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She isn’t one to back down from a fight, but Emma knows the feeling of the tide turning against her well enough to recognize the choice to drown or get out of the undertow.

Facing down the Black Fairy after getting hit so hard by a giant spider that she’s still seeing double – when her only ally here is someone who tried to murder her and banished her True Love to another realm- seems like something of a poor decision. And continuing on when said ally collapses into little more than a pile of robes beside her, while the Black Fairy monologues unceasingly about her overcomplicated plan to take over Storybrooke, is something Emma Swan simply does not have time for at the moment. A strategic retreat is definitely in order.

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What do you think of the recent news about the story of Half Life?

I feel like the tide is turning hard and fast on Valve these days. The timing of this certainly doesn’t help. Valve is no longer a software company. They are bleeding talent that worked on some of their biggest, most critically acclaimed work.

And the fact that they are bleeding this talent is important. Valve is not a company that you should just walk away from. Erik Wolpaw once told a story about a flare-up of ulcerative colitis that made him miss months of work. Valve paid for all the hospital expenses and even gave him full paid leave. Gabe Newell told himYour job is to get better. That is your job description at Valve. So go home to your wife and come back when you are better.” They didn’t have to do that, but they extended the ultimate in generosity to keep him happy, healthy, and employed at Valve.

So when Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve, that’s not a decision I’m sure he came to lightly. Even though Marc Laidlaw, Erik Wolpaw, and Chet Faliszek all left and said there was no bad blood, they are putting the golden goose back in the pen and saying “Naw, I’ve got somewhere else to be.”

That’s a reflection on what Valve is, and what Valve will become going forward.

Valve has, essentially, infinite money. And not only do they have infinite money, but they’re constantly looking for solutions to avoid hiring more employees. They’d rather figure out a way to make the community do all the work for them, so they can kick back and go for a swim in their Scrooge McDuck money bins.

In a lot of ways, it’s starting to feel very reminiscent of the trend you see on Kickstarter. The big important game developer promises you everything you’ve ever hoped or dreamed for, they get millions of dollars, go over-budget, miss deadlines, and ultimately under-deliver. We saw it with Broken Age, we saw it with Mighty No. 9, we saw it with Yooka-Laylee, we’re seeing it with Shenmue 3 and most likely Bloodstained (which, after three years in development, is apparently only 20% complete). It’s less that these guys have lost their touches and more that they have the freedom to do whatever they want, and whatever they want turns out to be beyond reasonable budgets.

Take Broken Age: when Tim Schafer pitched the Kickstarter, he thought they’d do a short, simple adventure game, like the very first Maniac Mansion. No voice acting, not even HD visuals. The final Broken Age was so expensive it had to be broken in to two separate halves, with the sales of Broken Age 1 funding part 2.

I think it was in their Yooka-Laylee video, but Stop Skeletons From Fighting brought up a wonderful clip from behind the scenes of The Incredibles, where Brad Bird is arguing for a big, impressive, and most importantly time consuming and expensive action scene to cap the movie off. If Brad Bird had total creative freedom he would do that scene without a second thought, but since he was working for Disney, he had a producer on hand pushing back against it. Brad, in his own words, wanted to do “something cool” and the producer wanted it “on time and on budget” – and ultimately, that clash lead to a fantastic final product, because limitations foster creativity. Unchecked freedom can just make a very costly mess, which is a trap many of these high-profile Kickstarters are falling in to.

Valve gets around some of that because their money hose doesn’t stop gushing. They don’t even have to put out software anymore – Valve takes a deep cut of every DOTA 2 International tournament prize pool, which this year raised $24,000,000. Roughly half of that gets funneled back in to Valve, every year, until the day DOTA 2 stops being interesting. On top of the 30% of every sale on Steam. On top of them ramping up the tournament scene in CS:GO in the last two years with the same tactics that filled DOTA 2 with money. Valve clearly has more cash than they know what to do with.

But what has that gotten us?

A failed deal with Adult Swim for Valve to produce Team Fortress 2 shorts as a TV series. Only one episode was ever finished and released (Expiration Date), which reportedly took something like a whole year (or more) to put together. Using a piece of software Valve built themselves, and is intimately familiar with. When fans, using that same piece of software, routinely produce a significantly greater volume of work at nearly professional standards, and often by single-person teams working alone (there’s even a yearly film festival about this exact thing). The best Valve could muster was a single episode, despite reportedly employing more than 200 people.

