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I think one of the main reasons why Dean as a character speaks to me and fascinates and moves me is based in how he imo defies stereotypes, categories and labels. Of course you could attribute certain characteristics to him, but to me the decided difference and important aspect is that with Dean it’s not an “either-or”-thing, he isn’t “one or the other” or “this or that”. He is a lot of things that many people tend to categorize, label and see and treat as mutually exclusive. Though they really aren’t at all - Dean Winchester proves it (and so do tons of real actual people too):

Many characters within Supernatural have focused on Dean’s “good looks”, even tried to make him uncomfortable or insecure about it and paid the price for mistaking Dean as “just a pretty face”. And that’s what I love about Dean. He can be tender and sweet in one moment and a badass and ultra skilled and badass hunter in the next. He isn’t ashamed to show emotions, has been crying openly on many occasions and has proven to be a very sensitive and empathetic person and at the same time he can be relentless, unforgiving and bottling up his emotions. He is a tough as all hell hunter and skilled fighter and yet has managed to preserve some childlike glee and is not ashamed to admit that he gets starstruck when he meets his childhood hero and favourite wrestler or with incredible passion delves into LARPing. These aspects aren’t a product of uneven and lackluster writing (most of the time - of course there are exceptions), it’s the reason why Dean imo is one of the most layered and facetted fictional characters that’s ever been created (and part of the depth Dean has is absolutely due to Jensen’s ability and talent) and fascinates many people (partially because he serves almost as a “canvas” that many people can project themselves into an find something in Dean that they can relate to or latch onto for lack of a better word).

He proves and shows that there is no discrepancy between being a tough guy when the situation calls for it and an incredibly empathetic and sensitive person at the same time. None of those things have anything to do with gender or sexual orientation, but simply with the character of a person. And I love that about Dean. I love that even though he is being confronted with labels left, right and center and certainly also uses them himself (we all do consciously or subconsciously) he is much more than he himself is aware of - though Dean has become quite self reflective over the years. But mostly I think he ain’t someone to overthink himself, he just is. He is a guy who loves his car and a couple of beers and whisky, but he is also someone who likes to dress nicely and appreciates a home cooked meal. And this diversity, this amount of to some people whether in RL or fictional life “seeming” conflicting character traits aren’t standing in any opposition to each other at all. They just make one pretty well rounded character. A character I fell in love with faster and harder than with any other fictional character before.

I know some people might see this differently, but what I got out of this year’s Comic Con is a true sense of J2M as the 3 leads of Supernatural. So much of the promo materials, interviews, pictures by others (professional organisations, not “fans”) included all three of them together on equal footing.

It feels encouraging and gives me a positive outlook on Castiel’s future of the show. Even the skit/bit with Misha on the small chair - no matter how it was perceived - to me was very obviously meant to highlight Misha/Castiel’s importance to the show. Maybe the joke fell flat but I really believe that was the intention.

What I’m really hoping for is to see Misha in more episodes, but if not then I’ll take a few high-quality Cas-centric episodes instead. Quality over quantity for sure!

tbh it makes me really uncomfortable when fans ship real life people with each other in a completely serious way, like I understand when it’s a joke because “lol they’d be so cute together they’re in love ha ha ha” can be fun, but when people are legitimately coming up with theories about how married people are totally having an affair and each little glance and touch they share completely proves that they’re in love with each other it’s like??? hmmmm???? no thanks save that for the fiction pls


I’m worried about the casting for the Good Omens TV-show, (aren’t we all?), but I feel it is more to it than /who/ they’re casting; it is the fact that they are casting anyone at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really hyped about the book becoming a mini-series, I am. But I’m worried that we’ll lose some of the diversity.

Despite never having an obvious visual for the characters, one could easily seperate Crowley from Aziraphale on a piece of fan art, and Pollution from Famine. Even though there were differences in hair colours and ethnicities and genders, they always had the right vibe about them. It was always Crowley, no matter who our faceclaim was. When we have one ‘canon’ face for the characters, we might lose that.

And that worries me more than bendydick cumblyclink being casted.

Alec was in love with Jace. He wasn’t confused. He was in love with him for 10+ years. He didn’t love him like a brother; Alec has a brother, his name’s Max, and Alec’s feelings for Jace were very different, and if the antis think that they were not, then I do have to wonder what their feelings are for their brothers, seriously. Jace was not a safe option that Alec could not act on; he was in love with Jace even before they became parabatai, he could very well have done something, he decided not to, big difference. 

