Headcannon Kinks

David- Edging and Denial (Sub)

Gwen- Fem Dom (Dom)

Max- Blood Play (Dom)

Nikki- Sadism (Dom)

Neil- Watersports (Sub)

Preston- Roleplay (Switch)

Harrison- Exhibitionism (Switch)

Nerris- Rope Play (Sub)

Space Kid- Choking (Sub)

Dolph- Pet Play (Dom)

Nerf- Spanking (Switch)

Ered- DDLG (Sub)

Daniel- Medical Play (Dom)

Quartermaster- Incest (Switch) ~thank you anon~

How To Create a Self-Study Schedule Part II: Casual Studying

Hello polyglots! I apologize for the lateness of this post! As you know I posted about how to create a study schedule if you are studying a language(s) intensively. Now I’m going to talk about how to study one language or multiple languages casually.

First, I need to define what casual studying even means. Studying casually means that you are foregoing certain aspects of language study in order to maintain a slow and low commitment pace. For example, say you’re learning French casually. Instead of psycho crazy grammar schedules filled with practicing grammar and vocab over and over, and quizzing yourself every day until your brain turns to pulp, you opt for a simple audio lesson every day for 15 minutes after you come home from work or school. Easy right? Yes! That’s the goal. With casual studying your schedule is freed up for other things. In addition, casual studying gives you the leisure to take your time to learn things deeply and thoroughly. Casual studying, however, implies that you are not studying so much for full fluency but for practical, everyday usage. So casual learners care a little less about learning the specifics about complicated grammar but instead want to learn how to use it in conversation by learning dialogues and repeating phrases. So how do you create a casual study schedule? Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

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exclusive! 0UAT musical set list

opening, ensemble: “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy is the best”

duet, C$: “You’re my property”/“and i love having no independent existence!”

solo, Regina: “i really miss that asshole who used to treat me like shit.”

ensemble: “aren’t gay people terrible? we’re so glad we got rid of ours in five seconds”


Hello! So…I created an otoge character sorter since I noticed there isn’t one. This sorter includes the heroines and main characters from games that have been localized. I’ve included a fair amount of games already and I do plan add more in the future. If you have any questions or find any mistakes, please let me know. Other than that, have fun!


So we weren’t able to get the adult shepherd, Vera 😞, she has too many aggression issues towards children and other animals and also separation anxiety from past owners, it just isn’t ideal when there are so many kids who live on my street… but! I met this adorable lil girl!! She’s very calm and cuddly and loves to give kisses!! We filled out the adoption application and will be bringing her home on Monday after she gets all her shots and etc, A puppy is going to be a big responsibility when it comes to training but I believe I can handle it just fine 💖❤️💖❤️

💖Feel free to make suggestions for our new sleepy girl’s name! We don’t have one yet 😯💖

I’ve been thinking about starting up a podcast that uses the JoJo fandom to talk about fandom culture on a larger scale. We have a lot of different kinds of people since JoJo is large and varied as a series, so it could talk about a whole bunch of topics. Like an episode about ‘problematic’ ships and one about popular aus and one about family interactions in fan content and so on, all from an observer’s viewpoint so it’s trying not to pick a side on the more contentious ideas. It could be two regular hosts and a series of guests each episode from different parts of the fandom in short interviews. Maybe even get some Japanese fans on to talk about how fandom works in Japan and answer questions. Would anyone be interested in this?

I made a pixel art piece! Here’s the castle atop Mt. Dedede! I also plan to animate this in the future, so feel free to make suggestions for that part.
Also - to the more experienced pixel artists out there, feel free to critique this so I can improve my future works. It can be a big help!

Another thing that I should’ve said about this: I was inspired to make it after seeing @8pxl ’s pixel art tutorial! I really liked the idea of the mountain with the circular frame, so I wanted to do something like that myself!

