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  • MysMe fandom: We love Jaehee!
  • MysMe fandom: *leaves Jaehee out of group fan art*
  • MysMe fandom: *rarely ever writes fic about her*
  • MysMe fandom: *almost no memes or meta posts about her*
  • MysMe fandom: *generally ignores her*
  • MysMe fandom: We :) love :) Jaehee :)))
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Hoo boy was this a monster to write. Sorry for the quality, I’m…I’m not sure how happy I am with this, actually

Tagging @magic-marvin-protection-patrol and @the-septic-theory-squad since they asked nicely, @markired ofc since I promised her I’d write this and @sunkistjello bc I know they’ve been looking forward to reading this monstrosity

Characters: Jackie, Marvin

Word count: 4.8k

Warnings: violence, blood, torture, kidnapping, a bit of gun violence, possible character death, this is like 90% angst and 10% comfort tbh. Jackie and Marvin are dating.

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Anyone interested in a SKAM secret santa?

@call-this-a-mask and I were talking and we’d like to put together some type of gift exchange for the holidays this year, but only if enough people are interested.

For clarification, this is generally how a secret santa would work. People sign up and get randomly assigned the name of someone else who signed up. You then have some amount of time [we’re thinking a couple months] to create some type of digital gift for the person you were assigned. It could be fic, gifsets, edits, artwork, fanmixes, basically any type of digital fan content. The goal is to create a nice thing your giftee will appreciate. On Christmas Day, everyone posts their gifts and reveals their identity to their person!

So if you think you’d be interested in participating in a SKAM secret santa, please like or reblog this post!

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Ugh. Now I couldn't get domestic #kadena out of my head! Before Jalil, Kat had a miscarriage. Or how did they come about the decision of having a child?

so, in the thinking i’ve done for that verse so far–

there are no miscarriages. kat decided she doesn’t ever want to be pregnant, which was fine because adena was always the one who wanted to carry anyway. after they’ve been in a relationship for a long while and kat matures and their lives grow together, they do get engaged and married and have talked about the possibility of kids in the future. it’s not some big single decision, it’s a conversation that evolves and they eventually reach a natural sort of place in their lives where they both know they’re ready and they very much want a child. adena still does her own artistic work but she’s less transient with her work than she used to be, and she’s a gallery director now. i haven’t decided yet what kat is doing but it’s something where she’s able to negotiate going part time when they have jalil. 

they get a black donor who is similar in complexion to kat. which i kind of hinted at in how i described jalil, without going into a ton of detail to confirm it. i considered the idea that they have a second child, a daughter who is 3-4 years younger than jalil. but something about it just didn’t fit right in my head. like, i imagined kat worrying about her own kid having only child syndrome and she’s projecting a lot. but they have so much community in their life that jalil is exposed to a lot of different people and he’s a really happy kid and they decide that they’re happy with their family as it is. 

A Way to You Again - Tomorrow!

That’s right – I finally started working on this story again and got over my writer’s block. Expect is at 7:00 pm CT!

I know it’s been awhile and I appreciate all of you still loving the story and asking me about it!

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A Way to You Again Masterlist

Oh gosh first impressions of Tessa and Scott’s Moulin Rouge FD is that I’m watching something big, huge, monumental– the program of the season has debuted folks, I’m in love <3

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I love bnha and i try not to be critical but the fact quirks appear when kids are 3 years old and they have a full grasp on everything quirks-related and generally seem to deal with them well (except cases like Mirio and Kirishima) is weird. I mean, i feel most 3 year olds in reality would probably cry if loud ass explosions suddenly happened on their hands -

Bakugou is a limit case, I don’t think you should pick him as an example - he’s a genius, after all. And before he got his qurik he’d had four years of watching his father make explosions with his hands and also four years of getting hyperfixated on heroes doing their jobs (All Might, specifically) so yeah, when he learnt that he could make his sweat explode he was ecstatic, most probably because he was already expecting something like that anyway - consider also that his four years old self couldn’t make an howitzer impact or anything like that, it was harmless explosions at first. I mean, to me it makes sense

We haven’t seen many other characters as children, but as you said Kirishima started hating his quirk and being scared of using it and Mirio had no clue how to control it - Amajiki in middle school still could barely control his own, and any of Deku and Bakugou’s former childhood “friends” had fairly harmless quirks too. I don’t know how canon you can consider this since it’s from Vigilantes, but Iida used be be barely able to control his own quirk too (could only go in a straight line, had no clue how to stop) and…. yeah that’s it, I can’t think of any other character we’ve seen as a kid. Well, Shigaraki did probably kill his own father, so we can’t say he dealt with that all that well… and then there’s Todoroki, but his, like Bakugou’s, is a limit case.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s unrealistic the way it’s portrayed, after all. Aside from Todoroki and Bakugou, every kid we’ve seen had to fumble a lot to learn how to use their quirk, and a couple were scared/fucked up big time too - when you consider that these kids are born in a world where having quirks is normal, and their parents probably had similar quirks so they already knew what to expect for as long as they could remember, I think it’s unfair to say it’s weird?

You know, I really appreciate Keith’s vlog because of the implication that he’s so overcome with emotion that he needs to cry.

Like, as someone represses their feelings a lot because of being invalidated so much, it really helps to see a fictional character admit to that, especially if it’s in a way that shows how anger can lead to crying because it’s just an overwhelming feeling.

When I came out to my mom she said she was ok with me not being straight but when I tell her about someone from the opposite gender she always wants to know all the deets and when it’s about someone from my own gender she’s just like ‘oh….ok….anyways’ and it’s just so :/

a man asked me for change on the bus tonight and when i told him i didn’t have any he made a comment about my body i couldn’t quite hear then asked “you eat pussy? you look like you eat pussy” and even though i know he didn’t get off the bus at my stop i looked over my shoulder every few steps as i walked home anyway