feeling a physical attraction

Romantic love, I think, requires a degree of physical attraction, but devotion is needed to maintain it as an actual relationship. Physical attraction is a feeling you don’t really have control over, but devotion is something that has to be chosen. So, ideally… I suppose it’s passion combined with the commitment to value someone else completely above oneself.
—  Angela N. Blount, Once Upon a Road Trip

My dear lgbt+ kids,

Asexuality is defined by something you do not feel - and that can make it a very confusing thing! 

“Asexuals don’t feel sexual attraction” sounds simple - but what even is sexual attraction? How can you know if you’ve never felt it?

This dilemma is one of the reasons many people have not “always known” they’re asexual. If you have no idea what sexual attraction is (because you’ve never felt it), it’s very easy to assume that this thing you do feel is probably sexual attraction. 

This thing might be: libido, arousal, romantic attraction, aesthetic attraction.. 

But the truth is that asexual people can (and many do) feel all those things - and are still asexual! 

It can be hard to slap a definition on such things because they’re such “blurry”, hard-to-grasp concepts but I’ll try to write down some (simplified) definitions to help you distinguish between them: 

Sexual attraction is “Wow, I want to have sex with that person.” 

Romantic attraction is “Wow, I want to have a romantic relationship with that person”. 

Aesthetic attraction is “Wow, that person is beautiful to me” 

Libido is “Wow, my body wants to have sex right now” 

Arousal is “Wow, my body is reacting to stimulation” (This stimulation might be sexual touch or sexual thoughts but can also be non-sexual touch or thoughts that trigger a physical reaction “down there”) 

Asexual people don’t feel sexual attraction but can feel any or even all of the other things - It doesn’t make you any less asexual if you do! <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Virgo - The Letters of Love

The Virgo allure is endearing wit, bright eyes, and communication that can make strangers feel at ease. The more comfortable the Virgo becomes, the more sweeping and saturation conversation becomes. They can be transporting and seductive. But Venus is at fall in Virgo, so the expression of love does not come so easily. They are detached enough to be serial heartbreakers. Their youthful and responsive spirit can even seem flirtatious, so people can misread signals. The purity of Virgo however, expresses love in its wholesome form, reflecting their cleansing Sheaf Bearer. Their natural labor is love. Energy is produced on behalf of other people, so they can literally live for lovers. Communication is their communion, and they know when you need advice, silence, or space. Virgo associates with the mind. Conversation can be as intimate as sex for Virgo. But their earthy nature generates intense physical needs, so there is nothing undemonstrative about Virgo. They desire to make lovers happy. They commit themselves to lovers sexually, often subordinately. There is a great respect for partners and diversion from drama or controlling behaviour. 

Virgos would rather have relationships acting as an addition to life rather than a requirement. They feel dependency is unfair to partners. Devoted and collaborative in love, Virgos rely on team work to maintain the partnership and enjoy watching the success story of loved ones. The sign of Virgo is renowned for its discrimination and perfectionism. They will prefer to sit back and patiently observe their object of desire before making their move. Their blind pursuit of perfection can paint unrealistic ideals of lovers, so Virgos can feel deeply betrayed when their loved one makes a mistake or hurts them. Emotion and love is intangible, and when Virgos cannot grab ahold of something it throws off their inner equilibrium entirely. The individual may feel a close physical, emotional, and intellectual attraction to somebody but regress when the moment comes. Love can be displayed through physical service and helpful acts like running errands, planning, or repairing. 

Virgos are easily swooned, and can become saturated by lust - yet they can be too shy to admit it. The inner hysteric in Virgo warns the individual of making the wrong move and exaggerates self consciousness. Every move they make will be deeply evaluated. Like they can spend hours internally deliberating on how to respond to a message. When partners think they are being ignored, Virgo has simply retreated into their own bubble, engaged in the comfort in the home of their thoughts, fearful, and often rife with self hatred. Within every Virgo is a heart that aches for love, yet they are not willing to compromise their order to fit that person in, that person must just ‘fit in’, and this proves its righteousness to Virgo. 


