Self care

Ok so I really believe that if you feel good about yourself it will radiate through you and you will look beautiful because of your confidence. And self care and healthy lil tips make me feel beautiful so:

Drink water. You know those annoying red bumps on your face that aren’t full on pimples so they’re really hard to get rid of? Drink a gallon of water every day. It sounds like a lot but they will disappear, and water has so many other benefits with skincare and weight loss.

Moisturize! I love almond oil for my face because it’s like coconut oil except it won’t clog your pores. Honestly as long as you consistently moisturize your face and body with some kind of lotion you’ll see benefits, it’s not complicated.

Exfoliate! Okay you can go buy an expensive exfoliated but if you’re ballin on a budget just mix some oil (coconut, olive, almond, etc.) with some sugar for your body, or with baking soda for your face. The baking soda is gentler.

Apple cider vinegar! Shits not tasty but if you add a tablespoon to a big glass of water plus some lemon (and stevia to taste) to begin your day there are benefits to your metabolism and anti bloating properties.

As for holy grail skin care ingredients, I love turmeric. Combine 1 tsp turmeric powder, 2 tbsp flour, 2-3 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp almond or coconut oil and a little bit of honey. Put on face for 20 minutes and wash off. You will glow.

Take baths because they are so great. Light some candles, get some wine or a good book, whatever makes you relaxed. There is literally a bath for everything. Sore muscles? Epsom salt. Trying to balance your skin’s ph (aka you have a dick appointment)? ¾ cup apple cider vinegar. Dry skin? Oil or oatmeal. So many options.

As for makeup, I found that when I quit makeup I found more confidence in myself and less pressure to look perfect, but if you want to beat your face every day then do it! I admire the dedication. Do what makes you feel beautiful because if you feel good, you look good.

Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

1. It’s ok to be sad. Don’t ignore it. Don’t feel guilty for being sad. It reminds you that you feel and that you’re alive.

2. Remind yourself of the times you felt this way. It’s ok to rest after a fall. Give yourself time to regain the energy to pick yourself back up.

3. Do not ever hide parts of yourselves just to be accepted. It’s better to be alone than to pretend to be someone you’re not just to feel worthwhile.

4. It’s ok if people leave once you do so. You’ll be glad that they did. And you’ll appreciate the ones that stayed.

5. Self love also means accepting your shortcomings and admitting your wrongdoings. Accept that you can be short tempered at times. However, it’s not an excuse. Apologise when you hurt others. Be a better version of yourself.

6. Accept your physical quirks. Love your frizzy hair, your scars, your stretch marks. They are a part of you. You have your father’s hair. Your scars shows your resilience. Your stretch marks are evidence of growth. Embrace them.

7. Take time off when you need to. Brush your hair. Put some lip balm on. Wash your face. Sometimes, cleaning your body can also clear your mind. Even for a little while.

8. If you don’t achieve your goals, it’s ok. You tried your best. You tried even when your heart and body was heavy. And if you didn’t, see it as a lesson learnt. Just try again. Don’t let it bring you down.

9. Find little joys in life. Appreciate the sun rays peeking through your window. The sound of rain. Finding new music. Laughter. A smile.

10. Learn how to love your own company. Ride your bike around the neighbourhood. Watch a movie by yourself. Shop by yourself. Eat by yourself. You’ll find out that no matter what, you will always have yourself.

11. Know when to let go of a fading friendship. Then appreciate the good times. But accept that it was in the past and you’re both different people now.

12. Instigate meetings with your friends once in a while. Then ask them how they are. Don’t be afraid to talk about emotions. Learn how to open up but also learn how to listen. You don’t need to give advice, offering your shoulder can be enough.

13. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you didn’t like it, remember that it’s better to regret doing something than wondering about the ‘what if’s’.

14. If you make a mistake, see it as a chance to learn. To grow. To improve. Don’t let it bring you down.

15. If you feel good in it, you’ll look good in it.

16. Compliment someone without comparing yourself to them. Appreciate the beauty of others without undermining yours.

17. Know that you are the only one that can have a say on what happens to your body. If you want to get a tattoo (and it’s legal), if you want a piercing, if you want to dye your hair, do it. Because you want to. You don’t need anyone else’s permission.

18. Remind the important people in your life how much you care for them. A little “thanks for everything” or a small text of appreciation can be enough.

—  Things I’ve learnt by 18 (but I’ve still got more to learn)

Day #36

Really feeling myself today….
George & I actually started a new routine.
We woke up together at 4:30 am, George did some crunches and push ups, I shaved and put just a touch of make up on (Mascara & lip gloss) We decided that even though we have to get up early, its worth taking the time to do the things you need to do to feel good, look good and be healthy. We also go to bed at like 9 pm so we do actually sleep, hahaha.

My boobies hurt like omg, wow.
I can not stop hitting them, and aparenlty I have a habbit of holding things under my arm up against my chest, well… I keep squeezing my bood and huuuuurrrttttssss. Okay ya’ll know my boobs hurt by now.

