Finals Suck, but You Don’t

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Member: DK
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 4906

You could never pay attention in class with him around. The professor droned on and on about something that would probably be on the final exam, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You were too busy drinking in the sight of the sun himself, Seokmin. He sat two rows ahead of you, but you could still feel the warmth radiating off of him. He always laughed a little too loud, smiled a little too big, and talked a little too much; it was probably annoying to some people, but not to you. You found yourself slowly falling for him, which was a little bit of a problem because you’d never actually talked to him.

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Beauty and The Beast (5) - Negan Imagine

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you.”

Word Count: 2,085

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: none

You awoke the next morning to a feeling of warmth leave the bed. You blinked a few times before looking across the room to find Negan throwing his shirt and jacket on. Sitting up in the bed, you wrapped the thin blanket around your chest, “What are you doing?” you murmured as you rubbed your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

can I request headcanons for fukuzawa with a super cuddly SO?

Fukuzawa Yukichi:

  • Fukuzawa wouldn’t mind have a cuddly significant other. He enjoys feeling you against him, your warmth is an addiction.
  • He likes when you come into his office wanting some affection, closing the door and having you curl up on his lap while he continues on with any paperwork in front of him. He’s completely straight-faced even when people walk in on the two of you.
  • When you’re home together, he more often than not has you on his lap, or is curled up next to you while lounging in bed. He’s rather affectionate behind doors, and this would only become more clear with a significant other who felt the same.

Hazel was standing on the sidewalk blending in with the rest of the Seattle crowd waiting for the floats. She originally wasn’t going to come but let’s just say she needed to blend in for a bit while the cops tried to search for her. She got away before they even saw her but they’re searching and if they saw her she was going to get stop for sure. What can she say when it comes to the art of graffiti she can never resist herself. She blew in her hands and rubbed them together  trying to keep  them warm realizing she must’ve dropped them while running away. “So are they severing hot chocolate at this thing or?” She leaned over and asked the person standing right beside her. “If I don’t feel any warmth i’m afraid they’re going to use me as a frozen decoration.” She chuckled. 

“—– h-hello ?” timid blonde calls out to the unknown, a biting coldness enveloping her; petite body shaking uncontrollably as slender arms wrap round herself in hopes to feel some warmth. she pushes open a creaky door and is met with an unwelcoming darkness, heart pounding against her ribcage at an unsteady rate. “is— anybody there ?”

Things you can always expect from the signs
  • Aries: A clear-headed comment that will help you make decisions.
  • Taurus: Jokes that will ease your tension and fears.
  • Gemini: A calm aura that will instill you with confidence.
  • Cancer: A heartfelt hug to let you know that you're cared for.
  • Leo: A compliment that will make you feel warm for the rest of the day.
  • Virgo: A funny story that will make you laugh until you tear up.
  • Libra: A quiet sense of strength that lets you know you aren't alone.
  • Scorpio: A sense of determination and drive to get what you want.
  • Sagittarius: A frank conversation that will give you perspective.
  • Capricorn: (Constructive) criticism to lead you to self improvement.
  • Aquarius: A depth of feeling in every conversation
  • Pisces: A sense of connection during matters of the heart.
I wish I could...

I wish I could hug you baby.
I wish I could hold your hands,
look into your eyes,
kiss your lips,
embrace you tight.
I want to let you know how much I want you to be near me.
I want you here beside me.
I want to feel the warmth of your embrace,
I want to smell your sweet scent,
I want to taste your lips.
I want you baby.

Most adult children of toxic parents grow up feeling tremendous confusion about what love means and how it’s supposed to feel. Their parents did extremely unloving things to them in the name of love. They came to understand love as something chaotic, dramatic, confusing, and often painful—something they had to give up their own dreams and desires for. Obviously, that’s not what love is all about. Loving behavior doesn’t grind you down, keep you off balance, or create feelings of self-hatred. Love doesn’t hurt, it feels good. Loving behavior nourishes your emotional well-being. When someone is being loving to you, you feel accepted, cared for, valued, and respected. Genuine love creates feelings of warmth, pleasure, safety, stability, and inner peace.
— Susan Forward, Toxic Parents, p381

Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

| JackSepticEye | October | Autumn |

I absolutely LOVE drinking pumpkin, cinnamon or gingerbread lattes during Autumn/Winter Time~ Just holding hot cup of coffee in your cold hands and feeling the warmth spreading through your body… Uhhhh~ So good!

