over his cheekbone with one thumb. 

- “Roman,” he murmurs. “Roman, oh, sweetheart, shhh, shhh. I’ve got you, darling. I’ve got you, you did so well, baby. So good for us.” 

The movement at his feet has stopped, as the circulation has been restored by gentle ministrations, and Patton’s face appears in his line of vision next, beaming at him and nodding in agreement. “Such a good boy,” he agrees, then leans down to kiss Roman gently, peppering little touches of his lips across Roman’s brow, his cheeks, his nose, his chin. “Our perfect prince,” he whispers between kisses. “How we adore you.” 

- Logan appears last, and the others move aside to make room, because Logan has the warm, damp cloth in his hands. He stretches himself out next to Roman on the bed, half braced across Roman’s body, and eases the cloth over Roman’s tear-and-sweat soaked face. His eyes are full of love so intense that Roman thinks he might melt. 

- “My beloved Roman,” Logan murmurs, his voice low and husky as he gently cleans Roman’s skin. “My love, my sweet sweet prince. You were perfect. I love you so much.” 

- Roman sobs softly, but the ache in his chest is easing, the hollow emptiness filling once again with words of warmth and love. He curls onto his side at Logan’s urging, facing away from him, and feels Logan slot himself in behind him, tucking himself around Roman’s body and reaching around with the cloth to clean his neck and chest. Below, Patton and Virgil are working with freshly conjured cloths to ease the sticky mess that covers Roman’s body, and he relaxes into their tender care, his eyes still dripping tears but a smile creeping onto his face. 

- The others finish cleaning him while Logan presses kisses against the nape of his neck. Then they ease him out of bed, wobble-legged, and into the bathroom where he relieves himself while Virgil supports him. They step into the shower together, Virgil holding him steady while Roman leans against him and lets the pounding water ease the tension from his muscles. They don’t bother to wash with soap, but they do stand under the pounding heat while Roman leans against Virgil’s body, head resting on Virgil’s shoulder, and Virgil kneads the muscles of Roman’s back. 

- He’s handed over to Patton after the shower, and Patton is waiting with a tall glass of cool water. He watches as Roman drinks the entire thing, then nods in satisfaction and produces a soft, fluffy towel. He dries Roman’s body tenderly while Roman stands swaying, exhaustion setting in. 

- He is then led back to the bedroom where Logan and Virgil have finished remaking the bed with soft, dry sheets and blankets. They help Roman crawl onto the mattress, and then Virgil climbs in beside him, arms open. Roman curls into them, resting his head against Virgil’s chest with a shaky sigh as Virgil runs his fingers through Roman’s damp hair. 

- Logan and Patton each retreat for a shower of their own, but they make it very fast, and within five minutes they’re both back, damp-warm from the shower as they crawl into bed. Logan eases himself up behind Roman and holds him from behind while Patton crawls in behind Virgil and reaches out to lace his fingers with Roman’s (his arm is wrapped around Virgil’s waist, his hand curled against Virgil’s bare back). 

- They settle into the bed, and overhead, the fairy lights strung across the ceiling come on, twinkling softly. Patton begins to hum, a soft, gentle lullaby, and Logan continues to whisper words of love in Roman’s ear while Virgil strokes his hair. 

- The emptiness is gone now. Roman is safe and contented and loved, so loved he can’t even bear it, so loved he is bursting with it. His body is sated and his heart is full and he falls asleep feeling cherished and adored. 

me: hey can i vent to you

them: yeah

me: i’ve been stressed for 5 years now and now i feel like i’m falling apart

them: well i’ve been stressed for9 years and in grade 7 i tried to kms

me: ok i didn’t ask for that

Hi guys.

Over the years, I learned a lot of things inside of this site. A day of telling you guys what are those wouldn’t  be enough. But I will leave you some realizations.
1. Life will never be easy for you, for us. So what we have to do is fight. Just keep on fighting. Keep going. At the end of the day, there is something good will happen. So we have to look forward of having that good thing.
2. People come and go. Some will stay and some will not.
3. Love is not painful. It is the truth that’s hurting us. Accept the truth because that’s the cure for pain we are feeling.
4. Falling in love is easy but trusting is not.
5. We shouldn’t give up our friends that easy.

These are just 5 things that I want to share guys. Now, I finally decided to leave the life I have here.

