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PROJECT: Welcome Back, Wang!

Hello, Ahgases! In case you didn’t know, Jackson will be coming back the 25th and his birthday is the 28th! In honor of these things, GOT7SNET will be hosting a project to spread the love and appreciation for him and anyone is welcome to participate (including those who don’t make content or aren’t members of this network). So feel free to use this project to celebrate Jackson’s birthday, encourage him to feel his best, appreciate him, and give him a warm welcome back! This project begins today, March 23rd, and ends on April 23rd.

To participate:

  • reblog this to spread the word
  • use the tag “Welcome Back Wang” on any content contributing to this project
  • make sure to properly credit content that isn’t yours (like if you’re compiling gifs that aren’t yours or using a fancam that isn’t yours to make a gif)
  • and, of course, continue to support Jackson and the rest of GOT7!

If you don’t make content, you’re free to even just make text posts or compile gifs/videos/photos/etc with proper credit that links back to the original owner. Anything dedicated to Jackson is encouraged and welcome in the “Welcome Back Wang” tag!

I hope lots of you will join or at least reblog this to spread the word!


Here are some designs I’m doing for Breath of the Wild charms and stickers!!

Feel free to use them as avatars/whatever as long as you give credit somewhere ^^

I love this game, and the only way I could afford it was all the lovely people who commission me! Now if only I could catch up with my commissions and play some more |D

but can you imagine if jesus were actually the real son of god™…can you imagine the disappointment

like he literally came here to make friends, drink some wine, feed the poor&the hungry and to tell us to be nice to one another and christians elected donald trump

Easy ways to bring magic into your life

Just few things I like to do in everyday life (well almost every day) 

  • Talking to your plants (if you have any). It’s good way to strengthen the bond between you and make your plants grow stronger
  • Making little charms for myself and for others to give as gifts. You can charge them with intent or scribble a sigil on them
  • Drawing sigils
  • Sending positive energy to people close to me
  • Drawing how you’re feeling (this will bring the energy you’re feeling onto the paper/screen)
  • Wishing people good luck or just generally being here for others (I believe magic is mostly about energies so just by supporting someone you’re sharing your energy)
  • Picking up neat rocks/plants/leafs you find to use later

Feel free to add more stuff :3


Tagging some blogs that have unintentionally reblogged it, please know that this is not to call anyone out, everyone makes mistakes, but here’s how to fix it: delete your reblog/like of the unauthorized artwork, and please reblog this PSA. After you have deleted, feel free to message us if you want your url removed.

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If you need help finding your reblog, please contact us.

There are many artists in the Diabolik Lovers community. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you know how time consuming it is to develop, sketch, outline, and color. Someone had to do the same for the art in this PSA. Please respect fellow artists, even if they are foreign, even if they can’t speak your language. Check who the original poster of an artwork is, and if they have permission if they are not the artist. Even if you see a reblogged unauthorized fanart from a friend, tell them what it is and ask them to delete it. It’s not fair to the original artist that they are treated like tools and machines rather than a living being who has feelings and rights regarding what they want other people to do with their creations.

This blog will intermittently create alert posts (PSAs) such as this. If you wish to keep alert of unauthorized artwork that have been going around in order not to reblog anything by mistake again, please consider following.

Also, if you notice an unauthorized fanart that is going around lately, and you think more people should be aware, please shoot us an ask.

Thank you for your time.

by clicking ( here ) you’ll find ( 130 ) gif icons of jessica sula. i made all of the gifs from scratch plus i resized and colored them. feel free to use my gifs for whatever you’d like INCLUDING REDISTRIBUTION as long as you give me credit.. these took me a ton of time so please be courteous. if you plan on using these / find them helpful make sure to give this a like + reblog. + upon further requests, i’ll update this gif hunt.

Hey community!

My class is graduating in a few months and as a tradition, by graduation, there’s a contest where you collect points from different kinds of tasks, and the winners gets to go outside first during graduation (a huge honor and a really fun thing to do). One of the tasks is to get 1000 likes on a Youtube video, so if you could go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1hT4fs7yn4&feature=youtu.be and like it, that would be awesome! You don’t need to watch it, you don’t need to even care, it’ll take 5 seconds and you’ll help us out a TON. 

For those of you who are anxious about unknown links, it’s just my class doing the Harlem shake (We know it’s cringe but we had no better idea). There’s music and dancing, then there’s a picture and the sound of sheep. That’s all, no screamers, nothing weird, just us being idiots.

Thank you very much, feel free to reblog this if you want to be extra supportive <3


Colour Swatch | Reference

Decided to try out some new pens the other day, so I bought some PITT Artist Brush Pens from Faber-Castell and a Glitter Posca Pen in Pink (I am so amused by the glitter pen 🙀✨)

And thought I might as well swatch my copic markers at the same time (because I keep forgetting to make a reference sheet (c" ತ,_ತ))

So if anyone thinks they need a reference sheet for the colours and codes, feel free to use these 🙆🏻💖

*I collect them only a few at a time, so I’m sorry if I don’t have the colour you’re looking for.