(art: Heatherlee Chan)

i really hate to bring up d*scourse on here but i feel like i can’t keep running this blog unless i address this, and if you’re not a lesbian please do not on add to this post.

please stop shaming lesbians for expressing their love of p*ssy. please stop shaming lesbians for being “exclusive” and “close-minded.” it’s concerning seeing other lgbt people on this site saying that “lesbians are gross for only liking p*ssy” and that “they need to stop.” sex-based attraction exists, the way we feel arousal is based on physical attraction and it’s h*mophobic to shame lesbians (and gay men) for it.

i’ve seen the posts: “if you’re a lesbian and you won’t have sex with a tr*ns woman because she has a p*nis you’re a tr*nsphobe,” anyone who disagrees is called a “terrible person,” and lesbians who disagree are automatically labeled as “t*rfs who deserve to die.” i’m concerned that no one reblogging these posts seems to care about how guilt-trippy and manipulative this rhetoric is, nobody owes anyone sex under any circumstance. 

i have gotten anonymous asks by thirteen year old girls saying that they’ve been the subject of call-out posts made by adults calling them tr*nsphobic even though they support tr*ns women, and now they wish they liked d*ck but they can’t and they feel terrible for it. this rhetoric tells lesbians that they will be fine with d*ck once they “get used to it,” so they should essentially force themselves through sexual experiences they’re not aroused by because eventually they’ll forget to feel sick. it causes the same shame and guilt that lesbians are subjected to while existing in a heteronormative world, dealing with straight conservatives and h*mophobes who say that they “just need to find the right man,” or that “the right d*ck will fix them,” even to the extent of corrective r*pe.

lesbians are not broken, lesbians are not disgusting, and lesbians are not inherently hateful because of their sexual attraction. i just think it’s really disturbing that lesbians are shamed for their attraction from both progressives and conservatives.

if you disagree with me, you obviously have the freedom to block/unfollow this blog, but i am begging you to please think critically about the rhetoric you see on this site. think critically about this post, think critically about what your mutuals post, and think critically about posts you see with 100k notes (there’s a reason people call this website an echo chamber). think critically about the arguments you disagree with, and think critically about your own.

The angels – they don't care.

I think maybe they just don’t have the equipment to care. Seems like when they try, it just… breaks them apart. 

- Dean 7x21.

This, in the same episode as:

This is to me when Dean hypothetically gives up on whatever he had thought were his feelings towards Cas. 

He believes these kind of feelings if they were ever potentially reciprocated would break Cas and not only does he have his own baggage but this is not what he wants for Cas. 

This is where he starts really repressing it, while at the same time coming to really truly LOVE him over time rather than the initial overwhelming crush and intense, unwanted feelings.

It’s amazing to watch him simultaneously repress and develop this feelings over the years, we see less physical indications of attraction and throwaway flirty comments but heaps more emotional indications of love and affection. 

All leading up to this moment in 12x12 where he sees how far Cas has fallen, how much he is broken and, tellingly, Cas tells Dean it is his doing.

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Of course Dean is upset and angry. He’s upset and angry with himself.

Now he needs to accept not only Cas’s own decisions and desires but to accept that he himself is worthy of those decisions and desires that apply to him it in order to reciprocate. 

And of course there’s a lot more stuff that is already being addressed as everyone has been meta-ing about like mad since, well, a long time, but this has all become hugely more textual and more resolved this season especially.

Now there isn’t much left in the way apart from Dean’s own emotional baggage, which is also being addressed this season in a BIG way.

Exciting times.

Thinking About You // Park Jimin


the prompt: hellooo !! can i request a Jimin fluff where like you guys are friends and stuff but he’s like fuckboy!jimin and y'all decide to hang out by the pool and it ends up being rlly fluffy!!!

words: 1448

category: fluff! + drabble?

author note: i tried so hard to write jimin as an fboy but i think i may have failed (idek). he’s just so soft :/hope you like the direction i took it in! (also i kinda made him a swimmer? you said pool and i thought of swimming athlete jimin so…)(also pls enjoy the gif below)

- destinee

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Aries needs challenging mental, physical, and emotional stimulation.

