iKON's Highlight moments on WIN-WIN
  • 1.Main vocal,high note killer Kim Hanbin
  • 2.Unexpected Rap god Kim Jinwhan
  • 3.Bobby fucking burped on a live show
  • 4.iKON's hiphop style aegyo ((wtf))
  • 5.Great commedy imitation by King Hoe
  • 6.Slaying dance machine Kim Donghyuk
  • 7.Visual af at staring contest Song Yunhyeong
  • 8.'Bobby (without the'hyung') annoys me' cit. Chanwoo
  • 9.iKON forver persecuted by 'practice room'
  • 10.iKON loosing it when they won
  • 11.Professor Kim Donghyuk's amazing english
  • 12.iKON's derp pic ( minus fab Hoe cuz he rules)
  • 13.'iKON has a fandom?' cit. Kim Dumbwon

Min Swaegi Suga for the lovely auriee​! Referenced from jonghyunar‘s gif!

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