Saying that Alec wasn’t in love with Jace is like saying that Clary isn’t in love with Simon. Yes, their feelings for Magnus and Jace, respectively, are different, but that doesn’t make their feelings for Jace and Simon, respectively, any less romantic. Or do you want to tell me that Clary’s feelings for Simon are “sisterly,” that she’s just “confused” and she’s basically sleeping with her “brother”? But then, in the eyes of the antis, it probably is so…

At Least Three Sizes Too Large - On Dean and John's Old Leather Jacket

I know I’ve been writing about this topic a handful of times before, but it simply remains a topic I am interested in and that happens to cause a tidal wave of emotions every single time as - whether consciously chosen by the creator of “Supernatural” at the time or not - this piece of clothing serves as such a fitting symbol and metaphor for Dean’s life from age 4 onwards. So what am I talking about - I guess the title of this post gave it away, didn’t it? ;) But yes, it’s John’s old leather jacket. The huge, beat up, faded, bulky leather jacket that Dean used to wear up until S5.

Now this may be a very unpopular opinion, but I always despised that jacket. And for more reasons than the obvious: that it didn’t fit Dean at all. Though that aspect is a vital and integral part of why this clothing item serves as such a massive symbol for a multitude of things connected to Dean’s story and his place in the narrative as well.

Because you see, the first thing that catches ones attention when looking at Dean in the early seasons when wearing that jacket is that it simply looks at least three sizes too big for Dean. The shoulders of the jacket don’t sit on Dean’s shoulders, it reaches far below his hips and just overall it looks as if Dean’s getting swallowed in all the material. Essentially that jacket not only makes Dean disappear almost, he looks lost in it. And he does so for good reason. His father was taller, had broader shoulders, was a very different built than Dean, he filled out that jacket. None of that can be said about Dean when looking at S1 for example where the fact that this jacket was not meant for Dean or rather that Dean didn’t buy it himself (unlike the purgatory jacket, but more on that later) is most striking.

Now the following is total headcanon, but I like to think that John passed down the jacket to Dean as a form of “recognition” or “act of pride” (I can’t quite find the right for word in English), basically a gift for Dean doing a great job with something, something like a sign that for Dean was connected with being valued, accepted and “a man” maybe to say it very broadly. Essentially I think to Dean that moment of receiving that jacket may have fallen together with a moment of pride and a sign of “love” and “attention” and “recognition” from his father that he craved.

Keeping this headcanon in mind, Dean wearing that old jacket, turns tragic rather fast - but then again, that may be just me as I am simply someone tending to focus on the drama/tragedy/more serious aspects of the narrative. Because while the jacket may have been meant as an honest gift out of the wish to show pride to his son, in the end to me this jacket symbolizes and highlights in such intricate fashion that Dean from the age 4 - and as he verbalized latest in 12x22 “Who We Are” - had to be so much more than any kid should ever have to be.

Because the way I see it, the fact that Dean is swallowed by that jacket and disappears in it almost is so telling and fitting to how Dean was forced to fill a role and walking in shoes two sizes too big - or rather a leather jacket at least three sizes too large - that he never could have. Yes that jacket to me symbolizes and captures the much too big responsibilty that was placed on Dean’s shoulder when he was a kid and was asked to serve as mom, dad and brother when he wasn’t even double digits - something any person would be overwhelmed by at any age but especially so when you are a child yourself.

So yeah, the fact that the jacket literally didn’t fit Dean and was passed down to him by his father (which is headcanon yes but bear with me) can be read as a direct pass down of “role” as well, a role not meant for Dean to play and fill, but that he tried to take up anyway, because that’s what Dean did and what he still does (though not as much as he used to, now it’s more that people try and manipulate him back into being what they want him to be because it’s easier for them, see Dean’s treatment by his loved ones such as Mary over the course of S12): trying his best no matter the circumstance and how unfair for him.

