feeling down

Advice If You Ever feel depressed

Everyone goes through tough times, and we all know it’s hard to go through with them, so if you ever feel a bit upset/depressed or if you have things like anxiety, here’s my advice

Please note that I am not a professional and I do not understand the tough time you are going through, also that I haven’t expierenced depression but I do suffer from Anxiety

¤Read a book, start a new series. It will help you distress and relax you, it will also help you sleep if you have sleeping problems/insomnia

¤Start a new TV/Movie/ YouTube Series. When I was going through a tough time, I watched “Animated Atrocities” on YouTube by TheMysteriousMrEnter and it really helped since I enjoy animation.

¤ Colour. You can buy one of those relaxing colouring books, I personally don’t like them but it could work out for you.

¤Talk to someone. I know it’s been said a billion times but it honestly helps.

¤Eat Well And get some exercise. Exercise is proven to help with mental well being, and eating healthier will put you in a better mood than eating unhealthily. Your exercise doesn’t have to be intense, just a nice walk or some yoga will work.

¤ Try ASMR videos. If you want to relax, ASMR videos will help, they may come off as kinds strange at first, but they are great when you want to just relax.

¤ Listen to some music. Whether it’s pop or just relaxation music, it might help your mood, try listening to happier music.

¤ Cry (if you need to). If you are in emotional pain, just let all your tears out, it will help you feel a lot better, just make sure some one is there to help you stop crying and calm you down, you can be surprised how long you can cry for!

¤ Take care of yourself. Do wash your hair, your body, hands etc. It’s better to smell good when you are in a sh*t mood.

¤ Wake up and say something positive about yourself (or write it down). This honestly works! It will help you feel more confident and positive about yourself.

Imagine #160

Imagine Draco buys you a bunch of roses to cheer you up because you are feeling really down one day

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Tôi cứ nghĩ rằng mình ổn nhưng hóa ra đó cũng chỉ là lời biện hộ cho cái trạng thái nửa vời lúc này. Chẳng buồn chẳng vui, ai làm gì cũng không màng quan tâm, thấy xa lạ mọi thứ. Đột nhiên nước mắt ứa ra mà chẳng biết khóc vì cái gì. Rồi cứ nghĩ: “Tại sao con người ta cứ thích làm những chuyện không nên làm, giống như bị viêm họng mà lại đi ăn đá?