And then comes the waiting game. The worst part of it all. Everything seems great but then the texts stop coming as frequently and you’re analyzing every little thing and wondering where it all went wrong. Clearly he hates you now and it was all so good until you fucked it up.
—  Midnight thoughts (I wish I could get out of my own head)

Shikamaru Hiden, Chapter Three

Translator’s note: This chapter got me right in the heart, it really did. As always, not my writing. Thanks to 0negirlarmy for the preview link and help, and to drowninglinguists for grammar help.

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“And with that, this month’s meetingis over. Does anybody have any questions?”

Shikamaru closed his eyes as helistened to the dispassionate voice address the gathering. The bespectacled man speaking was Chojuro, a shinobi from Kirigakure. Shikamaru knew him from the war as one of the Mizukage’s bodyguards.

“If nobody has anything to ask, then, Shikamaru-san…” Chojiuro spoke with an imploring tone from where he was seated next to him.

Shikamaru opened his right eye to glance at Chojuro, then slowly opened both.

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I am a walking contradiction because I am exclusively selective. I have no problem of letting toxic people go, but I don’t have the will power to walk away from you. I have shut the world out before, but I can never shut you out. I am an emotional mute with all my loved ones, but it’s easy for me to be verbally expressive to you. I view everyone as a glass half-empty, but you are always my glass half-full. I believe that endings are inevitable, but yet I never want us to end.

-You are my exclusive exception. Always, and forever.