i could honestly cry when other songwriters speak about how talented taylor swift is and acknowledge that she is hands down the most talented songwriter of her generation idk it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside kind of like i wanna scream “THAT’S MY BABY AND I’M REALLY PROUD” from the rooftops or something

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can you do one thats just pure fluff with rami!! You can do whatever you want with it as long as theres fluff!! xx i love your writing!

Rami fluff for you! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. Thank you for the prompt 😙


Your eyes opened slowly, thick with sleep as you became aware of your surroundings.

Wait a moment.

This wasn’t your bedroom.

A door opened behind you and you felt the bed dip beside you as a figure sat down.

‘Good morning gorgeous.’ A deep voice greeted you.

You chest fluttered. You’d slept so deeply that you’d forgotten you’d stayed over at Rami’s for the first time.

You rolled over to face him. He was perched on his side of the bed, donning grey pyjama shorts and an oversized t shirt. His blue/green eyes looked bright in the morning light of the room.

‘How long have you been up?’ You asked, your voice raspy.

'Not that long before you. I made you some coffee.’ He offered you a cup which you took gratefully, taking a long sip.

'I look like shit.’ You mumbled, keeping your cup held close to your lips. It had only just dawned on you that you had removed your makeup before climbing into bed with Rami last night, lights off.

'You don’t at all.’ Rami climbed into bed next to you, his arm around your waist.

'My skin is awful.’ You set the coffee down next to you and sank down onto the pillows, pulling the duvet over your head.

'Y/N.’ Rami sang your name, waiting for you to come out but you didn’t resurface.

Rami ducked down quickly under the duvet, meeting you in the darkness. 'Y/N.’ He spoke softly, prising the hands away that had been covering your face.

'I think you’re beautiful all the time.’ Rami whispered, rolling onto his side and pulling you into his chest.

'I just feel so average compared to you.’ You mumbled into his chest. 'You could have anyone you want.’

Rami scoffed, cupping your chin to look at you. 'That’s not true and even if I could have anyone I want I’d still choose you.’ He finished his words with a soft kiss on your lips and you savoured the fact he tasted like sweet tea.

'And you’re staying here all day, I’ve decided.’ He began to tickle your ribs.

'Rami stop it!’ You giggled trying to bat him away which resulted in you both getting tangled in the duvet.

He stopped tickling but started peppering kisses on your neck instead, you’re most sensitive area which made you giggle more.

'You’re awful.’ You teased as you tried to catch your breath.

'And you’re mine.’ He replied, ever the romantic as he continued cuddling you.

'Wanna watch a movie?’ You suggested, absentmindedly playing with his unkept morning hair.

'Fine by me as long as I don’t have to leave this spot.’

'My boyfriend is a certified sap.’

'No joke.’

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Your art makes me smile so much everytime I see it! It's so soft and nice and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside ☺️ I hope one day to have a cute art style that can make people feel warm all over like yours does for me !!!

thank you so much!!!!! I always feel so happy when people say that my art makes them feel warm and fuzzy!!!!! ;/////;

Some days I am okay, I am sitting in my kitchen eating chips and making a healthy dinner and laughing about birds and dogs and good things. And some days I am not okay, and my insides are jelly and my brain feels fuzzy and I want to tweese out the wasps inside of me and have to convince myself at stop signs not to just drive into the middle of the road and wait for the end of it all - the trouble is, they look exactly the same. I am sitting in my kitchen eating chips and making a sandwich and nobody can tell I’m falling to pieces.

Having your OTP undress for sexy times is great but I’ve always loved the idea of OTPs dressing each other for work. 

  • Person A pulling Person’s B shirt on, pressing soft kisses along the skin before letting the fabric fall into place. 
  • Person A purposely spreading their legs apart to make it harder to put on their pants until Person B finally snaps and tickles Person A until they’re all but crying in laughter. 
  • Person B holding onto Person A’s shoulders as they put on their shoes.
  • Whispered conversations between them as they smooth out wrinkles and adjust non-existent mistakes, savoring the memory of the body they were intimately entwined with the night before. 
  • Person B asking for just one more kiss as their arms go around Person A’s waist, lips sweet and heated as they stumble towards the door together. 

can we talk about how great of an anti-anxiety /depression tool animal crossing is? because it is AMAZING how much better i can feel after playing ac for a little while i’m not feeling well

u make me all warm and fuzzy inside animal crossing 


Melinda May | Favorite Relationships { “By luck, I meant pure unappreciated genius.” “You two geniuses […]” }

Reasons why I'm excited for Autumn/Fall:

