#magnus bane #looking after the downworld #keeping circle members out of his club #telling warlocks to go into hiding #providing a safe place from valentine #helping them move on after the circle attacks #providing wards for the shadowhunters #making potions #helping the vampires by sending camille to idris #controlling unruly warlocks in his territory  #the high warlock of brooklyn


a concept: instead of giles just giving willow a telling-off in early s3 and then subsequently basically ignoring the fact that a very, very smart girl is using his resources to look into very, very dangerous magic, he actually, i don’t know, keeps an eye on her?? or tries to find someone that can???

Can’t be bitter about your friends having dates and steady relationships when you’re single if you love and support their happiness and relationships regardless of your own status
moments unforgettable...

Just a little Saturday morning smutlet…happy weekend!

She’s humming to herself as she scrubs at the remnants of cinnamon stuck in the depths of her mug and doesn’t hear him approach from behind, his bare feet making little sound on the hardwood as he cages her in with his arms. He chuckles at her flinch and she flicks the water from her fingers over her shoulder in retaliation.

“Sorry, love, didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Yes you did.”

He doesn’t respond, instead seeking the soft skin behind her ear with his slightly wet nose, his lips pressing a smile along her neck when he feels her responsive shiver.

“I was getting lonely.”

“I’ve only been over here for a few minutes…”

Who is she kidding? The way their lives are, a few minutes might be all they have before someone comes crashing through their door with a problem that just must be solved.

The grumble he mumbles against her skin sounds like an agreement to her unspoken thought.

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You know any time I see art of my precious pure sons spooning I’m like aw, and then I’m like, that doesn’t last. As such:

11 pm: Sorey and Mikleo are sleeping peacefully, Mikleo snuggled back against Sorey’s chest and whatnot.

1 am: Sorey is now completely spreadeagled, snoring, arms every which way. Mikleo has adjusted himself to laying on Sorey’s shoulder as it provides both maximum contact as well as protection from flying limbs.

3 am: Sorey is starting to slide off the bed. Mikleo grabs his shirt and pulls him back, now in a somewhat grumbling reversal of their initial position, nose presses to Sorey’s neck as it also is one of the safer places to avoid limbs.

7 am: Mikleo good morning it’s time to get up why are you so grumpy I slept great what’s for breakfast why are you looking at me like that did you want to cuddle more wait put that book down don’t throw that at me geez fine I’ll make breakfast mister I’m not a morning person.

  1.  Wake up
  2.  Cry about Mark Pellegrino coming back to SPN
  3.  Re-watch 12x12 ending scene
  4.  Call everyone I know and tell them that the true Lucifer has returned.
  5.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 until I pass out clutching my laptop or a priest is called to intervene. 😈

Ready, Love?
 Sooo, I just wanted to draw Cain giving Robert his blessings feels sketch and somehow I got carried away end up doing this whole thing. who’s ready for a wedding?