Taurus appreciates physical stimulation of many kinds. It connects with them on powerful but also positive and negative levels.

Gemini NEEDS that mental stimulation and mental connections.

Cancer is attracted to emotional stimulants.

Leo is attracted to stimulants that feed the ego. From clothing/makeup to drinking champagne to the feeling of winning a game.

Virgo is attracted to mental and physical stimulants. They crave stimulants that get them in touch with out of the ordinary despite their routine nature. 

Libra moves towards stimulants that are rewarding mentally, beware of addiction with this tendency. (i.e. Following bad behavior via peer pressure because the praise and attention may “feel good”. Or a possible drug that stimulates them mentally)

Scorpio is attracted to any intense stimulant, physically, spiritually, mentally, and especially emotionally.

Sagittarius goes towards any stimulant that makes their heart beat faster. Physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional.

Capricorn is all about physical stimulants, especially if they give a feeling of security and/or stability.

Aquarius wants to be mentally stimulated and even reach a point of spiritual stimulation in life.

Pisces wants emotional and spiritual stimulation but easily falls into addictive behavior to reach these stimulants. (Drugs or alcohol) 

anonymous asked:

Here's some love for all the touchdeprived aces who mistake their want for contact with sexual attraction. Here's some love for all the aroaces who love kissing people and have physical contact without feeling sexually/romantically attracted to those people. Here's some love for all autistic aspec people who struggle to understand attraction and feel like they're not valid, you are!!



listen folks i’m just gonna come out and say it the way i see it;

vaxleth is sweet and shmoopy and adorable and reverential, the kind of relationship where if/when they have sex it’s not really about the sex at all, it’s about something deeper, profound, it’s about the intimacy and the tenderness and the act of physically touching each other, orgasming is just a nice side effect, like a REALLY nice side effect, okay wow cuz like kiki’s hot and vax is hot and they’re both just like wow that was hot

perc'ahlia is kinky and wild and it’s about fucking, it’s 100% about the physical attraction they feel for each other and the really awesome sex they have and just fucking each other’s brains out except in those quiet little moments right afterwards where they’re alone and naked together and neither of them needs to hide anything or keep up any appearances and they don’t need to be sarcastic and they don’t need to put on masks and they can just be honest and love each other

like. they basically have fundamentally opposite relationships. vaxleth starts from tender adoration and goes into REALLY GOOD SEX, and perc'ahlia starts from fucking like rabbits and goes into sweet love confessions and intimate moments

and i love both ships so much for precisely that reason.

Breathe You In - A Sidlink playlist

(I couldn’t find any Sidlink playlists on 8tracks, so I had to remedy that.)

Track List:

1. King - Lauren Aquilina (Link’s past as a Champion)

2. Believer - Imagine Dragons (Link fighting in the wild)

3. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake (Meeting Prince Sidon)

4. Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)  - Hozier (Struggling with feelings)

5. Underwater - Mika (Mutual feelings!)

6. Help I’m Alive - Metric (Overwhelming feelings)

7. Animal - Neon Trees (Growing physical attraction)

8. Flesh - Simon Curtis (You know where this is going)

I’d apologise, but I’m not sorry.

I’ve had crushes and hopeless dreams, physical attractions and infatuations, and pure feelings of want and desire, but never have I been so deeply and througholy in love with someone, until now.
—  you’re different

Quick fact. Ready?
Feeling attracted to someone is the result of a certain portion of our brain within the prefrontal cortex. This is the front part of our brain right above our eyes.

Venus Sign (Part 1)

• Aries: They are ardent, passionate, jealous but inconstancy. It reflect the desire to be in command. Demostrativitate in love, sentimental effusions, passion. Predisposition for love at first sight. Feelings are not sustainable: it starts suddenly, burns like burning straw and then fire dies. 