Thank you for those people who approached me and gave me reasons to go on. I couldn’t tag you all but you know who you are. Everything you said guys, mean world to me. Those who hate me because of who I am, I have never felt of being sorry, still. This is me. I am me. I shouldn’t apologize for who I am.

Okayyyy. I don’t wanna make this long. It’s indeed a good bye for me.

-R is now signing off. ❤️

Rumor Has It - ColourfulUnicorn38, xrioterx - Game of Thrones RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 11/?
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Relationships: Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington
Characters: Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Liam Cunningham, Gwendoline Christie, Nathalie Emmanuel, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jacob Anderson, John Bradley, Maisie Williams, Rose Leslie, Peter Dinklage, Sophia Turner, Pilou Asbæk, Alfie Allen
Additional Tags: Romance, Slow Burn, Drama, Feelings, Friendship, Forbidden Love, Falling In Love, Sex, Affairs, Fluff and Angst, Smut

“I think they both know it’s wrong. I think they both know it’s going to cause problems. But it’s that thing, when you suddenly feel that deeply about someone, and you go through those events together, it’s like a runaway train. You can’t stop it from happening.”

Emilia is left rattled after her name appears in the tabloids alongside her co-star Kit and his girlfriend Rose. Kit realizes that something is up and begins probing and questioning his bestfriend. Will she confess her feelings to him? Or will he figure it out on his own?

A tale of forbidden love and attraction.

I hate the feeling when I fall in love. Kase when I fall, I fall too hard kaya masakit for me to let go someone or maiwan without any valid reason. It’s hard for me to accept the fact na nawalan na ng sparks etc. Because I believe na when you love someone kahit wala ng sparks or kilig mag stay ka no matter what happen. Love is not about the kilig or the sparks. Putang ina you love someone because you love him/her no but’s no if’s kase kung may reason ka kaya mo siya minahal edi may reason ka din para iwanan siya. That’s a piece of shit. Mag mamahal ka kahit masakit, mag mamahal ka kase alam mo worth every pain sa taong yun. Tang ina I can love someone unconditionally pero bakit pag ako yung minamahal it felt like I am only convenient for them. Ayoko na bye.

I’m gonna scream

I started making the seasons for my Concept Verse ( @ask-the-conceptual-existances is the blog i run for the concepts) and while sitting on the swing listening to music i thought up this dramatic, angsty story about Winter dying and Summer having to deal with Winter’s grieving wife, Love, and they end up falling for each other but Summers like “I can’t date my dead sisters wife.” and “I refuse to take advantage of a grieving woman.” and Love is all like, “I”M BETRAYING WINTER’S LOVE BY LOVING HER SISTERRRRRRR AND I STILL LOVE WINTER AND IM MOURNING WHAT IF THESE FEELINGS ARE FAKE” and Fall is exasperated and all like, “Winter would want y’all to be happy she’d accept this stop being idiots" and Spring is a grieving mess the entire time bc Winter was his precious older sister and he’s never dealt with loved ones dying before and everything is super dramatic

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List five things that make you happy then pass this on to the ten most recent people in your activity!😍 (Looks like you got this already, but maybe you want to answer more 5 things? 😅)

Lots of things make me happy, so here come five more!! :D

1. Time with my son! :) I love when he comes over just to chitchat or watch videos or game…whatever. I just enjoy him being here! :D

2. Sleeping…I used to HATE it and I felt like it was a waste of time. Now I just enjoy the whole feeling of falling asleep and waking up. :P

3. Solitude…I enjoy being by myself most days. VERY rarely do I need human interaction outside of gabbing here on Tumblr. :)

4. Mustard and onion pretzels… They are awesome and make me smile. 

5. Summer gowns that hang to my knees…I wear them year round because they are COMMMMMMFFFFFY! <3

Day 16 of inktober!

Today I had to depict the feeling of Fall. I love the weather.

It’s dark, yet the clouds are always super bright like snow. It’s calm, quiet, and just a little chilly. It always looks like it’s going to rain outside, but then it never does. Everything is still, and the colors are faded and cold, but the moment you step inside a house or a store, there’s color everywhere and it smells like candy and spices.

It’s the best time to sit in bed all day with a hot cocoa and a stack of blankets, binge-watching your favorite shows or reading your favorite book. No obligations, everything is peaceful.

Fall is the feeling of home and familiarity, no matter where you are.


[All of this happened because I wanted to write something about Stiles not being able to sleep without his pillow. Spoiler alert: his pillow is Derek.]


