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Ok, but imagine this...

(say this happens sometime after keith joins the group again)

Lance and Hunk are talking about love advice and feelings again, and at the end Hunk just goes “Man, it must be a lot, loving someone. Being in love.” And Keith just happens to be nearby and hears what Hunk says, and scoffs, “Aren’t they the same? Why does there have to be two different terms for the same thing?”

Lance then butts in and says “Uhhh no? They’re completely different and the difference matters.” Then this hopeless romantic gets all passionate and probably says something along the lines of: “Anyone can say they love something or someone, it’s a choice. But being in love isn’t something you can easily control. Sometimes you fall in love for the silliest and most random reasons and you can’t see beyond reason because, well, you’re in love. It’s senseless, it’s weird and you never know who it will be. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’ve fallen in love until you’ve reached the very bottom.” But even after his passionate little speech, and Hunk’s knowing look, Keith, this clueless, clueless boy, just shrugs and says he still doesn’t get why there has to be a difference between the two. But then Lance goes, “You never know mullet, it could be important one day ;)”

It isn’t until later after the team comes back from a tiring mission, that someone cracks a joke or does something to lighten the mood and Lance just laughs, head thrown back, brilliant blue eyes sparkling and smiles wide. Keith then kinda stops, stares and just goes “…oh.” Hunk, noticing his friend go still next to him, asks what’s wrong. And Keith, with the most fondest fucking look on his face (you know, that look), not once taking his eyes off Lance, says quietly, “I think I get it now. I think I get the difference.”


Holy crap Kanji

For the better

Draco still can’t believe his luck. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve this. In fact, considering everything he’s done in the past, he doesn’t deserve any of this. Yet, here he is, three years after the war, happy and content. At least theoretically.

Like most nights, Draco clutches his blanket and stares at the ceiling. Sleeping has been difficult. Not because of the nightmares. They’re not completely gone, but it’s much better now. No, it’s because his chest won’t stop hurting.

He slowly turns his head to gaze at the sleeping man beside him. Draco flinches as his heart gives another painful squeeze. He stretches out his hand and carefully buries it in the mop of black curls, relishing the softness. Harry makes a pleased sound in his sleep and his lips curl up ever so slightly. Draco presses his own lips into a tight line.

Sometimes he feels like his heart is going to burst from all the happiness he feels. It’s like his body can’t cope with it, because it doesn’t know how. He’s never felt like this before. But most importantly, he doesn’t deserve this beautiful and kind man, sleeping next to him.

He still doesn’t understand what made Harry want to go out with him. He even initiated it. And now they’re living together. Draco still has a hard time showing his feelings. How can he be open about it, when he’s so conflicted and doesn’t even know what to feel most of the time? It’s hard to just accept the happiness and the way Harry seems to love him so freely.

Draco thought about ending it numerous times. Harry could do so much better than him. Not that he would ever admit that out loud, but it’s true, Draco thinks sadly. But he is far too selfish to give up on Harry.

When Draco brushes his fingers against Harry’s cheek, the other man stirs and knits his brows together.

“Can’t sleep?” he mumbles without opening his eyes.

Draco smiles at him.

“It’s okay,” he  whispers. “Sorry for waking you.”

Harry takes Draco’s hand and interlaces their fingers. He scoots over to him and buries his face in the crook of Draco’s neck. He inhales deeply and lets out a contented sigh.

Draco feels that familiar squeeze in his chest again. He wraps his arm around Harry and plants a kiss on his hair. In this moment, he vows something to himself. Not a day will go by without him trying to make this beautiful man in his arms as happy as possible. He will do everything in his power to show Harry how grateful he is that Harry chose him, for loving him, for making him want to be a better man. But how?

On the outside, he’s still as haughty and snarky as ever, but his friends keep telling him he’s changed. For the better.

He apologised to Granger and Weasley, but he knows he can do better and he’s determined to do so. Not only for Harry’s sake, but also his own.

And that’s when Draco realises, the only way he can make his boyfriend truly happy, is by being happy himself. 