Taurus: Sensual and seductive. They like to “hunt”, to pursue their “prey”. Wire love, deep feelings and lasting emotions. Attraction for physical pleasures. They are jealous, possessive and need security in a relationship. Express their love concretely. 

• Gemini: Playful, unpredictable. They like to declare their love in the most inventive ways; difficult to maintain because they are constantly in search of innovation. Gentle, sentimental, romantic but full of whims moods. They are attracted by intellectual pleasure. Penchant for intense relational life, but without a strong emotional involvement. Predisposition to flirt. Emotions are “intellectualised”, dominated by a reason. 

• Cancer: Dreamy, loyal, sweet, seductive and devotated. They love to cuddle or be cuddled and have a protective attitude. Gentle, sentimental, romantic but full of whims moods. They are attracted by family idea and they want tenderness and affection. 

• Leo: Capable of anything for the loved person. They like to lead the relationship and associate love with pomp. Egocentrism and the desire to enjoy the life to the maximum. They love sincere, passionate, fiery. They may be materialistic. 

• Virgo: Shy, cold attitude, reserved. They analyze their partner well because they have very precise standards in their choice and they love rational and capable of great devotation people. They express their feelings practical, simple, pure, inocent and devotational. Their feelings may be discreet, modest and reserved. 

 • Libra: Romantic, dreamy and sympathetic. They don’t have too deep feelings and get bored quickly. Attraction to pleasure. They focus on idea of partnership and they want to have someone who looks good; they need to attract atention in society. 

• Scorpio: Passionate, erotic, possessive, jealous with a particular sexual magnetism. They are capable of extreme feelings, going from the most intense love to the worst hate. Attraction for pleasure and sex. They want all or nothing. 

• Sagittarius: Full of temperament, enthusiastic. They want to be in love and express their feelings optimistically, expansive and generous. Instability in the sentimental life, adventurous impulses, the possibilty of having parallel relationships. They can’t guarantee fidelity. 

• Capricorn: Seriousness, loyalty, depth. The foolish actionand the seething passion are missing. They try showing love through deeds, ignoring words.They seek understanding and support more than spiritual warmth. Sentimental side is austere, cold, rigid. 

• Aquarius: They are tactful, fascinating, fun, full of fantasy with a benevolent attitude that avoid imposing rules. They seek relations based on friendship, affinity of ideas, freedom and mutual trust. Manifest sentimentally. 

• Pisces: Dreamy, delicate, romantic, selfless in love. The feelings are deep, impregnated with compassion, dedication and sacrifice capacity. A large dose of romance, tenderness and ability to abandon in love.The ability to give oneself completely.

Witchy Tip #2

This tip is so important that I’ve tagged it as both Witchy Tip and Spellcraft 101.


I used to think I was just a shitty witch cuz all my spells took so long - making me question whether what I considered “results” were manifestations of spellwork or coincidence. This was until just very recently. I did a spell on the 30th, and it manifested as early as the 2nd. To add to that, this spell was a one-shot working, which I don’t believe in (I believe in repeating spellwork until they manifest, and that once is almost never enough). This is tremendous progress from taking MONTHS before seeing a spell come to reality.

This, of course, made me question what in the spell was so special and so right that I went from Bonnie Bennett to Fiona Goode. Simple: I grounded my spell.


  1. Finish your whole spell. Raise energy, finish chanting, boil this, cut that, sacrifice this, eat this baby, etc.
  2. Have a complete grasp of the spell in the astral. Your spell at the moment is like a really dense cloud of energy and power. Have a full mental grasp of that entire abstract “cloud”. It may or may not look like an actual cloud - it’s just an analogy.
  3. Pull and drag it down into the physical plane. I clenched my fist - grasping the spell - and pulled downward towards myself. Feel that you are dragging the whole spell into manifestation into your reality.
  4. Feel that you are living in your spell. You’ve already dragged it down from the astral and into reality. Congratulations. Congratulate yourself. Feel the reality you live in as being the spell you’ve envisioned and cast.