So the sheer size, the fact that Dean couldn’t fill his father’s jacket captures all of the above perfectly imo, furthermore however the fact that Dean practically swims in that jacket, as I said - seems to disappear in it - also describes rather disturbingly what happened to Dean after his mom died and his grieving father was unable to provide the love and nurture a growing kid like Dean after such a traumatic loss would have needed: Because with Mary’s death and what was asked of Dean and of what he needed to be and become, Dean the child (“Hunters are never kids, I never was”), Dean himself, the person he truly is or would have grown to become without the tragedy that followed his family ever since he was born, disappeared, was swallowed up and hidden like Dean’s body was swallowed by John’s jacket.

I know many people mourn the departure of that jacket (I actually secretly thank the person who stole it from set lol), but to me it couldn’t come soon enough. Because even though Dean is no longer wearing that jacket, it’s ghost still lingers on - even as far as into S12.

It’s also noteworthy how Dean used that leather jacket aside from simply wearing it - which was as a blanket. To me it almost carries a notion of “armor” in that regard, something like a “safety blanket” - which is especially an interesting aspect to ponder when keeping in mind that we see Dean sleeping fully clothed after Hell (the implications and conclusions drawn from that aspect alone are freaking devastating, I tell you) and often times using the jacket as his blanket. One may analyze that as a wish for (fatherly) protection that Dean didn’t receive and I won’t even go into how this whole topic gets all the more complex when taking into account how Dean later learns that his father did not break, when Dean did and what that does to Dean’s psyche and already more than fragile sense of self and self worth.

Tbh I actually was happy when Dean packed up John’s jacket when he decided to say yes to Michael (though you can draw a hell of a lot of very sad conclusions here too about how Dean sees himself and how important he deems himself opposed to his father or Sam), as one could have read it as him rejecting a persona and role he was forced to fill - BUT the reason why and how it happens is so tragic because essentially saying yes accounts to suicide for Dean, meaning he gives up playing his father’s role to literally give up his body to an archangel and giving up himself completely. There is nothing not absolutely tragic and sad and enraging about this, because Dean gives himself up again and again within SPN (that’s why he’s the true christ figure and will always be). Needless to say the jacket is right back in 5x22 “Swan Song” (if I remember correctly, I can’t check as I’m siting on the train - if he isn’t wearing the jacket there just scratch all of this paragraph) when he goes and tries to get through to Sam and protects his brother and stands with him, tries to keep him safe right until the end - the one thing both of his parents always failed at: keeping Sam and Dean safe. And once more in that moment as the whole episode with Chuck’s monologue fro the off and the story of the Impala replays the Winchesters’ story alongside the Impala’s and engraved into that is also the story of Dean, a young boy, who tried to be mother and father when all he should have had to be was himself, because just that, being Dean would have been more than enough.

So yeah, I was happy when that jacket was gone, even if Dean wasn’t freed and still isn’t from it’s symbolic power. That is why I loved it so much to see the next leather jacket he wore after he abandoned his father’s (even if maybe only because it was lost BTS) was in S7. You know, that gorgeous reddish-brown one that sadly didn’t survive purgatory (and even that you could analyze outside of the fact that the creators didn’t like the look of it on screen - idiots they are - with Dean being stripped off everything in purgatory). But the fact remains: Dean at some point during S7 went out to buy himself a leather jacket, a conscious decision. A leather jacket just for him. A leather jacket that fit. That he wasn’t swallowed by but that he owned, a leather jacket that highlighted just one simple thing: that it was Dean’s. Because being Dean is all Dean should ever have had to be.

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Unpopular opinion but I don't think GoGo is as stoic as she's made out to be. Obviously she's not as perky as Honey Lemon but she's no emotionless ice queen like how some fans interpret her. She actually displays a wide range of feelings like happiness, sadness, and anger. She just knows how to repress her emotions to remain level-headed.

I completely agree with this unpopular opinion! I think it’s good that she’s able to be level-headed in some situations, but she definitely shows emotion.


