feeling really old today

Happy TDOV! I’m Luke (he/him) and I hope you’re all having a great day filled with happiness and pride, although I know life’s not always as kind as I’d wish to most of us, we’re still here and we’re visible. Whether you decide to post a selfie today or not, I’ll always be proud of you, stay safe♡

i was cute today✨

On this day in Love Live History:

the first confession on lovelive-confessions was posted!

Yes, today lovelive-confessions turns three years old today. It feels really weird, honestly. Three years ago today I sat down and made the biggest mistake of my life. Just kidding. 

It started off as just me, and soon enough I was so overwhelmed and asked for new mods, then met the best friend I’ve ever had, my Admin Kotori (Now Admin Mari). Then we brought Admin Maki on when we got even bigger. And we’re still overwhelmed.

I never expected for my shit posts to garner us 16k+ followers. To me, lovelive-confessions is as much a staple in the LL fandom as scouting videos and shipping discourse. I’ve never felt more honored to be a part of a fandom in my life. Love Live means so much to me, and to have something as special as this hell hole to call my “own”, I cannot begin to express my heartfelt words of gratitude.

To all 16,671 of you (when this post was posted) thank you all so much. Your confessions and shit posts make me laugh everyday and make me feel like that one sunny afternoon when this blog was made was worth it. We’ve had our fair share of issues, but at the end of the day, I have never felt so loved in a community. When I go to cons and talk to people and talk about the blog, I always feels so proud about it. 

We can’t do much special this year, and we’re sorry for that. But, at the same time, I want you all to know how badly I wanted to be able to. You all mean so very much to us, and I want you all to know.

From the deepest bottom of my heart, for the three years we have all spent together on this weird journey, and to the admins who have time after time dealt with my shit,

Thank you.

- Admin Honoka

My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️

Alternately, imagine if they just replace Gibson with a brand new actor. And it’s never mentioned. Everyone just rolls with it.

“Where’s Hotch?”

“Oh, on his way. He said he’s not really feeling himself today.”

*Old Spice Guy walks in*


Today’s project:

Baking a cake.

Because I want to turn something blue.

anonymous asked:

Luca is so gorgeous and pure! He brings light to my life please keep posting about him. Unrelated, I've been following you for a while and it's so weird to think that you're not that much older than I am. Anyways, I hope things are going well for you, keep on keeping on!

Thank you, he brings light to my life as well so I am glad to share his brightness.

Sometimes I am surprised by people’s ages here on dogblr! But I am really bad at picking ages of people face to face anyway, so what do I know?


Coworker: Sara you look nice today, is that a promise ring from the boy you’re going to spend Valentines Day with?
Me: Um… Sure?

being 18 is so weird because 20 year olds seem so much older than you and 16 year olds seem so much younger than you but it’s perfectly acceptable for you to communicate and associate with people from both of those age groups, ur just right in the fuckin middle, it’s SO WEIRD


check out the lush greenery on the set today

anonymous asked:

What are some words to complement guy's physical attractiveness? I always feel like many guys would take "cute" the wrong way and "handsome" is too formal for a lot of occasion i.e. wearing jeans and a shirt or something. I always found complementing girls to be really easy but now that I'm dating a traditionally masculine guy I'm kinda at a loss for how to complement him at all and a bit out of my comfort zone. I feel like saying "you look really good today" is getting old and I am panicking.

Charming, dapper, dignified, classy, stylish, dashing…there’s a wide variety of synonyms for handsome. Additionally, don’t be afraid to use some more gender-neutral terms, such as gorgeous and beautiful. A compliment is a compliment!