For Step 1: You have to finish a spell before grounding it because what you’ll be grounding is the spell you’ve finished. I think this should be simple enough.

For Step 2: Mentally grasping the spell is like throwing a net. You have to be specific with what you’re dragging into manifestation. You also wanna make sure that you’ve covered everything that you want to manifest.

For Step 3: Like I’ve mentioned earlier, spells are really just dense clouds that linger on the astral when they’ve been cast. They’ll find their way into manifesting eventually somehow, but you can be the agent of that manifestation. By pulling astral matter into physical existence, you’ve effectively manifested your own magick. The whole point of magick is to bring your thoughts to manifest into the physical world. Dragging them into the physical with your power and skill through this method does that.

For Step 4: There’s two ways of looking at this. By dragging a spell into the physical, you would, of course, feel as though you’re living in it. You’re living within the manifested reality that you’ve worked magickally to come to be. Step 4 is almost a knee-jerk reaction to Step 3; you would feel a spell if you pull it into the physical.

The Law of Attraction also talks about putting yourself in the disposition of receiving that which you want. This doesn’t only go for the positive, but also for the negative. If you believe that you will fail, you will think as though you’ve failed, act as though you’ve failed, and effectively become a failure. By mentally living “inside your spell”, so to speak. So, by living your spell, you bring it into manifestation by syncing your mundane actions with your magickal work.

“No wonder you can’t do it; you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin.“ -Pai Mei

I wish to praise Hekate through this post.

Every Me And Every You - Twenty One

When you woke up again the next day you were alone in the bed. Shifting position, you tugged the kimono that had been discarded in the night back on, and searched in your bag for your phone.


You checked your messages and social media apps, responding to a few friends before deciding it was time to get out of bed. Just as you were about to throw the covers back, the bedroom door opened and Spencer entered, a tray in his hands.

“Good morning. I was starting to think you really were Snow White for a while there. How’s your head?”

“It feels okay. Sleep seems to have done it’s job and got rid of the headache.” You rolled your neck on your shoulders, releasing the tension that was still pent up, hearing your neck crick. Spencer cringed.

“Sorry, it does that sometimes.”

He crossed the room, perching on the side of your bed and lowering the tray to you.

Coffee and orange juice. Pancakes and syrup, with a side of bacon.

“I thought you couldn’t cook?”

Spencer grinned. “I can’t. I can pour coffee and juice really well though, and the cafe down the road can cook and luckily, provide take out.”

“Well I appreciate it all the same.” You adjusted yourself on the bed, wincing as the cover dragged over your chest as you sat up.

“Sore?” he asked, noticing the wince.

“Not sore, they don’t hurt. Just…. Extremely sensitive.”

“Good sensitive or bad sensitive?”

“Currently, good sensitive. I mean, they’re sensitive at the best of times but the slightest touch would erm… Well you know.”

He raised an eyebrow at you. “The slightest touch would turn you on, is that what you’re trying to say Y/N?”

“Pretty much.”

“That’s good to know. Anyway, eat up before it gets cold and I’ll fill you in our plans for the day, providing you’re still happy to go ahead with what was discussed last night?”

“The role play? I’m still happy to try,” you told him, feeling a sense of excitement already. You started tucking into your food, the pancakes delicious.

“Excellent. It’s been a good few months since I’ve had chance to do this. You’re familar with the concept enough for me to not have to explain the ins and outs yes?”

“Well yeah, I mean come on Spence, the amount of role plays we’ve had to do on training courses. Albeit, they were a totally different kind.”

“And I’m very happy they were. The last course I had to go on was led by Morgan. I would have walked out if it was same kind of role play that we’ll be doing today.”

“Does the chocolate thunder not do it for you?” you teased, using Garcia’s nickname for Derek.

Spencer chuckled lowly. “Nope he most definitely does NOT.”