It won’t be easy. He can’t just stop feeling guilty and undeserving. But he hopes he will get there someday. He can’t erase what happened in the past, but what happens in the future, that is up to him. He’s grateful he even got the chance at having a future, let alone with Harry.

So yes, Draco thinks again, he will do everything he can to make Harry happy. And that, apparently, starts with him admitting he is truly happy himself.

(Dedicated to @starshaping, who always lights up my day 💙)

Catholic Tumblr Gothic
  • You’ve scrolled past that image of the Virgin sixteen times. Have you reblogged it yet? You can’t remember. Ave Maria.
  • You reblog a heartfelt prayer request. “God is not real”, someone feels the need to comment. You pray anyway.
  • Someone is posting in Latin. You can’t read Latin, but you vaguely approve.
  • A Catholic blogger disappears without a trace. Has she apostatized? Joined a convent? Gone to her eternal rest? You will never know.
  • You pray for your followers by their urls. “God, please pour your blessings out upon lesbiantonystark.” He knows what you mean.
  • You read an impassioned defense of the Novus Ordo. You agree with every word. You read an impassioned defense of the Tridentine Mass. You agree with every word.
  • Someone is talking about cervical mucus. This is normal.
  • You know better than to look in the nun tag. Miserere nobis domine.
  • “But what about the Eastern Catholic Churches?” someone demands. Indeed, what about them?
  • You reblog an ironic Crusader meme. At least you think it’s ironic. You can never be certain.
  • You are writing a novel. All of your mutuals are writing novels. The 21st century Catholic literary renaissance has not yet come, but soon.
  • You have very conflicting feelings about Jesuits. Ad majorem Dei gloriam.
  • You post a meme about Jesus. Your atheist followers like it. This is the New Evangelization.

Ok, but do you know how much I want Percy’s little sister to be the reincarnation of Bianca? Just, Bianca being reborn as a little Jackson-Blofis baby?
And Percy being so excited to show her off to his friends and when he shows her to Nico, Nico is just like, “Wait, hold on”
He just KNOWS that it’s Bianca, but she’s not Bianca anymore bc she’s Percy’s sister now but Nico goes out of his way to put a smile on her face and make sure she’s safe and just…I want this so bad.

i’ve had literally 0 inspo but i’ve been really feelin that tomedd vibe ok…

Things I’ll never get over: Aaron “I’ll never walk the streets holding some blokes hand” Dingle, who’s been the victim of horrific homophobic abuse and not even had the time to adjust to life without prison, firmly taking the hand of his husband in his grasp as he walks through a busy pub.

Unbreakable. Incredible. The best of the best. So good.

anonymous asked:

idk about people but i've always thought of pidge as a cisgendered female. i just don't think she's trans. from flashbacks she seems to be comfortable in her female identity and it's explicitly mentioned in the show that she's passing as a guy so people don't suspect she's katie holt.

hi! I think pidge is great in that her gender can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and everyone’s headcannons on that are valid. Pidge does use she/her pronouns and given the mulan feel to her story, i can see why a lot of people see her as cis.

but also that being said i am trans, so personally i do like to think of her as a trans girl or nonbinary. This isn’t really based on the scenes pidge is in so much as the emotion and relatibility those scenes evoke. like, the look on her face when she goes to cut her hair, but she stops and her hand shakes? like she’s throwing a part of her identity away? im a trans boy not out to my family, and i cant tell you how much it hurts to hear comments like “why dont you grow your hair out itll look so pretty” or “that isnt ladylike” so for me, im the opposite. if my hair gets too long, it makes me feel a lot of disphoria, and i need to cut it right away. i could kind of see that same sort of reaction in pidge when she has to cut her hair and she feels like its forfeiting part of herself 

another thing is the way she reacts when shiro calls her katie. it means a lot when everyone’s calling you something that isn’t you and then someone you care about finally reaffirms your identity with your own name. and the line shiro says about keeping it a secret until she’s ready to come out? ya, ive heard that from someone i really trust before. 