*Big comfy sweaters
*Pumpkin spice everything
*The smell of leaves in the air
*Cold rainy days that are perfect for watching horror movies
*Getting to watch all my favorite Halloween movies over and over
*Halloween Town…
*The best horror movies come out in the Fall
*Corn mazes
*Haunted Houses
*Ghost Hunting Adventures…they’re always more fun in the fall
*The veil between worlds is much thinner
*Carmel apples
*Pumpkin pie and apple pie
*Apple cider
*Zombie paintball
*Blanket forts
*Going to the pumpkin patch
*Carving pumpkins
*Making Halloween decorations
*Putting Halloween decorations all over the inside and outside of my house
*Hot Chocolate
*Wearing warm fuzzy socks
*Flannels ♡
*Halloween decorations literally everywhere in every store
*Shopping for Halloween stuff that I just use year round
*Adorable little trick r treaters
*Getting all dressed up in the perfect costume

There’s so many more reasons but those are all the reasons I can think of right now.
Feel free to add more and comment what your favorite things about fall/autumn are. 🎃

Louis Tomlinson Makes Ill Child’s Dream Come True With One Direction

We all know that Louis Tomlinson has a humongous heart that is made out of solid gold, but every time we discover more examples of how amazing he is we can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You’re such a babe, Louis, and we literally adore you for it.

The latest batch of ‘warm 'n’ fuzzys’ came courtesy of those lovely One Direction lads doing what they could to help a young girl’s dream come true during last night’s Manchester show of their On The Road Again Tour.

Taking to his Twitter account this morning, 23-year-old Louis gushed: “Met a totally inspirational family last night. Thanks for coming to watch the gig Charlie and Georgia :)”.

Georgia Edwards is a four-year-old One Direction superfan who has Rett Syndrome - a rare condition that effects the development of the brain, which can cause severe physical and mental disability in early childhood.

Georgia’s family and friends launched a campaign called #Georgies1DWish to get the little girl to meet her heroes, and it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of Louis’ lovely mum, Johannah Deakin, who set the wheels into motion to make Georgia’s dream come true.

Taking to their official Facebook page, Georgie Pie’s Bright Future, last night, Georgia’s parents wrote an incredibly grateful post to One Direction as they revealed just what a fantastic night they had, sharing: “I haven’t even got the words right now to explain how amazing this evening was! 

“I haven’t stopped crying!! We have spent the night hanging out with Harry Styles’ dad, Louis’ wonderful family and friends especially his beautiful mum Johannah, meeting Freddie Flintoff (he’s fit!!!), Charlie becoming friends with Rocky Flintoff, meeting Paul Dickov and Colleen Rooney and all that before meeting the amazing One Direction!!!

"We had kisses, cuddles, photographs and signatures with them all. They truly are the most down to earth, genuine lovely lads (and they’re even better looking in real life!!!). Then the four of us rocked it out at their awesome concert! 

“Times have been tough recently and we have realised more than ever that we have to live for every moment… and what memories to make!!!

"My gorgeous children have beamed all day. I am so incredibly proud of them both!! We’ll upload photos tomorrow for now we’re going to attempt some sleep. Thank you all who helped make this happen xxxx [sic]”.

Originally posted by theonewhoprotested

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see the photos.

As well as taking the time to acknowledge Georgia and her family after the event, and of course meeting them at the show, Louis also treated Georgia to a surprise video message before the concert to explain just how excited he was to meet her, explaining: “Georgia, it’s Louis from One Direction - hi!

"I can’t wait to see you and the other boys are excited too, see you soon.”

Here’s what Georgia woke up to this morning #Georgies1Dwish #oncloud9 thank you @Louis_Tomlinson @JohannahDarling pic.twitter.com/yvGDb6uV5p

— Georgie Pies BF (@GeorgiePies_bf)

August 28, 2015

Local newspaper, The Daily Post, shared a video of the gorgeous Georgia watching the video that morning, and if her massive grin isn’t enough to melt your heart then we honestly don’t know what will.

We are so glad that Georgia’s wish came true and that she had such a fantastic night - massive shoutout to Louis and the boys for always doing whatever they can to put a smile on their fans’ faces.

We <3 you all.

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Kvothe: “I’m sorry to be so much trouble so soon, sir.”

Chancellor: “Oh? How long had you intended to wait?”

(The Name of the Wind: Patrick Rothfuss)

To be honest, I don’t mind when partners get clingy with me, it makes me feel a little special, like there is a muse out there that can’t seem to live without mine, and gets my heart feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.