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I am 5'7 or taller - I wear glasses - I have at least one tattoo- I have at least one piercing - I have blond hair - I have brown eyes (I haz blue :3) - I have short hair - My abs are at least somewhat defined - I have or had braces


I love meeting new people - People tell me I am funny - Helping others with their problems is a big priority of mine - I enjoy physical challenges - I enjoy mental challenges - I am playfully rude to people I know- I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it - There is something I would change about my personality


I can sing well - I can play an instrument (Viola and drums) - I can do over 30 pushups without stopping - I am a fast runner - I can draw well (I can’t, but I enjoy drawing! XD) - I have a good memory - I am good at doing math in my head - I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute - I have beaten at least 2 people arm wrestling - I can make at least 3 recipes from scratch - I know how to throw a proper punch


I enjoy sports - I’m (was) on a sports team at my school or somewhere else (soccer & softball) - I’m (was) in an orchestra or choir or band at my school or somewhere else - I have learned a new song in the past week - I exercise at least once a week - I have gone for runs at least once a week in warmer months - I have drawn something in the past month - I enjoy writing - Fandoms are my #1 priority - I do some form of Martial arts


I have had my first kiss - I have had alcohol (only sips..I don’t typically drink) - I have scored a winning point in a sport - I have watched an entire TV series in one sitting - I have been at an overnight event - I have been in a taxi - I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year (does a vet hospital/ER count? :P) - I have beaten a video game in one day - I have visited another country - I have been to one of my favorite bands concerts (12 times to be exact XD)


I have one person that I consider to be my Best Friend™ - I live close to my school/work - My parents are still together - I have at least one sibling (2) - I live in the United States - There is snow where I live right now - I have hung out with a friend in the past month - I have a smartphone -I own at least 15 CDs - I share my room with someone


I am in a Relationship - I have a crush on a celebrity- I have a crush on someone I know - I’ve been in at least 3 relationships - I have never been in a Relationship - I have admitted my feelings to a crush - I get crushes easily - I have had a crush for over a year - I have (had been) been in a relationship for over a year - I have had feelings for a friend


I have break-danced - I know a person named Jamie - I have had a teacher that has a name that is hard to pronounce - I have dyed my hair - I’m listening to a song on repeat right now - I have punched someone in the past week - I know someone who has gone to jail - I have broken a bone - I have eaten a waffle today - I know what I want to do in life - I speak at least two languages (Eng & Spanish) - I have made a new friend in the past year

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Hey Alexander! I’m working on getting my drawing tablet back from a friend and if I do I might try to send it to you as a gift as long as you have like a P.O box and/or interested in digital art

:O holy shit!! yeah its def smth im interested in and thatd mean a lot to me bc i want to start doing digital commissions + add some digital stuff to my portfolio ! please dont feel obligated to or send it if youre using it but my sideblog that can recieve messages is @hanz-owo if you want to message me about it!!! tysm !!

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My brother is currently locked up so it's just my mom and I. I work and mainly have money for bills,food and to send my brother money. I'm also trying to save up so I can go back to college and get a car. My bf gets mad because I don't buy him things. I do buy him nice cards for his bday and holidays because that's all I can afford. He buys me things but I never ask for them. He's currently mad because I didn't put money in his card for his bday. What should I do? I don't have money to waste.

Your boyfriend sounds spoiled and insensitive. It sounds like he gets you things not just to make you happy but because he wants you to feel obligated to do the same.
I’d say talk to him, tell him money is tight and that you’re doing your best. Or leave him. Both options are good.

5 things tag

@slow-handed and @agoddamnbeautifulidiot tagged me in this one. thank you my loves ! 

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • journal
  • lysol (and not the wipes, the acc spray) 
  • my purse
  • sanitizer
  • hair grips

5 thing you’ll find in my room:

  • a christmas gift that i’ve still not sent
  • violin
  • books
  • guitar
  • flowers

5 things that make me happy:

  • my mummy
  • pie
  • writing
  • tea
  • my friends (online & off)

5 things I’m currently into:

  • tumblr
  • grey’s/lost/too many series for a busy uni student
  • narry
  • pain au chocolat writing
  • beanies 

5 things on my to-do list:

  • dissertation proposal
  • steal my flatmate’s dog
  • get a hair cut 
  • book a hols
  • write a novel

i’m gonna tag  @makehaddyproud /// @frickerniall /// @legend-waitforit-harry /// @yeahmynameissushi :). x

transientpokemonmaster  asked:

Hi! I have been thinking I'm ace for a while now, but I've never been sure because I masturbate occasionally (like once every 1-3 months if I remember to). But orgasms are really underwhelming, I've never had a mountaintop sexual experience, sex kind of feels like both an obligation and a waste of time a lot, and I love intimacy like cuddling, kissing, hand holding, etc. And I've been stressing about sex and dating a lot. I'm trans and for a long time I've put it to dysphoria. 1/2

Because I’ve always felt sexually broken. But I just had a date with someone and she said at one point that she was ace and my brain just… Gave a sigh of relief? It was a huge weight off my shoulders and it was great after that! We had this awkward moment when we parted where I kind of gave the, ‘hug?’ gesture and she went, “oh. Uh… Okay.” And we hugged really quick. But other than that it was great and the thought of being ace sounds so… Freeing? Is that what it’s like being ace?? 2/2

It’s always a joy to find someone who’s accepting of your identity and boundaries! If the ace identity resonates with you that much, then indeed you could be ace. 

