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anonymous asked:

How do you do the eyes? They're so expressive and cute!!

Hmm it’s kinda hard to explain but as for expressive, I mostly focus on pupil and eye shape~ Your pupils dilate when you’re happy/see something you love, and they become smaller when angry/threatened/scared. I usually pair that up with eye shape, as something round is cute and soft, but angular/sharp can come off as dangerous/threatening! Your eyes also widen or squint, too, with expressions

But I always pair it up with eyebrows if I can! The whole face is what makes something expressive ahaa

Altho for how I do the eyes, I wouldn’t recommend following these steps exactly of just straight copying since this a style thing, unless you’re doin it to learn aha

Not like I stay consistent anyways, the eyes on this blog have a lot of extra steps I tend to use now and then when I’m feelin up to it