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Passive aggressively supportive Akira though. Like, he's supportive of all of his friends but he's aggressive about it. You call one of his friends a bad name? Prepare to either get roasted on the spot or to find a bag of moldy curry in your locker. Friend is feeling sad or has a low self esteem, they'd better prepare for a giant bear hug as well as some compliments and reassurances of how great they are. All said in a very stern but kind tone that lets you know this guy is serious.

I think this is the main way he would do it actually considering he’s on probation and everything, or else he’d get in a lot of trouble. Like bad-mouth him, and it’s all ‘yeah whatever’, but as soon as you mention a friend, prepare yourself.

Lets talk.

(( mun here this topic is very important.
Recently there as been an increase of Anon hate. Not only to myself but to others on here as well. Many of whom I consider friends or greatly admire.
If you are one of these Anons I want you to take a deep breath and think. These are living, breathing people just like you that you are sending these messages too. Please think on how you would feel seeing or hear friends getting messages tell you to kill yourself. Asking a person why they are still alive. Or just insulting them(( these are all based on the messages I get every few days.)) Or whatever it is you send.
Even if you are in Anon it is your words that effect the person. Please take a second and honestly think about what your sending with the thought in mind that this will go to another human being, one who you don’t know what they are already dealing with.
That being said we do not know what you as an Anon go through it deal with as well. So even if you have sent me hate before if you ever feel the need my pm are open. If you need to vent or rant and don’t want a reply just say so. Please instead of lashing out with hate, reach out for help. I promise my hand is extended.))

Bagels and Heart to Hearts

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Natasha x Reader

Warning: Sad reader

Writer: Submitted by @kjs-s

Summary/Request: Submitted by @kjs-s:  The reader is upset over an argument at her college and talked to Natasha about it

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Hey, what's the different between a crush and a squish? I mean , how can I recognize if I have a crush or not? Also I don't entire ly understand what romantic attracion is.

Hey my friend!

This is a problem a lot of people have, especially those on the ace/aro spectrums. There’s even a term, quoiromantic, for those who have difficulty differentiating between the two.  http://aromantic.wikia.com/wiki/Wtfromantic

As for what romantic attraction is, ya know, it’s hard to say. Some people are as physically close with their friends as other people are with their romantic partners. Some people don’t like being physical with their romantic partners at all. So it’s really difficult to create a broad explanation for what romantic attraction is based on desire to be physically intimate.

Emotion-wise: for me, hanging out with my friends, I feel warm and comforted. Hanging out with a crush, I feel more electric, a little nervous, like I’m trying to impress them. Although, this could just stem from the need to be liked, which features in squishes as well, so who’s to say?

I guess in the end it doesn’t matter. Define your relationships, or not, how you feel comfortable.


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I'm preparing myself for a let down to be honest, I'm just used to that feeling

I feel ya, my friend. I think the more IMK has spoken between 7x19 and the finale, people have lowered any kind of expectations they had….. 

Which is really just sad. The press between episodes is to make people hyped up and excited but we’re so used to what Marlene says and what her words really mean that we’re just like oh so this is going to be garbage right? 

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I don't know why because my friends and parents are good enough to me but I still feel so lonely and miserable most of the time and now it's my bday and I'm feeling more isolated than ever yet everyone around me is so busy and reaching out just seems pointless. Might that warrant a star?

That definitely warrants a star!

Sometimes, even though we’re surrounded by the most loving and supportive friends and family, we still want something more. Perhaps you’re missing a connection to that one person who just “gets” you, or perhaps you need someone to talk to about how you’re feeling, like a counselor or therapist.

Whatever it is, know that it’s okay to reach out about how you feel. Your friends and family care about you, and even though they may be busy they are still there for you when you need them.

We are also here for you - our entire community is. Remember, it’s okay to reach out when you want/need to <3

Also, happy birthday! :D

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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I just hate it when YOI creator refuse to label them as lovers or family. may be this IS the biggest queerbait of the century :(

I know how you feel my friend, many of us do…i think they’re taking very careful steps, to also not accidentally label themselves just as “another yaoi anime”…but we’ll just have to wait patiently and see :)

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There isn't enough fan art of female Michael Myers. Your adaptation of her is just AMAZING.

How did it come to this…. HOW


I am a suffering man.

I can just feel my murder friends walking the fuck away from me rn.

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all my friends keep leaving me and like i have friends but i feel like i have none idk if i'll ever find a friend i feel so unloveable and lonely:(

appreciate those that stay those are the real ones

@princetheirins wanted more Ulric sibling feels so my brain obliged

           He doesn’t remember a lot of things from when he was a kid. Most kids don’t but there’s a few exceptions.

           He remembers his parents bringing his littlest sister home, holding her for the first time, her smiling at him. But it’s hazy after that and the photos and videos fill in the blanks of his memories. He’s got favourites-almost all of them of him and his sisters-and his mother was always willing to tell the stories that went with them.

