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Why does this look like their wedding photoshoot…someone hold me

I’m sure this has been done before but a star trek tng au where everything is the same except it’s in the style of the office

  • whenever riker or wesley does something dumb/ill-advised there’s a minute-long series of shots cutting from person to person on the bridge and they’re all staring into the camera So Exhausted
  • scenes in turbolifts where characters make comments about the current clusterfuck going on aboard the enterprise
  • geordi: “if this is another holodeck disaster I’m gonna [series of bleeps as he rushes out of the lift]”
  • tasha: “I wish people would stop asking me if I would kill will riker just for a chance at his GIRLFRIEND like, come on, people. The answer is YES, I’ve said it MANY TI-” (the camera cuts away because something just exploded)
  • guinan: “the gossip says this whole problem could have been avoided but somebody messed up” [quiet speaking from off-camera] “do I know who did it? well, yes, but I’m not here to tell tales”
  • worf: “it was wesley”
  • picard just wants his ship to run smoothly, ok?
  • so the captain’s interviews start out really insightful and well-spoken but by the end of every episode he’s just staring into the camera tiredly like “this was not the plan”

“You could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.”

“Hey.  Hey, Danny.  You awake?”

Head nestled into his pillow, Danny is much too snoozy and satisfied to answer.  He’s just drifting off when familiar hands land on his back, fingers poking in a quest for attention.  With a grunt, he gives in and blinks his eyes open.  “What, babe?  What, what?”

Steve looks delicious, all rumpled, his hair a mess and a goofy smile on his face.  “I’m really grateful that you asked.”


Aöldlaoosjfks this is such a weird and random timing and I’m about 2993927 years late but..i kinda..got dragged in soul eater hell recently..i love…this KID SO MUCH someone still with me here 😂😂😂 hELP
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squishy Mark with his “soulmate” Jae ♥

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Just read through your masterlist and goodness gracious! the feels!! Awesome writing 👏🏻 Sooo how about an imagine, where RFA+V & Saeran come across MC somewhere without recognizing her? And maybe developing a lil crush on her? (Let's assume her avatar is a pony lol and she's can go out of the flat to live her life) Hope it's possible to do. Thank you so so much :)

This was so cute! We changed it up a little for Saeran, just because of the whole Mint Eye thing, but hope you like them!

General Scenario: The RFA party is planned much later than one week after MC joins. MC knows who the RFA are because of their profile pics, etc. But overthinks security reasons so doesn’t say anything.


  • You got a side job in a grocery store since you were tired of being cooped up in the apartment
  • Also, you thought you could use the extra bucks since RFA wasn’t paying
  • Only you didn’t realize it was the store near Zen’s house
  • He’s buying a pack of cigs and you’re his cashier
  • “Aww, you wouldn’t want to smoke too much and ruin that voice of yours,” you say casually
  • He chuckles at the comment thinking you’re just a concerned fan and goes on his way
  • But for some reason your words stick with him…no, maybe it was your voice? Your face?
  • He bumps into you several times at the store
  • He even finds himself trying to get you as a cashier
  • You notice too…but you’re kind of enjoying it
  • A  few weeks later, he buys a candy bar just because he was having a rough day
  • And he realized it was an excuse because he just wanted to see you
  • He kind of accidentally admits in the process that you’re one of the only people who can make him shy
  • Lowkey realizes his crush on you then
  • Then the party rolls around
  • He sees you he thinks you’re one of the guests until you reveal yourself
  • He gets a little more bold in his advances after that


  • You’re in the coffee club with him
  • You’re partnered up one week and you him to taste your coffee before the professor found the final batch
  • He really likes it but more than that you got really up in his face when you gave the mug to him
  • His heart does a little thing
  • He denies that he likes you at first when some of his friends ask why he keeps requesting to be partnered with you for group activities
  • He does come to terms with it after awhile
  • The admission makes him both bold and flustered
  • He tries to be more forward with you but he keeps messing up
  • He even texts you in the chatroom (but he doesn’t realize it’s you) and asks for advice
  • You’re blushing but you try your best to give him “advice” to woo you
  • You have to keep yourself from laughing because he always subtly messes it up oh no this is only making you like him more
  • Then all of a sudden, he stops coming to the club
  • Worried, you ask him subtly what happened with his crush
  • He says that he gave up because he didn’t think she was interested because he kept goofing up
  • You feel so horrible
  • When it gets to the party and he finally realizes who you are, saying that you like him is the first thing that flies out of your mouth


