feelin so happy


My first ever @americanapparel purchase, and to be honest, the fit is worth the price👍🏻


What do you do when you’re off work with a knee infection? Take mad aesthetic selfies obviously. Look at my face. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. (and then reblog pls i love you lets share this cute little face)

Okay but consider this:

pokemon au where Kenma grows up with an Eevee and a Ralts (Eevee eventually evolves into Espeon, and Ralts into Gardevoir)

bc Ralts is the feels pokemon and I imagine that Kenma would be encouraged to feel more positive as he grows up since if he’s sad then Ralts will also be sad and no one wins but even if he’s sad then Ralts can just quietly be there w him like it just works idk man

and Espeon and Gardevoir are both protective of their trainer and BONUS Eevees are cute af so who loses here- def not Kenma

dr33g  asked:

jake w/ his friends..jake helpin chloe ask brooke out..jake being so awful at video but playin w/ jeremy and michael w/ the biggest grin bc theyre his friends n he loves them..jake askin jenna abt her day aside from the gossip bc he cares n wants to be there for her..jake listenin to musicals w/ christine..jake gettin froyo with brooke n while it isnt his favorite thing hes spending time w/ her which makes him happy..jake w/ his bf rich n feelin so happy n he cant even comprehend how happy he is

jake!!! my boy!!!!! a good boy!!!! a good friend!!!! what a sweetheart!!


@m0nst4x >  it’s 00:46 here so technically speaking it’s 06.27 so it’s your birthday!! 💝 happy birthday! 🎉🎉 i hope you have a wonderful day and that you get to eat a really good cake because ofc it’s the best part of birthdays lmao (it’s a sh*tty edit but i did my best i’m not satisfied with it but i changed it like 4 times already T_T) and all loves from me to you 💖 edit: it’s 00:53, i took 7 minutes to post this lmao