One thing The Legend of Korra teaches us is that you can still have a healthy relationship with your ex after breaking up with them. 


Feel the Tide Turning - Mumford and Sons

The ways Rei and Nagisa protect each other

One of the things I find endlessly adorable about these two is how super protective they are of each other, but in completely different ways. They even each other out so perfectly and their strengths and weaknesses play off of one another in a beautifully intricate way. One of these is how they look out for each other, which starts with how their strengths and weaknesses differ. 

Nagisa’s main strength is being able to bring others together and inspire others to be their best selves, while his weakness is that he can be oblivious to what is going around him. Rei’s strength is that he’s very critical and aware of his surroundings, while his weakness is that he can’t always pick up on social cues. But this is okay, because they even each other out in this way!

So Nagisa tends to protect Rei in social situations. When he feels the tides turning against Rei, he is always quick to read the moment and think of how to diffuse it so Rei can make it out okay. This doesn’t necessarily apply to when he sees Rei is about to do something ridiculous, because he’ll usually let him go ahead and embarrass himself. But if he thinks Rei is going to get in trouble or be seriously looked down on by someone, he’ll put himself on the line to protect him from judgment. 

I mean, just look at this body language: by scratching his head and laughing it off, he’s not only diffusing the situation by making it seem humorous, but implying that he is part responsible, thereby taking the weight of the blame off of Rei. 

He’s also encouraging to Rei in a way that’s unique and special to their relationship and keeps Rei motivated.

But Nagisa isn’t the best at keeping Rei physically safe; his constant running around, even into traffic, places Rei in a position where he has to chase after him and potentially enter into an unsafe situation.

Rei, on the other hand, is more physically protective of Nagisa, as he looks out for his physical rather than emotional well-being. I did a post before about he is protective of Nagisa, but here are some basic highlights:

This is highlighted in the Reigisa shit as well:

NAGISA: Well, I feel safe when I know that I can go home with someone by my side…

NAGISA: Well, if Rei-chan is with me, then everything will be okay.

On the other hand, Rei isn’t the best at picking up on when he’s emotionally upsetting Nagisa. Such as when he lashes out at Nagisa at the train station. 

(It was difficult to capture Nagisa’s expression in a still image)

So basically they’re perfect. 

you taste of figs and starlight,
and the world is torn beneath our feet,
can you feel it? The twist and turn of
tides as it pulls our bodies closer,
the waves are crashing in time with
our heartbeats and this–this is
what the gods are envious of. Limbs,
tangled, chaos in motion. I will forget
my own name but never yours. Not
even when life and memory leave me,
because your fingers have etched rivers
in my soul and your eyes will haunt
me like the dead wish they could
haunt the living
—  patroclus to achilles: “i will never forget this even if the world burns in your wake” | jocelyn

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