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squishy Mark with his “soulmate” Jae ♥


Why does this look like their wedding photoshoot…someone hold me

MBMBaM Episode 335: Rise of the Star King
  • Justin [reading a question]: "A few years ago, I was celebrating Candlenights with my in-laws, and it was time to open up our stockings, so we were all chanting, 'Stock-ings! Stock-ings! Stock-ings!', which naturally became, 'Star King! Star King! Star King!'. We decided this must be the new Christmas lord."
  • Griffin: Candlenights - Candlenights lord.
  • Justin: Candlenights lord, right! "Now, instead of Santa, we give out gifts from the Star King. The problem is, I now have a son, and I'm worried that he'll end up an outcast based on our tradition. For perspective, I have a friend who had a real tough time in school because her parents told her The Trashman came on November One, took away her Halloween candy, and replaced it with a toy."
  • Griffin [incredulous, laughing]: The Trashman! They couldn't've called it - they couldn't've been like -
  • Justin: They couldn't have been SLIGHTLY more whimsical?
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Justin: No, instead it's:
  • Justin!Trashman [very low, gruff voice]: Hey, I'm here for the candy.
  • Travis!Trashman: Hey, man, you GOTTA put the candy out by the curb, I ain't gonna walk back to get it.
  • Justin: You gonna give it to the hungry children of the world?
  • Justin!Trashman: No! I'm gonna put it in the trash!
  • Travis!Trashman: Naw, man, it goes right in that, uhh, compactor.
  • Griffin: But where - but where does it go?
  • Griffin!Trashman: Where does any of the trash go? Into the river. All yer Twizzlers gonna end up in the river, 'cuz that's where The Trashman hides it. Fer the fishes. Here's a Pol-ly-pock-et!
  • Justin!Trashman: I took this toy from another kid at the end of last Christmas season! It's a real cyclical gig I got goin' on here.
  • Griffin!Trashman: Somethin' you should know, somebody done threw AWAY this Polly Pocket, "it's the CIIIIRCLE of LIIIIFE".


WHOOPS! My hand slipped and made this abomination called “Disbelief US! Sans” Owo Because there’s an AU called “Disbelief Papyrus” where Pap stops believing in you if you kill Sans first, why not make a Disbelief Blueberry?? He removed his battle body to fit in US! Pap’s hoodie. He looks a little too much like UT Sans, doesn’t he? X3

I apologize for not posting content yesterday. I’m seriously trying to get my schedule balanced and keep my creativity going but dem dang art blocks XP

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