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  • Me with Tumblr witches: Yaaas witch! Omg let's start an online coven :) Love you bb witches. I'm such a witchy witch witching it up.
  • Me with IRL witches: Ummm...yeah I'm a ummm witch I guess. I do spell...things

how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon


LOCATION: DUNGEONS//(wherever the slytherins are relocated???)
DETAILS/STATUS: can either take place shortly before the Great Squid attacks or during the rescue or literally whenever. (Open to Slytherins/all!)

If he was a portrait, if anybody had been looking at him, there would have been a comment on the irregularity. There was too much negative space in the composition. There was something missing and it threw the picture off-balance. The seat beside him was empty and his chin tilted towards it, like he yearned for it to be filled. 

He didn’t, of course, but that was the nature of things. If they would only look closer, they would see the truth.

In this light, he looked green almost- as if a thin patina was creeping across his skin. It suited him. 

(( Perhaps, the thought flitted across a casual observer’s mind from across the room, he was a tin man. He most certainly had no heart.  ))

If he did, he would have been shaking. He would have been afraid. The looming cloud of all that had happened and also what was to come threatened to thunder, burst lightning and drench his rusted parts, but Abraxas was indifferent to it.

Abraxas, that careless Golden prince, coiled within himself, pictured flames, at once, kiss and consume. He saw others get caught in it, dance that wild and writhing whirl, trying to stamp it out, fearing the burn. Was it altruistic of him that he waited for them to be saved? Or was it conniving, because he was watching them suffer? The world he knew was crumbling, the glazed exteriors turning damp with mold and decay. He was affected same as everyone else, but he did not, could not find it within himself react to it. He stood his ground in the midst of all it, letting the flame lick his fingertips, crawling up his spine. He merely waited for the other shoe to drop, stayed within his crystal castle and watched everything else shatter around him. 

That was his missing piece. What he yearned for. In the negative of the photograph one might have taken of him in that moment, one could practically see it. The companion you could trace out was not a person, but a parasite (but who would say that it was not lovely?)

The raze- it corrupted, it burrowed in, it spread. Abraxas loved it so dearly. If it were to happen like this, Abraxas wanted that infection to rot them all, ruin the world they all lived in. He wanted it to weed through those bastards and teach them weakness and pain.  

 He and Destruction made quite a pair in that corner. His chin tilted upwards only to drink his fill of it.  If he had known better, he would’ve taken one bitter sip and stopped. But he didn’t and, more importantly, he couldn’t anyways. He wanted to add it to his hoard and he didn’t care about the consequences. Like Gertrude, he drank that poisoned goblet to excess, toasted demise. 

When he felt the presence of a person suddenly appear next to him, Abraxas felt his muscles tense and the air around him clear. His lungs cleared of smoke and his chest began to move again. His eyes trailed to the ceiling as if he were waiting for it to shake. Wrought to life by the presence of humanity, he offered the closest thing to comfort he could.

“Surely, you’ve read the stories. You know all that Scylla entails,” he placed his index and middle fingers at the top of his thigh and walked them down to his knees. They hovered for a moment, before they toppled off the leg of his trousers, collapsed at his side, “we will never know what Charybdis would have taken in its stead.”

  • Me: *Folding laundry* I feel productive today.
  • Brain: What if you started doing heroin.
  • Me: That's...I don't even want...
  • Brain: But what if.
  • Me: I'm not going to do heroin.
  • Brain: Okay...okay...but what if you did?
  • Me: *Paralyzed with fear*

things/tropes(?) I’ve noticed abt my ocs: all femme (in anatomy), either big boobs or almost non-existent.. no in between, rly shitty men in their lives at some point (it’s almost never the women who fuck them up), no preference on s.o. gender (usually…), mental problems of some sort, freckles (i love them), noticeable hips, kissable lips, long & wavy/curly/fluffy hair, ?????? I’m prob missing a bunch lol

ppl who value their own individuality/need to be special over how comfortable everyone else feels are…the most annoying

I was tagged by both @jemi0​ and @f-e-a-t-h-e-r-t-a-i-l​ thank you so much!!

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Current Job?:
I work part-time at an observatory.

What are you talented at?:

  • Grammar

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?:

  • I hope to become really good at making edits and be noticed
  • I am planning a super long fic (mehh, I want to be done with planning and just write!)
  • On a grander scheme, I want to be fluent in many languages.  Quand j'allais au lycée, j'apprenais le français et latinam discebam. 今、日本語を勉強している。Now, if I could actually remeber what I learned…

What’s your aesthetic?:

  • light
  • space
  • sunrise/sunsets
  • flowers
  • light
  • fresh snow
  • blazers
  • and more

Do you collect anything?:

  • A crapton of manga books. 

A topic you always talk about?:

  • anime/manga (specifically Bungou Stray Dogs/Soukoku; talk to me about it)
  • memes
  • my OCs

Pet peeve?:

  • Being mistaken for and/or being lumped together with my sibling (I am a separate individual…)

Good advice?:

  • Don’t trust me for advice
  • Master time management as soon as possible
  • Stop being your worst enemy; just ignore that inner voice and do what you want

Recommend 3 songs:

  • Kyrie by Kalafina (honestly, all of Kalafina’s music)
  • Orinoco Flow by Enya (if you want some creative energy or something)
  • Read my Mind by the Killers (I’m listening to it right now; what can I say?)

I’m going to tag less than nine people @leio13 @96percentdone @princeyakiko @invisiblemassofcurls (only if you have time) and anyone else who wants to do it! Of course, if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to either.

List of things I need to read/see on Akatsuki no Yona
  • Why was King Il so adamantly against Yona marrying Soo Won? (and also Soo-Won said to Hak that he couln’t marry Yona)
  • Why did King Il kill his brother? Was Soo-Won present or did he find out some other way?
  • Why was King Il chosen as king instead of his brother in the first place?
  • Why did Zeno have that reaction when he first met Soo-Won? And why he didn’t react when he met Yona? Was it because his true awakening was with King Hiryuu and that’s it? 
  • Who is Hak’s real family? (will it be relevant in the future?)
  • Who are the sword and the shield?
  • Since when did Soo-Won start to plan the revolution? 
  • Can Lili become the next general of the Water Tribe or does it have to me a man? 
  • What was the real reason why the priests were exiled from the castle? 
  • The dragons spoke about having a short lifespan…is that still the case even though they’re with their master now?
  • On chapter 121, after Soo-Won and Hak save Lili and the soldiers come to kill Hak, was Soo-Won about to go defend him? Or am I just seeing things?? 
Feel free to add your own