           He remembers the day their family cracked. The screams, the gunshots, the unrelenting sound of the enemy advancing. The magic that had saved him but not soon enough for his father. Sobbing as his mother had gathered him and his sisters close, glad that they’d survived. A dark feeling hanging over the house, even after the Nifs hadn’t done any more than invade and destroy over the course of one night.

           The news reports said it was a test, just a flexing of the Empire’s strength against Lucis. Galahd suffered all because of a test.

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and thus, my semi-hiatus begins. this season was a mess. I am glad for the happy moments and tiny, tiny closures we got. Skam was a really cool experience, I chatted with people all over the world and jumpstarted my language learning a lot because of it. feel free to chat with me, I will try to respond, but I’m very excited to have a lot of my time back! Time to return to my Arabic notes and get ready for sophomore year of college 😎

much love and best of luck to all of you! And Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends! ❤✨🌙🌅🌺

I think we need to normalize the idea of marrying friends. I don’t mean in a “the best romantic relationships come from the best friendships” type way, though I do believe that’s true. I mean in a “I have zero romantic feelings for you, but I would totally spend the rest of my life committed to a future where you are my primary partner and maybe even raise a family together” type way.

Like, I don’t think it should be an aromantic-exclusive option, or a plan B when you and your best friend are still single at 40 and want to take yourselves out of the dating market.

I’ve heard it mostly as that backup plan, that “if I don’t find anyone, I’ll just marry Trish haha”, and I don’t think that’s even what I’m talking about normalizing. That’s a secondary outcome, seen as “giving up” on finding “real love”, and even if a pair of friends go for it, it’s plagued with this general feeling of “sub par”.

What I mean is that marrying a best friend (or having a committed intimate or emotional platonic relationship) should be seen as just as worth doing as marrying someone you’re in love with. It should be normal for teenagers to try as many committed friendships as they do romantic relationships. It should be normal for someone to say “this is my best friend and if everything works out, maybe we’ll move in together later” or “Trish and I have been roommates for two years now. We’re considering adopting soon, or Trish might carry a child!”

And as an aromantic person, it shouldn’t be strange for me to say “I prefer friendship to romance”. People should hear that and nod their heads like “that’s understandable. John feels the same.”

Hell, I see so many people expressing that they prefer their friends’ company to their romantic partner’s. “My friends understand me better and I think treat me better” and they’re expected to go home to this person, to marry and have kids with this person. It’s bizarre to me. Your platonic feelings for your friend aren’t inferior to your romantic feelings for your boyfriend, and if one of them treats you better than the other, I think you should probably rethink which one is your primary partner.

I also find it strange that it’s not more common in poly spaces for a friend to be considered a legitimate “partner”. In a world where friendships were just as likely to bloom into life partnerships as romantic relationships, I think polyamory would be much more commonplace. “I committed to Josephine about a year ago and now we own a home, but I fell in love with Joe about six months ago and we’re all trying to make it work.” Josephine shouldn’t have to worry about her partner leaving her for Joe just because their bond is romantic and therefore the “sensible” relationship to choose over the other.

I’m just ranting at this point, but I reiterate: committed friendships should not be seen as strange and “sad”, but as a legitimate option for a lifetime commitment. Not just for aromantics like myself, but for everyone. It should just be normal.

And not to be presumptuous, but I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking

it sucks how much straight women don’t want to consider lesbians and bi women as fellow women. while straight girls laugh at straight men who say “no homo” and refuse to be affectionate with each other, they adopt similar attitudes; if a girl they know is discovered to be gay or bi, she often loses those opportunities to be affectionate or “one of the girls”. little things, like changing in the locker room (“we’re all girls, we’ve seen it all”) become like warzones where any accidental glance from a gay or bi girl is interpreted as a predatory advance. when gay and bi girls come out, straight women do not trust us. they assume we are just like men and will use similar tactics to try and hit on or ensnare girls in relationships. the mutual respect we once had dissolves as our every movement is scrutinized because, oh my god, what if that lesbian is actually interested in me? crushes in particular are difficult. if you don’t admit to your friend that you might be interested in her, she thinks you’ve betrayed her and secretly been objectifying her against her will. if you do admit it, you’re considered a nasty pervert who doesn’t know how to just be friends with someone. most of the time, it’s hard to decipher for oneself if there is attraction there; for a lot of gay and bi women, we realize that we are attracted to women because those feelings we had for our friends, important women in our life, etc. are actually more than friendship. now we’re demanded to parse out our attractions like its black and white: either we just want to be friends, and we can be trusted, although she may be disappointed a gay girl isn’t interested in her, or we are hopelessly in love and lust, and must be avoided. it’s not always clear cut! it’s not always possible to tell whether feelings for friends are just friendship or more, and most of us have nothing to guide us in our analysis of those feelings!

stop placing these expectations on your gay and bi friends. please, treat us like people, like your other female friends, not predators looking to exploit friendships with innocent straight girls for our gain. we need friends, just like anyone else, and it can be genuinely traumatizing dealing with straight girls who dehumanize us like this. we’re not your fucking enemies, so stop treating us like it.