A̗̬͇̞̬̪̦͠n̸̫͙͕̝t̺̩̣̖̗i͏͕̖ ̀V͎̬̥̞͓e̴̱̗̖̺̩͇͕r̷̬̙̘̲̗s̫̭ͅị͘on̛͓̲̳̗̮̥͍


Aries ~ The snowflakes of Pisces winter fall and death embraces the zodiac.
Sweet, sensual death. Evaporating into the divine, deep in the hollows. And the further we go into darkness, the brighter the light within us shines
Bursting to awaken with the first sound of spring, bluebirds echo in the Aries ear, calling… calling… calling….
bring back life, colour, and god’s delight to the bleakness
Special child of the divine, still held in heaven’s arms, waiting to be born like an exploding nebula, scattering pieces of itself everywhere out of curiosity and enthusiasm. Follow the sound of bloom, the fresh smell of spring, the feeling of warmth beginning to saturate your spirit once more
the earth’s revered child has finally been born. The zodiac begins

Taurus ~ 
As a child of Venus, Taureans navigate the world through their senses. The fresh air of nature, trees, flowers and wildlife is extremely therapeutic and stimulating for them. They are often acutely sensitive to the seasons and weather changes. There is a real need for contact with nature, which and many Taureans fill the roles of farmers, gardeners, horticulturists or artists who use natural materials. One of the male images of Taurus is that of the green man, the male fertility principle. This sign is the closest manifestation material purity, and their sensory alertness allows them to connect to the five sense experience like no other. They can make universes out of empty sketchbooks, make homes out of half crescent Moons and heatwaves through their determination and spirit. This is all four seasons rolled into one.

Gemini ~
Gemini provides a dazzling display of how the mind works. This
mad instrument in all of its
glory and its chaos, its genius and dissociation, its ability to create patterns and puzzles and spin the world upside down. Gemini is like a literal
mind fuck, you know one minute you are traveling 200,00 miles an hour down one road, into philosophy and corruption of the military
and then you have a drunk child on your hands, unable to focus or sit still for a moment. Geminis orgasm can come from conversation, communing with a mind, or meeting an intellect, someone who will talk their ear off all night
conveying hypnotizing facts and knowledge. Gemini is always
the student and the teacher, forever threading the information inside onto
silver wings and blowing them into the ether. They touch people through
language, through the way they weave words together to create
laughter or conversation or sheer delight. Gemini is spinning deliriously in a
world of thought, crossing the borderlines, doing the thinking for both dark and light. Gemini is a book of mysteries inside 

Cancer ~ 
Cancers have a surreal experience of time. It can melt through their mind
like dripping honey. The sound of clocks can be intimidating. They need music and oneness, the rhythm of stars. The moon rules Cancer, and before the 30-31 day calendar, we followed the cycle of the moon, a 28 day ‘month’, stemming from ‘mon’, or ‘moon’.
And now we live separate from nature, and the Cancer is pulled between materialism and delirium, unsure of what is completely real. But from this conflict evokes a brilliant prophet in the Cancer, a crystal ball that conjures the inner world’s most marvellous vision. Spirit guides reside in the 4th house.
So the Cancer can hear thoughts, and these are thoughts of their guide. They can receive intuitive knowledge about the past, a place where the Cancer dwells comfortably, they can be the conduit for ancestral inheritance and the protection of passed descendants, they can swim on a river of divination, because their psychic imagination is so acute. When they fear their own safety, this vision can become dark and volatile. Fear is Cancer’s most destructive poison.

