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recently i’ve seen a couple posts about people saying that gmm/the fandom isn’t fun for them anymore and i just want to say for those people who feel this way and are wondering if they should stay or not that they don’t have to.

you aren’t obligated to be here. you aren’t obligated to watch every episode. you aren’t obligated to talk to other people who enjoy the show. and most importantly, you aren’t obligated to enjoy the show!

this site and it’s connective fandoms can be very toxic and exhausting, and i just want anyone questioning their “devotion” to know that they can take hiatuses or leave at any time. you can just stop watching and disappear, watch only what you want and be here and there, or do whatever makes you most comfortable in order to stay, be it turning off anons or blocking users or posts or just unfollowing everyone in general.

if your fandom is kind and supportive like they should be, they will understand. your friends will understand.

i left my last fandom because i felt the way some people do - obligated, tired, uncomfortable - and i’ve turned off anons and taken hiatuses from this blog for that same reason.

so i just want to say you are okay. you don’t have to stay. it’s just a site, it’s just a show - your emotional and mental wellbeing are more important.

and if you ever need to talk to someone about it, if you ever just want to vent about how cringey and uncomfortable the fandom makes you feel, you can always come talk to me.

my blog might be currently very active, and i’ve been in a good fandom place for a while, but that doesn’t mean i’ve always been or always will be, and i understand what you’re going through. don’t be afraid to talk to someone, let your frustrations out, or leave it all behind.

it’s all fine. you’ll be okay. i promise.

If you’re 16-17 y/o and have the same interests as me and looking for a friend, hmu

I feel terrible that I’ve been whining so much here but I’m just so tired of everything at this point. I’m not suicidal or anything, just like, very tired? Of being me, mostly? And I feel like I should be in such a better place right now because I have so many good people in my life, but I’m just not. Today was weird, I only want to sleep, but then my brain is like “DON’T” and my tiredness goes way beyond anything physical.

Writer’s Problems

When you really, really want art to exist for a fanfic that you’re only, like, 1/5th of the way through writing.


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