WIP of a set of kids long-sleeve tees I’m working on as a gift for @san-myshuno-dreamin, with icons from TS4. I’m still not completely satisfied with the colours, especially the frog prince, ice-cream cone, and maybe the atom. Also, I now see that there’s no yellow tee here, so maybe I’ll switch something out for yellow.

Edit: switched out the ice-cream for another llama. I think I like that better. Edit 2: made the rocket yellow (thanks, @mikexx2!) and used the lighter orange on the frog. I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak them, but they’re coming along.

What is missing in Asexual Fiction

I had a chat to a friend who was excited about reading “Every Heart A Doorway” today, because she is asexual and so is the protagonist of this book.  This led me to having a mini rant, because Every Heart is exactly the thing that led me to writing this blog.  

So I really like that the protagonist is ace.  It’s really important to see bad arse characters that share your identity.   It’s nice to see characters get to come out and for people to just accept them.  It’s REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT.  

But it’s not actually enough, and more importantly we are missing a step.  Remember a couple of years ago when we were desperate for stories about queer kids that weren’t actually about them being queer?  We had enough of the stories about coming out, and facing discrimination, and having just a really hard time of things.  We just wanted to read books about kids that happened to be queer fighting crime or saving the world or whatever it is that they wanted to be doing.  And we have that now for lots of identities and it’s great. We even have that for ace characters and it’s super great.  

We don’t have a lot of books about actually BEING ace though.  About the effects of coming out, about navigating relationships as ace, about discovering the identity within yourself, about dealing with the shitty things people say.   And I really want to read those stories.  

I know they say when you want to read something you have to write it yourself, but I don’t have these skills so I’m just going to write about how I feel instead and hope.

I have been recommended a few books to check out, which I’ll review in the coming weeks, but please feel free to make suggestions to me if you have them. 

Sugar & Spice i (Sugardaddy!Tom AU)

Originally posted by glamxangel

Summary: Here is a headcanon detailing your first interactions with Tom and how he becomes your sugar daddy.

Authors Note: I mean issa vibe guys. Issa vibe. Anyways what’s up my loves here’s a headcanon that is going to be part of a “series” I guess just because I have a lot of ideas for Sugardaddy!Tom (sue me). There’s going to be lots of glitz and glam and fun with this series and possibly NSFW like I know I already teeter on that line but I might cross it into full-on NSFW. I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. Feel free to make suggestions or share your thoughts on this concept, because I’m always down to talk about this idea. Also, I’m always open to commentary (good, bad, whatever). Love you guys and I hope you enjoy.


Word Count: 1295

Warnings: sugar daddy relationship (probably going to piss you off if you don’t like the concept), sexual suggestiveness, swearing, probably other things