Something about the way he answered you made you ask the next question.

“He doesn’t do it for you because he’s got a penis right?.”

No answer.


Reid just stared back at you, his eyebrows raised again waiting for you to get it.

“Spencer…. Really?”

“Really what, Y/N.”

“Have you…. Are you…. Do I even want to?”

“I’m not gay, obviously. I’m not even sure what I’d label myself as. I’ve never been in a relationship with a man.”

“But you have….. had sex with a man?” you whispered the last part, although you weren’t sure why.

“Yes. I’ve experimented with a man. I’ve had my eyes opened up to a lot of different things over the years.”

Oh your little brain was having trouble with this one.

Spencer being into BDSM was one thing, Spencer having had sex with a guy was another.

He looked at you thoughtfully, trying to read you.

“Does that bother you, Y/N? That I’ve been with a man. You’ve got a pretty strange look on your face right now.”

You were sure you had.

“It doesn’t bother me, no. Not that. It’s just…… Every preconception I had about you is being smashed to pieces. None of this would surprise me if it coming from Morgan, or even Rossi. But….you just seem so innocent and…..I dunno. I should stop being surprised that you’re turning out to be the complete opposite of what I imagined.”

“And what did you imagine exactly?”

“I…. I don’t know.” You set your knife and fork down, done with your food.

“No come on. You said you had preconceptions about me. What were they?”

“Alright. Giving the teasing I saw from Morgan and Prentiss when I first joined the team, initially I presumed you were still a virgin. Which surprised me given your age, but you did very little to dispel that. I can’t remember exactly when I realised that you weren’t, but you said something and I thought ‘oh so he’s not’ but he obviously doesn’t get it very often.”

“Carry on. I can tell there’s more.”

“Okay… So then I figured you were some hopeless romantic who’d probably waited until he was like 25 before he lost it.”

“16,” he told you.

“Younger than I was. I was 18. Which again, shocks me. You’re just so awkward around girls at work or when we’re out. I don’t get it.

He shifted on his bed, tucking one of his long legs underneath him.

“What don’t you get exactly?”

“Why you act that way at work. When you’re clearly not as awkward as you let on.”

“It’s not an act Y/N. I AM awkward around other females until I get to know them. I’m weird and I talk too much about things no one cares about. Outside of work when I’m by myself, I’m a lot more…. prepared to take risks, when there’s no one to watch me get shot down or fall flat on my face. But in work, or around the team…. Well put me next to Morgan or Hotch or even Rossi and I’m the least appealing of them.”

“No you’re not,“ you replied, unbelieving that he could even think that.

“I’m fine with it Y/N. Really, I am. Stand me next to Derek Morgan with his abs and his pick up lines and I’d lose everytime. So I don’t even put myself up against him, there’s no point. I have my own thing and I enjoy my own thing, I’m good at it. And it’s really not an act. It’s just I feel more comfortable and at ease in certain scenarios than others.”

“Okay. Fair enough. I get that. But Spencer…..you wouldn’t lose everytime. Trust me on this. I’ve seen the way girls look at you when we’re out as a team. You get just as much attention as Morgan, you just choose not to see it.”

“Maybe I do, and maybe you’re right. I’m just not as confident as you are around the people we work with. Put me in my own comfort zone though and I’m fine.”

“But that’s a comfort zone you hide from everyone else.”

“And it’s a zone you’re hiding too.”

He was right. You’d never willingly tell the others that you’d been experimenting with BDSM, although it had nothing to do with who you were experimenting with.

“There’s still a stigma attached to it isn’t there. That’s why we’re not honest and open about it. You heard the jokes Derek and even Emily were making about the Doms and subs when we were out on that case. Oh god….. Spencer, I’m sorry. How uncomfortable he must have made you.”

Your companion shrugged, picking up the orange juice you hadn’t touched and taking it sip of it.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable. But you’re right. There’s a stigma. People into BDSM, people into anything other than the ‘sexual norm’ are still viewed as deviants or perverts. In our line of work, I can do without being judged because of what I like to do in my spare time and I’m sure that you can appreciate that just as much right now.”