It is gradual, but each day I am feeling more and more motivated. I have noiced subtle changes in my skin, but also my hair growth is getting slower (yes, omg, yes!) so shaving is becoming less of a curse. The exfoliation is REAL! It is the best feeling though, showering and scrubbing all the dead skin away, and when you get out, underneath was this soft glowing skin… bliss!

Well that is it for today! I started off slow with these HRT selfies due to kidney stones 2017, but I am gradually working it more and more into my daily routine!


how to prepare for school

hi! i’m back with another masterpost. this one will be relevant to more people. i posted a youtube video that has all of these tips, so please check it out! it would mean the world to me if you liked, commented, and/or subscribed. ♥

anyway enough self-promo! welcome to -

there are ten tips! k let’s get started ->

  1. start waking up earlier! set an alarm an hour or two before the time you have to wake up during school. for example, if i have to wake up at 6am during the school year, then in the week before school starts, i’ll make sure to start waking up at 7am or 8am every day! this way you’ll get used to waking up earlier, and when school actually starts, you won’t miss your alarm or be overcome with lassitude.
  2. start to study a bit! this is pretty self-explanatory but it only takes a little bit of studying to remember a lot of what you learned last year. for example, soon i will be downloading duolingo on my phone to study spanish! during the summer i basically forgot nearly everything i learned in spanish i, so i need to relearn that stuff pretty quickly in order to be prepared for spanish ii.
  3. look at your school’s clubs and activities! decide what extracurriculars you want to join this year. for example, i’m planning to join gymnastics, girls’ tennis, green team, and maybe key club, table tennis club, and/or math club (yea i’m interested in everything). this way you won’t go to school on the first day and have no idea what you’re going to be doing lol
  4. pretend to be excited about school! this seems kinda stupid but it actually works. try thinking, “oh, i haven’t seen my friends in so long and i’m so bored and unproductive and lazy during the summer i can’t wait for school to start so i can hang out with my friends every day and be productive and not lazy and i’ll feel so much better during the school year i can’t wait for school to start!!” yea… (and also “i can’t wait to take pretty notes and post pictures of them on my studyblr!!“ bc yes)
  5. read more! it’s fun and gets you prepared for school, because obviously you have to read a lot in school. i’d recommend reading historical books like sarah’s key, between shades of gray, and the book thief. i really liked sarah’s key, loved bsog, and am currently enjoying the book thief immensely!!
  6. plan out a schedule! tbh you probably won’t end up actually following it to the minute, but they’re fun to make (for me at least), gets your mindset ready, and at least you have some foundation to your daily school routine!
  7. organize your life! tidy your desk, room, closet, whatever. it makes you feel good, your house look good, and you start school ready and fresh!
  8. set goals! what grades do you want? how long are you going to study every day to achieve that? etc etc. and they don’t have to be academic—they can be sports as well. maybe you want to get six minutes on the mile. they could also be studyblr/gram related! for example, in my ten goals post, i set a goal to reach 500 followers on my studygram before school starts (september sixth). maybe for the school year i could set a goal to reach 1000 followers before 2018! who knows? set whatever goals you want and make sure you work to achieve that.
  9. eat breakfast! if you already eat breakfast every day during the summer, this doesn’t apply to you, sorry! k so during the summer, i wake up really late (like 12pm late), and it’s really bad. since i wake up so late, i usually skip breakfast and just eat lunch as my first meal. however, during school, you need those fiber and carbs to keep you energized and awake during class, so make sure you start eating breakfast every day a week or two before school starts so that once school does start and you have to eat breakfast you won’t vomit!!! yay
  10. familiarize yourself with your schedule if you receive it early! this ensures that you won’t be a confused wreck on the first day of school:) good luck and best wishes this school year everyone!

thank you so much for reading this! ily

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x kathie



Tips for relaxing

-music!!! (I always listen to Troye Sivan or Melanie Martinez. I find their voices so relaxing) find something that soothes you 🎶
-take a nap, naps are super awesome for stress. you’ll most likely forget about why you were worried 😴
-write a story, poem, or song it’ll direct your attention towards creating 📚 ✏️
-along with writing, if that’s not your thing, draw to embrace your creative side; you can even draw the thing that is bothering you and then rip it up 🎨
-watch a disney movie 🎥 ✨ everyone loves them!
-read a book with a positive message: thrillers and erotica aren’t good for this sort of thing
-look up flower meetings! personally, I find documenting flowers relaxing bc it’s fun to just see what they mean 🌹🌸
-do makeup or hair! when you feel good, you can look good 👑💆🏻
-give yourself a spa day with a homemade mask 💜 (avoid lemons 🍋 and try something with coconut oil) or take a bubble bath 🛀, either way your skin is happy and your troubles are gone
-go for a walk and enjoy nature. sometimes a bit of fresh oxygen helps you to think clearly 💭
-lock yourself in your room and play karaoke, put on a private show in front of the mirror! it’s kind of like the listening to music tip, only you’re burning some calories dancing and wailing to Hilary Duff 🎤

Chamber of Secrets - Part 15

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: AAAAAAAKKKKKKKK, okay this series is getting long and out of hand, sorry? lmao. LET THE DEFROSTING BEGIN! 

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