Taglist: @tbholland   @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask

First Meeting

  • Let’s be real if you’re into having a sugar daddy you’re not some innocent angel.
  • You know your worth and how to get what you want, so why shouldn’t you be treated like a princess.
  • Tom stumbled across your path at an afterparty for an awards show.
    • Not a stuffy fancy one, instead one of the more fan based ones.
  • His eyes instantly caught onto your sparkly dress from across the room.
  • You didn’t notice as he eyed you up while you danced with your group of friends.
  • He felt his mouth dropped when you turned to show your gorgeous face.
  • Your lipgloss gave your plumped lips a sexy quality which went perfectly with the rest of your sultry makeup look.
  • He took a bit of liquid courage before walking over to you and dancing.
  • You were prepared to tell him off, used to guys dancing with you and getting too close but your heart stopped when you saw it was him.
  • Obviously, you knew who the Tom Holland was, you didn’t live under some rock. 
  • You took some initiative and started swinging your hips into his lower half to the beat of the music. 
  • His large hands took hold of your waist, bringing you in closer.
  • You gasped feeling the pressure against your backside, making him laugh.
  • “Wanna get out of here darling?”
  • “Let me tell my friends and we can get out of here.”
  • Quickly, you dragged your friends to the bathroom and could barely contain your excitement.
    • “He was all over you!”
    • “I know he wants me to go somewhere with him!”
    • “Somewhere as in his house, get that spider dick.”
    • Then you turned your location on for them because girls look out for girls and you should never let your friend go somewhere with a random from a club and not know where they are.
  • You smoothed your straight hair down in the mirror before exiting the bathroom and going to find your date for the night.
  • Tom sat in the VIP area, getting up when he saw you return. 
  • His arm wrapped around your waist and the two of you snuck out of the club.
  • He removed his coat and wrapped it around your freezing body.
    • You had for looks tonight not practicality, leaving you feeling exposed to the elements.
      • “Why thank you good sir.”
      • “I’m always a gentlemen darling.”
  • A few cameras snapped pictures while the valet returned with his matte black Lamborghini.
  • He opened the door for you helping you in the passengers’ seat while he got in the driver’s side.
  • One hand squeezed your thigh while the other was on the wheel. 
  • The car ride was full of anticipation, the only noise is the soft hum of the engine and his playlist.
  • You arrived at a home outside of L.A. about an hour later that looked absolutely stunning. 
  • He opened the car door for you, gently taking your hand and leading you inside.
  • Your eyes wandered around the gorgeous home, you were used to decent apartments and hotel rooms.
  • Tom put on his charm.
    • “Want anything to drink darling?”
    • “I have another sort of thirst you can quench.”
    • “Well, I live to please darling.”
  • You ended up in his bedroom, with his legs entrapping you to the wall while he kissed you.
    • Your popping lip gloss was now smeared all over the actor’s face, making you slightly giggle.
    • Both your lips were now puffy.
  • The compliments he threw your way made you blush
    • “You’re so fucking stunning.”
  • The night was like a fantasy. 
    • He knew how to drive you crazy in the best way possible. 
  • Your head laid on his chest, exhausted
    • “Thank you, daddy.”
    • The words escaped before you could really think about it, just a force of habit.
  • Tom let out a soft chuckle and just pulled you closer.
    • “My pleasure baby girl.”

The Talk

  • You and Tom had an interesting sort of relationship going on for a few weeks.
  • He called you up, you would end up going on a date, having a great night of sex then repeat.
  • Today was a bit different in that you arrived at your apartment to get ready finding a Net-A-Porter box.
    • You gently removed the ribbon and lifted the box to find goodies.
      • A Rose Gold Satin Slip Dress
      • A Cream Chanel bag with gold hardware
      • Nude Leather Gianvito Rossi pumps
      • Large Rose Gold Hoops with Diamonds
  • You took extra time to get ready tonight, taking an extra long shower leaving your smooth skin smelling like roses.
  • Your makeup would be subtle giving a whole golden goddess vibe with lots of highlight and shiny lip gloss. You would have a wig (lacefront of course) with an ombre from brown to blonde. The curls were done up Victoria Secret style, making you look like an utter bombshell.
  • You call up a Lyft to take you to the date location, some Italian place outside of Hollywood so that it was more intimate.
    • He preferred the moonlight over the city lights when it came time for dates.
  • The whole ride your legs were clenched with anticipation of what was to come.
  • You walked into the restaurant and asked for a reservation under Tom’s name.
  • The waitress led you to a private room where you found Tom with the lighting coming from candlelight and the moon shining through the window.
  • His eyes trailed over your body, undressing you with his eyes.
  • He didn’t look so bad himself wearing a black t-shirt, leather jacket, and black jeans.
  • He took your hand and gently helped you do a twirl.
    • “You look wonderful my darling.”
  • There was a tense feeling in the air that you couldn’t place your finger on.
    • Tom just seemed too happy like he knew something that you didn’t.
  • The waitress for the evening came in with the chef tasting menu.
    • Tom certainly knew how to wine and dine you.
  • Tom talked about the new projects he was working on while you talked about classes you were taking.
  • Around dessert time, Tom pulled out his phone (which you prepared to chastise him for) and showed you a picture that you were oh-too-familiar with from your Tumblr where you gave Sugarbaby advice.
  • You spit out your prosecco, choking.
  • Everything on that blog detailed just about every experience you had.
    • “How the hell did you find that?”
    • “I mean I’m Spiderman so I have my ways.”
  • You feel tears start to come to your eyes, feeling like this was just some way to embarrass you. You start fanning your face as you feel the hot tears start to fall down, ruining your makeup.
    • “Love wait don’t cry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
    • “Then why did you bring me here? I feel like a fucking idiot.”
    • “No I’m the idiot, I should have just asked you about it I’m sorry. I just wanted to tell you I wanted you to quit and just stick with me.”
  • You sniffled, stopping your tears for a minute and trying to take in what he said.
    • “Stick with you as what?”
    • “My girlfriend but also I’ll take care of you. I see how you talk about all the shit you have to deal with on the blog and I’d rather not have to think about you doing so. I’ll treat you like the princess you are.”
  • An actual relationship with a person you genuinely cared about and were attracted to or have to freelance to random guys you hate. The answer was obvious.
  • You learned across the table and brought Tom into a soft kiss. 
    • “I think that answers your question.”
“Run, Run Reibert”