Two, the Steam Controller. Valve custom-built an entire assembly line factory with their own money to produce Steam Controllers after nearly two years of private and public R&D. It failed to set the world on fire, because in order to use it, it requires you to unlearn basically everything you’ve ever known about game controllers. It is the DVORAK of gamepads, catering to a very narrow audience of people who either forced themselves to like it or grew up knowing nothing else.

Three, are Steam Machines, which is really just a nebulous PC spec that doesn’t seem to have really stuck around or gone anywhere at all.

Four, SteamVR (The Vive), which is prohibitively expensive and requires a minimum amount of space in order to work that most people apparently do not have. Cool if you’re rich enough to afford any of that, but I don’t think very many can right now.

And five, a DOTA 2 collectible card game that seems to exist only because Valve saw how much money Blizzard was making with Hearthstone, and they decided to make their own version of that.

Not exactly the greatest pedigree to have after a high point like Portal 2. So much for Valve’s “make something interesting, and if it’s cool enough it’ll eventually come out.” mantra.

How many projects like Half-Life 2 Episode 3 were left on the cutting room floor? Forgotten about if for no other reason than the person working on it got pulled away to help crunch for a TF2 update, or producing The International, or something else? Only to, weeks or even months later, come back and realize they don’t remember where they left off. But who cares, right? If it wasn’t cool enough, then you can just work on something else. Nobody’s going to stop you. Wheel your desk somewhere else and start over on whatever catches your interest that week.

What happened to F-STOP? The idea that was reportedly going to make up Portal 2 but ended up being abandoned because it was “too good.” That was more than six years ago. They spent one whole year prototyping F-STOP and we haven’t heard a peep about it since (unless they planned to have a whole section in Portal 2 where you play a DOTA 2 card game, I guess).

Valve has really backed themselves in to a corner, here. I am a massive Valve fanboy, and they just seem like a really hard company to root for these days. Between their hands-off approach to Steam curation, their slavish dedication to gargantuan esports profits over all else, and now the man who literally invented the Half-Life universe more or less saying, “This is how I wanted that story to end, because they might not ever tell you” …it’s just… probably about as close to a worse case scenario you could get for that company. And for once, you can’t point fingers at a greedy publisher, or a failed merger, or any kind of corporate man in a business suit. Valve controls their own destiny, and are the only ones to blame for the monster they’ve let themselves become.

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Do you feel the tide is turning and more people are waking up to the unique beauty of black women ?

Little by little I’d say yes. With every new day the tide for everyone FINALLY waking up and appreciating black women’s unique beauty is slowly but surely underway. We still have a long ways to go but it’s a damn good place start now.

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Hello! Could you rec any bottom!Peter steter fics? Or even just submissive!Peter? Thank you!

Sure, here are some I’ve come across:

Spark of Dark by Pirotess666

After being abandoned by Scott, Stiles feels empty and tired. Sick of life. Until Peter re-enters his life and makes him want to live again.
All of a sudden he’s not so alone anymore…and neither is Peter.

A Matter of Trust by Inell

Peter’s submission is an undeniable sign of trust that Stiles will never misuse or betray.

Curiosity & Satisfaction by Inell

Stiles knows that Peter is up to something. He just hasn’t figured out what he’s scheming yet.

One of Those Days by Inell

Peter is having one of those days, and Stiles has about ninety minutes to make it better.

The Lady of Lightning by kiranightshade

“Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.”

This Could Be So Dirty That it Just Ain’t Right by taylorpotato

Ever since Stiles presented as an Omega, he hasn’t been feeling the same urges as his peers. When he’s around an Alpha that’s not Scott (who is pretty much his brother at this point), his first reaction is to shrink away, not try to press closer. Until he meets Peter Hale. Who acts like the most annoying, entitled kind of Alpha on the planet. Except he’s not one. He’s an Omega. Of course, Stiles would turn out to be every type of gay possible.

Embrace the Chaos, Kiss the Devil by eeyore9990

Even if they saw it, no one would believe it. It’ll probably – inevitably – be Peter’s downfall. But what a way to go.

Your Darkness Enraptures Me by Mysenia

Stiles’ darkness comes to the surface and Peter gets to experience it first hand, it enraptures him.

Unexpected by ladyoneill

Peter never expected to be seduced by a gangly teenage human, but to submit to him?