  • seemed happy at the showcase to be supporting Hiro
    • in addition to this, she glared at someone who walked off when they were unimpressed with Hiro’s microbots
    • looked very pleased with how Hiro presented his invention and (like the others) applauded him at the end
    • smiled at Hiro when they walked out of the expo hall
  • while we didn’t see just how affected the nerd gang was by Tadashi’s death, it’s obvious that they were all upset. We don’t see Gogo’s face during the funeral scene, but we all know she cared for Tadashi as much as the others did. I mean, when they were at Fred’s mansion later on, she said “Tadashi Hamada was our best friend.” So she (as well as the others) cared deeply for him. 
  • said hi to Hiro during the video message. And when she wasn’t speaking, she was smiling
    • right before the video cuts off, Gogo opens her mouth as if she was about to say something, but I’m not sure
  • was just as concerned with why Hiro was out at night as the others
  • was the one who grabbed Hiro’s arm and got him in Wasabi’s car. This shows that she’s protective of him
  • wanted an explanation as to why Hiro was following a guy in a mask
    • it’s not that she was angry here, but you can tell in her voice when she said “explanation now” that she does not want anything more then the truth
  • “There are no red lights in a car chase!” is obviously her yelling in anger, but with good intentions. Wasabi stopped the car in the middle of them being chased by Yokai. Naturally, this irritated Gogo, but only because she didn’t want her and her friends to be captured (or killed) but the man in the mask. 
    • took the wheel of Wasabi’s car and drove faster to distance everyone from the masked man. 
  • looked visibly worried when Hiro fell out of the car 

  • was just as shocked as everyone else when they found out about Fred’s wealth
  • smiled as she rested against Baymax when he had his heater on 
  • is the one who decided that they were all in to catch the guy in the mask. She didn’t turn down Hiro’s idea of upgrading all of them and wanted to help/go along with any idea Hiro had
  • smiled bringing back the decoy mask Heathcliff was wearing
  • smiled as she admired her super suit 
  • seemed to be impressed with Baymax’s supersuit
    • also nodded when Baymax launched his rocket fist
  • enjoyed the view flying on top of Baymax
  • got startled and starting attacking with the others when they heard a noise on the island
  • shared a confused look with Honey Lemon while watching the Project Silent Sparrow video 
  • VERY visibly shocked to see that the man behind the mask was really Professor Callaghan the whole time
  • was the first one to try to stop Baymax when he started attacking Callaghan
    • as determined as she was to stop him, there was no doubt she was scared as she attempted to do so 

she looks terrified here tbh

  • got understandably upset with Hiro after they got the healthcare chip back into Baymax. Seemed to be more disappointed with him then angry
  • looked sad for Hiro when the gang reunited with him. This is a big one to me because she (as well as the others) could have been furious with Hiro. They could have yelled at him some more and lectured him about how wrong it was for him to have done what he tried to do. But none of them did. But by the time they got to the garage, they had at least overheard Hiro apologize to Baymax and say “I guess I’m not like my brother”. So, they all knew that Hiro had realized his mistake. Not only that, but they all understood that Hiro was going through a hard time

  • IS THE ONE TO HUG HIRO. This is so important. Any of them could have given Hiro a hug. In fact, all of them could have had a group hug. But it’s Gogo who’s giving Hiro this hug. She may not seem like the type of person to give hugs, but she did. She knew Hiro needed it which shows that she is caring and she can be compassionate. 
    • And then after, she reassures him that they will help him catch Callaghan. And what I love about the line is how gentle her voice sounds. She’s genuinely really good at making Hiro feel better 
  • was DEFINITELY worried about Hiro and Baymax while they were in the portal
  • was visibly upset to see that Baymax didn’t come back with Hiro and Abigail 
Warning: Unpopular Opinion (please don't attack me)

As a wlw and a supercorp shipper, I think the cast laughing about the supercorp thing was less a jab at supercorp as a whole and more a jab at the supercorp shippers who harass people for doing their jobs and refuse to accept people not agreeing with their ship/interpreting the story a different way. I really don’t think the cast are homophobic and I don’t interpret their actions as homophobic. I get how it was kinda hurtful, but I don’t think the offense people are taking is proportional to the actions and their intentions. And I do think Jeremy is sorry for hurting people. But that’s just my opinion, and you are all of course welcome to disagree with it.

About Jared’s latest pics…

yes, the ones of him and Valery…

First of all, there’s an unfollow button on the right upper corner of my blog, just in case you need to click on it. What I’m about to say here might offend some people’s susceptibilities. I don’t mince words when it comes to express my opinion. This is my blog and I’ve got the right to express what I feel here, there’s no better place for me to state my opinion regarding certain topics. So if you don’t agree with my opinion and want to lash out at me, you’d better unfollow me or even block me. I don’t take bullshit from anyone and I have neither the patience nor the time to deal with stupidity or drama, ok????

Having said that, I’ll get to the point. Jared and his alleged girfriend.

When I saw these pics, I knew they would provoke all sorts of reactions and of course negative and even insulting comments.Especially because we saw other pics of them a couple of months ago. There’s something I can’t put up with and that’s the disrespect and the insulting comments towards Jared, Valery or any other people. You don’t have to regard her as a sl*t only because you assume she’s with him. The same with Jared, you don’t have to insult him because she’s with her.

Seriously, I don’t understand why the drama regarding this girl. I mean, she’s just a young woman who happens to hang out with a man double her age. It’s unbelievable how many people (women) start to freak out every time there are new pics of them being together. Seriously guys, such attitude verges on the obsession. That man ain’t gonna be yours, you know?

They’re not doing any harm to you if they’re dating (if it was the case). If she’s his gf, or fwb, or whatever, it’s their problem and only they know what kind of relationship they have and they don’t have to give explanations to the world. However weird their relationship might be, Jared doesn’t owe any explanation to anyoneThat’s his problem, not yours.

There’s no need to bash him only because he seems to like young girls half his age. He’s not the first or the last man in this world to like or date pretty young girls. That’s his problem, not yours

And for those who think he’s gay and he uses her to pretend he’s straight (yeah, I’ve read comments like these somewhere), if it were the case, again, that’s his problem, not yours.

For all those people (women) who begin to destroy him everytime pics like these appear, I have a question for you: Is your life going to be better if that girl disappear from Jared’s life???? I mean, are you going to be happier, more beautiful, more successful, find a better job or have more money if she’s away from him????? Will all your real problems (problems of your daily life) disappear all of a sudden???? Or do you really think your chances of becoming Mrs. Leto will increase???? If the answer is yes, you need a psychiatrist. Seriously, I don’t see why the fact of Jared being with that girl should disturb you to the extent to post nasty comments about them. Jared has the right to date whoever he wants. And if he happens to like her and it turns out to be she brings happiness to him, then so be it. It’s his PRIVATE life after all. Not yours.

If you don’t like what he does, stop following him. Life is full of choices and there are many artists out there whom to follow.


Unpopular opinion: I don’t get Ford/Lardo?? Like as a graduating senior I wouldn’t date a freshman because my life is in a totally different place and our needs wouldn’t really intersect at all. I really really really want more Lardo mentoring Ford and helping her balance manager stuff and having a life of her own, but I DO NOT like them in a romantic or sexual relationship because it feels really wrong to me. I doubly hate Ford/Lardo/Shitty because that suddenly feels like an older couple being predatory towards someone who’s vulnerable. Part of this feeling is because I want to see where ngozi is going to take the story, but part of it is because I’ve seen what dating older people did to me and my friends. It makes me uncomfortable on such a deep level I can’t even articulate it.

Just for the record

This is the reaction of someone being acused of having feelings for their sibling

This is the reaction of someone being accused of having feelings for their close friend

(and please remember he just ran out afterwards without giving a clear answer)

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what's your opinion on yoko?

I think yoko is an awesome artist who rarely receives the credit she deserves. The yoko hate that cycles itself through the fandom is so offensive and one dimensional. Ive seen so many people bash yoko for such random things, ive even seen extremely racists posts about her, honestly people are so disgusting.

I feel like people never actually take the time to learn about yoko before criticizing her. Yoko was well established artist and musician before her partnership with john. She was a classically trained pianist and pioneer in conceptional art. Despite the backlash she received for her groundbreaking feminist work she continued to create new art and share her messages.

Ono’s fundamental contribution to the formation of Conceptual Art was involving the audience into the completion of the work. It is designed so that anyone can make it - a crucial dimension of its meaning.Ono was one of the strongest feminist voices to emerge from the art world in the 60s. Her Cut Piece (1964), a first for feminist art performance, invited audience members to take turns cutting off her clothes using a pair of scissors. It also brought the audience into close contact with the artist, which was a new concept and crossed traditional boundaries. (x)

While people will criticize her relationship with john, she was an incredible support source for him. She encouraged his individuality, and help him pursue his career as a solo artist. She introduced john to feminism and peace activism and helped inspired some of his greatest works such as imagine.

Yoko suffered from many tragedies in her life from having her daughter stolen her to witnessing her husbands assassination, and being a constant target for negative media. Despite all this she was always very charitable, and spoke on issues that are important to her.

