take a deep breath.

feel the earth slowly turning. feel the tides responding to the moon. reach out with your consciousness and touch the stars. breathe in the air filled with particles of galaxies. run your fingers through the light. 

you are not trapped. this is not the end. you will make it through this.

and so the universe said, “be at peace.”

you taste of figs and starlight,
and the world is torn beneath our feet,
can you feel it? The twist and turn of
tides as it pulls our bodies closer,
the waves are crashing in time with
our heartbeats and this–this is
what the gods are envious of. Limbs,
tangled, chaos in motion. I will forget
my own name but never yours. Not
even when life and memory leave me,
because your fingers have etched rivers
in my soul and your eyes will haunt
me like the dead wish they could
haunt the living
—  patroclus to achilles: “i will never forget this even if the world burns in your wake” | jocelyn

One thing The Legend of Korra teaches us is that you can still have a healthy relationship with your ex after breaking up with them. 


Feel the Tide Turning - Mumford and Sons

Definitely feeling the heaviness of the energy, very draining…feeling like we are coming to a crawl, only days away from end of retrograde. You can feel it through the time crawling, the anxiousness, unproductive-ness, and the way the weather shifted so dramatically these past days…Feeling the turning of the tides. 

Almost over, though it’s going to feel a little wobbly these next few days as we reach the end on the 11th.


I can feel the tides creep and slowly turn.

Till I Die And After I Die

        [ I will love you forever; whatever happens. ]

winter winds - mumford & sons; king and lionheart - of monsters and men; everybody wants to rule the world - lorde; come away to the water - maroon 5 + rozzi crane; i move on - jan morgenstern; hero - enrique iglesias; tomorrow will be kinder - the secret sisters; feel the tide (turning) - mumford & sons; coming home - skylar grey; after the storm - mumford & sons; in my veins - andrew belle; safe and sound - taylor swift + the civil wars; i will follow you into the dark - jayme dee; into the west - annie lennox; the last goodbye - billy boyd; epilogue - alexandre despat.