i still wonder how gintoki held all this guilt till now. 

this just goes to show how much he has went through…

IM GOOD, don’t worry. Harry Styles IMAGINE

I surly feel nauseous the moment I get out of the house but of course I didn’t tell harry about it. He was already anxious about the tv show , I didn’t want him under more pressure.
We we’re heading toward SNL , it is a big night for him and I know how much he wanted this moment to come.
As a girlfriend it is a pleasure to be his company and I was so excited about it as well, seeing harry performing and acting short stand up comedy but I didn’t expect this sickness come to me. Not now that I need my best for him.
But it did come and I try so hard to hide it as we drive so studio “here’s so hot” he said as he looses one of his shirt buttons. I hold his hand in mine though mine is cold and shaky compared to him but he didn’t notice as he hold it tightly in his.

We drove the rest of way in silence, once we got out of car paparazzi starts yelling and shoving their cameras in our faces. The overwhelming feeling of shining light in my face makes me slower as I trying to hold my stomach and not empty it on them.
My head start spinning and I already was away from harry to hold on him. His bodyguards was around but I just couldn’t, he glanced back at me so suddenly with worry in his eyes like he felt how I feel.
He stops his bodyguards and mumbled something in his ear, his bodyguard nods as he comes to me.
My feet start shaking and I feel like fainting as harry hold on my waist in his arm. He whispered in my ear “we’re almost inside, just hold on love” he said as I nod. Once we get inside he hold my face in his hands “darling what’s wrong? You scared the shit out of me” I hold my breath longer still feeling nauseous “I’m good” he shakes his head hold me in his arms “no you’re not, I’ll ask for a doctor” he pull me in his dressing room “sit on this couch love” I nod as I shakily sits on the couch, I feel better still I can’t speak, too afraid to throwing up.
Harry give me a cup of water as a sits in front of me on his knees, caressing my hair “it’s ok, you’re ok, my beautiful y/n” I nod as I drink the cool water. It really felt better.

“Sir, do I need to call ambulance?” One of his bodyguards said , I shake my head “no I’m good. Just little dizzy” he look at me with such worry in his eyes that melt my heart “we still can call to make sure you’re ok” he said as I put my hand on his that is actually on my face “no harry I’m good. Just go and burn the stage. I’ll be good until you come back” he shakes his head this time “no I can’t go there knowing you’re ill” I hold his beautiful face in my hand as I lean closer to him however I prefer staying still “I’ll ask for you if I feel worse, so just go there, I’m here with Mitch and others soon after you’re done”
He hesitated but nods anyway. Kissing my head he stand up telling his bodyguard “don’t take your eyes off her and ask for me if she doesn’t feel good” he nods “I’ll sir”
He kiss me one more time before leaving for his performance.

Part 2? If yes then tell me because I don’t know if you like it or nah.

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I kinda like how in chapter 125 the sex scene isn't really overly sexualized (maybe it's just me) and u kinda get the feeling that at that moment it's kinda like they're the only ones in the world Haha this sounds so cheesy but I'm super bad with words Anyway thanks for reading this!! Have a nice day/night ^^

Nah it’s not just you, Ishida did an amazing job at this scene for what it is- an entire chapter of f u c c. There are a few sexy panels but there was also tenderness, and awkwardness, and dorkiness, and gentleness, and realness. There’s really no comparison to ecchi or hentai beyond the ‘nude’. Ishida’s style is even tame compared to something like Berserk. You can tell Ishida reads romance manga- this scene feels like something you’d see in a josei with corpses

I am chaos.

I am chaos. Tickling is more than just a soft touch along my bare skin or the squeezing of the parts of me that I hate so much. It is the balance within chaos, almost existential. It has this incredible ability to remove me from my mind, even if it’s just for a moment. I crave balance in my life, after going through so much. Being so anxious and depressed. I crave the euphoria, I crave the gasping peace after being tortured. I feel like a junkie, and I can’t just get a taste without the unbearable need to overdose in uncontrollable laughter and the touch of someone who knows exactly what I want. I feel human when I am tickled. It makes me feel like, even for a moment, that every obstacle in my life, is nonexistent. I’m enveloped in the desire to giggle at the mention of the word, or blush when you tell me how cute my laugh is. I just want to go away for a while, even if it’s just for a moment. I am chaos, and I crave balance.

Colds and Pillow Forts (Lafayette x Reader x Peggy Schuyler)

Originally posted by hhhercules-mulligan

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader x Peggy Schuyler

Requested?: ‘Can I request Laf x reader x Maria or Peggy whichever you prefer where the reader is having bad cramps or is sick??? Fluff pls???’

