feelin the aster

I Knew You Were Trouble

Zatanna: A heavy rain was falling in Bludhaven the moment she stepped out of the zeta tubes. She seemed to feel the cold drops evaporating upon touching her skin; actually she was so mad she could feel her blood boiling. Moving fast along the streets, it took her no time to arrive at his building. She ran up the stairs, leaving a trail behind her; and a small pool of water started forming at her feet when she stopped at his door and started banging on it. “Open up, it’s Zatanna,” she cleared her throat in an attempt to soften her tone. “We need to talk.”

Dick Grayson: Dick’s head snapped up from his paperwork sprawled across the coffee table at the banging on his door. Landlord, maybe…? His eyes widened in surprise at the familiar voice, glancing toward the downpour outside the window as he stood, reaching over to close the case files, scoop them into a haphazard pile and slide it under his laptop. Padding over to the door he slid back the deadbolt and undid the chain, pulling it open and stepping aside to allow her in. "Zee? What’re you doing here?”

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