Why Why Outfit - The Sims 4 Outfit

Hey guys! Today we bring you an outfit inspired by Shannon Williams song from 2015 ‘Why Why’ This outfit was just super cute so we had to make it in The Sims 4! We hope you enjoy the mod and as always, feel free to recolor it and let us know if there are any issues you are having! A good thing is that the plaids don’t require solids so you won’t have to download the solids if you’d rather only have the plaids!  Also a big thanks to @blogsimplesimmer for helping us with the edge issue we had with the skirt! Thank you so much for downloading! 

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Daily Series II - Day 0004


Sihorn | Rhyhorn | サイホーン & Sidon | Rhydon | サイドン & Dosidon | Rhyperior | ドサイドン

Sihorn’s horn is unbreakable. It uses it to ram trees to bring fruit and leaves down. For this to be possible, it has incredibly strong armor on its head. Sidon grows a drill on its forehead, allowing it to break rocks to form its dwelling. In Sinnoh, Sidon aids excavation companies, but only because they find it fun to work. Dosidon was a recent discovery out of Sinnoh. When exposed to the “protector” armor, Dosidon emerges from the light of evolution. Why does this happen? It’s another one of Sinnoh’s many mysteries. Scholars speculate that the strong magnetism of Sinnoh has an effect on the orange rock of the armor.

111 & 112 & 464/ 801+ – NOV 30 2016

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