Leo ~ It’s the centre of a star that bursts from Leo
and they are pure magic, a splendid cosmic artwork mixed with dripping sun maple and  the manifestation of divine creative power.
the Leo can stare at themselves and see the universe in their reflection, a flickering light of God burning behind their eyes,
constellations made of broken capillaries, sweetness and softness.
And there is the roar of the Leo lion, a heart that beats a tattoo
in their chest because it is overflowing with love, passion, and desire. The Leo has painted every sparkling essence of time and space with their
enchanted paintbrush, that mind is a visual display of milky way fireworks, heaven is a place on earth with Leo.
But the Leo can also look in the mirror and see a black hole. It isn’t always so vein and conceited. every flaw echoes so loudly. The Leo just wants to be loved, simply for who they are. Not their fortune, or photographs, or profound generosity. Only the bravest hearts are born under the sign of Leo. It’s sensitive and spirited,
ravishing and regal

Virgo ~ 
The lines and poetry of sacred geometry and mechanical movement come to life before the Virgo eyes. Sacred geometry is the sort of experience the Ancients believed was nourishing for the soul. Virgo becomes intimate with the earth and its divine faculties with more voracity than any sign. There are details perceivable to only the  Virgo, like nervous signals jump from their fingertips into their surroundings and electrify the invisible engineering. The Virgo individual is very sensitive to elements, precision, accuracy, and seemingly insignificant components, but nothing is simple to the Virgo, and they recognise
the duty and usefulness of everything, the whole dynamic of seasons and earth, the equilibrium and the silent movement. This is what makes Virgo tremendous at occult studies, specifically those requiring analysis like astrology and numerology, and those involving healing properties like minerals and witchcraft. Through intense observation of surroundings, through holding a
microscope to every leaf and flower, through watching the reverent dance of the sunrise as they measure the motion by time, they identify with the part of themselves that is infinite. They can unify with the part of themselves that is pure, that is untainted awareness and magnificence and beauty. 

Libra ~ 
With Libra we have the Snow White pages. the innocent beauty who does not know the seduction of her aura, the distressed belle who waits for a prince to save her, despite easily outwitting and serving justice better than any man who takes their hand. and in the antithetical pole, the wretched self consciousness. After Virgo has achieved personal perfection, she wants to be the fairest of them all. she evokes the images of others as she attempts to be all things, a glorious figment. they are the enchanted mirror, although they look into their own searching for others and answers. Libra is every character, the enchanting snow is the jewel in her heart and the melody in her love of people. And the witch, her voices of self resonance. Saturn exalts in Libra and the stepmother is an expression of the domineering Saturn parent, often leaving impossible idealism in the child. The notes of empty comparison against others that wither her supple apple cheeks into dried roses and destroy every venus valley. 

Scorpio ~ 
The human world is rarely enough for Scorpio. That can be why they provoke people’s souls, they want to see your insides, your darkness, your light. They can seem spiritually provocative, it’s like they know how to draw madness out of lovers, they can sense the unseen, they can experience states that question existence. And nothing is ever enough.
They don’t want a lover. They want a reunion with a soul mate, their soul. They don’t want sex. They want angelic intimacy, the evaporation of bodies into intwined ether. Scorpio is preparing for death, but they don’t want to leave without truly tasting life. The superficial is rarely enough for Scorpio. They are discontent swimming in shallow waters. They become easily bored when their brilliant mind is under stimulated and unchallenged, they become distracted into unconscious trance when people are dull. And the Scorpio cannot force conversation. There are holes in the world that only Scorpio can see, and they will crawl into one when this world is not enough. 

Sagittarius ~
After emergence from the deep Scorpio tomb, the Sagittarius hybrid spirit soars far and wide. The Sagittarius wisdom operates from the laws of nature, stars, archetypes, the Akashic records, the higher mind, and culture. It embodies the divine chant of laughter, the publication and interpretation of symbols, mythology, theology, and religion.
Here is the quest for the meaning of life, the pilgrimage to unknown regions in search of understanding and the materialisation of belief. It could be travel, education, relationships, indulgence in intoxicants, or nomadic wandering through religion. The Sagittarius guru is the scholar. His temple is filled with books, compasses, astrology notes, and artifacts from every country. He uses comedy for his teachings and applies experience to philosophy and scripture. Waiting in the middle of winter, the Sagittarius speaks many languages and knows many ways of life.
He is approachable and warm, filled with light and spice. Even with the wrinkles of time, the spirit of youth always radiates. Old as the trees and free as a bird, as young as the sunrise and as old as the night.