2017 Reibert Gift Exchange Event

Welcome to the first annual Reibert Week gift exchange!

With the upcoming holiday season, we want to give fandom another reason to celebrate—with a Reibert themed Secret Santa event.

We welcome all Reibert based fanwork, through whatever medium you can think of! Participants will be manually matched with one another based off the mandatory form completed at sign up. 

Rules and guidelines for the event can be found on the Exchange Rules tab of the blog. Please read the Exchange Rules page before signing up as they will differ from the general rules for Reibert Week. 

Update: You can sign up for the event here.

The form will remain open until November 28th and then the moderators will begin the matching process. You will have until December 24th to submit your gift.

As another departure from previous Reibert Week events, all participants of the “Run Run Reibert Event” must follow the Reibert Week blog/twitter account or be able to receive and sent messages to these accounts. This is to allow easier communication between mods and participants. Gifts for the event should also be tagged #reibert gift exchange or #reibert ss if you would like them to be reblogged.

Finally, as always, please feel free to make any suggestions or ask any questions you may have about the event. We are more than happy to listen or help answer.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I made a fan discord server for Arcana if anyone wants to join! Id love to talk and make friends ^^ if you want the invite, message me, reblog, or reply to this post asking for it! If you want to join please state so!

Please and thank you.

Witchy gifts for the gift-giving season

So, you want to ask for/get yourself something witchy this year, but don’t know what? Or you have witchy friends and family who might appreciate something? Here’s some ideas (good ones for secret witches are marked as *), aimed at a wide variety of interests:

  • Obligatory books, candles, incense, crystals, jars…
  • Not-so-obligatory accessories for these things! Bookends, candle holders, incense holders/resin or gum for making incense, crystal storage, cute labels…
  • *Flower jewellery. 
  • You can get witchy make up brushes???
  • Jar necklaces (even empty ones, spell jar potential…).
  • *Pendants (this one could double as a potential pendulum)
  • *Essential oils/oil burners
  • *Kits or equipment for making candles, soap, bath bombs, makeup etc.
  • Reference charts - botanical reference, astrology, flora/fauna identification…
  • Mortar and pestle.
  • *Knife care kits (for kitchen witches).
  • *Plants.
  • *Tea cups.
  • *Tea strainers
  • *Pretty journals.
  • *Calligraphy sets.
  • *Wax seals.
  • Tarot/scrying mirror/runes/ogham/etc.
  • Witchy computer accessories for tech witches (mousepads, phone cases, laptop stickers.
  • *Nature-related computer accessories for secret tech witches.
  • A witch’s calendar

Feel free to make suggestions! If anyone’s interested, I might make more specific to different types of witchcraft.