// may 5 //
my sleep schedule is really really messed up because before last night I hadn’t slept for 36 hours.
I’m starting to feel very overwhelmed and all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep until this week is over.
I feel like I have too much to do and I don’t know where to start D: ugh. bad day. bad bad day.
in other news I made some pretty pages for my political philosophy final on Thursday :) I thought I would share because I like the way they turned out!

This morning I woke up feeling down, a little hurt and sad. So I made a list of all the great things about myself as a personal reminder that I don't deserve to feel down because of someone else's behaviour.

I am kind to others
I am generous
I make people laugh
I brighten moods
I am caring
I am empathetic
I can sense people’s moods
I am thoughtful
I am helpful
I step up to the plate when no one else does
I take some shit but don’t hang on to it
I am the bigger person
I am friendly and accepting
I am tolerant of things I dislike
I can see both sides of the story
I embrace new things I’ve learned
I try my best to do no harm unto others
I love nature
I love to help people with problems
I am someone people can turn to
I am reliable
I don’t make promises I can’t keep
I am witty
I am gracious
I am forgiving
I go out of my way to make people happy
I am a hard worker
I am deserving of praise and affection
I am a good cook
I am frugal
I am trustworthy
I don’t go back on my word
I am resourceful
I know how to treat myself
I am good at caring for myself
I love my body and all of its quirks
I am open-minded
I have been through some shit and have come out stronger because of it
I am passionate
I am compassionate
I am brave
I am a justice seeker
I believe in equality
I admire myself often
I have good taste
I am loyal to those who treat me with respect and have proven their loyalty to me
I am eager to learn
I am young at heart
I am playful and silly
I have a nice smile
I am relaxed and calm
I am knowledgeable
I am beautiful
I deserve all the love in the world

INTP - For All My Fellow Thinking Types

   Dear Fellow Thinking Types,

   Just remember that when your Feeling-type friend is being picked on, or is feeling really down, comfort them, even if it’s not your forte. This means a lot to them, especially if your friend is the opposite type of you.

   Thank you.