You definitely, 100 percent, could.

“Spencer… Why me then? Why did you tell me when I asked? If it had been Emily or Penny, would you have opened up?”

He stared into your eyes momentarily before answering.

“Because I’d watched you all week, your curiosity was showing in your actions. The way you handled the evidence, the way you talked to the workers at the clubs or the witnesses. And you never once cracked a joke about the lifestyle. You were interested and I could tell. So when you asked, I figured I’d be honest. I trusted you enough not to say anything and to respect my privacy and you clearly trusted me enough to be open and honest about your curiosity, and then to ask me to do these things with you.”

“I trust you with my life, Reid.”

“As do I you. I also trusted that you’d take this for what it was and not find it weird that we’re two colleagues, fucking each others brains out in the strangest of ways.”

You laughed at that. You had found it strange initially, but not because it was a colleague, just because it was him. But it was so easy to be yourself around him and so far it had been easier for this to not affect work. Because you HAD taken it for what it was. A bit of fun, a curiosity that was being satisfied. There weren’t any feeling involved other than friendship and a mutual physical attraction. And that made it easy.

“Speaking of fucking each other in strange ways…. I’m done with breakfast. Are we moving on to sexy spanky times?”

“Sexy spanky times…..You make it sound like you want to me bent over my desk and paddled.” He licked his lips slowly, his eyes trailing down your face to your chest.

“Maybe I do. But only if I’ve been bad and deserve it.”

Yeah.. Dirty talk was not your forte.

Although by the flicker in his eyes then, perhaps you weren’t as bad as you thought.

“Okay. Get up, get bathed and dressed. It’s 10am now, that gives me time to set up in the living room.”

“Set up?”

“Rearrange it into an office of sorts. And to change into a suit. You report for work at 11am. No later, alright.”

“Yes Dr Reid.”

He shot you a look. “None of that. Sir will do nicely thank you. Black french knickers and the bra that fastens at the front please. Hair up, I don’t mind how. And stockings please. Yellow or red at anytime.”

“Yes…. Sir.”

He reached over and ran his thumb over your bottom lip, you poking your tongue out and licking it lightly.

“I could get to use to that coming from your mouth.”

Maybe you could too.

He tian cares for Mo ❤️

So something that made me really realize that He Tian has more feelings for Mo Guan Shan than just attraction or lust is that he doesn’t just protect him physically. But he wants to protect him from getting hurt emotionally too.

He did beat up She Li for him which was amazing but he also cares about him emotionally too. He told Mo that he “didn’t have to shoulder everything all by himself” .

That’s so beautiful to me and shows that He Tians feelings for Mo are deeper and more tender than just pure physical attraction.

Just Friends

Request: Hi there! Could you maybe write a story where the reader is a member of the team but just uses one of the guys for sex (you can pick the guy)? Maybe the guy could either develop feelings for them and they spurn the romantic advances or the guy is worried that the reader will develop feelings but they guarantee that they won’t. I think it’d be interesting to see the guys put in a situation they’re not used to of having non-reciprocated feelings, just physical attraction. Thanks! :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut, oral (female receiving), rejection (poor Dean)

Word Count: 878

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

You and the boys were back at the motel room after a hunt. You’d all showered and were just hanging out. You walked out of the bathroom in a pair of short shorts and a skin tight tank top, with no bra. You noticed the look that Dean gave you as you stood in front of the mirror to dry your hair. You returned the look he gave you and shook your backside a little for him

“Guys!” Sam shouted, shaking you and Dean back to reality.

“Sure Sammy, tacos sound fine.” he said, Sam getting up to leave.

“You just wanted an excuse to get him out of here” you told Dean as he stood up and walked your way. You put the hair dryer down and started combing through your hair.

“We haven’t had much time together lately.” he said as he came up behind you.

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