This is how he falls:

With a crack, the very first time he steps onto the ice. Yuuri breaks his glasses, breaks his fingernails, breaks open the skin on his palms and his knees and he bleeds, he bleeds, he bleeds. Takeshi laughs at chubby, clumsy Yuuri—graceless, good-for-nothing, and Yuuri believes him.

But the next day at Minako’s urging, Yuuri gets right back on that ice, and Takeshi doesn’t laugh.

Yuuko is beautiful with her red hair and her kind eyes and she doesn’t call Yuuri names. She smiles and holds out her hands to him, helps him onto his feet on her parents’ rink, and Yuuri finds love there, though never with her. He finds a home there, though it isn’t his to claim. 

(He will make it his every day for the rest of his life, regardless.)

He finds his inspiration in front of a grainy television screen when he turns twelve, and even the fuzz in the picture could not make Victor Nikiforov look less beautiful, less ephemeral, less exquisite. 

Look at me, says his silver hair. Look at me, says the gleam of his costume. Look at me, says the sorrowful reach of his hands, and Yuuri has never stopped looking since.

Look at me, Yuuri thinks as he takes of his glasses and skates onto the ice blind. Look at me, he decides that day, and knows that he’ll do anything, everything to stand before Victor Nikiforov and say look at me in person.

He emulates Victor. He worships Victor. Yuuri begs until his family bends and buys him a poodle, soft and brown in his arms, and Yuuri names him after his hero. It’s common sense, Yuuri thinks, to take this feeling and make it something tangible, something real. Vicchan can love Yuuri back. Vicchan is never disappointed. With Vicchan, Yuuri doesn’t have to feel the loneliness that Victor’s endless absence has carved in his young life.

Yuuri stands under the lights, in front of the judges for the first time at fourteen and feels clumsy and boring, but he takes home a silver. It’s not as beautiful as Victor, but it’ll do, even if he can’t quite see it through the blur of his naked eyes. He works himself up vibrant color, to costumes made custom, to junior gold medals, to high school entrance exams and college applications. He dedicates himself to diets and exercise, chasing a dream of a man in pictures, the years of a life less lived plastered on his bedroom walls.

He doesn’t take them with him to Detroit, but he may as well have. Victor’s shadow follows him there, hovering over his head and in his heart, that voice from online interviews as saccharine sweet in his ears as Yuuko’s  I’m pregnant, Yuuri, I’m having triplets, will you be the godfather, Yuuri? What do you mean you’re leaving?

Yuuri leaves home at eighteen and the guilt of it eats him alive.

He meets Celestino Cialdini. He meets Phichit Chulanont. Yuuri makes himself into a whirlwind and withdraws into his shell with one goal in mind. He falls during his jumps. He falls during his choreography sequence. Yuuri falls and falls again, even as others fall for him, and they fall as he stumbles away—broken and bleeding, licking his wounds and nursing his pride and hiding his selfish love for a man who has no idea that Yuuri breathes him, lives for him. 

It’s alone in a bathroom in Sochi that Yuuri realizes he’s lived for Victor one day too long, and Vicchan is gone. 

Yuuri doesn’t remember his free skate. He doesn’t remember crying. He only vaguely remembers Yuri Plisetsky yelling in his face, fifteen and red-cheeked and fire-eyed and selfish. He’s young. He’s dumb. And somehow he has Victor Nikiforov’s undivided attention, somehow Yuri Plisetsky has a Junior Grand Prix Gold, somehow he has everything, and Yuuri—

—Yuuri has nothing. Certainly not a commemorative photo with the man who couldn’t be bothered to learn Yuuri’s name.

So Yuuri falls. He falls and falls and he cries for two days straight in his hotel room. He barely eats, hardly sleeps, and by the time he makes it to the victory banquet, he’s a mess. He’s fractured, fumbling, falling apart, and by glass fifteen of champagne, somehow confronting Victor seems like a good idea.

He ends up facing down his fears instead.

Yuuri doesn’t remember that night. He doesn’t remember warm hards, a shining smile, bright eyes. He doesn’t remember holding Victor in his arms, swinging him and dipping him, laughing into his personal space and stripping his way out of it. He won’t remember Christophe Giacometti’s fabulous abs in the morning, and he won’t remember Victor holding out his arms toward Yuuri as he climbs down from the pole.

He doesn’t remember any of it, but maybe that’s for the best.

But what he does remember are the echoing notes of a lovelorn ballad and the way it ripped his heart out. Yuuri remembers a life that feels like a dream and the beauty of a dance. He goes home to a place that has known Yuuri’s saddest days if not his darkest, and though he feels alone, it takes friends and a family to make him realize that he has never been alone.

Yuuri skates a song that is not his, but answers a plea that could never be for anyone else.

A thousand miles away, Victor opens a video link, and this is how he falls.

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