feeling motherfucking good

And so it was that The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour started with Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr strutting down the catwalk like a motherfucker. And so it also was that Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr ignored the crowd as he went, giving no fucks as he proceeded to slam out the intro to Sunday Bloody Sunday like the cool motherfucker that he is. I Love You, Larry No Fucks.


Don’t adjust your screens, it actually happened, I started training again!

While the pace wasn’t something I was proud of, getting the 5 miles completed was. The heat didn’t help, low 80s, but that was my stupidness in full effect when I decided to start my run at 2pm. Oh well, you live and learn. We’ll just say it’s a part of my “heat training” for my June triathlon in Connecticut.

Also, this trail starts less than a tenth of a mile from my apartment complex and apparently goes 12 miles out! I think I’m in love!

"And he felt comfortable with her enough to express certain things that he had inside that he probably would have kept inside if he hadn’t met somebody like her." -Norman Reedus

……with her…..

…..somebody like her…..


anonymous asked:

Hello. I dont know if this is too invasive, but, are you feeling better?

I am feeling