Prompt: Colds are so fucking horrible

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Colds, Swearing, Poly Relationship, Fluff

A/N: This is kinda shitty because I wrote this tired AF



You felt like shit.

What metaphors could be used to express the pain and shittiness you feel at this very moment? None. There is literally no metaphors or similes or any literature expression that could be used to express the muscle pain and congestion that took over your body this very second. You were so congested, so tired, so dehydrated, that you felt you were seconds close to death. Not to mention, your throat hurt like a motherfucker anytime to try to call out for your boyfriend and girlfriend. You woke up to an empty bed and commotion out in the living area down the hall. You were basically left to suffer in silence for what felt like hours when it was really about ten minutes before The ajar bedroom door was pushed open.

Your girlfriend Peggy was holding a laundry basket full of folded clean clothes. She pushed the door inward with her hip and had just set the basket on the vanity chair when she noticed your lying form but with your eyes open. You were staring at the ceiling with a look that said ‘I’m ready for the sweet embrace of death’.

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Chameleon [part 2]

Synopsis: [still in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: none so far

Preview: Part 1

Everybody was around the table, eating and talking as usual. But not to you. You never had too many people to make you company. The last time you had dinner with somebody else, you were at home for another Christmas celebration with your family in 2004. You were still a kid.

“You’re not eating?” Wanda, who was seating right next to you, asked lowly in a tone so soft and sweet. You nod a little embarrassed, you spent so much time watching them that you forgot to touch your food.

“So, what’s up, new girl?” Sam asked and everybody shut their mouths starting feeling the awkwardness of the moment. “What’s up with you?”

Every single head there wanted to know what was the matter with you, what were you doing there, how you got to their team like this, so out of the blue. But nobody had the guts to ask. Not for fear but politness maybe?

The ones that seemed not to really give a damn about being polite were Sam and the metal arm dude, that you sure knew what was the matter with him but was a delicate subject. Too much drama involved.

“Uh…” what were you going to say? Not that you wanted to be questioned, but ‘what’s up’ was too vague to deserve an answer.

“Just leave the girl alone.” Wanda says sounding tired of their shit. She spoke for you and even if you werent used to having anyone but yourself standing for you and your causes, this time you appreciated it. She saved you from a situation you were avoiding to experience.

“I mean… She just got here, she is a total stranger and nobody is gonna say anything? What makes you an Avanger?” Sam asked being way too incisive such thing the others didn’t remember about him. Steve gave him a look that could make him tremble inside, but it didn’t work because Sam was way too curious to discover who you are.

“Nick thought I could be one.” You replied but not really answering the question. It bothers Sam so much for a reason you didn’t know. Nobody knew why he was acting that way. But something inside of you made you think he was afraid. You were mysterious and this was also something that made Captain America shiver.

One thing about you that people usually hated was: you never talk about yourself. But you never had the need to speak about your life, your history, your childhood and etc. It never was anyone’s business but yours, but for the first time you found yourself in a situation you had to explain yourself. Unfortunately, these were the people you were going to spent the next few months or so with. Not for choice. You had to somehow fit in, make them trust and respect you for yourself and not because you are one of Nick’s pupils. Because you weren’t his pupil even if he went after you himself to bring you to this accomodation to be part of his team.

You concluded you had to open up a little bit for these people to chill and stop acting weird with you. But first you needed to feel comfortable and the only ones who made you feel slighlty alright were Steve and Wanda.

“I know I’m not so welcome here. And I didn’t even want to be here. But you gotta cope with that because unfortunately I’m not leaving so soon.” your words were strong and real. If you speak up for yourself, then maybe they would give you the space you needed so you could finally work on talking about you to them in a slow process.

Everybody went back to what they were doing, eating. The dinner table was now so silent they felt uncomfortable, seemed like now you were the buzz killer of the group. That’s a bad way to start a reputation, not that you really cared having one.

You were eating quietly, not really tasting the food, just feeding yourself. It was when you looked up discreetly and saw everybody minding their own plates and drinks but you caught the metal-armed man watching you.

You knew who the Winter Soldier was. If there was anyone who scared you, this one was mister James Barnes. Everybody who had a tv knew who this man was, what happened to him and what he has done throughout the years. This was a new phase of his life, it wasn’t so long since he joined the Avengers and to him it wasn’t so easy either. Actually, much harder than it was being with you. But Bucky has always been a tough guy so he survived to all the shit that happened to him, all the trust issues between him and the team, the personal problems with Tony, and so on…

The way he watched you, he silently wished for you to be tough like him, to survive all the judgment and criticism from these group of heroes because they were no easy on anybody.

