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How do y’all decide on colors for him anyway??

We all know how Sportacus gets speeding tickets in Lazytown.

We all jokingly assumed that it’s because he’s a speed junkie or ticketed himself for going one mile over the speed limit, but this is Lazytown. The only character we see driving a car regularly is Stingy, who always drives slowly. Assuming he’s obeying the speed limit, then we know that Lazytown’s speed limit must be based on walking speed. The average human walking speed is 3 miles per hour while the average jogging speed is between 6 and 8. Imagine Sportacus getting a speeding ticket for jogging at 8 miles per hour (12 kph)!

The first time: “You’re giving me a speeding ticket because I’m jogging?”

Our Half-Orc just fought a lady Elf Warrior, and attempts to seduce her.

Half-Orc: can I take her back to the inn?
DM: Persuasion roll.
(He rolls, and makes it)
Dark Elf: I feel like you need to roll for erection too dude.
Me, a Halfling: No stop–
DM: NO roll for erection oh my God.
Me: What would that be?
DM: nature…?
Wood Elf: No, performance.
Dark Elf: Persuasion again?
Me: Nah. Definitely Animal Handling.
(Everyone loses it)

(He later seduced the woman successfully and had to roll for stamina, if you catch my drift.)


Baby, I’m preying on you tonight

Hunt you down, eat you alive (…)

Maybe you think that you can hide

I can smell your scent from miles (…)

It’s like we can’t stop, we’re enemies (…)

You can pretend it’s meant to be, but you can’t stay away from me

Eredin & Ciri

thanks a million, dear anon!

I have no idea what “hot” means… *smiles ambiguously* I also like Ciredin (my very first otp… why? the answer is in “The Lady of the Lake”, feeeeeels) so I wholeheartedly understand you. :>

PS I will try to draw Iorweth and Saskia!

I don’t think I’ve ever uploaded this. I’ve had it for ages, the art is old now, but it’s still relevant. Here’s my canon warden, Lenaios Surana. He’s an easy-going, elfroot-smoking spirit healer who can’t lie to save his life. Ferelden’s very own hippie elf doctor dude.

just sportacus things

- those screenshots of him literally going “:}O”

- being the epitome of extra™ (just grab a dictionary and search for the word ‘extra.’ there’ll be an entire photo gallery of him)

- was originally going to sound like sonic the hedgehog but in the end got a cute little åçčëñt (it’s recently been confirmed that the original voice was actually one of sonic’s many voice actors)

- those newly discovered videos of him just exercising and staring directly into your soul feat. questionable sound effects

- “śømêôñë'ś îń trōúbłę!” nyOOMS OFF

- please. eat the whole fruit. stop taking one damn bite and chucking it away. PLEASE.

- a very pure and supportive elf dad