There could be lots of ‘reasons’ why someone isn’t interested in other people sexually. That’s never stopped any identities from surfacing and manifesting, so it shouldn’t stop aceness.

- Fae

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Nicknames: Basically everyone calls me Katie so i guess that’s a nickname.

Gender: Human

Star Sign: Libra

Height: I think something in the region of 164cms

Time: 1:10am

Birthday: 13th October

Favourite Bands: The Used

Favourite Solo artists: Dont know tbh

Song Stuck in my head: Jimmy eat world the


Last Movie I watched: infinity chamber

Last Show I Watched: Star Trek: Enterprise

When did I create my blog: April 2010 (fuck)

What do I post: Star trek, other scifi, memes, selfies and overshares.

Last thing I googled: Ravi Chakrabarti

Do I have any other blogs: A hardly used sideblog and to many saved URLs

Do I get asks: Occasionally

Why did I choose my url: Because Klingons

Following: 440

Followers: 5073

Average hours of sleep: The amount painsomnia will allow

Lucky number: 13

Instruments: my voice? I am a soprano, does that count.

What I am wearing: Pj singlet and shorts. Its 1:10 am and its 19 degrees. It’s too fucking hot.

Dream job: space exploration

Dream trip: Mars

Favourite food: Chocolate

Nationality: Kiwi

Favourite song: Taste of ink- The used

Last book i read: I am not a big reader. I think the last book i started was 1984.

Top three fictional universes I want to join: Star Trek, DC, jurassic park

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Hand Kisses + Cyrus, Maxie and Archie

askOh? Hand kisses? What about Cyrus with some hand kisses? Especially if his s/o is taller than him. (Not difficult since he so Smol) also how about Archie and Maxie from ORAS

a/n: ((Thank you for this ask, anon! Aha… I have an overnight speech tournament soon and I need to pick up a completely new event for it. Rip Mod Hikari))


  •  Cyrus doesn’t get the point of hand kisses. He much prefers kisses on the cheek or lips. When his s/o mischievously leans over to pick up his hand and press a kiss to it, he’ll ask them the reason that they would do that. Of course, he’ll feel obliged to do something in return, so he’ll give them a quick kiss on the cheek. It’s not that he doesn’t like it; there’s something adorable about his tall s/o picking up his hand, but he just doesn’t get the point of it.
  • Affection is hard earned from Cyrus, but that makes it all the more precious when you do receive it. He doesn’t really get the need for physical affection, when he already has your trust and your heart. He understands that you like it, though, and that you especially like kisses on the hand. So, whenever you two are in private, he’ll bring your hand to his lips and give it a couple of tender pecks. Your smile is more than enough reason for him to keep up these small gestures.


  • Listen, if you give this man a hand kiss, he’ll melt. He’ll straight evaporate on the spot. His ears turn red, he’s blushing, and he’s stuttering a little. He’s just not used to affection, or having an s/o in general. As such, he loves affection, and finds hand kisses especially romantic. He’ll never admit to wanting a kiss from you, but he’ll drop little hints. He’ll accidentally brush against your hands a couple of times, and you can catch him staring at your lips.
  • Maxie would be too embarrassed to try to kiss your hand in public, but in private, he’ll find any reason to give you a hand kiss. Perhaps you two are cuddling on the couch. Expect a flurry of hand kisses. Maybe you had a particularly bad day. Expect words of comfort, and, of course, hand kisses. He honestly is a romantic at heart, which is partially why he adores hand kisses. That, and he finds anything his s/o does amazing.


  • Oh boy. Archie’s a bit competitive, so if you give him a hand kiss, he’ll try to one-up you in some way. He’ll try to kiss you on the lips in return. If you’re too embarrassed by that, then he’ll settle for a kiss on the cheek. He’ll even try for a kiss on the neck if he’s feeling daring. In short, Archie adores hand kisses as well. He’s a very physical and affection person, so he loves it when you’re affectionate as well.
  • He’s not scared of giving you any sort affection, for any sort of reason. He could be having a good day, and his reaction is too reach over, grab your hand, and give it a kiss. He’ll even kiss your hands in front of his grunts, if they come in to discuss business with him. Archie doesn’t see the point of limiting his affections to the privacy of home; he adores you, and he doesn’t care who knows it.
  • Sasuke is not obligated to reciprocate Sakura’s feelings
  • Sasuke is also not obligated to reciprocate Naruto’s feelings.
  • Sakura is not obligated to reciprocate Naruto’s feelings.
  • Naruto is not obligated to reciprocate Hinata’s feelings.

