My new moon ritual and gathering will be posted in one hour! I’m so excited! Head on over to my Facebook page to join in by searching ‘flora.moon’! The ritual is at 1 pm est and the gathering is at 3 pm est. and onward until tomorrow (or whenever!) A list of what you’ll need is posted on my page! ✨🌑💫

Please do not delete my caption, but feel free to reblog to let others know of the ritual if they would like to join! The more the merrier!
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your eyes still showing it all even though you try to hold it back. even after all the big stages, all the awards BIGBANG has received, you’re still emotional over winning 1st on a music show. you’re still as humble as that teenager from all those years ago. how could i not be proud and grateful of having you as the leader of my favorite group ever? Thank you for staying humble and and please never change.