I hold your hand to my cheek and feel the warmth once absent make my skin alive again. I press my lips into your palm, imprinting my soul against your lifeline, inhaling the comfort of your touch. I hold your gaze and fall back into familiar pools, a look of love quietly shared, slowly rekindled. When your hand touches mine, it is all I need to know that you are mine and you are here and you are holding me, touching me, hearing the whispers of this heart that waited for yours. I trace the path of your fingertips, my fire mirroring yours. The rest of the coffee shop fades as I lose myself in your touch, your now. Your lips are my passion, your hands are my peace, and you’re home, I’m home — we’re home.
—  A Conversation That Never Happened (Part II)
Part I written by @renaudcr7 in collaboration                

“If he hadn’t been spacing out like this, he would have noticed Bakugou staring, his brows narrowing and that typical scowl returning on his face. He would have noticed Bakugou’s expression changing to a curious one, a little surprised even. He would have noticed Bakugou closing the distance between them as he approached him, he’d have seen Bakugou’s hand reaching for his face and cupping his cheeks. And only when Kirishima feels the warmth of Bakugou’s palms and the softness on his skin, he realizes what’s happening. Bakugou’s face is so close to his, so very close, these beautiful fierce eyes piercing through him. Kirishima’s own eyes can’t leave Bakugou’s, but soon enough he shuts them tight, feeling his cheeks becoming the color of his hair.”

Something I drew based on @moriano ’s fic “Chasing Home”

(I apologize for the quality, it’s been a while…)

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Can I get some hcs for Reaper, pre- and post- fall, with an s/o who loves holding hands to feel their warmth?


  • He’s very good at finding a balance between professionalism and affection towards you. Though Jesse has gotten really good at managing to find him holding your hand to give a quip.
  • Truthfully he mostly hides it from the Overwatch agents, the Blackwatch agents don’t really seem to care much or use your natural inclination towards affection to calm down Gabriel.
  • As things grow more tense with everything he starts to care less about hiding it, you slipping your hand into his less for the warmth as things go and more for reassurance.


  • He does not care what others think, if it makes you happy then the others can just learn to deal with that. He’s a little afraid that his hands aren’t warm enough for you anymore.
  • This discord shows up whenever you slip your hand slips into his. You feel it make your chest ache, wanting to do your best to reassure him. You pull him aside eventually, wanting to let him know you still love him.
  • It helps a little, abating some of that fear for a while but whenever it peaks again in his mind you’re quick to squeeze it in reassurance. He takes a breath, reminding himself of your adoration for him regardless of his changes.

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hi. i wanted to write you a small thank you note, for being a light in my life for over four years. your music has been with me since i was enamored with homestuck, and has brought me more joy than you could possibly imagine. you have a voice like magic and your lyrics carry a feeling like coming home. when i am at a low point, reminding myself of things that have been with me for a long time makes me feel better- your music and warmth is one of those things. thank you. all my love to you.

<3 this is so wonderful to read. Thank you so much and you’re very welcome! :’D

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I thought I lost you kiss dragondarkmark

“I thought I lost you” kisses: The breath is knocked out of both of them with the force that they collide with. Hands grip the back of t-shirts and palms are pressed up and under shirts, holding them close, feeling the warmth of their skin. Palms are pressed to cheeks, thumbs swiping away tears until their mouths collide messily, the world seeming to disappear around them.

(You get bonus points!!! I love this AU so much! See more here)

As soon as their eyes met, and it became clear there were no obstacles between them, Mark was running at Dark, throwing his arms around him as he launched himself into the dragon’s arms. Dark stumbled back as he caught the man, arms wrapping so tightly around him that Mark huffed out a breath. He curled his hands into Dark’s tunic, refusing to let go as Dark pressed a kiss into his hair.

“I thought I lost you.” Mark gasped as he pulled back, releasing Dark’s tunic to cup his cheeks, stroke the smattering of scales along his cheeks and feel the full, harsh cut of his horns curling from his skull. The dragon’s eyes were wet, and Mark was openly crying as he felt the heat of Dark’s palms through his shirt.

