feeling wierd in the stomach


“Jay! Left! Left! Slice ‘em up!”

“Cole! I got the RPG! SMOKE ‘EM”




Nya pursed her lips as she saw Jay and Cole play Co-Ops Call Of Duty.

Since that day they went to the beach, Cole and Jay were closer than ever. They were best friends and were always close, but this was ridiculous.

Nya was a little jealous. Although she and Jay were like best friends, she wanted him to herself.

Jay and Cole beat the mission and high five each other.

“Guys! Come and look at this!” Kai yelled.

Nya sighed and walked to the bridge.

Jay groaned. Cole rolled his eyes and threw Jay over his shoulder. He was really light. He could feel his ribs against his shoulder.

Why was Jay so thin? Cole couldn’t remember the last time he saw Jay eat. They went to the beach two days ago. He ate breakfast that day and the next day, nothing. And this morning, nothing either.

Cole had a wierd feeling in his stomach. Was Jay starving himself? Jay just hung over Cole’s shoulder like a ragdoll.

Once everyone was in the bridge and Cole finally put Jay down, Lloyd started talking.

“So we got some security footage from a nearby farm. They found the farmer murdered and, I can’t even describe what the body looked like. It’s just,” a shiver went up his spine, “disgusting.”

“So they sent the footage and said we have to take a look ourselfs. So now we have to watch it.” Kai said.  

As everyone got comfortable, Lloyd played the clip.

It started with the man walking to the shed. It was night. As he walked to the door, a horrible screeching could be heard. The man looked back and ran. Then a humanoid creature could be seen running.

It looked like it was from a movie. The face had black eyes and the mouth was just a hole with razer sharp teeth. It looked more than an alien than anything. It had longer arms and legs. It’s skin was tight around its body and it looked like a skeleton.  It jumped and ran like a spider, and attacked the man. Yells and screamed of pain and terror could be heard. The scene was awful. Jay closed his eyes, feeling sick to his stomach.

After the clip, everyone was silent.

“So, um, there have been about 5 other attacks. They only happen at night. That’s about all the Intel we have.” Kai said.

“So, they want us to stop that thing?” Jay said.

“Correction, things. There are many more of them.” Zane said.

“How about we all get an early night and discuss this tomorrow and find a way to stop these things.

“Jaybird?” Cole asked at Jay’s door. He wanted to ask him if he had been eating.

“Open.” Jay replied.

Cole opened the door to Jay’s room. It wasn’t as messy as you would think.

Jay smiled and sat on his bed.

“What’s up?” He asked.

Cole sat on Jay’s bed next to him. “When is the last time you ate?”

Jay thought for a bit.

“I think maybe yesterday.” He said.

“What did you eat?”

“An apple. Why?”

Cole sighed.

“When I picked you up today I could feel your ribs and you felt pretty thin, Jay. I’m really, really worried about you.” Cole said.

“I’m sorry.”

Cole sighed again and gave Jay a hug. He was so small. So fragile.

“I’m scared, Cole.” Jay whispered.

“Why?” Cole said.

“Those things really scared me.”

“Want me to stay with you?”


Sleeping in the same bed for them was no big deal. They were close friends. Sometimes they would sy video games and pass out next to each other on the couch.

Sometimes when jy was cold, they would all want to lay with Kai to warm up.

Their team bond was so strong, that they could sleep in the same bed without it being a little awkward.

Cole put the light off and crawled into the bed next to Jay. Jay put his head on Cole’s shoulder and felt safer already.