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Marine Frank™ [requested by: @marinefrank]

How to Know if a Girl is a Lesbian

Anonymous requested: Hi ohmygod I love your acc haha,Do you do song fics? Cause I have an idea for maybe a Natasha x reader but Im crap at writing, so basically it’s the song how to know if a girl is a lesbian by ally hills,it’s on yt and like maybe Natasha is trying to figure out if the reader is gay?? Also your writing is amazing!!! ✨

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x lesbian!reader
Word count: 916
Warnings: None
Tags:@thebreakerofchains @fortheloveofbenyandtom @geeky-girl-394 @zombieannamilton @high–power @im-in-love-with-a-fictional-girl @spiderween @jenma-simmons @458stuff @faith2nyc

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Tension - Tommy Shelby

REQUEST - Reader and Tommy are always at each other’s throats and end up sleeping together when the sexual tension becomes too much. [smut warning]

AUTHORS NOTE - Feedback is appreciated.

Tension - Tommy Shelby.

 From the minute you entered the Shelby betting shop, you knew that the working day was going to drag, and arguments would happen – mostly between you and Tommy. You arrived earlier than usual, wanting to get everything ready for the day before the boys came in but as soon as you had stepped through the doors, you could hear the groans and loud shouting coming through Tommy’s office. He was on the phone to someone and whoever the person was on the other side, you felt bad for them. Tommy was noticeably exhausted, his hair somewhat untidy and his eyes dropped as he pinched his lips. You struggled to get along with Tommy when he was more awake so getting on with him when he was in a bad mood and knackered would only end in a disaster.

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I set my alarm last night to the glorious, unearthly sound of Genji screaming “Ryujin no KEN WO KURAE! ” and let me tell you that as a support main I have never been more awake in my entire life I think I crossed in to a new level of existence I woke up so fast

If you remembered to take care of yourself today, reblog this post.

If you need this reminder to go take care of yourself; whether it be to relax, breathe, or eat something nourishing, reblog this post.

We all need a little reminder every now and again.

So please, take care of yourself.

if you see this post try to do any of these right now
  • drink a glass of water
  • put on chapstick/lip balm
  • clip/file/paint your nails
  • take three deep breaths
  • put on fuzzy/comfortable pants
  • say something outloud that you’ve been thinking
  • look up pictures of dogs or cats (or any animal you like basically)
  • walk around your house
  • go outside (if you can) and look for plants/flowers
  • take pictures of said plants/flowers
  • stretch your arms
  • if you’re sad try to smile as big as you can and take a picture of it
  • cheer up
  • it will be okay

isak: *gets pissy*
even: *has never been more delighted in his life*

Stop and take a moment. Ask yourself, “Is there anything that you need? Have I taken care of you today? Are you genuinely happy?” Just like anyone else on this planet, you deserve to be taken care of. So before you continue, make sure your body and mind are both giving a thumbs up as well.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
If you feel that something is overwhelming you, take the time to break it up into smaller steps. We have two feet for a reason; to put one foot in front of the other. One at a time. Don’t take everything on all at once, breathe, and simply take it step by step.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
take care of yourself!!

have you eaten in the last six hours?? if not, please be sure to get yourself some sort of healthy snack or meal to keep you running!! food is super important, you need it to keep doing your best. make time for it!!

are you hydrated?? if you’re anything like me, probably not. get yourself something nice and cool to drink, preferably water. you’ll feel better almost immediately. keep a cup of something near you to sip on every now and then!

how long have you been sitting still for?? i have a blood clotting disorder, so i have to be especially mindful of this too. get up and get moving! stretch a little, take a walk, dance, whatever- just wake your body up and get some energy flowing

do you have any medication you need to take?? if so, please make sure to do so!

have you slept in the last 24 hours?? i get it, you could get so much more done if you didn’t sleep butttttt chances are you’ll be so sleepy and miserable that it won’t happen. even if you just take a nap for an hour or so, you gotta rest up and recharge!

when was the last time you had a shower?? on my worst days, it can be super difficult for me to drag myself out of bed to do anything, and this includes something as simple as showering. but i promise you, it will make you feel so much nicer! give yourself a whole spa treatment or whatever if you’re feeling it- treat your body with love! you’ll feel so much fresher and nicer once you’re done

the most important thing is your health. doing your best does not mean pushing yourself to the point of a breakdown; at that point you aren’t doing your best anymore!! take care of yourselves loves, your wellbeing and happiness is important <3 

Do not play with your own feelings. Respect them. Regardless if whether you feel ecstatic, frustrated, frightened, or lonely; these are your feelings. Don’t ever simply ignore, downgrade, or dismiss them; give them the attention that they may deserve.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

( Jee belongs/drawn by @blesstale! )
( Adre @me! )

It’s true that you really are your own worst critic.
Because it is only you that is able to see every little flaw that you may have.
You are the only one that hears each and every one of your thoughts.
It is you who can speak, say, and criticize yourself without anything being around to stop you from doing so.
Yet, you are the only one who is able to control your worst critic.
Instead of listening to words of shame, defeat, and failure, choose to listen to those of encouragment, self respect, and wisdom.
Choose to listen to your higher voice. Your biggest supporter. Your strongest nurturer.
You only deserve to hear the best from yourself; whether it’s to grow or to learn. So please, listen to your best self,
And banish your worst critic from your life.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin