feeling the war

this piece in the crew zine got me thinking of this

After Lapis leaves, Peridot leans hard into the war effort. The barn becomes filled with machine parts and tools. She spends all day designing and building a variety of weapons, vehicles, enhancements, etc. It’s all she does. Meep morps are hidden behind toolboxes and piles of metal parts. The crops outside are dying with neglect and the farm fills with weeds 

Smoke and Mirrors (3/?)

Being the girlfriend of Captain America had always been a little demanding, but now with the Accords dividing the team, Bucky apparently going AWOL and the threat of another woman eyeing up your man, will the relationship survive?

Or is everything you know about to come crashing down around you?

You’d always wanted to go to London.

Attending the funeral of the love of your boyfriend’s life was not the circumstances you expected to finally visit the city under.

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Sabine’s favourite missions
  • The time she got the burn down a chemical processing plant
    • There were so many colours in the blaze!!
  • Anything with some obscure weaponry involved
    • She knows quite a bit about quite a lot!
    • She’s been almost delighted to have to evade people using them on her!
  • When a big sabotage job goes as planned
    • it’s so satisfying to watch pre-fabricated buildings collapse in on themselves
  • Any mission that nets her an interesting new canvas
    • ships, helmets, jetpacks, weapons…

there are a lot of homophobes in the atla/lok fandom wow!!!

there’s a bunch of stuff coming out about what’s in the turf wars comics and idk how i feel about the ‘fire nation banning same-sex relationships’ thing either but people are using this as an excuse to talk about how korrasami is ruining the story and pandering to sjws and stupid shit like that


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I can confirm that Infinity Wars will be the death of me because:

  • Steve and Bucky fighting side by side again
  • Bearded Cap with long hair
  • Blonde Nat
  • Bucky’s new arm
  • Bucky leading an army with T’Challa
  • Nomad
  • Cap’s black suit
  • The Guardians back on Earth
  • Rocket hopefully meeting the broken Avengers
  • Groot giving a flower to Wanda (hopefully)
  • Me: *sees a villain character*
  • Me: Wow what a genuinely bad person, a literal murderer, undoubtly morally questionable, a true A-grade evildoer
  • Also Me: This is my small, misunderstood, sweet child. The tiniest. The lovliest. The purest little sinnamon roll.

Anidala week 2017 - Day 7 - Free theme

“The Jedi and the Senator - Dancing"

This must have happened sometime during the Clone Wars, at some official party with the Galaxy jet set. And I’m all about embarassed Obi Wan and Satine snickering behind.