The Winter Soldier smiled to you. Discreet of course, but you clearly noticed and smiled back. It was when you felt a little hope in your heart that warmed your body sending to your veins the strength to keep going, to do what you came for.

A/N: I hope you liked this chapter. The story starts to develop from now. I’ve been thinking of it it has been a while and writing is being fun so far. Any feedback?

-Pearl Writer

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ok but once u discover killua and gon ciel and sebastian become so irrelevant.. like ciel and sebastian who?! new otp who this ???

Nah, I mean… it’s all a matter of taste imo x)

I love Gon and Killua, they’re a wonderful duo! Their dynamic is great, and they gave me all the feels during so many moments.

But man, these two pieces of trash

are still my number one OTP  ∠ ( ᐛ 」∠)_

It’s like for me, no other dynamic can be as complex, interesting and dark as the one that these two share… I’ve been in Sebaciel hell for more than 2 years now, with ups and downs too, but it seems I can’t replace them, I love trash xD

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I can't believe you were up on stage with them omg tell me how that felt

hey anon, thanks for being curious!! :) 

You feel very in the moment and completely unsure of what will happen next because Jared was running all over the place so you had no idea where he’d go or if he’d run up to your face. He came over to us quite a lot though.

It felt very surreal. I was conflicted between taking pictures and living the moment so i just did both lol. when he came close to me i made a point to look at him instead of shoving my phone in his face, just because thats what i wanted to take with me and remember. 

Really all you can think about is how much of a dream it is.  

Overwhelming happiness is what it felt like, in short. 

Detailed Life Update
  • Friday was a pretty shit mental day and when I was walking home I decided to go to Kim’s work to see if she was there because I knew she’d completely understand how I was feeling at that moment. Luckily, when I walked in she was there and I automatically felt better. I had a beer and a half, caught up with Kim a bit, chatted up a cute boy, then we went out for the evening. 
  • We go out and I drink way more than what I should have considering I had to work the next day but I didn’t want to stop drinking?? It wasn’t really a coping mechanism thing because there wasn’t anything I was coping with, I simply just enjoyed the beer I was drinking. It wasn’t until I was walking home from Kim’s place that I knew I had way more than what I should’ve and I will never drink that much again, I have decided. 
  • Saturday was fucking brutal. My hangover wasn’t too horrific but as soon as I got to work I started my period (a day early, might I add) and I was confused because I hadn’t felt a single cramp prior. It wasn’t until I was walking into the store to get tampons when I felt the first cramp. Through the morning and early afternoon they weren’t too bad but by 2PM I was a wreck. I have only ever felt cramps that painful once before in my 10 years of having a period. Around 4PM my coworker asked me if I wanted to go home and I said no but not even 5 minutes later I was packing up my bag to leave because I was nearly in tears. 
  • The worst fucking part about Saturday is that I had a mental breakdown in front of my coworker because I did something one of the designers should have done but I always get sass and I knew if I asked them to do what I needed them to do they’d roll their eyes or something (not at me but with the clients it dealt with) and I’d lose it. Well, I ended up losing it anyway when I was talking to my coworker about the attitude my other coworkers give me and I was in the back just sobbing because I’m so fucking happy but all they fucking do is complain and shit. My coworker agreed with me 100%, which was comforting, but I feel so embarrassed. 
  • I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been drinking so much and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not to cope with anything, which is comforting, but I do know I need to stop drinking at that quantity. I can have a beer or two but I don’t really want to go beyond that just because my body cannot take the hangovers anymore. It’s fucking with my mental health and I’ve worked too hard to make that stable to let drinking get in the way of that. 
  • I’ve really been struggling with my sexuality. Since October 2015 I’ve come out as bi but over the last few weeks I’m trying to figure out if that rings true. I’ve always said that I am more attracted to men than women but lately I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m both physically and emotionally attracted to women and I don’t think I am. I’m worried that this might alter my friendships that I have with those in the LGBTQ+ community even though none of them knew/expected me to be bi before we were friends. I hate labels and I really don’t want to label myself as straight but I don’t think it’s fair to label myself as bi either. 
  • My mom is coming to town next week for 6 days and 5 nights. The last time I saw her was in February and it was for only 24 hours so I excited o spend loads of time with her. While she’s here we’re going to redecorate my apartment a bit, buy some plants, get my hair cut, go to the mountains, go to The Stanley Hotel (where they shot The Shinning), and loads more shopping and adventuring. 
  • I might have a date tonight with the boy I chatted up at Kim’s work. I’m not sure yet because nothing is confirmed but when he texted me last night saying, “Let’s definitely hangout sometime,” that made me feel really good whether or not we’ll actually hangout. 
  • I’ve been feeling out of sorts with my body lately. I’m trying to decide how often I want to workout and what those workouts entail. I haven’t been to the gym this month because I’ve been walking to the train and I’m trying to see if I want to go before or after work and understand my energy levels in the morning vs the evening. I like my body size currently and I don’t want to be smaller, just stronger so I fear that I will get smaller. I don’t know, this has always been a struggle for me. 
  • I’m currently at my favorite cafe in the neighborhood, sipping on a cold brew, sitting outside, and typing this out and it feels good to be outside with no place to go unlike when I’m walking to the train or to some other destination. Sitting and thinking is always good. It’s reminding me to slow down. 
  • The likelihood of someone reading this entire thing through is slim but if you did it, you’re awesome and thank you for taking a moment to listen. 


