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This is what inspiration looks like.

Some people see music in color. Grammy-winning producer Alex Da Kid is one of them. So when Alex needed inspiration for a new song, the Cognitive Color Design Tool turned powerful imagery into colors that would show Alex the emotion behind five years of cultural data. That’s why Alex Da Kid’s music has so many feels.

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For every step he took toward her, she took two steps back. Every time he thought he’d made some sort of progress, that he’d finally gotten somewhat closer to her, she slipped away again, like a shadow, like the wind, like a ray of light, simply refusing to be captured.
—  so he decided to love her from afar
  • Phichit: Victor kissed you and you said 'thank you'?
  • Yuuri: Yes.
  • Phichit: Well, that was very polite.
  • Yuuri: No, it was stupid. I don't know what I'm doing here.
When someone is stabbed, you’re told not to remove the knife. Once it’s removed, everything begins to fall apart. In less than ten minutes, someone could bleed out.
She still isn’t sure which of them stuck the blade in her stomach, but she refuses to pull it out. Instead, she embraces it. 
“Do you love me,” she asks, still not facing him, “or do you just hate the idea of losing me?”
It’s silent, and she does not know how to read this situation. If she turned around, she knows the emotion would be clear on his face because he has always been an open book. For her, he will always be an open book.
She doesn’t turn around, though, and she realizes that she doesn’t want to see his face—see the destruction that she’s caused. 
He says her name then, and his voice is level; it twists the knife. 
He says, “Why do you do this?”
He says, “I’m not losing you. You’re running away.”
And he says, “I love you—god knows that I love everything about you—but we’re falling apart. You’re tearing us apart.“ 
Finally, she turns around, and she’s not sure what she expected, but it surely was not this. He’s cold, blank, torn apart and carelessly sewn back together. He is covered in her—covered in her heartbreak.
"I need—” He clears his throat, hides any slip of emotion. “I need you to let me go because I don’t have the strength to do it myself.”
And at that moment, she realizes this is no longer a game. All this time she thought she was being selfish with her heart, but this boy—This boy makes her wish things were different; he makes her wish that she was different. 
That’s why she sucks in a rattling breath, and that’s why she forces those selfless words past her lips. She swallows the pain and tries to cure the heartbreak when she says, “You should leave." 
He winces. He looks like he wants to take back his words. He looks like he wants to stay, and he looks like he wants to cross the room in three steps and pull her into his arms and stop her from slipping away like water between his fingers. 
Looks, however, have always been deceiving. 
He leaves, and he takes the knife with him.
—  H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #44

Love is not temporary.

If you feel like you no longer want someone or you feel yourself becoming attracted to another person. Then you were never in love with the person you are/were with. That feeling you are/were feeling is lust or you love the idea of someone. You see love, real love is unconditional and in most circumstances can only be felt with one very special person. This kind of love is like having that one person you know you would do anything for, you would go to extreme lengths just to see them smile. You would fight like crazy but then makeup in no time and laugh about what you were just fighting about. You would know when they were lying because of that little twitch they do with their left eye without even knowing they do it themselves. You look at them and think how crap the world once was when they weren’t in your life. You understand who they are as a person and notice their efforts and embarrassing habits. You feel comfortable but still try your best to show how much you appreciate them. You show enthusiasm in their interests even if you don’t particularly enjoy it. You grow with them and pick them up when they fall, you teach them to walk again when they forgot how to crawl. You spend a lifetime loving them because you know you won’t live forever but that’s okay because you lived through it all together.

—  Tenari Ioapo
So,” she says, “why did you leave?”
“She’d hurt me so much that it had started to hurt her, and I couldn’t stand to see her breaking like that.”
She says, “I think that’s toxic.”
He says, “I think that’s love.
—  H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #43
Kiss me with an unexpected, enveloping kiss that leaves me feeling like I swam into your soul. Show me what you feel. After all, I hear that lips are for communication.
—  B. E. Barnes

Yes I am the girl

The stupid naive girl who will keep falling for your meaningless promises.

The girl who is ready and willing for you to fall back into my arms when you need to escape your chaotic reality.

The girl who you will never really grow to love but the one who will go out of her way to fulfill all your wishes.

The girl who will wait patiently while you go and love other women despite knowing my slim chance with you.

The girl….the girl who you enjoy having around but yes I am the girl you will never fall in love with.

Yes I am the girl…the girl stupidly in love.

—  t.i // I am the girl hopelessly in love.

anonymous asked:

I mean.. how in the hell did they just KNOW they wanted to fuck after staring into each other's eyes for a few seconds? I remember watching it for the first time and saying OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING?!....but I loved it.

Your ask inspired me to actually do another screencap thought description about what was going on inside Ian and Mickey’s heads. See if you agree with it. 

Gallavich first time - dumb Screencap recap