feeling the war

I know this image is supposed to be pro-Sanders for President, but hear me out: all these pop culture icons avoided leadership positions because they knew they could do more meaningful work outside the governing political system (and feared being corrupted by the power of politics).  Dumbledore turned down the Minister of Magic position on multiple occasions, Gandalf intentionally stayed away from government and resisted the power of the One Ring, and Obi-Wan was a member of the Jedi Knights- the politically neutral guardians of peace in the galaxy.

That is sort of how I feel about Bernie Sanders. Even if he doesn’t win the nomination, he isn’t going anywhere- and shouldn’t. His massive influence will live on. 

Kanan’s eyes in “Legends of Lasan”

I have so much appreciation for the look in his eyes here. It’s different to any other expression I’ve ever seen Kanan give ANYONE in the series so far. That is the most earnest loving look I’ve ever seen any character give, honestly. Look how proud he is of Ezra. The results of their bonding can really be seen here when you compare to the first time they met: when Ezra sped away with his cargo and Kanan giving him a ‘not bad’ smirk.

But this look is something else entirely. It’s as if he’s seen Ezra grow up from the tiny little spacerunt he is into this maturing little blueberry he is now. I think this is the look of ‘yes, my precious blueberry’ that we all have when we look at Ezra. This look.

A look reserved for his son padawan.

Imagine Steve, even after all this time, still being the small spoon.

Imagine Bucky wrapping his arms around Steve’s middle and pulling him close, so that his chest is pressed against Steve’s back.

Imagine them falling asleep on the sofa, with Bucky lying behind Steve protectively, able to watch the door and watch his sleeping boyfriend.

Imagine Steve turning over in his sleep, nuzzling into Bucky’s neck and breathing in his scent.

Imagine Bucky being woken by Steve’s movements, only to find him nestled against him, still safe, still warm.

Imagine Bucky kissing Steve’s forehead as he watches him sleep.

Imagine Steve sighing happily, dozing lightly, with parted lips pressed against Bucky’s collarbone.

Imagine the look on Bucky’s face when the team walk in and see them. He doesn’t even have to say anything, he just glares like - “don’t” - ‘coz his baby doll doesn’t get enough sleep.

Imagine Bucky loving Steve, and Steve loving Bucky. 'Till the end of the line.


You just need to know this is the first time I’ve ever done this without looking for an exit row.
And I’m pretty sure my seat can’t float but I’ve already fallen from the sky for you,
Already said no to the parachute,
Already told my mother you curse like a sailor and you love like the war is finally over and you have just come home and you are running down the dock in the harbor and you’re screaming my name.
You’re screaming “honey”
and I’m screaming “don’t trip”
and you’re screaming “honey honey”
and I’m screaming “baby don’t fall down”
I am running for your red lips
I am running for your red heart
With my red heart
Red as a Mississippi sunset

[this reminds me of Bucky and Steve. poem by Andrea Gibson. someone make a gif-set of it?] 

am i the only one who thinks that anakin cared for ahsoka more than he cared for obi-wan?

my sister and i were talking and she suddenly said that she wanted a modern anidala au where padmé was the president’s daughter and there’s a life threat on her family so her father gives all the family members personal bodyguards for their protection and anakin is padmé’s and at first she’s absolutely hesitant about being under his protection because she feels like she doesn’t need protection and they fight a lot at first but they eventually bond and fall in love with each other I HONESTLY AGREE WITH HER THAT WOULD BE SUCH A GREAT MODERN ANIDALA AU SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE THIS