  • She had been stressed with all the new projects at work
  • So she visits a coffee shop in town
  • You happen to be the new barista there at the same time she visits daily
  • It’s not a very busy time, so you two always end up talking a little
  • After some time, she just kind of blurts out her struggles and insecurities
  • You set some time aside from your shift to listen and give your advice
  • You already know her job situation, but you try to give some vague advice about her passions and following her dreams
  • In that moment, she knows she really admires you
  • She finds she’s stopping by more frequently and staying longer
  • One day, the cafe is about to close early but there’s no customers but her
  • You invite her behind the counter and ask if she wants to learn some things
  • She realizes she’s never had this much fun in her life…nor met someone like you
  • She starts crying right then and there, both from being touched and realizing her own unhappiness in her situation
  • You almost revealed yourself in this moment, because you just felt so bad and knew everything going on behind the scenes and wanted to give her a hug
  • Still you manage to comfort her without saying too much
  • When the party comes, she sees you there and she’s in shock
  • Uncharacteristically, she nearly tackles you in a hug
  • She didn’t expect that the two most supportive people in her life were the same person


  • Work had been stressful again, so what does he do? 
  • He goes to the newest pet store in town to hand pick some new toys for Elizabeth the 3rd
  • It also happens to be the pet store you work at
  • When you saw him enter the store, there was no mistaking it was none other than Han Jumin
  • So, you ask politely if he needs help
  • Jumin is kind of stunned at first when he sees you…and he doesn’t know why
  • He ignores the feeling and continues shopping with some of your suggestions
  • You’re actually pick out the best things for Elizabeth…also, he enjoys even the small talk
  • After a few more weeks, he finds that this attraction doesn’t go away
  • He keeps on visiting, trying to figure out his own feelings
  • His time is limited because how many cat toys can he buy
  • Meanwhile, you’re dying to let him know who you are, especially when things with his father get a bit rough in the background
  • You drop subtle hints of who you might be
  • It works, and he puts the pieces together
  • He stops by one day, not to buy anything, but to ask if you two can talk when your shift is over
  • You think it’s just casual, but next thing you know he’s confessing his feelings and asking if he can personally escort you to the next RFA party
  • Of course, you say some confessions of your own and agree


  • He’s on another undercover mission which requires him to “work” at a restaurant as a server
  • You work there too, as it happens
  • You were so excited to see him there, so you just go up to him and start chatting him up
  • As it so happened, the background check he did on you was weeks ago…and with everything that happened at work, he sort of had forgotten what you looked like and where you worked
  • So, he just thinks you’re just a random co-worker who happens to be extra bold
  • But he finds you get his jokes, and even will play along when he does some stupid prank on the other serves
  • He realizes he’s forgetting this is a mission and he’s actually enjoying working with you
  • He catches himself glancing at you too often, staring too long, and wanting to be with you when work is over
  • When he realizes he might actually like you, he panics and finishes up his work as quickly as possible tsundere mode activated
  • One day, you’re told he quit, but you still talked to him in the chatroom so it was okay
  • But you couldn’t help but notice he was more mellow and seemed to beat himself up a lot
  • Turns out he was guilty, because being so open with you on the last mission could’ve put you in danger
  • The party drew closer and the security system gets hacked, etc.
  • When he runs over to protect you, he finally realizes who you are when he sees your face
  • This only makes the next few days at the apartment even worse
  • But of course, everything works out in the end, and you two even joke about it
  • “I can never forget a face like yours!”
  • “As I remember, Saeyoung, you did…”
  • “….It was one time.”


  • Just because he’s plotting the demise of the RFA doesn’t mean he doesn’t stop for some froyo
  • It was also your favorite ice cream place, so you visited often when things got stressful in the RFA
  • He recognized you immediately, but you still had never met him
  • He was really curious about how you acted on normal days, since he only ever knew by how much Seven seemed to hack more or less
  • He stayed in the back and watched as you did whatever you were doing
  • As time passed, he found your presence calming
  • He didn’t seem frazzled or worried or angry
  • Your presence became an addiction
  • He stopped by day and after day, getting a little disgruntled if you didn’t show
  • There were some points he even felt guilty for using someone like you for his plan
  • Then one day, he finds you plop yourself right in front of him
  • You had noticed he also seemed to visit every day, so you thought you two could get acquainted
  • For the first time in his life, he was stumbling over his words and what was this heat in his face?
  • He thought it was a one time thing, but you started doing it every day
  • You were actually talking to him, and he was finding out parts of you he couldn’t just see from a distance
  • He both loved it and hated it
  • The part of you he found so peacable was now tearing at his conscience, making him more aware of his deeds and his own brokenness
  • Finally, he just felt too guilty to face you again
  • So, he satisfied himself to just watching you from a distance once more from the CCTV


