feeling me self

you know that feeling when you get to peel a pore pack off your nose and you see all the gross shit it pulled out of your skin

it’s so good it’s so disgusting and so good

I misgendered my weed person in front of their friend (I didn’t kno) but then I said she again by accident then “FUCK THEY”
I hate doing that it makes me feel like a self oppressor lmfaoooo and a fake trans


I am intelligent
I am funny
I am strong
I am kind
I am thoughtful
I am a hard worker
I am responsible
I am enough
I am enough
I am enough

Following the destruction of Starkiller, Hux is given a choice: exile or death. Taking what crew remains loyal to him and the Finalizer, he retreats to the Wild Space beyond the edges of the Unknown Regions, gathering what information he can and biding his time.

just korean things d.va does:

  • only drinks maxim instant coffee. she takes two packets in one serving
  • d.va wears the funkiest socks with the coolest slippers inside. shoes are a Myth indoors
  • always keeps the electric mat on. her toes are constantly toasty and the electricity bill is always going up
  • specks of brown on all of her shirts from eating jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) too fast. open accompanied by red specks from jjambbong (spicy seafood noodle soup)
  • doritos and mountain dew? no. its wang changgu crumbs and milkis stains
  • doesn’t consider herself a kpop fan but somehow knows all of the artists, bands, and their albums off the top of her head
  • she uses two instant soup packets in one serving of shin ramen so shes always short on soup packets
  • she dips everything in chilli paste. everyone thinks its weird. hana doesn’t care. she’ll eat it
  • she spends hours in the bathroom sitting under steaming water to rub dead skin off with an italian towel. she’s the reason the overwatch water bill is so high
  • if the internet speed is a tiny fraction slower than what hana’s used to in korea, she’ll lose it. she needs her wifi quick and she needs it constantly 
  • her family ships so much stuff from korea to her. 90% of it is seaweed. theres so much seaweed in the overwatch pantries no one knows what to do with it. the other 10% is anchovies
  • d.va hoards skin care samples from department stores she’s got one small packet of everything. she never has to buy make up ever again the promo samples never stop coming

There was a trick to it. To feeling horrible without alerting Sportacus. 
It was all about walking that fine line between numbness and complete despair.