Derek tries not to look too hurt when Stiles says he’s going back to Washington, but when the Sheriff claps his back and Scott offers him a friendly hug, he knows he failed. But after everything, after the other night - it just doesn’t feel fair.


“It was a nice road trip, wasn’t it?” Stiles had said after they’ve won, after everything was done, their friends were alive and fine and Derek finally got his loft back. “I mean, we had some fun, right?”

Derek smiled without looking away from the flowers the Sheriff got him as a housewarming gift. “Yeah.” He answered, finally turning around. “It was nice to spend time with you.” It was more than nice and he cursed himself for not being able to say it, still, after everything, after the nights spent driving and talking and fucking in deserted roads.

“Yeah.” Stiles agreed easily. He was the one who started it after all, always showing up to save Derek - despite Derek saving him back plenty of times - always being there, trusting him, smiling and laughing like Derek makes him happy. “What will you do now that you’re a free man again?”

Derek shrugged. “I always wanted to start a farm, maybe raise some sheep?” When Stiles blinked at him, surprised, Derek let out a snort.

“Fuck you, I almost believed it!” Stiles said, punching his shoulder.

“You’re ridiculous.” Derek shook his head, still smiling. 

You’re ridiculous.” Stiles stressed, his hand still on Derek’s shoulder, touching, teasing. “I’m -“ Derek didn’t let him finish then, turning around and just pressing their lips together.

He didn’t want to listen then - and in hindsight maybe he should’ve - but without the haste, the guilt of having a nice time whilst their friends could be dying, Derek couldn’t wait, he just wanted to worship Stiles’ body, just wanted to kiss all the places he couldn’t reach before when they were squeezed in the backseat of Stiles’ car. 

And so he did, he made Stiles moan his name the entire night and he moaned Stiles’ own just as louder. Just to have his heart crushed the morning after.


“I’m gonna miss you.” Stiles says, his Jeep packed and ready to go. To leave everything behind.

It’s unfair, Derek knows. Stiles didn’t make promises and neither did he, but he can’t help how he feels. He understands Stiles doesn’t want to be in Beacon Hills anymore and that’s his choice, but Derek made his own and he’s tired of running away.

He’s never felt closer to his family than when he’s here, he’s already lost enough and he doesn’t want to lose his home. But somehow, as Stiles drives away, he feels like he just did.


I miss you, Derek thinks every day, staring at the black screen of his phone and wondering if he should actually write those words and send them to Stiles. He decides against it and despite the fact he was joking before, on the third day after Stiles left, Derek buys a farm.

He tells Lydia first during lunch at her favorite restaurant - she was adamant they had to become best friends and Derek enjoys her company so he lets it happen easily - and she tells him he’s not allowed to wear plaid around her. Then he tells Scott and two days later, he shows up at Derek’s front door with all kinds of seeds - “We need pumpkins for Halloween, Derek. Make it happen!”.

It’s something to do with his hands, something to work on. Create life, instead of ending them, build things, instead of destroying. He feels good, better and healing. Cora says he’s calmer now and Derek smiles, despite knowing she won’t be able to see him, and tells her he is.

Some days Stiles texts him, others he doesn’t. Derek reads the ones he has every night before going to bed, but he never answers them.

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Do you ever cry because of the ships where person A who doesn’t like to show his real feelings and rarely smiles

falls in love with emotional person B who is insecure and thinks he’s not good for anybody and doesn’t deserve A’s love:

when they were small  B thought he wasn’t worthy because he wasn’t as good as A at something, so he works really hard and does all these stupid things to impress him and always yells that they’re rivals:

and he doesn’t even realize that for A he’s perfect the way he is and A just wants to be with him, but he’s too emotionally constipated to say anything so he just softly smiles at B when B doesn’t see it:

misunderstandings lead to foreplay fights with lots of unresolved sexual tension and dirty talk:

but then B breaks and says that he gives up because he’s never gonna be good enough:

and A tries to explain how important B to him even tho he’s not good at talking because he refuses to let his beautiful moron go:

and B just looks at A like he’s his whole world because his opinion is the most important to him:

Inktober #16: There’s a certain ethereal feeling that comes from Fall. Using colors, imagery, and whatever else you may deem necessary, try to depict that emotion.

I love the spook and spoop of October but it is a backdrop for just how calming Fall is. Breezy air, cozier clothes and a warmer, worn aesthetic that so happens to involve cobwebs and spook, love it!

Spoopy prompt by the spoopy @thatsthat24