Hey you, yeah you! You’re important alright? You deserve happiness and you’re worth your weight in gold and so so much more! If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here! I don’t care if we haven’t talked, I’ll be here. You deserve to laugh and feel good about yourself and I’ll tell you every day if need be! I can’t bear to see anyone hurt, so please talk to me if you need it! The last thing you’ll be is a problem.

anonymous asked:

Scars and Polaroid?

Scars: Share something difficult you’ve been through. 
It would have to be growing up in a broken family. Since a young age I didn’t have any male role models in my life so throughout my teens and times still now I have trouble with male figures.

Polaroid: Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself. 

An image popped across my dash earlier of a very thin girl in tiny skinny jeans with a number of comments underneath like “what I’ll look like when I get rid of my muffin top” and I found it quite sad and it stuck with me and I had to make this set of images. 

You don’t have to starve yourself and be a tiny twig to look good or not have ‘muffin top’. You just have to wear the right clothes for the body you have, and you will gain many self esteem points when you look at yourself in the mirror without all the lumps and bumps caused by tiny clothing.

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