(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzTSE6kcLwY)

This is probably the most body positive commercial I’ve ever seen in my life, and to make it even better, it’s about male body positivity in ALL forms, and I think guys need that just as much as women do, because there is definitely a stigma for males to be muscles and abs and everything that is unrealistic and sometimes unattainable. 

Way to go, AXE, you just made my day. 

We fall in love and we fall out of love
both, so frightenly consuming
make us feel alive
all the joy, the pain
the mistakes and the feelings
make us human

It’s okay to cry when you’re sad
it does not make you weak
It’s okay to say no
if it’s for your own souls health
It’s okay to kiss the boy on that party
even though some people judge you for it
It’s all okay

None of these people will matter in ten years
you’re only 16, maybe 17
This is the time to become who and what
you want
The time to do the things that fill your heart,
even the time to make mistakes

It’s not selfish to put yourself
before anyone else
it gives you inner peace
and power
I promise
You matter
You are important
You play the leading part
in your life

Life is short - do what you want
Life is long - there will always be second chances and detours, but you will reach your aim

—  things i learned, please never forget these

An image popped across my dash earlier of a very thin girl in tiny skinny jeans with a number of comments underneath like “what I’ll look like when I get rid of my muffin top” and I found it quite sad and it stuck with me and I had to make this set of images. 

You don’t have to starve yourself and be a tiny twig to look good or not have ‘muffin top’. You just have to wear the right clothes for the body you have, and you will gain many self esteem points when you look at yourself in the mirror without all the lumps and bumps caused by tiny clothing.

PSA for the day over.