something else that’s really relatable is the bathroom scene. like, i cant tell you how many times ive watched it and just thought same

it seems to me like the creators are pretty aware of the implications you could draw from pidge’s gender, and put this in as a reference to that specifically. it’s also worth noting that, while on the surface its funny becuase “ha, alien bathrooms, she can’t tell which is which,” the fact of the matter is, it’s not the stall signs she’s confused about. theyre coded blue and pink, so both we the audience and other characters in universe (hello keith) are perfectly aware of what that means:

and i mean, if anyone is gonna be able to read alien signs, it’s the person who literally made their galra translation program and also learns altean in her spare time. So its a matter of picking one that she’s hesitant about, not a confusion of which is which. lastly, the creators did mention pidge’s gender while talking about possible representation in voltron:

also, while pidge may be cis, being in the closet–having to hide your gender from everybody, feeling like youre living a lie, like you arent who everyone thinks, having to change the way others perceive your identity against your will, the worry about things like public bathrooms, and all the stress and anxiety this stuff causes–these aren’t issues that cis girls have. They are, however, very relatable to trans and nonbinary people, which is why a lot of people, myself included, can kind of see a bit of ourselves in her story. 

so basically just to recap, while pidge could be cis, the problems with her gender identity arent ones that cis girls typically face, and are more relatable to people who are trans or nonbinary, and in many ways her story seems like a metaphor for that, which is why she’s often headcannoned as such. i hope that makes sense?? 

There are two types of people:

Religious people who call you by the correct pronouns and although they may not understand your transition, they respect you as a human being regardless.

Religious people who purposefully call you by the wrong pronoun and make it their mission to disrespect you, even after you or someone else has corrected them.

Don’t be the second. I don’t care if you don’t agree with my transition, it’s rude, shallow and disrespectful.


the next valentines day episode….

this comic just started with me doodling the first panel haha. i might get around to cleaning it one day, who knows

dialogue under the cut in case my chicken scratch is hard to read

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That doesn’t really answer the question though, and I’m sorry. I don’t know what I want to do in the future, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out in the end.

Following in the steps of Sojiro and Yoshida sound equally fun to me haha.



The Arcana icons (2/2) (part one)

These are all from the mobile game @thearcanagame which is an amazing romance game with beautiful art and really cool characters! The art is taken from the game and these icons are free for anyone to use (just like/reblog/credit if you do!)

I’m pretty sure I’m too old now to be attracted to Peter Parker but being attracted to Tom isn’t weird cause he’s like two years older than me. Ya win some ya lose some I guess??

do you ever get in those moods where you wanna write but you don’t know what exactly you wanna write because same

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Can you give me tip on how to write funny stories?

Ah, comedy, the hardest genre of them all!!! What makes people laugh? Not just a giggle, but the pain in the stomach, the tears, and the red face from losing it? Well, if you have a moment, watch these videos:

They are different types of comedies, but have one thing in common: the absurd.

Let me explain. In the first video, Mr. Bean goes to church and the preach gets him sleepy. This is just normal. We all have fought back not to fall asleep during a preach, or a speech, or even at class. We know the feeling of being sleepy in that situation. But Mr. Bean not only falls asleep, he loses total control over his body all the way to the floor. It’s absurd, but funny.

In the second clip, we have the brothers from the awesome Rat Race movie getting in the monster trucks circuit. Getting distracted while driving happens, but the whole sequence after that is absurd. And when we feel a sense of safety as they park the car, we face another absurd situation… the monster truck big jump.   

Roommates are usually hard to deal with, but a roommate playing bongos at 3 in the morning is absurd (I hope).

Working at a factory under the risk of being fired is a known situation, but doing that at an increasing speed is absurd.

That’s what comedy is all about… daily life situations taken to extreme. Find something that people know, and make it bigger, that’s comedy. Let’s use Tumblr as example, we’ve all seen that type of post that says “if you scroll past this, you are heartless”. Well, now imagine a character seeing this post and feeling conflicted over scrolling past. He/she have hours of agony trying to solve the dilemma of reblogging or not or fooling the system, and when he/she finally decides on reblogging, the whole city goes on a blackout.

Try using this technique for creating comedy. :D