As Lennon’s widow, Ono works to preserve his legacy. She funded Strawberry Fields in New York City, the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, and the John Lennon Museum in Saitama, Japan. She has made significant philanthropic contributions to the arts, peace, Philippine and Japan disaster relief, and other causes. In 2012 Yoko Ono received the Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt Human Rights Award endowed by Alexandra Hildebrandt. The award is given annually in recognition of extraordinary, non-violent commitment to human rights. Ono continues her social activism, inaugurating a biennial $50,000 LennonOno Grant for Peace in 2002 and co-founding the group Artists Against Fracking in 2012. (x)

To watch people throw around petty opinions about how she is such an awful person is extremely unfair. Honestly i feel like yoko hate stems from all the negative press published about her when the media wanted to blame her for the beatles’ break up. Im not saying yoko is perfect, im very aware of that and the problematic things she has done. Just like im aware of all the problematic things the beatles have done. So honestly it doesnt seem fair to attack her while acting like the beatles are innocent angels lmao.

Anyway i think yoko is pretty dope and i wish more people gave her the respect she deserves.

as much as i wanted jonghyun, samuel, dongho etc. to debut with wanna one, i still feel like all the positions in the current wanna one lineup is 100% deserved. im not saying that these eliminated trainees didn’t deserve to debut, but that basically everyone worked hard and deserves to debut successfully.

ive seen lots of comments saying something along the lines of “since jonghyun/samuel/etc arent in the line up, im not going to support wanna one” this honestly makes me so sad because these 11 wanna one trainees should also get lots of support and love and success. i mean, they didn’t put up with this cruel program for nothing :( i hope samuel has a slaying solo debut and i sincerely believe that nuest will be successful in the future, since korea has now seen more of them. but please don’t flop on wanna one! for so many of these 11 trainees, this is their first taste of debut that they have been working towards for years and years. wanna one has a lineup filled with amazingly talented trainees that come from so many different agencies, but put together through this program and from the national producers. in one and a half years, they will disband, and won’t have much of an opportunity to work together again. i really hope this can be an impactful time period for them, and for us too. also, since i doubt that mnet will change the lineup for wanna one, i hope we all can come to appreciate wanna one for the way it has turned out to be.

You know, all this discourse I’ve seen (the past few months in particular) about “Abusive+Unhealthy Ships” and “Problematic Writers” is just so absurd to me

Like first off, it’s fiction. Fanfiction, at that, which is a fiction of fiction.

If you honestly cannot recognize that 1, it’s not real, and 2, these things are so often used as a coping method for the author to vent emotions in a safe, healthy way for the author

why are you reading it?

I’d say that like upwards of 70-80% of this stuff does have warnings and labels slapped on and plastered around the work in question about “HEY! THIS WORK HAS ____ AND ____ SO IF YOU NEED TO STEER CLEAR THIS IS YOUR HEADS UP” so people can avoid it if they have squicks and triggers or just plain don’t like it or don’t want to see it.

And most of the time, these are shoved under a read-more or on another site like AO3 with a link to it that you deliberately have to click and agree “Yes, I agree to see this content”

like,???? it’s pretty hard to go to a site, with warnings describing things that go on in the work as a polite heads up of “hey this happens” without spoiling the entire thing, click “yes! show me the thing!” 

and then people complain about how “oooh weehh this person made content that is not specifically catered to me and me alone, waaaahhhhhhh I’m going to post callouts and make shit up about them and slander them because they don’t do exactly as I demand!”



take a step back

not one, single content creator owes your diddly squat. Hell, not even if you commission them! If a creator decides, ‘hey, whoah, this is something I can’t or won’t do,’ and refuses a commission, that’s the end of it!

You don’t  harass someone and pester them into writing or drawing something they’re not comfortable doing, just because you want it. Not cool, dude.

Levi Ackerman unpopular opinion y'all

I see so many fanfics depicting Levi as being dominant af in bed

But has it ever crossed your mind that the most -according to me- realistic picture is Levi being gentle as hell?
I mean, just think about it
He might not be the best at expressing how he feels, but we can all agree that he shows it by his actions.

Wouldn’t being in bed with his significant other be the most -more than ever- intimate part of him?

I lack on examples right now on what I mean, but I think you can all catch what I’m trying to say

Anyways, soft and caring Levi just seems more realistic to me

I know where the “rough” and “dominant” part comes, but it’s just my opinion