Feel the Tide Turning by Rrrowr

Hold Me Down by sneksonaplane

Waking up in Peter Hale’s bed was weird. Waking up in Peter Hale’s body was even weirder. Stiles had been disoriented and confused when he’d found himself in a plush, king sized bed in an unfamiliar bedroom instead of in his own room (and seriously, why did Peter even need a king sized bed? Why would anyone need a bed that big?) It had all come back to him when he’d glimpsed the body he was inhabiting, one that was shorter but more defined than his own, and older, and kind of hot.


The one where Stiles and Peter swap bodies, Peter relives his adolescence, Stiles suffers, and then suffers a little less when he discovers Peter’s fetlife profile where he’s listed as a submissive seeking a daddy.

little!Peter and Daddy!Stiles by DenaCeleste

A nightmare rips Peter from sleep, and Stiles comforts his baby boy as only he can.

And Guede writes a lot of bottom/more submissive!Peter, usually in polyamorous relationships, so if that’s your thing, you can check them out :)

“Of Love and Agony,” (1/1)

Summary: His tongue was cruel in more ways than one.

Notes: This was inspired by a very NSFW sketch that appeared on my dash. It is also DO-era filth, which means it is incredibly sad. So be aware going into this, it’s probably the darkest thing I have written or will write. Thanks to the bae, @abbadons-little-witch! Also tagging @captainwiley, by request. xo Also on Ao3, as always.

I have lost myself in the sea many times
with my ear full of freshly cut flowers,
with my tongue full of love and agony.
– Federico García Lorca

+ He surrenders in an unknowable moment between her thighs; but he won’t realize he’s lost until it’s too late, the strange, salty taste of her an intimate, uncanny premonition of the blood in his mouth.

“I knew,” she’ll whisper days, weeks, months later, their skin warm and damp in the light of a grey, early dawn, “I knew.”

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Shit o k Do you have fics where Stiles leaves Beacon Hills (either permanently or just for a short while) and shit goes down real bad and people start to realize how important Stiles is???

We have a Stiles Comes Back tag. But it’s been a while so here’s more! - Anastasia

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the good kind by fawkesflame123

(1/1 I 1,058 I Teen I Stalia)

“Remember that I love you,” was the last thing he’d said to her, she could still feel the way his lips had felt against hers, the touch of his fingertips on her cheeks, the way he’d smelt, how he’d made her feel safe. “I love you, Malia. I love you.” And then he was gone.

The Roots That Bind Us by Arriefifangirl

(1/? I 1,214 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles Stilinski will do a lot for his pack, including die for them. He has traveled the world looking for ways to keep them safe as well as evolving his own power. After returning to Beacon Hills, he has to face the nemeton, and he isn’t sure he can make it out alive.

You are not my mother by lovestowrite238

(1/1 I 2,143 I General I Stydia)

A one shot fill in the blanks for Riders on the Storm, by request of Orionastro, focusing on the Stiles scenes during Riders on the Storm and his emotional state after dealing with his ‘mother’.

Stiles is back in Beacon Hills, but very confused about what is going on during the final night of the storm. While trying to help his friends, he’s also dealing with survival. And then he sees the woman resembling his mother. The woman who tries to kill him to get his father back.

This story is canon and will follow the storyline in Riders on the Storm, but mostly, it fills in the blanks of what I felt was missing after the Claudia-Stiles scene.

Feel the Tide Turning by Rrrowr

(1/1 I 3,893 I Explicit I Steter)

The year before Stiles left marked the largest exodus from Beacon Hills that the town had ever seen. The number of deaths – not the least of which was the slaughtering of nearly the entire police department – cast a pall over the entire population. Hypervigilance, Ms. Morrell had said to him once. It was a long time ago now, but Stiles had understood. He’d understood, and when the opportunity to run came, he ran. Stiles tries not to feel shame for that, but when he sees Scott waiting for him outside of the baggage claim, he can’t quite match him, smile for smile.

All It Took Was A Hit With… by iKnightWriter

(2/? I 5,107 I Teen I Sterek)

5 times Derek accidently hits Stiles and the one time Stiles hits him back

Or the fic where Derek is pining after Stiles, but somehow keeps hurting his crush

Harley Quinn Ships Batman and Robin by eeyore9990

(3/3 I 5,913 I Teen I Sterek)

After ten long years away, Stiles returns to Beacon Hills with a daughter and a mission.

