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You said in your tags that you don't trust Tao anymore, will you talk about that some more? Because I'm having some suspicions too. When she said her childlike appearance was an advantage, that made me expect something sneaky from her. But her surprise at seeing the HHB last chapter seemed too genuine for me to believe they're the direct target of any plot. What do you think?

I’m really in two minds about this too! On one hand, all of the characters we’ve been introduced to have such a “fun future allies from another country” vibe to them, but on the other hand I can’t help but be suspicious just from what’s been happening. I mean, first there was Tao’s comment on looking young being an advantage, and that her “secret house” is close to Kouka and makes gathering intel easier. And her sort of ditsy introduction versus her acute noticing that Yona was in a bad state. AND the fact that these armed men just happened to turn up the night the HHB appeared? Or even that if they were trying to kill someone, shouting before approaching isn’t the best idea… which makes me think this is an act? AND AND there’s the fact that (at this stage) we only have Tao’s word for everything going on in Xing. This, combined with the fact that Soo-Won requested Xing intel makes me think that Soo-Won may hear a story that contradicts what the HHB have heard… maybe even that Kouren is the one after peace and Tao isn’t, making this a ‘who dunnit?’ kind of set up. Also whilst I’m listing suspicious things there’s Hak’s very first thought on Voldo, which was that he had this different air about him - one that made Hak tense. 

Soooo… yep XD I mean, I’d LOVE for the HHB to actually gain some friends in other countries (and political ones at that, because so far they only have political enemies from across the borders) but I’m still getting little red warning flags in my mind. I guess only time (or more chapters) will tell ^__^


 OOC: Let me get sappy in front of you kids. I have played this game coming up on a year in October. I have had the best time ever because of the friends I have made. My friends love me for who I am, they don’t judge me when I’m acting a bit crazy, they like to do things together and with me. I’m honored, blessed, amazed, and touched that you all have spent time with me and do things with me. I love all of you more than words.

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I’m going to sound really ungrateful saying this, but it means absolutely nothing to me when someone tells me that I’m pretty 

I get that they’re just trying to compliment me, but I don’t care. compliments on me as a person mean a lot more than complimenting my appearance 

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Hey I just wanted to say that when you said “being kinda gay and kinda ace and feeling like both but not feeling like I have the right to belong completely in either” my heart did a little skip because that’s exactly how I am and I’ve never been able to put it into words. So thanks.



how is it for u sunshine are you having a good time with it?? do you also do the thing where some days you’re like OOOO YEA TOTES (but not really?) and other days you’re like NOOOO THANKS NEVER (but kinda I guess?). do you do the thing where a really pretty girl walks past and you’re like YOOOOO ???? ACTUALLY nooooo. wait maYBEEEE YOOOOOO and it’s very confusing because half the time you’re like “nah sex just isn’t my thing” and the other half of the time you’re like “mAYBE IT COULD BE FOR THAT ONE GIRL” and then you’re like what even is sexual attraction and then you’re like if I have to ask doesn’t that mean I haven’t felt it and then you’re like BUT WHAT IF IT’S THAT FEELING I GET WHERE I FEEL LIKE I WOULDN’T MIND GETTING A LIL CLOSER and overall are you as confused as me

( Srsly there’s nothing more beautiful than hearing the Athena saying “Prepare to attack” and your team is slowly turning into this:

Like it started with 3 players being Junkrat and without saying anything we all knew what we had to do. Give in to the chaos. This happened like 3 times to me now & I honestly gotta say with a team like this it’s always most fun. )

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Legit conversation I've had
  • friend:yeah I kind of got this sixth sense, I can feel when my mother is close
  • me:yeah same just that I can feel when people are gay and dating