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Hi, Mari. How are you? 😊 I hope you're doing fine. I see you haven't been active in Tumblr lately? I just hope you're okay. *I wanna hug you* I miss youuu.~

hi! I’m really sorry for disappearing like that, my intention was to make a post giving you guys an explanation, but I decided I didn’t want to give this matter too much attention. To give you a brief version of it, I basically need some time away from tumblr because of irl issues, specifically health related stuff. My mind hasn’t been in the best place these past few weeks so I just figured it’d be best to deal with that outside of this blog ^^’

I suppose you can call this an indefinite hiatus, since I doubt I’ll be around for bangtan’s comeback (I’ll still support them though!) and I have exams right afterwards, so dealing with all this stuff plus exams will already be more than enough. I might return by november / december, but I’m not sure. Anyways, thank you for leaving me a message, it does mean a lot that you noticed my absence. And I’m already working on getting better so don’t worry too much about me! hope you’re okay and I will miss you too :)

Why the scene with Tod killing that man is the best scene ever.

  • He comes back even thought he has no reason to do so.
  • He never really went away actually.
  • He’s just so sneaky?? Like, the first time I watched this scene I was so surprised to actually see him back and it was kinda confusing like what are you doing right behind that hunter are you crazy
  • Snitter is already thinking about dying and I remember crying about it and being like “don’t worry buddy help is on the way”
  • Tod knows that killing humans is bad. Yet, he still does it to save the dogs. Which, again, after what Rowf did he had no reason to.
  • He looks very focused. Like, he knows exactly what his goal is.
  • He totally surprised that human.
  • Rowf apoloziges after that and Tod isn’t even mad he’s just ‘no need to apolozige for anything’
  • Tod is a hero okay

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<3 Cassey


Three years of Wherever You Are! This music video will always be one of my faves ❤️ x

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