When the Moon rises by lizc

(11/? I 7,325 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles is a lonely highschool boy and Derek is an attractive English teacher with an appreciation of moles and whiskey eyes. When Stiles leaves abruptly during freshman year, Derek can’t help but wonder where the beautiful boy went. Three years later, a familiar face arrives back in Beacon Hills.


AU where Stiles is a lonely high schooler and leaves, comes back, and shocks everyone, including his then and now English teacher Derek Hale.

Gladiolus by TheRealNightTempest

(1/1 I 13,163 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles moved to New York City to attend Columbia and somehow he ended up abandoned by his pack. To fill the void where his loved one used to be, he seeks affection from the wrong source. Years later a terrible encounter forces Stiles to move back home to Beacon Hills. He’ll have to face people he used to call family. Laura. The Pack. Worst of all Derek.

And because of them he’ll have to learn to heal.

Famous by jamesm97 for vampireisthenewblack

(20/20 I 15,910 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles became an actor by Chance landing in a funny film because of a few youtube video’s.

Seeing it as his chance he left, he more or less ran all because Derek was in a relationship with someone who isn’t Stiles.

He’s now 21 and his producer is making him go back to Beacon Hills, when he hasn’t been back since he left.

Parole by tesha198

(13/? I 22,272 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles has been gone from Beacon Hills for seven years without a trace, running from the knowledge his mother was murdered and his father covered it up. A lot has changed in his time away. Perhaps most noticeably - himself. After serving five years in jail Stiles’ dad pulls some strings to get him paroled. The only snag, he’s confined to Beacon Hills for the duration of his parole. The second he sets foot into the station he becomes Derek’s pet project. The pack won’t leave him alone, working endlessly to ensure he doesn’t violate his parole and get sent back to jail. But Stiles doesn’t want their help. He has plans of his own - none of which include a heartfelt reunion with the pack he ran from. Will the pack hinder his chances for revenge? Can Stiles find the answers he’s been searching for or will his mother’s case remain cold?

Moon Brewed Beer & Ale by Guardian_of_Hope

(15/? I 24,251 I Teen I Scira)

Stiles and his ninja friends are back in Beacon Hills. It’s been six good years for Stiles, now he has to learn about how different his old friends are.

Now You See Me

{ Part 1 of the Love Is Blind series } 

Summary: Because Bellamy is always looking at Clarke, from the moment they landed on the ground, and each time he sees something different. [ 7 times he sees her + 1 time he doesn’t ] | AO3 |

i. princess

She’s a small thing, clinging to the ladder. Thin fingers grip the metal rungs, and bright blond hair falling out of a braid frames her round face. Annoyance twists her delicate features. She’s small, alright, so the demanding, deep tone she musters up to demand that he stop from opening the dropship door doesn’t suit her. He doesn’t expect the crowd to part for her tiny frame, either, but it does. She marches up, so confident that she can take control. It’s then he knows that she is one of them: like the Commander that manipulated his mother, the soldiers that imprisoned Octavia, and the Council that floated his mother. He can’t fathom why she is here, what rule she broke, and he doesn’t care. Bellamy has had enough of them controlling his life, so he brushes her off. She is going to argue with him, he can see it. But then Octavia is there, and they are outside, and he is free.

He doesn’t see the blonde again until later. Her hair is down now, loose and almost white in the sunlight. Her expression is softer too, but that tone, the privileged one, is still there. And it pisses him off. He looks around, and the uncertain expressions on the kids’ faces worry him. They can’t buy into her bullshit, and so he calls her out for what she is: one of them. Feeling the tide of the crowd turn back toward his side, he smiles, even chuckles under his breath at Octavia’s nickname. Princess. Couldn’t have said it better himself.

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Till I Die And After I Die

        [ I will love you forever; whatever happens. ]

winter winds - mumford & sons; king and lionheart - of monsters and men; everybody wants to rule the world - lorde; come away to the water - maroon 5 + rozzi crane; i move on - jan morgenstern; hero - enrique iglesias; tomorrow will be kinder - the secret sisters; feel the tide (turning) - mumford & sons; coming home - skylar grey; after the storm - mumford & sons; in my veins - andrew belle; safe and sound - taylor swift + the civil wars; i will follow you into the dark - jayme dee; into the west - annie lennox; the last goodbye - billy boyd; epilogue - alexandre despat.