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just found your blog and I too and a salty Canadian who hates hockey with a passion! thank you for this i literally cant stand hockey... (took me a couple times to decide to read cp cause i saw it was about hockey and I was like no...)

It’s funny because like I don’t mind hockey as “that thing where you try to put a puck in a net”, I will play hockey with kids I’m looking after and I’m not averse to going to a CWHL game with my girlfriend if she, I, and a game are ever in the same city at the same time.

But there’s this essay I’ve reblogged before with this line, “Canadian women carry Those Hockey Boys like stones in our throats” and it’s resonated with me and a LOT of other people I’ve shared it with. I went to the same schools as boys who went on to play in the AJHL and CHL (fuck, for all I know higher leagues than that, but I’ve aggressively distanced myself from any knowledge of them now.)  Some of them were my bullies, both of the “let’s physically assault and sexually harrass her” and “let’s ask her out as a joke and laugh uproariously when she says yes” varieties (different schools, different boys, same shit).

For people who aren’t from Hockeyland, let me explain just what makes hockey culture so toxic and hockey boys so awful.

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rawrimdragon replied to your post “i don’t understand what’s so fun about being an asshole to your…”

I regularly preface matches with “I’m practicing” if I play a character I don’t main ONLY because people are assholes or even accuse me of being that kind of asshole because I didn’t play along with the normal comp. I just came to play and maybe improve at a hero I normally don’t >.<

that’s TOTALLY a huge problem in itself that i posted on before (someone was super mean to me when i was trying to practice a bit with hanzo and i still haven’t attempted to pick him back up again lol) but in this specific case it was just a pair of assholes who were in a group with each other that were dead set on just  making the game hellish

they started off by both picking mei when we were on attack, and kept blocking us in spawn. like okay whatever, mei assholes i can handle because they’re common enough. but we didn’t have any support characters so i asked if anyone was able (i wanted to try to play tracer that match), but also said that i could switch if we ended up  needing it, because i really didn’t mind.

so of course the two of them end up switching to mercy where they proceed to keep their blasters out the entire match, and when it wasn’t going well the started to call me out like “whoever suggested we go support, i think it was a bad idea”, “yeah man, wtf”, “this dude, lol”, ”you didn’t even ask for heals” and it made me feel like… really shitty? like it wasn’t like i was even demanding like “WE NEED HEALZ” in the beginning of the match, it just would be smart to have a healer, like it always is; and at a moments notice i would have switched to ana if no one else wanted to play support and we got into a tough spot.

it just doesn’t make sense to me. i realize that they were in a group together so it was a power in numbers thing where they were feeding off one another… but i still just don’t get it. what’s so fun about being a jerk? 

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i fell into the tonyrhodey hole, but omg imagine some bad guy casting a curse on tony. he won't wake up unless kissed by a person he's in love with. and he will die if that doesn't happen in 24h. so the whole team gathers and tries to figure it out. they ask some of tony's old girlfriends, they ask pepper. nothing works. and rhodey never thought of trying cause they are bffs, yeah? but as tony is about to die he kisses him. tony wakes up. rhodey is like 'holy shit' because he had no idea

Maybe it was one of Tony’s exes, because they still feel bitter, they still feel like Tony could never love anybody, and they got into leagues with some magic person and they decided on this, because if Tony dies now, it’s not even their fault, because it’s Tony’s fault for not loving someone, right? So they cast the spell, and they gleefully tell the team, and they know, they just know, that Tony could never love someone more than himself, and he is going to die, just like they want.

The team is frantic, they try everything, all the exes they can think of, they ask Pepper, for advice and a kiss, and they come up empty. The team tries it too, when they run out of hours, because maybe, somehow, one of them is the cure to this, but it doesn’t work.

And then Rhodey comes in, he abandoned a mission for this, and he is going to face hell probably later, but he can’t care, he doesn’t, Tony is dying and he was very nearly not there for it. And Rhodey comes up with a few more names, he knows Tony the longest after all, but none of them are working, around 20 people have kissed Tony now, and nothing is working, Tony is still sleeping and time is still running out for them.

So when they only have an hour left, and no more bright ideas, Rhodey asks to be alone with him, it’s his best friend that’s dying there, and also maybe the love of his life if he could ever get to admitting that, and he can’t bare this, he needs to be with Tony when it happens.