  • You were the secretary for one of his new clients
  • He arrives at the place for a photoshoot one day, but your boss is running late
  • He dismisses it politely and just waits
  • He seems familiar to you, but you’re unsure of he’s the same V from the RFA so you say nothing
  • He takes the time to talk to you a little
  • He’s surprised at some of the statements you make which are sometimes very deep or introspective
  • He’s actually glad when the client asks for a long term contract
  • He arrives to work earlier, and he even brings you a coffee
  • Whenever he talks to you, he can’t stop smiling for the next few hours
  • He knows exactly what’s happening when his heart flutters after you call his name one morning
  • He’s very hesitant in proceeding, because he’s still recovering from the last relationship
  • But then he recognizes your voice at the party, and you explain who you are
  • He smiles and believes it’s a sign from God or something
  • So he asks you on a date after the party 

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i edited the first episode of car boys so that n*ck r*bins*n was completely muted and so there’s no trace of him left because i still wanted to watch car boys but the idea of that shit for brains makes me nauseous now

s/o to @sledgehammrd for the idea for this video

Reaction Request! TMNT x Reader.

The turtles love having a mom friend.
They never really had a mother and, while Splinter was an amazing single parent, they had always wondered what it would be like. When they meet Y/N, they finally get a taste of it.

Leonardo is surprised at first.
Normally, he’s the one doing the scolding and everything, his brothers even CALL him mom sometimes.
But they first time you scold him for something, he just sort of stops, while his brothers grin at you (Raph is so happy in this moment).
He comes to like it though, basking in the motherly attention. After all, he did always wonder what having a mother must be like.

Donatello likes it automatically.
His brothers let him do what he wants with his time but when you scold him over having eaten nothing but pop tarts and cold pizza, demanding that he sit down and let you make him “some real food”, a part of him feels all…giddy.
He sits down at the table as you bustle around the kitchen, nodding as you lecture him on proper nutrition.

Raphael is just as surprised as Leo.
Not many people will get up in the turtle’s face but you seem to have no trouble doing so.
By the end of it all, he feels like a declawed kitten and simply looks away, mumbling a quiet,
“I got it, I got it.”
But by looking away, he hides his smile. In one scolding, you stole the turtle’s respect and made him feel like a goof for enjoying the whole thing.

You know which turtle wanted a mom more then anyone? Michelangelo.
He watched certain TV shows just for the mom’s he liked best, he had dreamed of it all the time as a kid. He just never told anyone. He didn’t want Splinter to feel hurt by his little wish.
But you are a dream come true, the next best thing to a mom. Even if he does seem to get scolded an awful lot (admittedly, he’ll do things on purpose just for the attention).

Bonus Materiel!

The turtles will tell on each other to you, normally for dumb little things.
“Y/N! Raph stole the remote!”
“Raphael, let your brother have a turn! He built the damn thing after all.”
“Yer such a tattletale…”

They’ll tell you about thier accomplishments just to bask in that golden glow of pride.
Donnie shows you his invention, Raph and Leo tell you about the move they FINALLY got down, and Mikey wants you to see his latest high score.

You will be called Mom from time to time, normally when you’re bossing them around, and which ever turtle you date is hence forth “Dad”.
Especially is it’s Leo. They may also be referred to as your “trophy husband”.

Letting Leo vent to you, even when it’s for something small. Sometimes the stress just gets to him and, when he needs to let it out, you’re always there to listen.
He needs it more then he will admit.

They will tell you things no one else knows. Showing you little secrets of theirs that they’ve been too scared to share before.
A good example is Michelangelo’s paintings. After your encouragement, he finally showed his family the official portrait he had painted of them.
Encouraging the turtles to love themselves and what makes them different.

Being the go to when Leo and Raph fight. Each brother rants to you separately and you go to both of them to talk about it.
Because only mom can make them stop being such stubborn jerks (when they really go at it, Donnie or Mikey will threaten to tell).

The boys playfully asking you for premission (“Y/N, can I have a snack?” or “Y/N, can we order pizza?”).

Making Donnie take breaks when he’s been working and bringing him something other then his normal junk.
When you find out that he hasn’t slept in 36 hours, he gets sent to bed immediately. One of the turtles will call you if they can’t get him to listen.

Being impressed with your purse.
Have a headache? You have Tylenol.
Got hurt? You also have a first aid kit.
Feeling hungry? You want something sweet or something salty?
Batteries are dead? What kind to do need?
Mikey once called you Mary Poppins and Donnie has jokes about “needing to study that thing”.

Turtle cuddles. They always want to cuddle after a rough day and one of them coming over lead the others over and it ends with you in the middle of a turtle pile.
Get comfy cause you’re not going anywhere.

Being able to calm Raph down when his temper gets a hold of him, stating that “you’ve dealt with scarier”. Comforting him when he feels low because of it.

Splinter thinking this whole thing is hilarious.
He laughs when you scold them or complain about thier behavior and will happily share embarrassing stories about the turtles.
Loudly. On multiple occasions.