“There’s a point where you know that something you enjoy is hurting you in the long run, and you do it anyway, because it feels good in the moment.”

Chapter 8/9 (AO3 or FFnet)

(Awesome aesthetic is by @jadepresley, click the title to read from the beginning)


A year-long experiment in modifying and neutralising Amortentia has unforeseen side-effects for Harry.


The sense of déjà vu was overwhelming. Harry blinked at the sight of Malfoy leaning over the sinks, his shoulders shaking. It wasn’t Myrtle’s bathroom, but that hardly mattered, hers wasn’t the only loo that was avoided. Feeling a sudden, and painful, lump in his throat, Harry started to back away. Misjudging the distance, his eyes fixed on Malfoy’s shaking shoulders, and his ears straining to hear the quiet gasps that were the only sound he made while crying, Harry bumped into the door.

Malfoy turned at the sound.

A wave of nausea rushed through Harry at the look of complete and utter fear on Malfoy’s face when he saw Harry standing there. He knew, without even needing to think about it, that Malfoy was remembering what it had been like to be cut open that day in a different bathroom. His words came rushing back to Harry.

I may not have scars from it, but I’ll never forget what it felt like. I’ll never forget you were the one to do it.

Before he knew what he was doing, he was striding across the room, hands out and to his sides, showing that he wasn’t holding his wand.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said quickly. “Don’t be scared. I’d never do that to you again.”

Malfoy inhaled sharply, the fear clearing from his face too fast to be anything other than him hiding it away, even though he probably still felt it.

Harry expected some scathing remark about not being scared, but Malfoy just swiped at the tears on his face, and sniffed. Somehow, it only made Harry feel worse. Whatever he felt about Malfoy, and the things he’d done, it was so easy to forget all that, looking at him standing there, still crying despite his obvious effort to stop.

Once he was closer, Harry wasn’t sure what to do. Malfoy just stood there, sniffling, his bottom lip trembling as he tried to stop himself from crying. That he wasn’t really hiding any of it from Harry just…it hit him, low in his stomach.

I’m feeling time’s tackle
My rocks whither leave me baffled
I’ve been far from God’s presence
I know fear closer.
I parade with a poster of a past stronger self
At least for the others to see and back to mind their wealth
While I sit up late trying to mine my health
With no mind to myself
A friend with a heart that is attaching is my company lately
But even that lovely lady knows my ills
Past princesses were never mine to court
So those growing loves met their abort
I feel the ticking every moment
I feel the fear’s sword and torment
Times I lay near my mother just to take in her spirit
Because my fear is one day I won’t be able to be near it.
Wait…..those voices did you hear it???
These early morning thoughts I drown in prayer
I hope before I see the truth behind this finite layer
I can at least achieve before my love’s eyes
A Dope Rhyme Sayer.
-Goodnight and mourning from the94thchamber

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Oh my god I keep sending you asks are you ever going to reply to them?


Every time I get on Tumblr I have 5-10 new asks and It’s pretty difficult to keep track of all them. I’m definitely not intentionally ignoring anyone since I can’t tell the difference between the senders of the asks in my inbox. I just answer whatever asks that I feel like answering at the moment. 

I’m sorry to everyone whose asks I haven’t answered your asks yet. I just randomly scroll through my inbox and pick a random ask to answer 95% of the time. 

Keep in mind: I try not to answer asks as soon as they are sent unless it’s pretty interesting, makes my soul feel less dead, or a complaint of some sort. Also, I haven’t been answering a lot of my super old asks, so if you sent something 2 weeks ago, I’d probably resend it and just wait until it makes it to the middle of my inbox.

I’m HIGHLY considering clearing out my ask box on Sunday, since I haven’t cleared it since March/April or whenever I started get a lot of asks lololol.

Okay I’m done ranting. I hope you all are having a nice day! <333