Silently, the dragon slid his hands under the fabric, directly onto Mark’s skin, and the man arched against him, sobbing at how real the dragon felt. One hand remained on Mark’s waist, and the other came up to wipe away Mark’s tears. Their eyes roamed each other’s bodies, looking for wounds, for anything that could take them away from each other again, blind to the crowd that was gathering around them.

Seconds past, before Dark curled his hand around Mark’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. It was hot, heavy and messy, a desperate kiss with clashing of sharp teeth and tongues, Mark’s hands curling around Dark’s neck softly as the dragon held him in place. Mark moaned as Dark’s tongue flicked against his, long and curling, holding back from dipping down his throat, and Dark growled as Mark deepened the kiss, drawing him deeper inside. The world melted away, the pain they had been through, the separation and the danger disappearing in the euphoria of them being together again.

Never to be parted again, if either of them had anything to say about it.

Dark was the first to notice the crowds gathering, and he pulled back from Mark, growling at them, his limbs cracking and popping until his human disguise had disappeared and the large, scaly dragon form that was natural for him was there instead. His tail and wings curled around Mark, pulling him close to the dragon’s body, but Mark pushed himself free and walked boldly up to Dark’s head.

Easily, he coaxed Dark to look at him instead of the crowd, and pressed a kiss to Dark’s jaw. The dragon huffed and Mark laughed at the warmth of his breath, planting another kiss directly on his nose.

Look at me, the kisses said, look at me and only me.

Dark had no issues with that.

Send a pairing (Mark/Jack Ego or Sanders Sides) and a kiss

HI GUYS!!!!! Sorry I haven’t been online in 5ever. I’ve really been sucked up by playing a MMORPG and so that’s been a thing. I hope everyone is doing well, I miss you all, you’re all wonderful! All the hugs and kisses from me mwah! 

..my wifi isn’t working with giphs right now…so no actual kittens hugging you, but i hope you feel the warmth. 

Also yo, guess who’s 26 today????

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*quickly pecks Kenma on the cheek before going right back to my game and pretending nothing happened* BUT OF COURSE I'M BLUSHING HE'S SO CUTE OH MY ACTUAL LITERAL GOD I'M SO BLESSED TO BE PLAYING POKEMON WITH YOU YOU PRECIOUS BEAN?! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS????!!!!! CHIIIIIIIII-CHAAAAAAAAAAAN!! Help me! I've fallen and I can't get up!!!!!

Kenma freezes the instant he feels the warmth landing on his cheek; his breath hitched . After realizing what just happened, his entire existence slowly turns into red; as red as Elmo’s fur red; his eyes slowly widening a fracture.

Not knowing where to glance and how to act like you over there, Kenma shrinks himself into his hoodie; the only things poking out are his golden orbs down to the tip of his nose.

He’s trying to focus on his game now.

But to no avail.

So here are two people, each struggling to play a good game of Pokemon with their faces on fire.

[ ᕕ(◉Д◉ )ᕗ I’ll pick you– oomph! *Chi has fallen ungraciously. And also unable to get up. Chi lifts her head to look at her friend, her nose bleeding; but she’s smiling.* You’ve done nothing to deserve this. THIS IS FORTUNE! My pudding son is very precious and cute and is a treasure– you all must protect pudding baby–]

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[Bless this child.]

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2:34. it’s pouring rain and all I want is to be with you. feel your warmth. feel your heartbeat. listen to the raindrops on the windows. Have our breaths synchronize in harmonious inhales and exhales. Have some classical music gently playing in hushed tones. Everything fitting together like a perfectly made puzzle crafted for only us. Everything going back to the way it was before you started keeping secrets

Anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about

Sleeping Angel

Another original thing, wow how different and new loool I’m actually having fun tho, with my short, imperfect lil things :3 @gooddame @austennerdita2533

Sleeping Angel

You’re adorable when you sleep…

I sometimes lose track of time watching you; mesmerized by your face, counting your breaths - feeling incredibly happy to be so close to you, to be able to feel your warmth.

