I started drawing Sigyn and Loki, then I decided to go a little deeper than just my doodle and design an updated ‘modern’ look for her that looks more in line with the movie outfits.

I’m still working through it. I just want to put everything down so I remember it tomorrow. It’s sad how underutilized she is in the Marvel comics, I think she’s great and has a lot of potential, what’s been seen of her dynamic with Loki is interesting to me.

I felt like Sif’s outfit in the movie sort of echoed Thor’s, and Sigyn’s design from the classic comic def echoed Loki’s so I tried to do that with the updated design as well. She’s just less warriorlike than Sif and more of a lady lady so I wasn’t too sure about the armour.

Also her headdress from the comic reminds me of a cobra. It’s pretty neat. But it looks cheesy as hell so redesigning it is hard. Buuut it looks pretty interesting with the downward curves in contrast to Loki’s upwards arching horns.



Go big or go extinct.

Oh god this labor of love is finally done. I uh, I guess this is a thing I made. Feel free to leave me pilot and jaeger suggestions in my ask box! I really enjoyed making these despite armor being my mortal nemesis, so I’d be happy to draw more. Feel free to even make suggestions based on pilots I’ve already drawn, too.

Future Cosplays~

I know it’s not interesting. but I’m gonna post what I’m about to start working on ANYWAY~!

~ ( designed by berrycoat)

One of the many types of Karkat~ (maybe I’ll make my own)

Karkat (prospitmuse ’s design) 


(I’m not aware who started this one, sorry >.<)  

Dreams, dreams, dreams.

We set foot onto Coruscant with Shmi very well disguised as a handmaiden and Ani disguised (somewhat less well, but he needs it less) as… a Naboo pilot, I think, but not 100% on that.

Because of dreams.

Ani dreams, not terribly coherently, of danger awaiting them, danger to his mother.
Shmi dreams of That Time, the time to which she is alluding when she says Ani was born awake.

But neither of those is quite enough - certainly not specific enough - to go ‘she will be safer if she goes with Padme’