feeling extra cute


How To Feel Better More Okay.

1.) take a nap; sleep is good for the soul, and it’s a way better idea than doing something destructive. 2.) make some tea, or coffee, or whatever your favorite is today. 3.) go see a friend, even if you don’t feel like it… we are so lucky to have people in our lives that care. 4.) have a one person dance party. 5.) go through your closet. try on different outfits. (optional: take a ridiculous amount of selfies.) 6.) going off of the last point: dress up. feel cute. be extra. 7.) watch your favorite old movies. 8.) take yourself out on a date. 9.) let’s be real here; let yourself cry it out. 10.) accept that even though you may not be 100% okay right now, you believe in yourself enough to work towards it. be proud of yourself for feeling.

Summer Fashion!!

Simon: *peeks out from behind menu he’s not reading*

Baz: *glares*

Simon: *visibly blushing*

Baz: *narrows eyes*

Simon: “So, I was feeling… something… and I did… something…”

Baz: *places down menu in the restaurant they’re sitting at* *takes deep breath* “Simon… what did you d-”

~music starts playing… sexy violins… romantic stylz music~

Waiter #1: *brings giant bouquet of roses*

Waiter #2: *brings giant red velvet cake to the table, adorned with many a decorative, edible flower*

Waiter #3: *brings comically large valentines card over (even though it’s only half way through January)

Baz: *actual rabbit in the headlights*

Simon: *starts babbing* “So, that feeling I was feeling was love and I got carried away and gosh, I was just thinking about everything and things and then you! And then I asked these waiters to come over here and bring all this stuff and so *takes deep breath* Basilton Grimm-Pitch… will you be my valentine?

Baz: *deadpan glare*

Simon: *puppy-dog eyes, looking adorable*

Baz: *deadpan glare*

Waiters: *uncomfortable squirming*


Simon: “Still…”

Waiters: *still uncomfortable, now also confused puppies*

Baz: *resigned sigh* Yes, I will be your valentine

Simon: *fist pumps in the air* *whooping and holling with pure joy* *high five’s confused waiters*

Baz: *blushes* *hides behind his menu and secretly grins at his adorable amazing sunshine husband and thanks his lucky stars he’s married to the most wonderfully amazing goofball in the whole wide world*


Does eating gold make me look a like a golden boy?

Let me try out!

Do you ever just feel like extra gay sometimes? Like I know I’ve known I’m into girls for a while now but some days I feel like extra into girls. Like all I can think about is girls and gay stuff. Not even a specific girl, just girls in general.

some Hansol headcanons

•  so I know I’ve mentioned hella times that he’s a huge cuddler but like…
•  he really is!!!!
•  nothing feels better than being squished by him and having him press quick, tiny little kisses all over your face esp when he’s feeling extra cute
•  he goes into fanboy mode when you suggest doing his makeup
•  busts out his finest pallets and highlighters and pencils and sits you down in front of him omg
•  he’d love any kind of style you’re going for, and will take a 100 selfies of the finished product and pose cutely with you
•  greasy food hunting has become a part of your weekend routine
•  like yall would stroll down the city streets for hours just looking for a new restaurant or food truck that you haven’t already visited
•  he makes you feel comforted and warm when he makes you a meal if you’re sick
•  and absolutely LOVES that you fuss over him when he’s sick himself
•  don’t put it above him to whine and moan about needing cuddles even when he’s sick
•  he’s become very fond of early morning talks
•  esp when he’s away and can’t whisper sweetnothings in your ear
•  so you’d talk on the phone for hours as soon as one of you wakes up
•  Hansol feeds you in front of the other members to stop them from nagging and teasing him
•  or he just wants to show off that he’s in love and they’re all lonely lmao
•  when he sees cats or dogs on the streets, expect him to be chatting them up for hours
•  “awwwwwhhhhhhhuhuh please, y/n, can we have one?”
•  animals in general seem to be drawn to him bc he’s so angelic omg he would own a petting zoo by now if he could
•  I bet he’d call you the cutest/cringiest nicknames ever but it’s so endearing
•  he doesn’t even know what privacy means tbh he’d jump in the shower or come lay on top of you whenever the mood hit him
•  I mean as long as you were okay with it lmao but yall wouldn’t get along if you weren’t big on skinship
•  he plays with your ears without really knowing
•  esp if you’re wearing cool earrings, his hands would always find their way to your ears or the crook of your neck to mess with them
•  he loves serving you hot drinks on a cold day, where you both would sit and watch the snow or rain outside
•  he’ll open up his jacket and squeeze you in there if you’re not wearing something thick aw baby
•  he just really worries about you a lot sometimes
•  this kitten deserves every ounce of love and cuddles and hugs in the world 🌸

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