As your forehead frowns and you whimper in fear, I kiss your forehead tenderly, caressing your messy hair in hopes the nightmare fades.

Sometimes I cry.

I think of a future where you’re no longer by my side, imagine a world where you don’t exist, wonder how life could go on without you, and I cry silently hoping you won’t hear me fall apart by thinking you won’t always be here, when you’re right next to me holding my hand.

An angel, with really cold feet, heart beating strong and lips that wipe away the sadness. You kiss my tears away with a blinding smile - so strong it lights up the room - and I forget everything, only able to feel your skin.

You’re beautiful when you’re awake.

Six + Sentence Sunday—Safe House, Chapter 5

Han watched Leia unzip her snow suit in the lounge, he’d never let himself be so blatant about watching her before. There was something about the way she’d looked at him lately, something that gave him permission to stare. His eyes bored holes in the curve of her neck as she reached down to unfasten her boots and he found himself wondering what she looked like with her hair down. She walked over to him smiling and he felt his mouth go dry at the sight of her, the top of he snow suit hanging around her waist her skin-tight silk base layer clinging to her body.

“Gods.” He mumbled under his breath as she slipped an arm around his neck. He’d never wanted anyone as much as he wanted her. He pressed his hand against her back fitting her against him. He could feel the warmth of her back through the silk and felt his body respond as it remembered their intense make out session before he’d been almost killed. And suddenly everything slowed down, she kissed him her fingers tangled in his hair tugging gently and bringing him back to the present.

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where to find jonghyun

-in the songs of morning birds that at first seem annoying, but if you care to listen, those are the purest songs on earth
-the distinct rays of light that shine down from breaks in the clouds, almost like an angel is putting the spotlight on something
-the moment when the clouds part just enough on a cold night to see the moon
-when the first golden rays of sunlight melt through your window and you cant help but feel the warmth it brings
-the urge you have to sing along to your favorite music
-a bright star in the night sky that keeps catching your eye even when you look at other stars
-the part inside you that tells you to keep going even when the odds are against you
-he is within all those who loved him, as a newly found source of strength to do better, be better, and to carry forward the kindness and love that he gave


sprouting, popping out of every inch of my body, constantly growing even as I sleep, masking my skin in a blanket of warmth, feels nice, so soft, growing in every crevice at a rapid rate and LITERALLY “coming out of my ass”

Some irrelevant man:

can you shave? it’s kinda gross. xoxo thanks

project: share the warmth!

what is it? 

a way to share love and warmth in the les mis fandom, to bring people closer together!

how to participate?

send your favourite les mis blogs, your best internet friends, all the wonderful people you know names of les mis characters to show them how you feel about them and share the warmth! if you receive an ask “stw ~names of characters~” continue the trend and keep sending aks!

here are the names:

Valjean: you’re so hardworking

Javert: i admire how fierce you are

Myriel: you are the kindest person

Fantine: you have so much strength and love

Fauchelevant: i am so glad to have known you

Cosette: i wish i could be closer to you

Marius: your dedication is amazing

Montparnasse: you’re insanely cool

Enjolras: i love hearing you talk

Combeferre: you are so smart

Courfeyrac: you are a ray of sunshine

Grantaire: your posts are hilarious

Jehan: your art is amazing

Feuilly: your writing is incredible

Bahorel: your fashion is wonderful

Bossuet: you are so unique

Joly: you are the cutest

Musichetta: you are my best friend

Eponine: you feel like family to me

Gavroche: you are one of the best things that has happened to me

anonymously or not, please, 

share the warmth!

one day

someone is going to hold your hand and you’re going to feel so much warmth,

you are going to feel at peace; content,

life is going to make sense for once,

you will smile and you will actually mean it,

someone is going to hold you tight and they aren’t going to let you go.

one day, in the near future, life is going to be ok.

please stick around to see it. it’s going to be so good.