The team leaves them be, gives them space, and Rhodey doesn’t know what to do, he can’t lose Tony, this was not how it was supposed to be. But the minutes are ticking away and Tony is still now moving and waking up and Rhodey is just so hopeless and terrified and already grieving, so he slides into bed next to Tony and he holds him close and he kisses his forehead and lips and cheeks, because he figures it won’t hurt, maybe Tony can feel that someone is there with him, maybe it’ll make it easier for Tony.

But then suddenly Tony moves, sluggishly, like he really is just waking up, and instinctively knowing that he is safe, curling into Rhodey like he always does when they wake up like this, and Rhodey doesn’t understand for a second what is happening, it just doesn’t process, because they are best friends, right, Tony never made it look like he was feeling more for him. But then again, Rhodey never let it show either and before Tony is even really awake, Rhodey is crying, he got so close to losing Tony, so close, and now he got him back and maybe will get even more and Tony is all confused, because he doesn’t really remember what happened.

Rhodey gets his control back really quickly and he explains it and Tony is blushing right then and there and it’s the most adorable thing Rhodey has seen, not to mention that Tony looks alive like this and he kisses him again, and again, and Tony squirms and laughs and presses into Rhodey’s kisses and they don’t even notice that the others came looking for them at one point.

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I do blame Daryl for this. Even if he really didn't mean to. Personally, I think this might have been his version of sacrifice. I think he thought it was going to be him getting the bat, not anyone else. But regardless, this was his fault and I'm actually very mad at him. I'm a mess over this. And also, good on Abraham for not breaking. That whole "suck my nuts" thing was perfect for his character. He got one last sarcastic comment. Negan never broke him and great now I'm crying again. 😭😭😭

Yup same.  I can’t blame you for that.  I imagine a lot of people feel the same way.  And yeah that was great.  It was kind of nice to see Abraham go out like that after feeling so bitter towards him after the way he treated Rosita last season.  I mean to say it wasn’t nice to see him die but see him go out in true Abraham fashion.

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I feel bad breaking away from someone who’s very toxic and I am crying like a baby and I still love him but I know I can’t be with him. It’s so odd because I know I am doing the right thing for myself- but there’s a bitter feeling in knowing that we will never work things out and it’s officially over. Does this even make sense?

it does make sense. a person can be both some one you care about and also someone that has no place in your life. with time, you’ll feel better hun. but i would encourage you to keep separating yourself from this toxic person. you deserve better

Spider-Man: Cyberwar

While Linkara explains the situation to Nella on the phone, Pollo explains to Eliza that five years ago, Nella died and her body was possessed by something that identified itself as a “quasi-demonic intergalactic force of evil”, wreaking havoc as Dark Nella. Nella tells Linkara that whatever’s haunting him probably isn’t the force itself, as it would have possessed one of them by now. Linkara asks if there’s anything she can remember about the experience, and she recalls the feelings of hatred, bitterness, and resentment that the force latched onto, and the overwhelming feeling of superiority. She’s sure that the force is gone, but she recalls that Dark Nella had followers who might be carrying on her work. Finally, she warns Linkara not to give into anger and resentment, that ultimately the force was defeated by focusing on joy and laughter.

Later, Linkara gets a call from Viga, who is partying with some astronauts. She had no trouble leaving the house, to Linkara’s surprise. He asks her to come back and bring a cyclotron and a particle condenser with her - he has a plan to deal with this ghost problem.

  • when someone says my fave character isn't their fave:what??? how could you not love them???? they're the best character ever in this universe!!!!! i wish you could see how incredible they are!!
  • when someone says my fave character is their fave too:...okay...but you know...i love them more right...lets just be clear...they are my fave first...

why is it that white ppl used to make fun of us during lunch for eating the food we grew up with and now all the suddenly it’s ‘hip’ and 'cool’  to have on your instagrams and shit because it makes you 'authentic’ and 'unique’ like you can’t expect us to forget all the times you sent us home crying to our parents over how our food smelled 'funny’ or begging our parents to just make us a 'normal lunch’ because that’s what everyone else ate

Just a reminder that Octavia Blake spent the first sixteen years of her life hiding under floorboards in a tiny room in space and yet she’s a thousand times more competent at being a decent human being than 90% of the characters on this show. 


“Underneath all of the programming and underneath what has happened to him there is still  B u c k y  B a r n e s  and there is still an American patriot and hero.” (x)

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:poussey washington was such a kind, sweet person and was genuinely good. heck, even her inmate picture is adorable. she was so sad and alone for such a long time but she finally found someone to love who loves her back and were actually planning their future together. she found an interest in cooking and planned to get a job doing that after prison. she deserved the world and had so much going for her but now she just gets to have her own headstone in the byg trope graveyard