feeling silly and sleep deprived

What Rivals AU taught me

Keep your feet in your shoes and away from your mouth at every possible time, because you never know when an innocent remark might hurt someone deeply (all the more if it’s the love of your life and they’ll start hating you for it).

Low self-esteem and anxiety are fucking liars, you might feel like the most mediocre person alive while people are falling for you right and left/admiring you/pining for you for 5 years (GOD).

If you have a choice of:
a) talking to a person and figure out why they act the way they do,
b) having a round of amazing sex with them, no questions asked,
ask yourself, what would umfb!Viktor Nikiforov do? Then do the opposite. DON’T pick b. You’ll play yourself. It will hurt.

Don’t wait for a perfect moment to confess or do something important, because Shit Happens™.

Don’t go intentionally looking for material you know will trigger self-destructive behaviour or a panic attack. You deserve better.

Drink champagne. Lots. It makes miracles happen, which you probably won’t remember, but they’ll be documented.

Work on your grudges, unless you want to end up hate fucking and falling for the person you hate. Ha, like they deserve such satisfaction.

Your BFF will probably facepalm a lot on your questionable life choices, but will only call you out on them if you’re suffering and destroying yourself. If it makes you happy, they’ll do anything to help you while rolling their eyes in fond exasperation.

Sometimes, you need to get yelled at by a fifteen-year-old to finally Get It. They’re stuffed full of anger, confusion and growing pains, but they mean well.

And the last thing I learned reading this amazing work… @kazliin is an incredible superhuman being able to juggle med school and writing a 2nd part to her almost 200k fanfiction and she deserves all the coffee, to pass all the exams and eternal love, whatever kind, worth of post-Suffering™!Viktuuri.