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poor pitiful children, poor jeremy

i wanted to do a doodle of this with the other songs but one picture didn’t really serve it justice so i just did a lil comic thing instead

beep bop boop

When I can’t understand what students are saying
  • Me with Tumblr witches: Yaaas witch! Omg let's start an online coven :) Love you bb witches. I'm such a witchy witch witching it up.
  • Me with IRL witches: Ummm...yeah I'm a ummm witch I guess. I do spell...things

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I'd love some angst with happy ending for Bellarke: "we have a kid that you don't know about, oh shit....we meet again and that's your son".

thanks for the prompt, nonny! i hope it delivers on the angst, it’s not my usual MO (the happy ending definitely is though)


“Latte for Bellamy.”

Clarke’s head snaps up embarrassingly quickly. It’s not a common name, Bellamy, and while there’s every chance in the world it isn’t him, she can’t bring herself to believe it won’t be.

And then, of course, it is him. A little bit neater than when they were in high school, a little bit less cocky swagger and more genuine self-confidence in the way he carries himself, but it’s undeniably Bellamy Blake. Her– She doesn’t even know where to begin explaining who he is to her.

She’s staring, her own coffee cup hovering halfway to her mouth, and when he turns around his gaze is drawn to hers like a magnet. Like it always used to be.

He freezes.

And then a grin overtakes his face, brighter than anything she’s ever seen, and wow he grew up well.


She’s out of her seat and wrapped up in his arms before she even registers moving, but he’s clutching her tightly, firm and warm and solid and here.

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how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

i am so proud of Harry. i know we say this a lot but i really am. we’ve gotten to see him grow from that tiny 16 year old, who was constantly afraid to what people would think, to this outrageously out there grown man who wears what he wants, when he wants it, and isn’t afraid to express himself through both his lyrics and his clothes - and if he is afraid, he’s still doing all that despite that fear, despite how nerve racking that is, he’s still pushing through and living up to be his most authentic self! 

if that isn’t an inspiration for everyone who grew up with him (and who are older or younger than him, but still had troubles being themselves), i don’t know who is. back when one direction started lots of us were super young as well, and to see him find himself is so super encouraging to everyone who is watching.

and we love him even more now that he’s loud and proud!! take that as a lesson that being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as the world around you <3

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beronica + sleeping

listen,,, i kno the word was sleeping but i am stupid & lowkey wrote this whole thing based around the word ‘cuddling’ and ggfhdsjk i’m sorry dont hate me i hope you still like it tho!!!


The first time they sleep in the same bed, Betty spends a majority of the night panicking instead of sleeping. Veronica is just as handsy when asleep as she is when she’s awake. Her hands run along Betty’s hips and across the plane of her stomach; her fingers tangle in Betty’s hair and trace the length of her collarbone. It’s comforting, sure, but each touch sends a jolt of electricity through Betty - a feeling she’s never quite felt before. Betty doesn’t get that much sleep that night.

Slowly, overtime, as their sleepovers become a regular weekend thing, Betty grows more comfortable beneath Veronica’s touch. She begins to soften against the girl’s hands instead of flinch away; learns the patterns that Veronica traces over her skin and wonders if the swirling rhythm they take on has any secret meaning. When she finally does fall asleep, Betty dreams of a dizzying array of swirling patterns in bright technicolour.

One night, in the midst of a comatose-like sleep, Betty rolls over and wraps her arms around Veronica so tightly that it startles her out of a very interesting dream she was having. Veronica pauses, unsure if this is just a variation of her dream or if this is real life - is Betty Cooper actually willingly cuddling her? Albeit, Betty is asleep and was definitely not cuddling Veronica before she fell asleep but, those are minor details she is more than happy to look over. Veronica sighs contently, slipping her hand over Betty’s and lacing their fingers together; allowing Betty’s steady breathing to lull her back to sleep.

“We never wanted to harm organics. …We wish to understand, not incite.”

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8 april, saturday

Oh gosh. I have so much to do, so much to catch up on, so much to study for. And why does my weekend only lasts for 2 days?????? 😭😭😭

me before watching ep 13-14

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