Capricorn ~ 
To stand on top of the mountain, to stare over the edge of the midheaven, sometimes all you would ever
see would be your own shadow. And the Capricorn’s shadow can linger like a heavy fog, always threatening, always concerning. At her peak, she radiates like a Mistress of Brilliance, she has scaled the land and sea, starred in her
own dream and written her own success story. She has stood behind people and encouraged their ascent
in her graces she has climbed and flown, a mountain goat, pursuing the grand land and salty sea. In all of this, she has only had herself to rely on,
and a voice of wisdom, found only in the darkest moments. She can be hungry for descent because she understands the reigns of flight. The Capricorn is contained, and yet they are the stitches that thread the stars, the grand mastery of it all. In her spirit wields the resources of the Gods, each of whom have tried and tested her. Through the Capricorn’s shadow, a self portrait is created. It reveals the most powerful triumphs of human kind.  The undeniable component of the shadow is that in its presence it reflects only light. The Capricorn is capable of wielding both in their starry ascent toward the heavens, an intuitive focus in strategic command, a skilled concentration that gleams fantasy into
reality. The shadow can be lined in
exquisite silver. 

Aquarius ~
Telepathy could be the Aquarius enchantment. Telepathy into the web of consciousness, the matrix of thought that connects all beings together. Telepathy into the ideas of the sky, cascading like a diamond waterfall into the Aquarius mind. And there is telepathy into the knowledge of stars and space dwellers. The Aquarius mind is a conduit for all sorts of cosmic contemplation. It receives tremendous visions of utopia and elevating bursts of intuition. It also soaks up space junk, and this may turn into madness. Aquarius is the last moment of thought before we capsize into Pisces dream.
They look out to the stars to find their soul mate. They stare into the sea to contemplate infinity. They test logic against galaxies of invisible wonder. The Aquarius mind diffuses an extraterrestrial perfume, their thoughts dart through constellations and fields of existence. Underneath the disorder is a mind that sparkles like the diamonds that rain on Uranus. Inconceivable. Curious. Marvellous.

Pisces ~ 
Pisceans can try on new personalities like they try on shoes,
and with those unusual feet hardly any shoes, from heels to flats or docs seem to fit properly, like all these personalities she tries to be, none of them cloak her soul with the colours. Nothing ever seems to fit those shades
she knows ripple inside, those pastels that haven’t been invented yet. From room to room she moves, shifting face and shape, slippery with sea salt infused in her skin, impossible to catch or define, lost and wandering,
the facets of a thousand personalities. It feels so foreign being trapped in a body, when she can feel wings fluttering behind her shoulder blades,
and scales shimmer under her thighs. Like a mirror carved in heaven, reflecting people as angels. She is the stain glass window that forever changes colour and tone, paint streaked over her spirit, impossible to conceive without a kaleidoscope. She knows her true self resides at home
The home in the sky, made of clouds and liquid love. But for now the show must go on. Who do I dress as today.
Nobody knows.


“What do you do at night?” Dean asks.

Cas snuggles in closer, lips almost touching Dean’s. “This.”

Dean grins. “And after I fall asleep? You don’t sleep. So what do you do?”

“Contemplate the meaning of life.”

Dean snorts a laugh. “You’re getting better with the sarcasm, Cas.” He leans his head back to yawn, then slides a leg between Cas’, burying his head in Cas’ neck where he likes to sleep.

Within seconds, he’s snoring, and Cas smiles into the darkness.

No, Cas doesn’t sleep.

He runs his hands over Dean’s back until the muscles relax.

He traces pictures between clusters of Dean’s freckles.

He lets the warmth of Dean seep into him until he almost feels like it’s his warmth, too.

He appreciates how pale Dean’s skin looks when the moonlight washes over it.

He counts Dean’s breaths.

And he listens all night to the drumbeat of Dean’s heart, pumping steadily.

Dean wakes up with the sun, curls into Cas and groans. “Mornin’, sunshine.”

Cas smiles. “Good morning, Dean.”

They spend a few minutes kissing lazily, soft and lingering kisses that have no agenda, before Dean speaks again. “So really, Cas. What do you do at night?”

“Nothing much,” Cas says. “Mostly just wait for you to wake up.”

Dean sighs, but seems to accept that answer, and pushes himself out of bed to start his day. Cas watches him for a moment before he gets up himself, smiling at the sweet secret he gets to keep to himself.