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i feel like jjp and jjp stans are dead and im sad

just like jjp we go through our ‘jjp is alive’ and ‘jjp is dead’ phases. but you best believe that at the first sign of jjp us jjp stans are gonna rise like mummies awakened from our tombs!!

i could make one of my jjp photosets if that’ll make you feel better? or there’s a cute clip from jjproject era I’ve been wanting to sub and post


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Trisha is trash. *hides*

The chick is definitely that and more lol 

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Why would you re-hire asia omg…

Right?? I guess his uncle thinks they can “kill two birds with one stone”…get her to do what is needed and keep her from spreading info…may not be the best idea lol

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Like literally Trisha has nothing better to do with her life than to stir up drama… Like how sit yo ass down somewhere damn!!!

Exactly…Go find some other rich dude to stalk lol

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……….I have no comment at this time

LMAOO….I feel you that would be my reaction too.

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If Trish don’t get her good gahdamn…every time this bitch get rejected she be on some oh don’t think about coming back. Like….go choke on a dick. Anywayyyyy I really need Mo to tell Leah what’s going on….

Yup…He don’t want you 👏👏 boo boo lmao…And hiding shit never works though lol

Kun singing and playing piano (1/5) [cover of What Kind of Man - Jay Chou]


Candice Swanepoel Gets Back Up with a Smile After Tripping on Runway at Givenchy during New York Fashion Week

I want to talk about Candice’s fall one last time just so I can clarify my take on the whole story.

Candice handled the fall really well, with so much professionalism and grace. Though she was offered help, she got up on her own, quickly made light of the situation, and then went on to complete her walk.

This incident shows how even a Victoria’s Secret Angel has her imperfect moments. We’re all human and unfortunate things happen to the best of us.

Though her Instagram post may be an indication, no one knows how Candice truly feels about what happened. (And we don’t know how bad her injury was either.) All we can wish for is that Candice is feeling better and recovering quickly.

Candice, if you’re reading this, please know that we are all so proud of you for staying strong and maintaining composure in a time of such distress. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

❤ Your Swans