Stop treating relationships like obligations 2k18

Open Arms: Chapter 4

Guys I’m actually really proud of this chapter. I know I haven’t posted in a while but it was worth the wait, in my opinion.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading and supporting this story because honestly, it’s been rough, especially since i’ve never written a fic before and I barely (honestly oh my god) know how to use tumblr lol 

Your support has been incredible and I’m so glad the few of you who are reading this like it. 

So here we go: 

Chapter 4

ps: when i mention specific songs it amps up the emotion if you listen while you read! Don’t feel obligated to though :)


Chapter 3

Start at the beginning! 

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Tad bit confused. Do you no longer like Tom Holland and that's why you won't write about him on your other blog if you do decide to delete this one? Or will you just be turning over a new leaf? Also, I'm terribly sorry that some people are getting butt-hurt about you having your own opinions and are pissing and moaning at you for it. Lastly, I thoroughly enjoy your writing and hope you don't delete this account, but it would be completely understandable.

i am so far up tom holland’s ass that i have a lifetime lease/commitment so no that isn’t the reason! i’m just going to focus on my actual work, that i want published. i want to be an author, and to do that i need to give myself time to write something, and i always feel forced or obligated to post here on a timely matter, since i’ve been told it’s the biggest reason people follow me. sometimes on here i kind of just felt like i was only good enough to have around when i posted a fic or something. it just became a job and a little too stressful!

anonymous asked:

How often do you get writers block and what inspires your fics? Do you write while listening to music?

every time i open a word doc… haha jk… sort of lol. i get writers block usually when i feel like i’m being forced to write something. this sometimes happens with my series which is why it takes me so long to get them out bc i feel very obligated to write them. bc of this i’ll usually go months without writing for them, until one day the insp monster strikes and i just write the chapter over the course of a few days. 

as for what actually inspires me to write. it’s a lot of things really. music is definitely one of them. i have a writing playlist here. sometimes there are specific songs that just light up every synpase in my brain with an au and it’s like bitch you neeed to write this fic lol. so sometimes i’ll make playlists around that song to fit the sort of theme of what i’m going for, and that definitely helps to keep me motivated bc it reminds me of the excited mindset i was in when i first started thinking about the plot of the story. movies, tvs shows, animes/mangas, those definitely inspire me. one of my favorite animes is called magi and i’ve just always wanted to create a story with that kind of fantastical feel to it. i’ve never really gone down the sort of magic/powers type of au but i would really like to one day. i just finished the show american vandal which was absolutely hilarious and it makes me want to write my true crime podcast fic even more than i wanted to before lol. but i do have a side blog called @inspiblue that’s just random shit that inspires some ideas out of me if you’re curious about what random imagery piques my interest haha

Book blogger stress: feeling you should write a review for every book you read, but don’t feel like it at the time, so you try to write one four months later when you’ve forgotten half the plot and end up with a broken paragraph that looks like you hated the book, but you actually loved it and wonder if just putting a rating is enough, but realise you wrote a review for the other books you read since starting the blog so it’s only right you do it for these ones and now you’re too far beyond and have five reviews you feel obliged to write even though no one’s keeping track at all and what’s the main character even called??

serenjimpity  asked:

ahh angel💕 ignore that last anon! you should never feel obligated to update! you have a life outside of tumblr and as it is with everyone, life is unpredictable. things happen when you least expect it and as a human being, you have the right to put yourself first. your mental wellbeing is far more important than updating so never feel guilty about taking care of yourself. i'm so proud of how far you've come! i have so much love for you💓 the tae to my jimin, always.💖

My wife, my one and only 💟 Ahhh, I love you so much princess, thank you for always being there to put a smile on my face and brighten my day 😙💟

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It’s My Birthday!!

I survived another year and just wanted you all to know. :) 

If you feel like doing something nice for me to uphold the birthday ritual (not necessary, feel no obligation) here are some things that I think would be super cool:

  • Say something nice! Like most humans, I respond well to praise, and positivity would be a great birthday treat.
  • Let me know why you follow me! Expecially if we haven’t actually talked, I’m just really curious. I promise I am very nice, and you can always hop on Anon if interaction is Alot.
  • Tell me about a thing I wrote that you like! I’m assuming most of you read my stuff, so give me a chance to know stories or moments or lines that resonated with you.
  • Show me a picture of a Neat Rock! Because the world can always use more neat rocks.

And, obviously, I’m always thrilled when people make me a thing, writing, art, whatever, but I gave y'all no warning, so I’m really not expecting this one. :)

Anyway, I have to go into work which just feels wrong, but, eh, that’s the way the world works sometimes. Hope you all are having excellent days!